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Friday, April 2, 2010

Let's Give Them Something To Talk About...

All is quiet on the Twilight front.
You can hear a pin drop...
A hyena whimper...

What's there to talk about?

Another of the zillion shots of DuRob.
I think it's a conspiracy.
A plot.
Keep putting out pictures of Robert walking.
With a top hat.
A cane. ( a cane!!!)
Wearing what looks like an 1890's tuxedo...
Kinda grimacing... looking all tough.
Being all DuRobby.
It's a plot.
A plot.

Am I going to be able to see Kristen doing this?
I mean, seriously.
The Runaways was in limited release
which meant it wasn't shown anywhere near me.
And now I'm reading that it might have a limited wide release?
Give us a chance to see this movie.
Give this movie a chance.
I get that maybe it won't appeal to everyone.
But... shit.
It would be nice if I had a choice.

Rob and Kristen...
Rob always seems to have the biggest smile around her.

So. What's going on with them?
Well... Robert is still in Budapest.
Obviously we see pictures of him trying to kill us
with his DuRobbiness daily.
It's been a few days.
Who knows where she will turn up next?
No, I'm not laughing maniacally...

Hyena Headlines.

Same shit different day.
Although there has been some growling
about Kristen turning up in Budapest...
The pack is really just circling...
To see what happens.

Is it wrong for me to want something to 
happen JUST to see the reaction?
Yeah, maybe.

But yet here I sit...
with a smile on my face.
It's ALL good.

Bye for now.


Patricia said...

Rose: I love,love,love all these pictures of BEAUTIFUL ROB ! OMG HES IS GORGEOUS!
I'm starting to get a little impatient! Let the goodness begin! Just one picture of them "will hold me over for awhile " I'm sooo obsessed with them. Can you tell??
Rob loves Kristen loves Rob. I love them both and you Rose!
Grazie for another great post!

misty said...

Agree with all points in this post.
1. DuRob is fantasically panty melting. Can't wait for this moview.
2. I will probably not get to see the Runaways either. I have been waiting to see this movie as Jettstew looks badass as well as rockota.. I get angry when I don't even get the choice to see this flick. Not fair.
3. Just the thought of Kris going to Budapest puts a smile on my face. And most definitely will put a smile on Robs

Love ya

Anonymous said...

again nice blog rose and just love those pics.... hmmmm that smile x

Anonymous said...

Thanks again, Rose. You always have the best pics and use them to the best advantage -- to support your Rob-walking addiction.

Ahhhh! Another nice, peaceful day -- so far.

I saw TR a few weeks back and really enjoyed it. My favorite part was Kristen singing "I Love Playin' With Fire." She's really good, and her acting was top-notch. I also loved Dakota. Those girls rock!

It will be interesting to see when R&K get together again. Her birthday? His? Something in between? Love them both.


Anonymous said...

Hey there Rose I just LOVE looking at Rob ANY WAY,ANY TIME ANY WERE I just wish I could see him with Kristen.But who knows she just mite be ther after all didnt she go see him NYE and NO ONE seen her leave???? didnt even know she was there until the pic.OH well i can dream cant I. keep up the good work Rose lov ya have a good day Deb.

Anonymous said...

Ahhhh, another nice day. Hope everyone has a great weekend. Wonderful post Rose!


Anonymous said...

If I ever got to see Rob on set, I would be so happy and giddy. I was thinking, what would make Rob happy and giddy? And of course, that would be being with Kristen, just like you said - with his big smiley picture. If he's happy, I'm happy.

Amanda said...

I wanted to see The Runaways too. And now no wide release? That's really disappointing. I thought waiting the extra 3 weeks was going to kill me and now I might have to wait for the DVD? So frustrating.

Anyone can write anything on twitter, but I heard someone spotted Kristen at the airport? If true that's cool.:)

lisajsien said...

Rose-LOVE your blog and totally agree with everything you believe in. Love all the pics, both Rob AND Kristen and especcially them together!
Just want to give you a heads up on an interview at PopSugar with TomStu and his comments on Rob. Haters----clingons, hyenas and nonstens will be all over it soon. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news; just be ready for it!

lisajsien said...

Found it on Spunk Ransom....

Anonymous said...

the popsugar interview is nonexistent and BS. tom never talks about rob and he hates the rag mags and pappz as much as kristen

Anonymous said...

the popsugar interview is nonexistent and BS. tom never talks about rob and he hates the rag mags and pappz as much as kristen

Anonymous said...

Hi Rose! How's your day? Good I hope. Love the moniker ' DuRobbiness ' cracked me up! One of your best, IMO! All's quiet on the western front, for now, though there are some stupid rumblings from some twits on twitter or somewhere,that are recycling some old news and of course twisting it into something stupid. I guess when we are having a dry spell of R/K, some people ( hyenas? ) will do anything to stir up trouble. I guess it keeps their sad little lives busy just to make up such crap. Hey, just thought I'd say and early Happy Easter to you and yours. Have a great weekend! K.

lisajsien said...

Well it's THERE so it exists, I just hope it IS fabricated. Doesn't change the fact that haters will take the opportunity to jump on it. And THAT pisses us ALL off!!

Anonymous said...

Hearing the hardcore shippers freaking out because Kristen is NOT in Budapest is just as funny.

Anonymous said...

Hi Rose,

love your blog...i am very disappointed about The Runaways...i was so looking forward to watching the movie too...is there anything we can do to bring it back to its original wide release...we should help our girl with her movies...wtf...so not fair..any ideas???

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

The TomStu interview was fake. It was an April Fools joke. Also I haven't seen but I hear it was based on an old interview and the original question to TomStu was about R/K. Also I hear Rob isn't filming Sunday or Monday. I usually wouldn't believe the Kristen siting at the airport but anythings possible right? It would be perfect timing! Maybe we'll see soon enough if she's in LA or somewhere else.:)

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

so are you think that he stay in budapest till 9th?? So long!!!!!!
so.......he still in budapest at the 4 season so grat location to ge the kristen's birthday there!!!!!!!
or in a CASTEL!!!!!!!!!