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Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Edward, Robert and Me.

I watched a video yesterday...
Where this young guy kinda ranted and raved
about all the attention Rob was getting lately.
And even though he was a bit maniacal...
I agreed with him on a few things.

1. He talked about the set stalkers who go to
wherever Rob is filming...
and sit there for hours and hours...
just to get a 5 second glimpse of Rob
going in/out of his trailer.
a. Now... don't get me wrong.
If Rob were filming near me...
I would find a way to go and watch.
Like... it's cool to watch him film a scene from the movie.
Or to actually see him working.
But... it's kinda creepy when the lunatic fringe
just stake out his trailer and screech at him
when he walks by.
He rarely even acknowledges these people.
His head is down... and he walks as quickly as possible.
Big hint.
2. The guy also talked about WHY Rob was so sought after.
He concluded it had to be because of Twilight.
And ONLY Twilight.

b. Again... I have to agree... to a point.
Rob was in a fucking Harry Potter movie for God's sake.
He was BEAUTIFUL in that movie.
It was a significant role in a huge franchise.
And nothing really happened for him after it.
He actually thought about quitting acting all together.
Why is that?
It's not his looks. I mean... like I said...
He was gorgeous in Goblet of Fire.
I do remember him in the role.
And I do remember thinking he was beautiful.
But that was all.

Fast Forward a few years.
Rob is cast as Edward Cullen.
The whole fucking female population
is in love with him now.
In love with Robert... or Edward?
Now, I know a lot of women LOVE Robert.
They love not only his looks and personality...
but they are fans of all his movies.
If Robert hadn't been cast as Edward...
Would any of us ever have noticed him?
Would any of us fallen so hard... so fast?
I often ask myself what would have happened
if someone other than Robert had been cast
as Edward Cullen in Twilight.
Would I find myself lusting and loving that man?
Did it matter WHO was cast as Edward...
As long as they brought Edward to life?

I love and adore Robert Pattinson.
Twilight has brought me to him.
Edward has given him to me.
And while it was originally Edward Cullen
that made me love Robert Pattinson...
It is Robert Pattinson...
That I love.
Because of Edward...
I have gotten a better glimpse
into Robert.
Everything about him... draws me in.
(I know... I know)
Getting to see Rob in interviews...
To see him speak and thoughtfully answer questions.
To learn how intelligent and witty he is...
And to realize he is so modest and shy
and totally oblivious to his own beauty...
These things have cemented my love for Rob.

Robert IS Edward.
I cannot imagine anyone else in that role.
But unlike so many others...
I see him outside of the Twilight series.
I see Robert.

Bye for now

1 comment:

Lynda said...

Those are my feelings exactly.I love Rob for being Rob, but I also love him as Edward.And I will still love him when he plays any future characters in his films.But no one can resist the yummy goodness that is Rob Pattinson.