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What is essential is invisible to the eye"


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Saturday, July 25, 2009

Do You Wanna Know a Secret?

There has been a lot of speculation
about Rob and Kristen
and how they behaved at Comic Con.
It was said that they were distant.
It was said that Kristen looked like she
didn't want anything to do with Rob
And was all about Taylor.
That's not what I saw
I did see situations
where it was clear that Summit
wanted the focus to be on
But let me tell you whats else I saw...
Kristen should really smile more.
She really is so pretty...
So I guess she should just make sure that
she is next to Rob...
Touching Rob.
Looking at Rob.
Kristen is looking like she's
pretty into Rob here...

Some people were saying that
Kristen's body language here...
with her body turned slightly away from Rob
is very telling.
I beg to differ.
1. There is a sizable gap between her and Taylor.
2. There isn't any gap between her and Rob.
She might be turned away a bit...
But she is leaning into him.
3. Do you see Rob's hand on Kristen's arm?
He has his arm around her...
holding onto her wrist.
Just sayin'.

It looks like to me...
and of course...
this is just my Robsten addled opinion...
That Summit really wanted to play down
the whole Rob/Kristen thing.
And we all know how awkward and nervous
Kristen is in public...
But again...
This picture tells me another story.
Kristen looks kinda defensive.
Another sizable gap between her and Taylor.
Another lean into Rob.
And she looks pretty comfortable
leaning into Rob's lanky frame.
Not that I blame her.
She does fit rather nicely...
Doesn't she?
Bye for now


Kate said...

Yeap totally agree Rose!
But who wouldn't want to be leaning into Rob?? :-)

Tess said...

I for one would like to have an in depth analytical discussion regarding the symbolism of the photo from Cannes you posted as your banner!!!

This is one photo that makes me go RAWR!!!!!