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Thursday, September 10, 2009

12 Months of Robert Pattinson

It's been like a year since I started this blog.
I went back and looked at some of my earlier posts...
I noticed a few things.

1. In the beginning I really didn't understand
my obsession with Robert.
I did realize that it started with Edward...
But I couldn't get a grip on it.

2. My October 28, 2008 post...
I talked about Robsten.
No, I didn't use the word...
But I went on and on
about on/off screen chemistry
between Rob and Kristen...
I was fascinated by the two of them...
Still am.

3. I didn't swear.
Can you fucking believe it?
I was like...
all nice and shit.
Fucking A.
I guess maybe I was worried
that I would offend someone
if I fucking called the bullshit
like I see it.
Now? Not so much.

4. Going back through old posts
made me realize how much I have
repeated thoughts...
and even titles.
Kinda lame...
But shit...
A year devoted to one guy...
I'm bound to repeat my thoughts.
I mean...
I fucking have them all the time.

5. It's been almost a year of ROBsessed.
The blog that started it all for me.
I remember when G just opened it...
There were like 10 followers.
Now it's turned into this huge thing...
A Rob destination.
But I will always fondly remember
when it was just a few of us.
Thanks G... I love you.

6. And with ROBsessed...
came the RKs.
A wonderful group of women...
Strong, witty and brave...
They always make me think.
Sometimes they make me mad...
And they continually make me laugh.
I'm lucky to be counted among them.

7. Twitter.
I'm fairly new to Twitter...
But I've met some incredibly cool people there.
They think like me...
Or we share a wicked sense of humor...
Or some just say 'Hi'
when I need a smile.
Rob news fucking flies there...
It happens fast... and it happens NOW.
I can see it becoming another addiction.

Just what I fucking need.

8. Last but not least...
What have I learned in my
12 months of adoration and devotion to
Robert Pattinson?
Sadly... not much.
I'm still pretty much in the same place
when it comes to understanding
the WHY of my feelings for Rob.
Which means...
I don't get it.
My overpowering affection
for Robert still doesn't make sense to me.
And although I do have wonderful people
in my Twilight/Rob bubble
To help me get through
all the angst and anxiety
that Robert seems to cause for me...
I'm just as clueless in 2009...
As I was in 2008.

Isn't it a pity?

Bye for now


Anonymous said...

Hey Babe, just be cool,
I do so much understand you.

Stay loving him, because he is worth it..... Nr. 1

Dont't ask the world, the pictures, the videos - believe your innermost feelings - he is worth it, has always been worth it.... so..... Nr. 2

Listen to yourself, to your sentiments in details, there might be the rest of the worls screaming, but no....... you won't see anybody but him.... so watch him, tolerantly, watch him, in wild patches of time...let him go, let him sigh, let him breath, let him play, let him walk, let him design, let him explain, let him survive, let him outlive, let him be.....
inbetween the digital world and the world in between...

Tess said...

Hey Rosie ~ Time does fly by... funny you'd write this post. I was just thinking something something similar... Do you realize that we've all spent at least a few hours, of every day over the past year together?

No wonder we're starting to piss each other off :)

love you. Tess

Mandy said...

Congrats on 12 months Rose!
Your blog is one of the first Rob blogs aside from Robsessed that I have regularly checked over the last 6 or more months. I always enjoy your straight up posts and haven’t minded all the swearing along the way.
It’s a shame that you haven’t found a resolution to the obsession; we’ll see what the next 12 months hold for Rose.
It’s cool that you have all the RKs and people who support you. I look forward to reading your little blog through the next 12 months. *hugs*

Trixie said...


I'd be lost without you, but you already knew that :)

<3 you BFT 4evah!