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What is essential is invisible to the eye"


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Friday, July 10, 2009

Robert Pattinson? Walk This Way!

Um... One of my ALL time favorite walks.
LOOK at him!

An Edward Cullen Walk...


Walking with a cigarette... AND suspenders?
Why not fucking kill me now?

Well maybe I'm just thinking
that the rooms are all on fire
Everytime that you walk in the room
Well there is magic all around you,
if I do say so myself
I have known this much longer than I've known you
~ Stevie Nicks ~

The way Robert Pattinson moves.
It's mesmerizing.

Some of my favorite pictures
are of him walking.
I've posted about this before...
but I fucking love it
and some things you can never
talk about too much.
I have folder upon folder of pictures
of Rob...
"New Moon"
The one I find myself going back to
again and again?
"Rob Walking".
Can someone be charming
and sexy
just by walking?
Is it his long, lean legs...
The fit of his jeans...
The way he carries himself?
I'm not sure.
I just know that watching
Rob walk onto Leno's stage...
made my heart ache.
Watching Rob stride on the sidewalk...
(pulling out thesaurus)
Shuffle across the street
Amble to his trailer...
Watching him move...
You know that feeling.
When you look at Robert...
It's in the pit of your stomach...
It actually hurts.
That's what Rob walking
does to me.
I could watch him walk...
(and Ever... Amen)
Walk this way.

Bye for now


Suz said...

Rose, imagine my ANGST as he was walking towards me... and then whisked through parked cars instead!

The stride, the gait..

No one moves like he moves
No one moves ME like he does.


lostinphilly said...

Rob's walk is just PERFECTION !!!!!!!!!!!!
Rose: His appearance (and walk on stage) at Jay Leno Show is absolutely one of my favorite swoon time events!!! Just the way he looked so scruffy, sexy and funny had done me in...and he continues to make me melt every time I look at his photos.Sigh...

Tess said...

He doesn't walk so much as he 'lopes' and I love it..

It's very distinctive.

squeee you rose.

Anonymous said...

Love the long-legged walk! And in those set vids he always runs up the stairs of his trailer. He never walks, always runs.