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What is essential is invisible to the eye"


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Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Passionate Conflict... Loving Rob Pattinson

2 pictures.
They move me in 2 different ways.
My feelings for Rob
confuse the living fuck out of me.
It's no wonder that I feel like
I'm going insane.
I feel such conflict.
Passionate conflict?
This picture drives me nucking futs.
Worn button-fly jeans.
Sliver of underwear.
Triangle of stomach.
Well used "Austin" shirt.
(with only 4 buttons between me and heaven)
Classic sunglasses.
Mid stride.
He's fucking SUCKING on something.
Look at his mouth.
I can't fucking look away...

This picture breaks my heart.
Is it part of the movie?
But he looks so damn sad.
I want to hug him...
Protect him from whatever is hurting him.
He has looked miserable on this set.
He seems to keep withdrawing
more and more every day.
I want him to be happy again.
And so that is my dilemma.
On one hand...
my heart lusts for Rob.
on the other...
my heart aches for Rob.
How do I get these feelings
to co-exist?
I'm not sure.
Is it even possible?
Bye for now


lostinphilly said...

Rose, I know what you mean with your first pic; it has all the sexy elements of a Rob photo:the button-flys(O, dear Lord),the underwear sliver of his fruit-of-the-looms,wind blowing the shirt, AND the sucking thing (O sweet baby Jesus)!!!This is one of my favorites so far; I love Rob in blue for some reason.

Trixie said...

Rosie - Why am I surprised that the 2 pics you chose to write about today and the same, exact pictures that have been on my mind all day?

I mean, we share the same brain don't we? LOL!

Yeah, the first one is unREAL. And the second one just makes me feel bad for all the feelings the first one evokes.

Such a crazy thing, this Robsession.

<3 you BFT!

Suz said...

My Darling Rose...

If I can help...

The first photo is SUPPOSED to evoke those feelings.. it's normal.. go with it, in any way(s) you wish..

The second.. also supposed to evoke those feelings... but only "pretend"

I promise.

Trust me?


Love is all you need.

Tess said...

These photo's are beautiful Rose...

I agree with Suz's comments on the pics.. please know that you are not alone and that you are not crazy because you find him beautiful.