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Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Robert Pattinson = Edward Cullen

So you've seen all the 'behind the scenes' pics by now.
And all I have to say...
Does it ever get any fucking easier?
Does it?
You long to see a picture of Rob...
and then you get bombarded with
Rob... as Edward.
Double Whammy!
Heart twist...
and kick in the gut...

Fun. Fun. Fun.
Till. My. Daddy. Took.
The. T-Bird. Away.
(what the hell does that mean?
No clue.
Just goes to show how far gone
I really am.)

Not sure what scene this is from...
But they both have their eyes closed...
I don't really care...
I just like seeing them together.
I will take it.


Is there a man alive...

Who has a more masculine...


profile than this man?

Don't you just want to trace his jawline

with your nose...

From his ear to his chin...

Taking in his scent?

Uh... Yeah.

The picture that caused the most talk.
How everyone wants Rob crouched over them...
Dreams of Rob hovering above them in bed...
And look at Kristen.
She's like...
"Been there. Done that."
Without all those bothersome clothes
and people hanging around.

And the best for last.
Good Fucking Grief.
Tell me...
Am I the only one whose stomach
actually clenches at this?
I mean... seriously.
I know I'm not alone in my feelings for this man.
Not that my feelings make any sense...
But I feel them all the same.

Robert Pattinson = Edward Cullen
Fucking perfection.

Bye for now


Anonymous said...

U said it sister! I love Robsten, Edward, Bella, whatever, love 2 C them together! kick in the gut, gawd yes! holding breath for next 1. swoon, yes! Till UR Daddy takes the T-Bird away. Beach boys song reference. cool as shit! U Rock, sis! :)=

Jerseygrl4lfe said...

"been there, done that" LMAO so funny! They are pure hotness together as Rob and Kristen or Edward and Bella, no doubt about it! And no there is not a man alive with a jaw line that gorgeous. Pure perfection!

Leslie C. Franklin said...

My sentiments exactly! Perfection!

May said...

LOL Wiser words havent been spoken,hun. Robward is true perfection. Oh and yeah, Kris sure is all "been there,done that". After all, you do know that practice makes perfect. Really, a match made in Heaven. ;p LOL

Vampsus said...

*seriously affected by the Pattinson*
and it never ends
and I don't want it to
I'm *!ucked.

imloco2 said...

I never thought I'd have a jaw fetish. Of course there's only one guy that I'm crushing on his jaw so it probably doesn't count. *shakes head* jaw porn...that's what I'm reduced to. I remember Bella's description of Edward. Funny how it turns out to be Rob.

loveactually said...

These pictures have been my light in a very dark week. For me that last picture just screams James Dean.*sigh* It's officially my new favorite Robward pic. And I can't even begin to wipe the smile from my face when I see any new pics of Rob and Kristen...doesn't matter if they are set pics or out and about pics. Seeing them together always makes me smile. :)

Trixie said...


My god, this man...

He is truly the most beautiful man I have EVER seen.


And I'm fucking OLD so my EVER is a long ass time!

He says our draw to him is just the character. He's SO wrong.

So, so wrong.

<3 you BFT 4evah!