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What is essential is invisible to the eye"


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Sunday, September 6, 2009

Beauty, Brains and Bella.

Kristen Stewart is a beautiful girl.
And when she smiles?
Positively gorgeous.

On many levels I can understand
the extreme jealousy she provokes...
and of course...
Robert Pattinson.

But if you love Rob to any degree...
If you call yourself a 'fan'...
Can't you just respect his choice
of who he wants to hang out with?
Rob likes her.
She must have something redeemable
in her personality... Right?

You don't have to love Kristen Stewart.
You don't even have to like her.
But stop the verbal abuse.
Stop the personal threats.
Respect Robert.
Respect Kristen.


Bye for now


Anonymous said...

omg this is soo true! loved the pics & poem

imloco2 said...

Kristen is as beautiful, talented and unique in her own way as Rob is in his. I find them perfect for each other. And I think Rob agrees with me. ;) Wonderful pics of Kristen.

Anonymous said...

In all the videos Robert has always shown or expressed a certain respect for the girl, at the beginning he even described how much he was impressed by her strength and power, so that he felt himself being swept away...
but then, they had to be close, they were forced to show their love, their attraction, otherwise the films wouldn't have any success, and they worked on it, they demonstrated it very well, how good actors they are... their kisses are just... and so ...
Why seem all those "hard-core sex films" so awfully empty of any real feelings for women and girls? Because they are empty of them!
Because there is no tenderness, no understanding, no love going on, no sentimental emotion... just action!!!!
Here, with these two young people, who have to work hard for their succes, each kiss seems to be the utmost fulfillment of their longings, you see it in their mouths, their eyes, their body-language, any gesture, any hint, even their fingers seem to scream...


they were advised not to show too much attraction in public...

they were advised not to yield to their paps desires...

they were advised to keep to themselves...

they still have a long way to go...