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Friday, July 24, 2009

The Ugly Truth.

I hold these truths to be self-evident...

1. Comic Con scares the shit outta me.
Rob looked wonderful
(as usual)
He seemed fairly comfortable
and didn't seem to mind
handing off the screaming to Taylor.
Rob seemed like his usual
adorkably goofy self.
I was worried.
Rob is still Rob.

2. Kristen Stewart looked exhausted.
And she needed a shower.
And a comb.
And maybe she needed to wash
off the Joan Jett make-up.
She's still fidgety and nervous...
but when Rob is next to her?
She's better... and she smiles.
They both smile.
I like that.

3. Nikki Reed was there.
She is obviously still friends
with Kristen.
She looked lovely.

4. Why do people have to scream?
Rob walks on stage...
And they scream and scream
and scream and scream...
(and scream and scream)
Rob tries to talk...
They fucking scream.
Don't they want to know
what he has to say?

5. At the Comic Con panel...
People kept yelling out
while the cast were trying to talk.
"You're sexy!"
"You're hot!"
and the best one?
"I love you, Edward!!"
Really? REALLY??

6. Why do people insist on talking
on cell phones while driving?
Its not against the law
in Wisconsin.
And everywhere I looked today...
People were chatting away.
They were also slow to react to
the change of the signal...
Swerved in and out of traffic...
And drove below the speed limit
Because they couldn't concentrate.

7. I saw the NM clips that were shown
at the Comic Con panel.
Both of them were good.
But the one where Bella
is racing to the clock tower?
I cried.
I cried.

Edward is in the shadows...
about to step out into the sun...
And I get all angsty
and start to fucking sob.

I know.

8. I probably shouldn't drive a car.
I become SUCH a lunatic when I drive.
Someones behind me?
"Back off, asshole"

Someone turns in front of me?
"Nice blinker, fuckface"

Someone just happens to be
on the same stretch of road
that I am driving on?
"I hate ALL you muthafuckers!"

So you see...
I'm a bitch on wheels.

9. Robert Pattinson.
I've reached my saturation point.
I never thought I could.
But all the damn Remember Me
pictures and videos...
The endless photo outtakes...
And now the fucking hype
of Comic Con and New Moon.
It's too much.
I don't want to see him right now.
It's too damn emotional.
Its too fucking hard.
I'm done.

10. I went out to lunch and a movie
with some girlfriends today.
It was nice.
No Rob.
No Twilight/New Moon.
A couple of drinks
(raspberry margaritas)
An oriental salad...
"The Ugly Truth"
It was a cute movie...
And I laughed.
And No Rob.
So it was exactly
what I needed today.

Bye for now

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Don't feel badly about weeping pathetically at the new "New Moon" clip of the Clock Tower..............I've watched it several times and I cry every single time! Stupid, I know............we all know it has a happy ending, but that doesn't help. It's just so f***ing gut wrenching!!!!!

So...........I'm with ya on that!