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What is essential is invisible to the eye"


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Monday, July 13, 2009

Interview With a Vampire... or Robert Pattinson.

So now I'm all about when Rob was on Jay Leno.
I LOVE that interview.
Not only the way Rob lopes onto the stage to greet Jay...
The shy little wave he gives to Heidi Klum
(I mean, seriously... how fucking cute is that?)
The way he is so nervous and sweet...

But I miss seeing Rob just sit down and take
time to thoughtfully answer questions.
Sure... Rob's face has been all over the place.
And I'm not complaining...
Well, my heart hurts a little with each new picture...
but, hey... I can live with that.
(or can I??)

When was the last interview with Rob?
And let's not count the lameass ET segments...
where they cut in and out and we only get snippets.
When was the last time he sat down...
and someone asked him real questions...
and he gave real answers?

I couldn't tell ya.

All I know is I miss that.
And I miss Rob.
And when he does do another interview...
What will we see?
The shy, reluctant, charming, modest boy?
The guy who pulls his hand through his hair...
and gives us his mega-watt smile?

Or someone else?

Will he be cynical, hardened...
Will he be tired... burnt out...
Will the innocent fascination... be choked out of him?
Ripped out by the constant screams?
I have to wonder.
I think (and hope) that Rob is the same Rob...
on the inside... With his family and friends.
But I suppose only time will tell what face
he will show to the public.
I miss Robert Pattinson.

I miss his voice.

I miss his quirks.

I miss his laugh.

Only time will tell...

Bye for now


Kate said...

Yeap Rose, you're so right I miss hearing him too!

lostinphilly said...

Rose: I'm wondering too about how Rob will be at his next interview;but I think he'll be the same.The Jay Leno is my favorite TV interview and I just LOVE how he looked in it. He's so ScruffRob and so sexy and laid-back and funny. I hope his future interviews are like that one!!!!!!