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Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Rambling Rose

Couple of things...

1. Thanks for all the comments on yesterdays post. It was... enlightening as always. It never ceases to amaze me the power of Robsten. The passion... the emotion that 2 people seem to incite... fascinating.

2. For the record? I may be pro Robsten... but I'm not a hater. I don't go to other peoples sites and attack them or WRITE IN ALL CAPITAL LETTERS!!!!!! I think people are entitled to their Robsten/Nonsten opinion, I just wish they would leave Kristen alone when they voice it.

3. I'm kinda worried about upcoming photo shoots with Robert. Why? Because every time new pics come out with Rob... he looks impossibly more beautiful and gorgeous. I'm not sure how that is even possible. How does one improve upon perfection? So yeah... I'm worried.

4. Why were people seemingly so eager to latch onto a Nikki/Rob relationship? Yeah, there were some pictures of Nikki hanging out with Rob... at a club, going out to dinner... buying boxes. But for some reason those pictures are proof that they were 'together'... but similar pictures of Rob hanging out with Kristen... aren't good enough. How exactly does that work?

5. I've been reading a copy of the New Moon script (don't ask) and I just got to the part where Edward leaves Bella in the woods. Kill. Me. Now. I am going to be a blubbery mess when I see that movie. You know how it is when you try not to cry? You hold it all in... and then you get this massive headache. So yeah... I'm going to have a continuous headache for like a week. But so worth it. I can't wait...

6. Is it wrong for me to laugh at other peoples delusions? It probably is. I'm awful. I can't help but smile when I read the lengths people go to prove their points. Why is it so important that other people see things your way? Dissecting every pixel of a picture... combing through every frame of a video. It's fucking hilarious, really.... in a pathetic kinda way. Yeah... I'm probably going to burn in hell...

7. Sorry. This was more than a couple of things. As usual, I don't know when to shut it. But what it all comes down to is this... I simply adore Robert Pattinson. Pretty simple.

8. Bye for now


Lula! said...

Kristen is my people...mullet & all. Hating on her just 'cause she's friends/buddies/sleeping with Rob is ridiculous.

loveactually said...

Hi Rose-
#4 is a very valid question. Some people were so quick to think Rob and Nikki were an item. Also Rob and Emilie from only viewing set pics..yet when it comes to KStew it's a race for denial...The Rob and Kristen pairing gets the hearts racing and the adrenaline pumping. *shakes head* I just don't know...speaking of headaches..mine hurts from trying to make sense of it all. lol

And yeah I'm right with you regarding New Moon. I've already taken that Friday off so I can go see it as many times as I want. :D

Rob...what is there to say...I just love him to pieces. He's as rare as they come. I love him because he seems to be the total opposite of how the media wants to portray him. He's a sex symbol yes...but a reluctant one.

Very much enjoying your blog. <3

calliope said...

sometimes i wonder if you aren't actually me.

Anonymous said...

...you are just sooooooo incredibly sweet - OMG - he is becoming more and more beautiful every day because he finally is becoming a "man" - his babyface is changing gradually into the young man - they must hurry otherwise it will be very difficult to get him look 17 again in their last film...
...calliope said that she thought she was you... I so so much love coming to your heart-tearing blog, I do love it so much - it is truthful and real, you know... hell
doesn#t exist!!!!

Katie said...

I dont think its that people are in denial b/c they dont like him being with her, i think its cause they have denied it so much themselves. When they denied it, it was when we all assumed they were together, and they got to the point of getting mad about the question and refused going further in interviews if it was asked. so I think people are protective of that rumor or whatever it is, just because they saw how annoying it was for them. now here they are acting the same as always and no one has seen them kiss, or make it official, so when i see these same photos of them acting like they always have I just dont jump to assumtion that they are together.... I just ignore the tabliods and laugh at them.... Im not saying they dont have chemistry, and if they got married in the future and had many babies together it wouldnt bother me.
I dont hate kristen stewart, i think they are great together, i just dont think that they have changed how they are around eachother to make me think they are official. They are still just as close as they were when they were denying everything. So until I hear those words come out of there mouths Im just going to say that theyre just friends (who may be having sex...)

Jerseygrl4lfe said...

Rose See I always love your blogs. You speak the truth. Katie, it's been a long time since they denied and yes things have changed a lot. Michael's no longer around and when during Twi did you see Rob and Kristen together after filming - at concerts, very close, hotels, etc. Katie's a perfectly example of Question #6.

TillyBabie said...

number 5 and 7... im going 2 SOB when that part comes up ,, i do it everytime when i read the books so i know it'll be TWICE as bad when its on screen LOL and i adore RobertPattinson too ,, WOW is all i can say 4 him *looks up 2 the sky* THANKYOU 4 HIM :D lool !!

Katie said...

Jersey... actually far from delusional... you see I dont pick apart any photos. I just simply stated that until its been said its official, i dont really care... actually if they come out and say its a official, i dont really care either....

and no, i havent payed attention to photos or picked them apart, and they havent denied anything because no one is allowed to ask that question anymore... its an agreement they make before interviews, or else no interview will take place.

So not delusional, just realistic... please dont try and prove a point with the whole realistic comment... i get it, they flirt in pictures, blah blah blah....

Katie2 said...

Haha, look how long kaie's first comment was... and then look at her trying to say she isnt a good example of #6 with yet again another novel she writes....

oh and Im gonna go ahead and call me katie2 so I dont get false identity.

But yes I agree with all your statements... and Im so jealous you get a copy of the new moon script... LUCKY!

Anonymous said...

Rose, as always I love to read your ramblings!