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Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Kristen Stewart and Me.

Well, she was just 17,
You know what I mean,
And the way she looked was way beyond compare.
So how could I dance with another...
When I saw her standin' there.

This post is all about Kristen.
Or at least the bizarre loyalty
I seem to feel for her.
I know its a corny ass line...
But I honestly DO feel very protective of her.

How very strange.
I read all this trash about Kristen.
She keeps taking these really nasty hits.
And I find myself wanting to defend her.

When did this happen?

Obviously Kristen doesn't need me
defending her relationship with Rob.
Maybe I'm just defending a part of Rob...
I don't know.

Could it be that I see how happy
Kristen makes Rob...
How both their faces light up
whenever they are together...
That makes me want to protect that?

Or is it the Nasty Nellies (Huh?) out there...
Who criticize her hair
(Hello? She cut it for a movie...
not like shes the only actress
to ever do that...
AND hair grows back.)
Her face...
(Seriously... Even a blind man could
see how gorgeous she is)
Even her smell..
(OK, lameass Twilight reference...
but people have said her
personal hygiene sucks).

If ever anything seems to go wrong with Robert...
Kristen will undoubtedly get the blame.
Remember the recent pictures
of Rob in public...
where his eyes are downcast
and he isn't smiling?
Kristen's fault.
Of course.

Kristen's shitty attitude is
is influencing Rob...
Kristen's annoyed outlook on life...
Is now shared with Rob.

I guess it doesn't matter that
Rob had a zillion plus one billion
cameras flashing in his face when
these pictures were taken...
And that might have something to do
with him being all sullen and tense.

In fact.
The one thing you can count on
to make Rob smile...
Is Kristen by his side...
Smiling right back at him.

Guaranteed smiles, Folks.

Isn't Robsten wonderful?

Bye for now

*This post is just my opinion.
If you think it has anything to do with you...
in any way, shape or form...
You are wrong.
My words.
My thoughts.
Just me.*


Anonymous said...

you took the words outta my mouth! i never cared less about HW stars b4..but there's just something about her...that makes me want to defend and protect her from all those nasty twats...

Anonymous said...

Great post Rose. Thank you.

debbi said...

I, too, share this strange compulsion to defend and support Kristen. Maybe because this whole atmosphere reminds me of high school where all the bitchy girls ganged up and picked on the one girl that dared to be her own person. I couldn't stand those girls then and have even less tolerance for it now.

Netti said...

loving your words of Kris, I know what you mean, some peeps are just so bitchy.
much love, Netti

Anonymous said...

AMEN! Whenever Rob is with Kristen he is happy. If you are a true fan you would love whatever makes Rob happy.

Yesenia said...

Your posts about Kristen are always the best :) I

I love her.

Lula! said...

I've never had a problem with her...loved her in Panic Room, she was actually honest & real in Adventureland...and who didn't dig Zathura?

Plus--I'd kill for her legs. They're gorgeous.

mel said...

I have to tell you..you have made me fall in love with your blog..i heart Rob ..no doubt..but i heart Kristen also..thanxs for defending her..there are so many snarky blogs(a couple i could name..but wont)that rag on her almost dailey..i'll never understand it..she's a great girl who obviously makes Rob happy..maybe thats why they trash her..idk..

Anonymous said...

You put my thoughts on Kristen into words--thank you. I don't understand Kristen's haters. She's really a beautiful and interesting young woman. Not the typical Hollywood type. In addition, she so obviously makes Rob happy.

Anonymous said...

You took the words right of my mouth when they are with each other they are happy and its like they are in their own little world and what i love about them is that give each other support! GO ROBSTEN!

May said...

OMG Just wanted to let you know how you made my shitty day so much better with your post,bb.We Robsten shippers have developed some pretty thick skin,but there are still days, when all you wanna do is scream from the rooftops for everyone to just stop with their fuckery & just let R/K be.

Haters of all kinds can just STFU&DIAF. Thats their only real use.JS. ;) Again,TYSFM. XD

imloco2 said...

Once again I couldn't agree with you more. The more I see of Kris and Rob together the more I'm glad they have found someone to laugh with living in this strange fishbowl they have found themselves in. That's no small thing. I don't get the hate. At all.

auntapey said...

This post is total WIN. Hell, ALL your posts are WIN.

I totes feel protective of Kristen too. I'm the oldest of three sisters so it just comes naturally to me. Like everyone has already said, I can't stand the shit she has to put up with just because she's honest and original and has won Rob's heart.

Can't wait for the next one, Rose! :)

Anonymous said...

i gotta tell you.. i kida fell the same for kristen. it cant be explanied

Anonymous said...

I'm overly protective of her, and yeh I haven't met her. But you should see the abuse I give to people over internet sites who slate Kristen Stewart.

I never really try and understand the dumbasses who continue commenting with "what the hell has she done with her hair?!", well if you good people searched the internet, or looked on youtube...you'd get the answer! :D Gosh, dumbasses. They have really nothing to say.

My gosh,
you all make Rob miserable, the ones who force him and Kristen apart, for insulting her. That woman who called her a bitch, I bet if none of that happened, they wouldn't be put off from leaving places together. He can't have Kristen by his side because he possibly wants to protect her from abuse that she gets, and that in turn makes him seem miserable. But I can't be sure if he's miserable over that. It could be any reason for why he looks sad somedays.

WHATTTT?!!!!! Kristen has personal hygiene? Since when?! People are getting desperate. Earth to people who come up with this crap...if she had such bad personal hygiene, if any, then I'm sure most of the cast or at least a few would be put off being near her. Am I right? I mean I know that sounds nasty, but if it was so bad, you'd cringe and avoid hanging out with that person, if you see someone with hygiene issues.