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Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Rob's Love Life? Rumors? Are You KIDDING Me?

I have to comment on this cover.
I have to.
1. OK. Rob is finally on the cover of PEOPLE.
May I ask...
What the fuck took you so long?
I mean...
Rob has been in the magazine before...
He's been on the cover in the little sidebar...
But this is his first real cover.
2. And what does PEOPLE decide to talk about?
Rob's love life.
You put the most beautiful, fascinating, interesting man
walking on the face of this earth
on your fucking cover...
and you talk about love triangles and rumors?
3. Wouldn't it have been nice for PEOPLE
to have talked about Rob's latest acting roles?
Maybe talked to him...
ask him some intelligent questions
about New Moon and Remember Me?
But no.
We get unsubstantiated bullshit.
And you know me...
I'm all for the whole Rob/Kristen thing
But sorry...
This is
How disappointing.


Another 'OUTfuckingTAKE'.
If I could put my emotions into words...
I couldn't put those words here anyway.
I would be too embarrassed...
or maybe even arrested or something.
So it's just as well.

He's sexyhot gorgeous.

Bye for now


Tess said...

I was disappointed too Rose. No one should be defined by their relationships ~ Alleged or otherwise.

It's a shame really.


Trixie said...

Rosie - I am so disappointed by People magazine. I thought they would be just a step above all the gossip rags. But, they seem to think that the only thing interesting about Rob is his love life.

"No one should be defined by their relationships" Tess, this was so well said!

<3 you both!

Suz said...

I can't even begin to tell you how disappointed I am in People Mag (RAG)

Here was a legitimate chance. So because he didn't (or couldn't) do an interview at this time (hello.. fricken WORKING here!) They decide to fabricate a story rehashing and recycling shit from 2+ months ago.. And using an old photo (a delicious one fo sho but old nonetheless) shows that not a lot of time or effort was put into this "Cover Story".

I could have produced a better article without leaving my home or getting out of my pajamas.

Tsk Tsk People... You have now joined the rest of the rags! Congrats!

Sadly, this will probably be their biggest selling issue this year!

For all the wrong reasons.