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Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Free To Be... Robert Pattinson

I've been feeling rather melancholy, lately...
Yeah, I miss Rob.
But it's more than that.
It's like... I REALLY miss Rob.
The charming adorkable Rob...
Who said too much in interviews...
Told silly jokes that most people didn't understand...
Was completely open and honest...
Who seemed so innocent and trusting.

Is that Rob gone now?
Has fame and the paparazzi destroyed
the sweet, unassuming, modest Rob?

I don't know.

He has to have changed.
We all knew he would.
He's grown up some now...
He realizes that he just can't be
silly, goofy Rob anymore.
He knows that people
will analyze and dissect
every word he says...
Every movement.
Every action.
He's no longer free to be...
Just Rob.

I know he's still there...
You still see glimpses of him.
The heart wrenching smile.
The fingers pulling through the hair...
The fact that he still takes the time....
to sign autographs for fans
that send him pictures.
Rob still cares about us.

He still loves us.
He's still here.

I still love him.
I'll never leave...
Bye for now


Leslie C. Franklin said...

OH, that makes me sad to think he has changed. That is why I like him so much- that sense of humor. Hopefully we will see some more of that.

Jerseygrl4lfe said...

I will so miss the open mouthed Rob we all fell in love with. Too much money on the line for TPTB and Rob's mgmt team to free him. Underneath, he's the same, just older and wiser.

Becca said...

Your so right. I miss that Rob too. I think RM took so much of our adorable Rob away. Love your blog by the way. Visit often.

AccentOnLife said...

You're right that no one could go through this and not change. The pulling away has to be his form of self-preservation, so I'll accept what he still gives to his fans graciously. I can't help but wonder if the lack of his music on the NM soundtrack is also a form of pulling away.

Here's hoping he finds the calm in the middle of this storm ...

lostinphilly said...

I miss that warm,smiling,adorkable,awkward,gumby-feet,misbuttoned Rob that used to have vomit mouth in interviews...he was so adorable and endearing. I think he's still the same Rob, he just has to keep things on the straight and narrow right now because of all this over-analizing of him and the paps hounding him;his agent and people probably sat him down and said for him to keep quiet and hidden so all the media's sensationalism won't tear him down.
It's really a shame that it has to come to this, but us true Rob fans know that he's still the same goofy,loveable Rob and we'll love him forever, no matter what.

fayezeewayzee said...


Kat said...

Behind closed doors I'm 100% sure he's still the same goofy Rob we all fell for... I agree with LostInPhilly - I think he's just been told to tone it down. Sadly it's for his own good as every little thinkg he says or does gets over analized and dragged back and forth between the "fans" and the papz.

I need no affirmation that our Rob is still there... but seeing him return signed pics, and adding an extra pic, gives us that affirmation anyways.

Love him and his wonky legs to bits.

loveactually said...

I'm reading this nodding my head in agreement. Why is it so hard to think about losing this part of Rob? It shouldn't be..not when I know in my heart HE hasn't lost his unabashed self. He just keeps it for those close to him.

AccentonLife said it perfectly..it's his self-preservation.

It's hard on us...looking in from the outside because that glimpse into this part of him is now closed off because of fame and paparazzi.

Closed off...heavily guarded... but not destroyed. We'll see it again in whatever form he wants to share it and it will probably be when we least expect it. That's enough to make me smile.

Mandy said...

*Heavy Sigh*
I think about this too... allot. I don’t think that I have really seen the smiling and happy Rob in public since Twilight promo in Japan. I am anxious to see new Rob NM interviews to see how/if he has changed. Time will tell, but boy do I miss the smiling funny Rob :(

auntapey said...

Feel your pain.

I hate that he has to be so guarded now. One of the main reasons I fell for him was watching all of the old interviews while I was playing catch-up w/the Twi phenom in Jan/Feb.

I think that we will still see glimpses here & there - think c-section comment at Comic-con or his analysis of his life being like a rock or whatever he was trying to say. lol Classic Rob!