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Monday, September 14, 2009

Recognizing Robsten?

I didn't watch the VMAs (yet)
But I did see the clip of the Twilight 3
introducing the NM trailer.
Is Kristen adorable?
Is Taylor bummed?
Is Robert...
Well... fucking beautiful?
Yes, yes and yes.
And amazing what a few extra seconds
adds to the trailer, isn't it?
"Go to Hell"
Oh baby...
I'm already fucking there.
Robert backstage.
I get tired of using the same words
to try and convey exactly
how he makes me feel when I look at him.
Nothing comes close to the emotions.
Except maybe...
I fucking love you, Robert.

Ah.... posed pic of the Twilight 3.
My sons watched the show...
They kept making fun of Taylor...
"He's stumpy, Mom."
They thought the trailer was lame.
Of course.
But they just don't get it...
They are smart enough to not trash Robert...
The wrath of Mom isn't a good thing.
And damn...
Isn't that a scary thought?
Wrathing over a 23 year old actor?
Is "wrathing" a word?
Do I care?
The 'money' shot.
I've already read a lot of different POVs on this one.
Fascinating stuff.
First off... Taylor looks awkward as hell.
Kinda like...
He's trying really hard to fit in...
To belong in this picture...
And I like Taylor... I do.
I keep finding my eyes going back to Rob and Kristen.
It's like Taylor isn't even fucking there.
And maybe that's why he looks
so out of place.
Because he IS.
And yeah...
It depends on whose eyes
you look at this picture with...
Some people just see 2 friends...
being friendly (heh)
Some people see awkwardness...
And some people...
See how comfortable and relaxed
Rob and Kristen
are together.
How easily she folds herself
into his arms.
How Rob even seems
kinda protective of her.
How they are used to being this close...
You can probably guess what I see :)
Bye for now


Calliopeblabs said...

Love it. seriously. Love. It.

May said...

I adore your posts,bb.

"And some people...
See how comfortable and relaxed
Rob and Kristen
are together.
How easily she folds herself
into his arms.
How Rob even seems
kinda protective of her.
How they are used to being this close..."

Yep,thats me alright.:) Their love is so obvious to anyone who can see. JS.
So thank you for yet another awesome Robsten post,bb. XD

maria said...

I fucking can't stop staring at those two! I just can't! What the hell is wrong with me?? I'm 25 years old and I keep having this goofy smile on my face ever since they showed these two pictures, these two adorable, absolutely beautiful pictures of the two most gorgeous and sweet people I have ever seen in my life...
there's love right there..there's tenderness..there's trust..there's possesiveness..there's familiarity...there's Robsten right there people..if you don't see it, too bad..you're missing out..

Faye said...

What I see...is the three of them prepping for this shot.Poor little Taylor trying to be professional and fit it(unsuccessfully),the fit in part, he always seems professional! And Rob pulling Kristen in..so comfy and tender *sighing* and Kristen snuggling right in there! *still sighing*

Anonymous said...

Well... I want to be happy for them, if they are a them, but I don't know. Some stupid assed part of me just doesn't want it to be so, even though I'd kill to see that guy happy all the time. I think Taylor looks awkward because it IS a Robsten moment, and he's aware of the camera while they, obviously, are not. In any case - Kris looks great, Rob looks happy, and that's all that really matters.

Airam Liscano said...

I loved the pics, but more so I loved all your comments, they were exactly what I was thinking. They are so in a relationships, body lenguage can´t lie. We've all watched Lie to me.

Jerseygrl4lfe said...

Well said Maria. I couldn't agree more.

To those that can't see it - it's because you don't want to. Open your eyes ppls, Kristen is gorgeous she makes Rob happy - open your hearts.

tabs95 said...

I can't stop staring at that WONDERFUL couple.They look so PERFECT together,like they belong in each others time,place,and arms.Poor Taylor,is so out of place.That pic of them just goes to show the familiarity that Rob and Kris has in one another.If ppl can't see that,they simply just don't want to see it.

Vampsus said...

He finally unfolded the fist on her shoulder. Thank goodness! He's been so careful and respectful for sooo long. Me happy.

Kelly said...

You are adorable... I know what you see... and you know me... what ev... as long as the man is happy I'm good....Still don't see it.. I could see how some would see it as they are together.. but I don't see it I think there is too much room for it to be friendship... she looked pretty though... he looked like he didn't want to be there... I've got a blog to write and I can't get my thoughts about it together ...He's just perfection.... even when he is imperfect!

Anonymous said...


I cannot stop looking at this pic...I definitely fall into the "they look comfortable and relaxed" category.

I never used to care if they were together or not...but to see them like this, it makes me smile. I want to see more!

Thanks Rose for another beautiful post.


imloco2 said...

If this was the only evidence that they were together someone might be able to convince me they were only friends...uh, nah...even then I'd say no way. They are like magnets these two. I'm not even sure they know it, but they just gravitate towards each other. And the bubble is so obvious. They just glow. I love watching them. I love seeing them happy.

auntapey said...

I'm a night owl, so my comments always feel stale but here goes...

Love Robward's "Go to hell" line. Makes me quiver.

I love the pics of Rob & Kris... they way they're so comfortable, how she hold onto his jacket and tucks herself into him. *sigh*

Love your blog, Rose. Keep on stirring :)