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Tuesday, September 29, 2009

ROBsten, NONsten and HATEsten

I'm going to be talking about
Because right now I feel rather irritated and annoyed.
I don't usually let the whole
Robsten/Nonsten bullshit get to me.
I usually just take it in stride.
I mean...
I know there is the lunatic fringe out there
on both sides of the Robsten universe.
So I just shrug my shoulders and move on.

Not happening today.

First we have Laimeys

"Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson –
were spotted smoking on the patio.
Twi-Hards will take this to mean they that they were out there alone,
slow dancing under the twinkling stars,
talking about the magic-ness of their love."

I laughed at this.
Because she's right.
The Raving Robstens WILL take it as a sign.
"They are SO SO SO in love!"
But one of the thing that bugs me about Laimey...
is she only focuses on the extreme Robsten fan.
You know the one I'm talking about...

Just because you are a fan of Robsten...
Doesn't fucking mean you're a lunatic.
And lets look over at the flip side of this coin
Shall we?

Ted C posted this...

A.T.: How about Rob and Kristen, what is their dynamic like?
Hostess One: Doesn't everyone just know that they're dating?
A.T.: Uh, you'd be surprised how many don't want to believe it.
Hostess Two: Oh, well everyone here knows.
They are the only cast members who will come in alone a lot.
You can just tell by looking at them.
They're really cute together, always smiling.
A.T.: Love it! Hate to say it though, but "smiling" and
"Kristen Stewart" seem unlikely to be in the same sentence together.
Hostess One: No way. She is incredibly sweet—I'd be a bitch, too,
if there were cameras constantly in my face.
But she's great, and so is Rob.
They just seem to make each other happy.

So basically....
This 'source' (and yeah... you take it with a grain of fucking salt, OK?)
Says that Rob and Kristen look like they are 'dating'
and that they seem to make each other happy.
Is that a bad fucking thing?
Some NONstens hated this story!
Why would people get so fucking upset over that?
They aren't saying that Rob is kicking puppies...
or that he is slapping old ladies.
He was smiling and having fun.
Why is it so damn awful?

Because he's having fun with Kristen!
At least the 'source' defended her.
You don't get that very often.

The truth of the matter is this...
These people should be called HateSten
Because its all about the hate for Kristen.
She gets called out for her looks.
Her attitude.
Her style.
She gets threatened.
Verbally abused and attacked.

Enough already!

Whether Rob or Kristen are in love...
Doesn't fucking matter.
They ARE friends.
They DO hang out.
They obviously LIKE each other.
So fucking deny the existence of Robsten...
That's cool.

But you still have to deal with her
hanging out with Robert.

Kristen is in Rob's life.
No matter how deeply.
She IS there.
You're not.

Enough of the HATEsten.
She doesn't deserve it.
Get the fuck over yourself.

*Just as Laimey targets the lunatic Robstens...
The majority of this post is aimed
at the lunatic HATEstens.
I know a lot of Nonstens.
I even love a few.
99% are sane, rational people.
The HATEstens are the extreme 1%
(No one I know personally is one)
I'm just pointing it out.*

Bye for now


half_my_self said...

I'm pro-Robsten, but I'm not an extreme fan. I love their natural chemistry, and really just want both to be happy!

Thanks for this post, hun!

Laura said...

Amen. I am so sick and tired of the HATEstens! AND the EXTREMEstens! Well said, Rose! You ROCK!

Anonymous said...

Bravo, I am so sick of the hate. Rob loves her and that is what his fans should realize and if you hate on her you are basically hating on him! How could you dare call yourself a fan when you spew hate about his gf.

kirstie said...

uh basically just took the words from my f*ckin mouth. dang.

*holds hands up and bows head*

praise jesus someone finally said it.

leave them alone.

Anonymous said...

Right on. Everythink you said is so true, and I applaud you for it. Kristen's fans who met her had nothing but good things to say about her. Most Rob's fans just hate her simply because she knows him. Get over it people, and stop being so petty. Life is short, so insted of bashing a young woman who doesn't deserv it, have fun. No wonder guys don't like to hang out with some girls, it's because all they do is gossip about eachother for no particular reason.

KinTheFlo said...

I'm def Pro Robsten...and I hate the Kstew Hate.

i agree with......
Kristen is in Rob's life.
No matter how deeply.
She IS there.
You're not.

If they are enjoying each other (or trying )..which I'm 100% sure they are..then i think they are doomed with all this BS. But I hope they get some happiness because they deserve it..ANd why doesn't anyone relaize if it were not for Kstew - Rob may never have gotten the part. They chose her first!

ok I had made a video "Hate on Me" about a month or so ago..
check it out if you can!

Anonymous said...

totally agree."She is there. You're not."

Anonymous said...

With all this hate towards Kristen maybe that's why we don't see them out. Maybe Rob is trying to protect her which would be extremely noble of him which we already know he is. Just be happy for them because when you do see a rare picture of them together without the papps they do seem happy.

Anonymous said...

Bravo, couldn't of said it better. Kristen gets so much hate for no legit reason. Robs fans should be happy he has her in his life I have a feeling she is his support system and he leans on her alot and i'm sure he does the same for her. They obviously mean a lot to one another so just let them be.

Anonymous said...

"She is there and you are not" so true..i wish people would just accept her as part of his life ..be it as a friend..or lover..whatever..and just get over their hate for her..geez..it has become beyond obsessive for some people to hate her for no other reason than hanging with Rob..but yet they love all his other friends...umm ok.

Joni said...

u r awesome and said exactly what everyone has been thinking ! i so wish R&K could read this post ~


Anonymous said...

Many just don't believe in Robsten and it has nothing to do with Kristen. She spends loads of time with him and they have a deep bond or friendship. Anyone who denies Robsten on the basis of dislike for Kristen is as deluded as those who can't separate the fictional romance in Twilight from the real lives of the actors. Nonstens believe there is no romance between Robert and Kristen. We don't need to hate anybody to think that, we just do. By the way, if you are comparing extremes on both sides, I don't see Nonstens fabricating pictures of Rob or Kristen hugging someone else to prove they are right about there not being a romance. Nonstens are not creating manips that magazines are then using on their front covers. Nonstens are not watching press conferences and imagining that all sorts of looks and whispers equal marriage and pregnancy announcements. Nonstens are simply saying nothing they have seen has convinced them yet. And as for hating Kristen, many who do hate her tend to believe that Rob and Kristen are FWB.

Rose said...

Anon~ You don't have to believe in Robsten. It's all good. I'm not talking about the average Nonsten in this post. I'm talking about the haters.
And please...
Nonstens may not be fabricating pics... but they surely do dissect every damn pixel to prove their point. They go frame by frame through videos trying to prove to themselves that there is nothing there. Same Difference.
Personally? I don't care what people believe. And I truly do believe everyone has a right to their opinion. It's just tedious that some have to hate Kristen while voicing it.

Anonymous said...

The Hatestens may not manipulate pics of Rob/Kristen together, but they sure make up stories about Rob being a manwhore or of them breaking up if there's a picture of him going home by himself. The difference is the Robstens LOVE whereas the Hatestens HATE.

Diane said...

Fantasizing about a love match for Rob is harmless daydreaming. Thinking you know better than he does what makes him happy is delusional.

Anonymous said...

you are totally right about the whole situation, people need to leave them alone and let them get on with their lives. They are only mere-mortals with feelings which are getting crushed and abused everyday. The little things that people keep doing to them over and over again! like following them in the street when all they want to do is get somewhere, or going for something to eat. They need some normalsy, otherwise they will just go stare crazy looked in a room with no windows or light afraid to come out because Twihards are pounding at the door!! Leave them be let 'IT' (what ever 'IT' is) develop naturally and not and under a microscope! Honestly would you like it if you were Paped everywhere you went every second of the day?
Just my thoughts from a Girl in England!

LadyTx said...

You go girl! Well stated!

imloco2 said...

I think all the cries in the world to leave them alone won't deter a certain segment of the population from following them, asking for autographs and taking their pictures at any given moment. And I do hate it that they can't easily go out without the hoards attacking. But in their world, at this precise moment that's what they have to live with. The question is...can they? That's what I'm most eager to know. I'm hoping the new interviews will give me some insight as to how they are coping. I think in the end it all comes down to how they deal and what they can live with and what they can't.

As far as Kristen goes, I don't really get it. It seems supremely selfish for a fan of Rob's to not like her because they like Rob. She got Rob the job that made them notice him in the first place. She is his friend, possibly the best one he has at the moment. She makes him happy. Have they seen him smile when he is with her? It lights up the world. I honestly don't think he'd still be doing the movies if it weren't for her being there with him. Just be happy that he has someone to help him through this transition regardless if they are together. (which they sooo are ;-P)

I started liking her because she was the perfect Bella and she obviously made Rob happy. The more I learn about her and see her though the more I like her for just being... Kristen. Ballsy, serious, generous, talented, and oh so beautiful.

loveactually said...

First off Rose...I've only been reading your blog for about 2 weeks and have to say ..I really like you alot. ;) You enjoy the thought of someone making Rob happy.
Alot of your blogs express the very same thoughts that I have.

It still boggles my mind how a young girl who hardly ever speaks to the media, is spoken of so highly by her peers and is intensely private can generate so much hate. Since I have followed Kristen's career I have heard nothing but praise and admiration for her by the people who truly know her. Descriptions like "old soul", "inspiring person", "intelligent", "just as beautiful on the inside as she is on the out"...etc. So if people who know Kristen say such wonderful things about her why do people who have never met her spew such hate?

Lastly I agree with the above person that said the hate is the reason we don't see Kristen out as much with Rob. In fact ever since the night that girl called KStew a B@tch as her and Rob were getting into the cab we get Rob and Kristen leaving events separately.

It's sad really. I would imagine this is hard on both of them.

Katie said...

I will say that ever since reading your blog you have made me like the idea of them being together (friends or lovers) more.

Not that I ever disliked it, I think I just never thought she was normal... I dont know, like spazed out all the time. And as a fan of Robs I just didnt like them together.

But you defending them in the way that you do, your words and your thoughts have opened my mind to see what it is that he may see in her, and thats the fact that he is happy when she is around, just in her company, theyre companionship is so strong... and I will say, when they are together she doesnt seem so spazzy, its almost like he calms her nerves... They compliment eachother well.

Kudos to you for keeping an open heart and really see the big picture. I guess Im more judgemental and close minded than I thought, Thank you for opening my eyes.

Anonymous said...

thankyou, thankyou for this post. my mind exactly

Anonymous said...

I want to kiss your brain.
Thank you.

p.s Haters pls look at Rob when Kristen around him…take a good hard look. That’s all I want ot to say.

Anonymous said...

I'm a newbie to your site, only a few days old. But I can say that I'm totally addicted to it! This POST was WONDERFUL!! Things needed to be said about all the KStew Hate that has been spreading around and the Rob rummors that just wouldn't stop!! As myself who is a TOTAL Twilight Addicted and tries to keep up on ALL TWILIGHT NEWS, seeing Rob & Kristen in pictures just makes my day! I LOVE PICTURES of them togther, they have such chemistry together that it melts your heart. Anybody who has eyes and a heart can see that! The way they look @ each other is "Breathtaking", "Memorizing", and "Captivating"! There eye's speak another language to each that "WE" as fans don't even understand. We only wished "WE" had that kind of "LOOK" from someone who cherished us as Rob cherishe's Kristen.

So as I end this, I want to CONGRATULATE ON A JOB WELL DONE AND WELL SPOKEN! It's about DAM time someone spoke up for ROBSTEN and "WE" are all here to back YOU UP 100%!!

tato said...

all well said! i'm in with you 11:07 am. hey..love u rose

Anonymous said...

ROBSTEN FOREVER! KSTEW seems to be a cool and down to earth type of a girl..IMAGINE if ROB DATES a BITCH like MEGAN FOX!

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