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Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Pocket Edward and Me.

Edward Cullen: I don't have the strength to stay away from you anymore.
Isabella Swan: Then don't...
I LOVE this picture.
I've never seen PE
look so fucking GOOD!
This is proof (kinda) that I actually read a book
other than the Twilight series.
It's scary to admit that I haven't read
a book, or FanFiction
that didn't have Edward Cullen in it.
For a YEAR.
A fucking year.
It's been all about Edward.
I love to read.
I devour books.
I have a stack of books crying out for attention.
But I've been cruel.
Thoroughly devoted to Edward Cullen.
Until this weekend...
When I dared to crack open
Stephen King's latest book.
(at least I think it's his latest...)
And can I say...
I almost feel like I'm cheating on Edward.
That's not right...
is it??

This is where PE hid for most of my vacation.
Of course...
He was IN the pocket...
not hanging out of it.
I took that bag with me everywhere.
And I would casually put my hand in the pocket...
to make sure PE was still there...
Still OK.
It was reassuring to feel his pointy bronze hair
under my fingertips...
to be able to caress his jawline.
I didn't listen to Rob on my ipod...
I didn't watch Twilight.
I refused to bring any of the Twilight books with me.
I purposely left behind all magazines and books
of Robert...
But I brought along a mini Rob...
hidden where no one would see him...
much like how I hide my obsession
from people in my life.
And I would sneak PE out...
when no one else was around...
and take pictures of him.
Who the fuck am I kidding?
I'm all proud of myself for reading something
that didn't have Edward in it...
All the while caressing and posing
his doll every chance I got...
And believe you me...
I found my hand snaking into PE's pocket...
LOVE it.
Robert Pattinson?
I fucking missed you.
Bye for now


Trixie said...

Oh Rosie!

How I missed you SO!

I LOVE it that you took PE with you and you took pictures of him. He DOES look amazing in that picture.

I'm leaving tomorrow and PE will be joining me, too.

I think it is great that you read something non-twilight/edward over the weekend. And I GET the whole cheating feeling. But, I promise that will go away. You won't feel so bad after your 2nd book...

I really loved this post for some reason. It is like you are saying that you can go on with real life and enjoy yourself, yet still keep a piece of Robward in your heart.


<3 you BFT 4evah!

Tess said...

LOL Rose!!

I'm mad about you and this post!!


Anonymous said...

PE is the life of the party, I can tell. If only he had a tiny guitar to play his beautiful songs, life would be complete.

Anonymous said...

OMG! I gotta say this had me rolling on the floor for over an hour! I'm a 41 year old woman and I completely understand the obsession with Rob. Your comments are right up my alley and just crack me up! Keep 'em coming..........PLEASE!