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Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Robsten Makes Me Smile :)

I know that many of you consider me
A 'Robsten Shipper'....
And I'm OK with that...
It doesn't really matter one way or another.
But I don't really see myself that way.
I just think I'm a realist.
I'm just calling it like I see it.

So anyway...
I was on Sitemeter looking at my blog statistics.
Kinda fascinating.
And sometimes (not always) this site will tell me
where some of my readers came from...
Like... Twitter... or a Google search...
But I have found that a frequent referral
is a site that is most certainly NOT pro-Robsten.
Now, I like to think of myself as a fair person...
I'm more than willing to listen to both sides of a debate.
And in that mood... I went to look at this site.
My blog was quoted... and linked...

"I've gone to this site a few times and this person is a HUGE R/K Shipper The Robstenner's love her."

Complete with the little smiley...
Twirling its finger around its little head...
in the 'crazy' kinda way.
Would it be wrong of me to have laughed at this?
I kinda liked it. I like this site... some funny people.
The part I liked the most?
"I've gone to this site a few times..."

The picture I have posted here.
Caused quite the controversy among Rob fans.
Turns out the one top left...
A manipulation!
OH NO!!!
A different Anti Robsten site was all over it.
She was so angry... so upset...
That someone had the audacity to do this.
She printed out all the pictures from the VMAs...
And dissected each and every one.
Calling into question whether any one of the pics
where Rob had his arm around Kristen were real.
Whew. Take a breath, darlin'...

So what if someone did a manip?
Um... people do them all the time
(and can I be honest here?
NOT a fan of manips for the most part
They kinda creep me out.)
It still doesn't take away from the fact...
That Robert had his protective arm around Kristen.
That was a real picture.

How many pictures does one need?
You tell me.

They are starting to add up now...
Don't ya think?

Every time we see
Rob and Kristen together...
They seem to reveal more and more...

Is it wrong for me to have smiled at this?

Bye for now


May said...

There are none so blind as those, that will not see. ;)

Trust me,you could totally post R/K sextape,along with them cuddling after&all, and desperate ppl would still call it a lie.Trust me, for those ppl who simply REFUSE TO SEE whats happening in front of their eyes, denial ain`t just a river in Egypt. Cuz, you know,Rob should be single&virginal until he meets them&falls deeply in love.


Oh and 99% of those who say they dont care about Robsten LIE. They just dont want to care,but deep down,Robsten lovin` is eating them alive. LOL

Twixer said...

You rock! I love all of your poetic commentaries on Robsten. You're always right on the money. And you are very much appreciated!!!

Anonymous said...

Hon, it is so not wrong of you to smile at that. They could see them on the street together, holding hands and saying 'I love you.' to each other and the non shippers,haters would be like 'I say that with my best guy all the time'. I tell you, some just don't get it.

Thanks for your witty blogs. They are lots of fun.

May, maybe it is more like an ocean of denial for some eh? lol
thanks for the laugh

Anonymous said...

You rock..truly!

Danis_me said...

You know, sometimes I wonder how old are these people. Cuz if they're about our age, then it's just scary that they have this kind of jealousy in them and how they choose to express that.
And if they're younger, it's still bad that they are so spoiled to think things have to be their way all the time, but maybe it can still be fixed.
I don't know, it's creepy, period.

Kelly said...

I think it's ok that you see that... I still just don't see it that way.. I think there are too many other things it could be... of course as always I really don't care Happy Rob = Happy Me.

I kinda just like looking at him.. and listening to him and seeing pictures of him and I always will girlfriend/no girlfriend, married/single, straight/gay/bi, sober/drunk.. whatev... it won't change the fact that the man is an Angel on Earth to me.. I adore him and that won't change for me.. no matter what.

Maybe that's because I don't hold any kind of hope that I am the one for him.. I just adore him.. and would do anything for him.. to see him happy.. I'm sad, I know.. I'm completely DiscomROBulated!

jerseygrl4lfe said...

Excellent post as always Rose. They so wanted the photo with Rob, open handed, pulling his girl close was a fake. The pic makes me smile! It's tender, beautiful and they are a such a gorgeous couple and I'm happy that they are happy.

Anonymous said...

Rose I don't think it was wrong of you to smile...I can't stop smiling myself. I love that one pic of them together where Rob has his arm around Kristen. I'm a believer! I'm a very new convert but I'm definitely converted.

I don't understand an anti Robsten website. A pro Robsten website celebrates something positive...why would you spend your time on something negative?

Lovely post again Rose...


Anonymous said...

i feel sorry for the haters...but you can force the blind to see but.. hack! even the blind people could "see" Robsten. the haters just blind at heart...its sad really...

Anonymous said...

I find your Robobsess site friends are funny…keep coming here telling you that they don’t shared your POV on Robsten (it ok...everyone is entitled of their own opinion)…almost all their comments sounds like they trying to consoling you, but sounds like they are actually trying to consoling themselves (No Robsten…NO..NO..NO!!!!).
p.s sorry for my bad English…not my 1st language..lol

J. said...

I love to read your blog. I am from Serbia, so you can know that you have readers all over the world. :-)

Anonymous said...

Rose- I am a mod on the anti-Robsten forum that linked you and I’m glad you find us funny! You’re welcome back anytime!

Anon- How did you know that I go to concerts, laugh, and am affectionate with my guy friends?

Danis_me- We’re all adults on our forum. From what I can tell, we range in ages from late teens to mid forties. I’m in my early twenties. It’s funny that you wonder about our ages, because we wonder about you too.

I’m not jealous of Kristen. I’m older, smarter and I have better hair. The Camilla Belle/Nikki Reed/Emilie de Ravin rumors don’t bother me. There are plenty of reasons to not love Robsten that have nothing to do with jealousy. For one, I think Kristen is immature, small-minded and takes herself too seriously. If she’s with Rob, then I have to admit that Rob probably is those things too. And I don’t want to think of him that way. It ruins my fangirl buzz.

Even if they are together, I am creeped out by the way people idealize their relationship. Relationships are a mystery, even to the people in them. The only way to tell if two people are good for each other is the test of time. Robstens seem to think they know exactly what is happening in their relationship. They see one posed picture and can suddenly tell that Rob is promising to take care of Kristen for life. I don’t pretend to know if people are good for eachother unless I know one of them really well and can see them interact uninhibited.

Cahrollah- Because laughing about negatives turns it into a positive. But is it really a negative in the first place? Because that means any Robsten site that existed before April was a negative site, because at that point Kristen was clearly with Michael Angarano. It was anti Mikesten.


Anonymous said...

Lol at the comment on top of this one.

"ROB IS MAHN!!!" (sorry for the True Blood reference), I have better hair than Kristen (you say you're in your 30's but you sound like you're 12),you think Kristen is immature, small-minded and takes herself too seriously. If she’s with Rob, then you'll have to admit that Rob probably is those things too. And you don’t want to think of him that way. It ruins your fangirl buzz.( ... I'm sorry , I have no words for this one)

Dear mod of an anti-Robsten forum(lol): You're trying WAY too hard. It's really pathetic to see.

sillylass_2002 said...

I'm pro-Robsten :)
Not because I'm obsessive... lol
but because I think it's romantic.
Does anyone agree?
Bella and Edward = pure romance.
And if Robsten exists (which I'm sure they do) it'd be romantic too...
I don't understand why people get so offended by people who believe in Robsten?
Remember, make love not war ;)


Anonymous said...

Anon- And I was trying SOOO hard to be nice.

I said I was in my twenties, not thirties. And you don't have words for my comment? Go read a book or something. Maybe then you'll see that I wrote "twenties" and maybe you'll find some words.


Anonymous said...

Sweeti, what part of my coment exactly made you think I said you were trying SOOO hard to be nice and not SOOO hard to convince yourself of something? And you talk about reading a book?

And twenties? Really? It doesn't really change anything. The immatureness in your comment left me speechless. What do you want me to do about it?

Anonymous said...

I was trying show my thought process, not start a debate. You all seem flummoxed so I thought I'd help out. I wish a Robstenner would do the same for me and just tell me why they think the way they do.

The word is "immaturity," not "immatureness." Really, go read a book.

I'm sorry, Rose, that I started this line of comments. I don't want to turn your blog comments into a catfight. So I won't respond after this.


Anonymous said...

*Push SteelA off the cliff…
now this place is peaceful again(Sigh…)

p.s SteeIA, pls get laid…