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Saturday, September 26, 2009

Robert and Kristen Aren't Talking...

It's Saturday morning...
I woke up with a major headache (I fucking hate that)
and now I feel like a 'bitch on wheels'...
I'm not ON wheels...
I'm sitting on a recliner

Bitch on leather? Bitch on recline?
Well... you get the point.

And since I'm big time pissy this morning...

Why not discuss the recent Robsten bullshit?

Why not indeed.


As you all know Twitter was absolutely aflame when it was said that

"Robert Pattinson Kristen Stewart Will Confirm Romance In Harper’s Bazaar December Issue"

Yeah. Right.
So the Twilight world went fucking wild...
(please note that I will be saying fucking... a lot. Just a warning.)
Robsten Lovers Rejoiced!!
Kristen haters Recoiled! (And let's face it, they don't hate Robsten... they hate Kristen.)
The doubters called BULLSHIT.
The hopeful said AT LAST!

1. So... you will have me believe that 2 intensely private people... would discuss their personal relationship in a magazine?

2. Was this a PR move? More speculation. More press. More publicity?

It turns out that GOSSIP COP had another story.

"A source close to the production tells Gossip Cop exclusively that Pattinson and Stewart “do NOT” discuss whether or not they’re a couple. Do NOT."


So what?
You mean Rob and Kristen are still keeping their relationship... private?
Wow... huge surprise.
Robsten lovers still rejoiced because they were going to get a photoshoot
with Rob and Kristen.

Kristen haters still recoiled... well... because they still hate Kristen
and don't want to see her with Rob.

The doubters said TOLD YA!
The hopeful said Oh Well...

Thing is?

The fact that the 'coming out' story was fabricated... really doesn't matter.
Doesn't mean jackFUCKINGshit in terms of whether or not
Robert and Kristen are Robert and Kristen.
A false hope of learning the 'truth'....
When we already know the fucking truth.

You know it.

I know it.

It's as plain as the pain in my fucking brain...


The press junket for New Moon
might be most interesting.
How guarded will Rob be this time around?

How wary and cynical?

Will Rob and Kristen do press together?

Will it be more Taylor and Kristen?
What 'secrets' will be revealed?
Well, I just look forward to seeing Rob talk...
and walk.
and smile.
and pull his fingers through his hair.
Man... I fucking miss Rob.

Bye for now


Jennifer said...

I miss Rob too. Rob drought. I hope he is at least enjoying some time away from the crazies. Even if he's working.

fayezeewayzee said...

Correctamundo! I just want to see Rob...I don't care who he is with...actually I do...I prefer to see Rob...just Rob...all by his lonesome...just standing there...that's it...just stand right there...
O yeah,*waving magic wand*,headache go away!There...much better now?!

Twilightish said...

Couldn't have said it better myself. We know the truth and that's what matters. I miss Rob too, oh so much!

Lula! said...

Summit, for all their douchebaggery of late, is stupid, but not too stupid. It's all but guaranteed that Taylor and Kristen will do the heavy promoting of New Moon. Since New Moon is "Jacob's story."

I'll miss the interviews of last year...
and I hope we do get a few good Rob/Kristen ones. Because real life couple or not, they are hilarious together...and it's such fun to watch.

Becca said...

Couldnt agree with you more. It doesnt matter, cuz we already know! Love your blog..

imloco2 said...

It gets kinda old sometimes, nodding my head in agreement, giving you a virtual high five or sighing because you always say what I'd like to only so much better. But..doesn't matter. I'll keep nodding and high fiving and sighing as long as you keep blogging. It's nice having my thoughts articulated so well with no effort on my part. I've been asking those questions for a while now. The next few months should be very interesting indeed.

But, Lord, I miss Rob too.

Leslie C. Franklin said...

Thanks for your posts, I love them! Miss Rob too- hope he is happy with his lady!

GB said...

...I don't think that at the possibility of beeing authorized of squeezing millions after millions out of our beloved Rob - they are just doing what they think is best - manipulate every single step.
They weigh every appearance in public, balance out the news, not too much of this, not too much of that, his reputation her reputation must be kept up another 3 years at least until the last film is released - and until now the fandom must be teased kept in a longing mood...
summit entertainment is not stupid, not when so much is at stake, they certainly talked to the actors and persuaded them to keep to the rules - it will all be very reserved, well prepared and thought out in advance - spontaneity adieu ...

...so each picture will become dearer, each video more expensive - and the longing of the fans is channelled ... manipulated ... as always...
Rob is in this mill now - and as you fear for his openness his frankness his youthfull spontaneity, I think he knows very well by now that the only chance, that he can survive in this world of craziness and fame is.... to make himself as rare as possible...
I love your blog... thruthfully

loveactually said...

I kind of missed the drama of will they or wont they in Harper's Bazaar mag..by the time I got online Gossip Cop had already debunked it. But it didn't bother me either way. Actually if Rob and Kris would have "come out" in this or any magazine I would be shocked. You put it perfectly when you describe them as "intensely private". Kristen has always been this way and since Twi mania has hit and so much hate has been directed her way she is even more so. And Rob..well we all know Rob is private as well as his friends.

When you have every aspect of your life laid out and dissected by the industry, media and the fans the things you keep hidden and cherished just for you and your loved one is that much more special. Rob and Kristen are both guarded/protective when it comes to each other..and that's refreshing to me as a fan. It's also why I love them together.

Once again another great post! It's always a pleasure reading your blog. ;)