"You can only see things clearly with your heart
What is essential is invisible to the eye"


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or similarity to any person living or dead
is purely coincidental.

Monday, September 21, 2009


Another day...
No Rob.
I let my finger gently glide
over the double-edged sword.
My heart aching to see him...
My mind knowing he is happy and safe out of the spotlight...
It's sharp.
It cuts.
It hurts.
Addiction is pain.
Why do I find my thoughts going back to her?
Why do I want people to like her?
Why do I find myself fighting for her?
All good questions...
I have no good answers.
I think if some people
could get past their jealousy...
They would like her too.
She's strong but vulnerable.
Cynical but daring.
Shy but willing.
And she's probably with Rob...
Right now.
Looking into his eyes...
Touching him...
in some intimate way.
That thought alone could
make me dislike her...
But I know that if
she is with Rob?
He's laughing, too...
And that makes me love her.
One of my fav pictures of Rob.
I use this one as my avatar.
Beanie. Check.
Sunglasses. Check.
Open shirt. Check.
Jaw Porn. Check.
Scruff. Check.
And I know he's also wearing...
Those suspenders...
Heavy Sigh. Check.
And I leave this post...
with perhaps my fav pic... ever.
He's walking.
The Hair.
Sunglasses (again)
The suit.
The tie.
The moan.
The sigh.
The ache.
The loss.
I miss you, Rob.
Bye for now


auntapey said...

Feel the same way about Kris. To be very very very cheesy and quote Robward, "I feel very protective" of her. Even though I know she's a badass and doesn't need anybody's protection.

And ohhhh, that last pic of Rob. Gah. I am a puddle.

loveactually said...

I have to tell you I've only recently discovered your blog but I am forever hooked. You paint a beautiful picture in my mind of Rob's well being off screen. I find myself not only agreeing with your thoughts but thoroughly enjoying reading them....so much so that I'm now officially late for work...but at least I'll be late with a smile. LOL!

Bellanieve said...

YOU know I love your Blog ...for My eyes it is very visually pleasing and of course the subject matter is most HELPFUL ;))))

Definitely in need of some Robstication ...too. ;)

Jerseygrl4lfe said...

Beautiful post as usual. It's not only jealousy that clouds their heads, many fans feel like they know Rob personally and should have a "say" in who his girlfriend should be! It makes me laugh when I read some comments on fansites. Thanks also for not cropping Stewie out of this beautiful pic.

Vampsus said...

Rose...good pints about Kris. She is a work in progress and the picture of opposites. She looks good on Rob. That last picture of Rob always makes me feel light-headed with a warm glow throughout my body. Magic.

Anonymous said...

Aaaah Rose yet again you mesmerize me with your words! As loveactually already said, you also give me a beautiful vision of Rob and Kristen together, enjoying their peace away from the cameras.

Thank you for the beautiful pictures of Rob and Kristen...I loved them.