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Saturday, July 11, 2009

Robert Pattinson is a Vampire??

How tedious.
Sometimes I just get so tired of hiding my ROBsession.

My addiction... my reason for being.

OK, that's a bit fucking melodramatic... but you get the point.

I try really (really) hard to stay off the computer
when my husband is lurking around.

1. It's just common sense, less bullshit I have to deal with.

2. Believe it... when I am on the computer... Husband is always lurking.

Sometimes I think he must be related to Oregano...

That's how fucking good he is at it.

But, last night... Husband was watching baseball (again)
and I was so fucking bored...
I found myself flipping open my laptop.

Getting my fix...

Getting doused with all that is Robert Fucking Pattinson.

Drowning in him... losing myself in his fierce
(yes, I still love that word) beauty.

Then Husband, trying to be funny (TRY being the operative word, here)
asks me to look up some lameass baseball statistics...

As. Fucking. If.

Husband: Hey- could you look up blah blah blah blah? (and honestly, that's what I heard...)

Me: No.

Husband: Come on- I just want to know blah blah blah...

Me: No.

Husband: It will only take you a minute... Blah blah blah blah blah

Me: No. (You think he would get the hint, here... but NO)

Husband: Oh I see... You can't tear yourself away from your VAMPIRE page.

Me: No.

Husband: Blah, blah, blah... blah blah blah

And then I shut him out completely.
There are only so many BLAHS I can deal with.

It just goes to show...

that husband is still fucking clueless...

He fucking brought up VAMPIRES... AGAIN!!!!

I guess I am better at hiding my love/lust for Rob

than I thought.


Bye for now


Anonymous said...

You are not alone. My live changed completely since i saw twilight and discovered Robert Pattinson. I think i am like millions of women, because I am in the thirties and surely not a teenager obsessed by him. I have ordered all the films he ever made. I will leave next week for London. I am mad.

Anonymous said...

LOL @ blah blah blah. You are soooo not Oregano. You are much sweeter smelling.

Hubbies should be left in the dark. It's better that way. ♥

Trixie said...


Man, how I've missed your blog! Can't believe I missed so many posts while I was away.

This post had be LOLing BFT.

"Can you look up blah, blah, blah?"


You KNOW I get THAT!


I'm dying here!

<3 you 4evah!

Tess said...

Oh Rose... I love it when you do a family commentary post.

love it and you,