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Friday, September 11, 2009

Obsessed with Vampires or Robert Pattinson?

Random Thoughts...
Did you watch 'Vampire Diaries' last night?
Did ya, did ya?
I did.
Well... first I had to make kinda a deal about it.
It's what I need to do
to perpetuate husbands
'You are so obsessed with Vampires' bullshit.
(and OK... we've gone through this before...
I am sorta fucking obsessed with Vampires...
fucking sue me.)
I liked the show.
The Rob/Edward guy was not anywhere
near as fuck hot and sexy as Robert...
But he was pretty OK...
And the brother... pretty fucking OK...
The Bella chick was adorably cute...
And yeah... total take off on Twilight...
But... eh.
I still enjoyed it.

I have an appt. for a mammogram yesterday.
(TMI? It gets worse)
Yeah... a lot of us know how fun those are
(Being female fucking rocks... doesn't it?)
So anyway...
After getting my boobs squished flat...
I was put into this waiting room until
the doctor could look over the scans...
And this magazine pounced on me!
Robert Salvation!
So what if I read the fucker already...
It was Robert... and I was ready for him.
I open the magazine...
Flipping through the pages...
Looking for Robert's face...
I flip through again...
No Rob.
Finally I look at the index...
Rob on page 52.
I turned to page... 49?
There is no fucking 52.
Some motherbitch fucking tore out
the article on Rob!
The pain was worse than
getting my boobs squished!
(Everything turned out fine, btw... I'm good)

Kristen Stewart.
Isn't she gorgeous here?
So damn pretty.
But the pictures I've seen from "Eclipse"
have me a bit worried.
She seems to be wearing a
questionable wig.
Now, I realize she cut off her hair
for the Joan Jett movie...
But um...
You gotta get Bella's hair right!
It's not like Summit doesn't have the fucking money.
The wig fucking sucks.
It worries me.
Big fucking time.
My gray Chucks.
I got gray Chucks.
I have red Chucks.
I have pink Chucks.
Decided to get gray ones.
If you are reading this...
You already know why.
Cuz Rob wore gray Chucks!

I was wearing the Chucksters
out and about yesterday.
I got 3 compliments.
"Cool shoes!"
"Love the Chucks!"
"Really like your shoes! Great color!"
Fucking awesome.
Chucks rule.
How many Chucks did a WoodChuck Chuck?
Just wondering how many times
I actually typed the word CHUCK.
(I got 12...)


Where's Oregano?
It looks like me and T
are going to have to put this topic to bed.
I mean...
Oregano who?
No one gives a shit about Oregano anymore...
Michael Anaganarano (hahahaha)
Or whatever the fuck his name is...
Is irrelevant.
OK... honestly...
He became irrelevant as soon
as Rob and Kristen met...
But that's beside the point.
We had fun poking fun
at his constant lurking.

But never fear...
Roxie will return!
Pocket Edward will be back!!
Until next time...

Bye for now


Vampsus said...

That vid's perfect!

auntapey said...

Not sure if I have a thing for vampires or not. I loved Buffy & Angel, but couldn't get into the Sookie Stackhouse books, like the True Blood show, but don't love. DVR'd Vampire Diaries but haven't watched yet.

The video is hilarious. Even better than part 1.

Glad to see Oregano go, but who will be our punching bag now?

Mandy said...

This vampire diaries are due to screen here in OZ soon, I’ll need to check it out.
I just finished Charlaine Harris Southern Vampire Series (Sookie books) I loved the books so much, even more than Twilight saga, which I thought could never happen. Hard not to be obsessed with these vampire characters when that are so fucking hot lol!

Stacey said...

So I was crying because I was laughing so hard. You are my hero. Forever.