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Sunday, September 27, 2009

Oregano Stalks Pocket Edward

I'm bored.

There's nothing really going on in Rob-land...

So I thought I would post some of the pics

I had taken for "Where's Oregano 3- It's Personal"

You know... Where Oregano is always lurking around Rob...

I kinda miss Oregano.

Remember when Rob was 'grazed' by a taxi
while filming Remember Me in NYC?
Some rapid Paparazzi chased him into the street...
Well... I found a pic.
Look who is driving the cab...
And his passenger?
Nikki, of course.

Ah. The Rob manip.
Someone put Rob's beautiful face
on Oregano's stumpy body.
As. Fucking. If.
So there is my version of this picture...
Little green Rob wannabe...
Oregano tried so hard...
for so long...
But we all knew where this would end up.
Didn't we?

I remember vividly when these pics came out.
So much chatter about Rob kissing Emilie.
I saw zero chemistry between them.
And it has nothing to do with me liking Kristen.
Look at how awkward and stiff they are.
Pocket Edward already has the stiff thing working...
(with Oregano hiding in the sand...)

You may think I don't like
Michael Angarano
(See? I can spell his name right...
if I look it up)
But I really have no ill will
toward the little condiment.
He's the Nice Spice.
And he's supplied me
with much laughter
while making the Oregano videos.
And Nikki Reed?
I'm sure she's very sweet.
But the way she plastered herself
to Rob and Kristen...
kinda got on my nerves.
The hugging and the kissing
and the arm holding
and the giggling
and the photo ops
and the sharing the cigarette
and the attaching yourself
to whatever will
make people notice you...
I hope Michael and his new Kristen look-alike
are very happy.
I hope Nikki and her Greek Paris
are very happy.
Now that they are out of the picture...
Rob and Kristen look pretty damn happy.
Where is Oregano?
I reluctantly have put the jar
back in the spice cabinet...
I shall miss you.
Bye for now


imloco2 said...

You made the Oregano vids? Really? I love those! Figures. *g*

Trixie said...


Our beloved O.

The manip is still one of my all time faves.

I actually got a little tearY when you said he is back in the spice cabinet.

May the O series rest in peace.

<3 you BFT 4evah&evah!!!!

kimberlesk said...


Thank you for the laugh -- I really needed it today!!

Luv your creative mind BB!

and Congrats on being on my Google Alerts for Rob Pattinson -- you've hit the big time!!

Laura said...

Rose, this post was FANTASTIC, as usual! And hilarious! I love your Oregano posts and vids! I'm eagerly awaiting the next vid btw! Rose? Trix? hint, hint! haha


And congrats on the Google alerts as well! You deserve the recognition! :)

Anonymous said...

Your so funny. I love your writing.
I saw pics of Angarano with his new
friend/girlfriend) and she looks identical to Kristen..creepy.

loveactually said...

LOL! This was very cute. :)

Even though I do get many giggles at these Oregano videos and pics I truly do wish him all the best.

Ellie said...

Sweet Rose, you are pure genius, babe. I love all your "Where's Oregano?"
vids and pics...love the hat from Suz!

(p.s.-sorry i haven't been on here all summer...my computer at home sucks, and now it's crashed. Now I'm on my dd's laptop...) ;)

Melissa said...

Rose-I LOVED THIS POST!! Effing hilarious as per usual! I just love your blog!

LMAO @ putting Oregano back in the spice cabinet! IMO, that's where he belongs! lol

AND congrats on the google-alert! You deserve it, bb!

love ya,