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Sunday, September 20, 2009

Missing Robert Pattinson...

Ah... The weekend.

The good part? Spending time with the family.
The bad part? Spending time with the family.

Does this make me a horrible person?
Yeah. It does.

But I'm going through Rob withdrawal right now...
I'm irrational. I'm moody.
I'm a grade A bitch. First class.

So... Don't be messing with my Robert Pattinson...

Here's a small sampling of what I had to deal with...
(and keep in mind this is outside of being wife and mommy...)

Husband: Anything good on TV tonight?

Me: Saturday nights suck on TV....

Husband: Does it have to have VAMPIRES in it to be good to you?

Me: No, it has to have werewolves in it, too...

Son 2: And don't forget the brooding Rob Pattinson.

Husband: Who? Is he the Vampire?

Me: *sighs* I'm going to bed.

And this is why I choose to keep my addiction...
to myself.

I'm not sure what is worse...
Dealing with smartasses who think they know
what they are talking about...
Or dealing with missing Robert.

Missing Robert.
Way worse.

Bye for now


Anonymous said...


I so empathise - nobody can really understand how he makes us feel! Is Edward the vampire? Men!!!!


Anja said...

I feel with you, Rose!
In German TV you don´t see much of Rob. But one time - Rob was officially nominated as the sexiest man 2009 in a starmag on TV - my little daughter (3) squeaked: "Edward! Daddy that´s Edward! Mummy looooves Edward!" Very awkward!
He only growls: "I know!"

imloco2 said...

He does have that mystical appeal to women of all ages and all over the world. I miss Rob too, but more, I miss the good old days when he could be open and free and laugh and walk down the street or go to a club with a minium of fuss. Where he could have a life. Planned mobbings probably sound pretty good about now as opposed to random mobbings. I guess I really want to see him in a sit down interview where I can hear and see him. See if Rob is still in there...

Anonymous said...

Rose I sympathise with you! I have similar discussions in my household!
My daughter constantly tells me I have to "get over it". I had a co-worker go in to great detail about how much he hated Twilight and how stupid it was, knowing full well how I feel about it and the books. I could never to that to somebody...totally rag on something they rally like.

Anja, I have heard so many similar stories about children saying "mummy loves Edward", kids pick up on everything!

Anonymous said...

They "really" like!

Vampsus said...

*holymotherf#!kinghell* Pleeeaase..someone
Sit him down
Ask him some questions
Film it
Post it
Just sayin' please.