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Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Random Rob... and Rose.

It was nice to be alone,

not to have to smile and look pleased;

a relief to stare dejectedly out the window

at the sheeting rain and let just a few tears escape.

Bella Swan, Twilight, Chapter 1, p.9

This is how I felt this past weekend.
3 days of husband.
Three. Whole. Days.
I had to actually shower
I couldn't stay in my PJ's...
I had to close my laptop whenever he was around.
Husband is a major lurker.
I think him and Oregano
are twins sons from different mothers.
Everytime I managed to get online...
Husband magically appeared.

Husband: Whatcha doing?

Me: Nothing.

Husband: No really... whatcha looking at?

Me: Um... the weather.

Husband: *seeing Edward Cullen as background*
So... is that the vampire you love so much?

Me: No.

Husband: What's up with this Twitter?
I don't get it.

Me: *heavy sigh* There's nothing to get.

Husband: Why do people care what
other people are doing at any given moment?

Me: *Heavier sigh* You don't see the irony in that statement?

I closed my laptop before I started screaming.

This was a picture of Rob and Kristen
taken last night at the Bobby Long concert.
I hate how fucking miserable he looks.
I love that he is still determined to get out
and see his friend play.
I hate that the Paps are total assholes
And that someone supposedly
called Kristen a bitch.
I love that Rob and Kristen
are so together...
Gnaw on that
you jealous wenches.

Love this picture.

The way he is looking at her.

His beautiful profile.

The way she is looking at him.

The way his hands...

are caressing hers.

How many more days?

Bye for now


fayezeewayzee said...

Jeeez...I'm so glad I'm not the only 1 w/husband problems when it comes to comp/Twi/Rob/etc!Can't they get a life?!

imloco2 said...

LOL Much sympathy with dealing with the husband lurker. Those pics of R&K at the concert were really a mixed bag of good and bad. Paps bad. Bitchy fan yelling bad. Togetherness good. I cringe when I think of them walking the gauntlet of paps and screaming fans...and then I remember they had 4 blissful hours of being out together, throwing back a brew, listening to music they love and no one bothered them. Priceless...

And thanks for the great pic. It's now my wallpaper. :)

debbi said...

Any time I'm on the computer, my husband ALWAYS looks at my screen to see if it's Rob/Twi-related. Makes me crazy. I love how you refer to them as lurkers. So true.

As for last night, hope Rob and Kristen were only miserable for those few moments in time captured by the pics. Though the way he is looking at Kristen in this pic breaks my heart.


I hope these two continue to be strong.

Anonymous said...

Hi, sorry that I interfere - I love reading your comments and ideas...
and ...
I enjoy every word, every picture, every step I can walk on the catwalk of love and admiration and spontaneity...

thanks so much...

Now, ladies, there is just a little hint... imagine your husbands were watching a beautiful girl's foto and video all through his days, OMG, how jealous would you become, how furious...
but indeed...

my husband, my son, my daughter and her boyfriend, they all can't understand my love for Robert Pattinson... so what?
There seems to be a difference in respect and tolerance - women deman their husband's tolerance where they would never be tolerant... why is that so?

Kelly said...

Rose, your husband and my husband could be twins.. I was laid up in bed with an injury to my knee all weekend... and the cable is out in my room so when I wasn't reading a book I was on the lap top... and everytime my husband came in I would close it, to see if he would sit and talk to me, here were the conversations:

Husband: What were you looking at?

Me: Not much, (expectantly lookign at him to see if he will sit and talk)

Husband: Looking at that "Patterson" dude again?

Me: A little, checking twitter, seeing what the girls were up to... I'm done now (still looking expantly at him... will he sit down)

Husband: I wish you'd pay as much attention to me as you do that guy (then turns and leaves the room, not be be seen for HOURS)

Me: (Thinking) Yeah I know, it would suck to be ignored for hours on end.

Thanks for writing this one.. I get it...it's my life

Anonymous said...

I laughed out loud reading this post. So perfectly captures my husband too. How annoying...can't they just see we are in love and need our fix?

Anonymous said...

i kinda hate the papz pics of them yesterday & that drunken bitch screaming at Kristen like that... seriously...WTF?!!
only thing make me happy is how Robsten dress alike...soo adorable :)