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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Robert and Kristen- I Kid You Not

Good thing Robert and Kristen are under the umbrellas...
There is a lot of bitter foam being spewed today.
OK, so it's always foamy
But it reeks of desperation
I mean...
The things the Haters cling to...
It's so so sad.
(too bad)

Robert Pattinson turned up in Camden last night 
to show his support for a fund-raising event held
for the Chelsea College of Art and Design.

The event was held at Proud Camden 
a unique live music venue.
R-Pattz was seen dancing and cheering on the bands 
and paid special attention to the burlesque girls, 
who put on a provocative performance 
in honour of their special guest.

Sadly for the female guests R-Pattz night 
came to an abrupt end
when a guest DJ announced to the crowd 
that the Twilight star was there 
prompting R-Pattz to make a quick exit.

 Oh yes... the Hyenas clamped their jaws on that one.
They had to... pickings been scarce lately.
They are really (really) hungry.
Thing is...
Rob is at a charity event
His friends were said to be with him
His sister was even supposed to be there.
So I'm afraid I don't get the drama?
And of course...
No pics... no proof?
Isn't that how it's supposed to work?

Why is it so wrong for Rob to spend time with
family and friends before he heads over the States...
Where he will most likely be for an extended period of time?
Well, there is nothing wrong with it...
Only in the rabid minds of the hopeless.

This is an ice cream wrapper or something.
Interesting picture.
Kristen looks good.
Robert looks... scared?
And Taylor looks really tall.
Like taller than Rob.
And I like Taylor.
I really do.
And who knows...
He's still a young guy
Maybe he's still growing?
Yeah, let's go with that.

I know.
I've been talking a lot of Hyena today.
But sometimes you just gotta say what
you wanna say.
I know the Hyenas are starving...
They got nothing.
Absolutely nothing.
Even they know how ridiculous the
"PR" bullshit is.
(If that is PR? They need to fire whoever is
in charge. Worst PR EVER. 
In fact, it's the OPPOSITE of what PR should be.)
They are clinging to Kristen turning up in Budapest
Just to get papped at the airport
Then turn around and fly to London...
Get papped again...
And then fly home.
Like within a couple of days.
Really... they think that.
I kid you not.
They have also been holding tight to the thought
that Oregano is somehow back in Kristen's life.
Or how she has been secretly still seeing him
Really... they think that.
I kid you not.

The Hyenas would rather you believe 
that Robert is some sort of manwhore
who just goes after anything that breathes.
Robert Pattinson.
That Robert.
The shy, humble, modest man
who wears his heart on his sleeve...
Who says he is a one woman kinda guy.
That Robert.
People would rather believe the absolute WORST
about Robert...
Than believe he is with Kristen.


I kid you not.

Bye for now.

I'm guessing Robert is soon to be 
on a plane...
Flying to Vancouver.
Is Kristen already there?
Waiting for him?
All signs point to 



Anonymous said...

Love it Rose. I remember Rob saying not too long ago that he hadn't had a chance to be in London for any length of time for ages -- that he hadn't been *home* in so long. Home people (in a Junie-Bish kind of yell!). I remember spending whole summers apart from my b-friend when I was 23. He and Kristen are not doing anything that anyone else who is still attached to home wouldn't do. God does that make sense? Until you create your own home with your own family somewhere you still go home -- to your friends, your parents, your sibs -- unless you just had a shitty time with them (many hyenas I think must have had a very very shitty time early in life -- you know that hyena cubs try to kill each other after birth -- gross I know but truefact!). Anyway, lucky lucky Rob and Kristen, they really do seem to have it all right now non?

Have a great day -- your giddiness is infectious!


Mirela said...

Rose,you rule my life,bb. Srsly. LOL

And Taylor looks really tall.
Like taller than Rob.
And I like Taylor.
I really do.
And who knows...
He's still a young guy
Maybe he's still growing?
Yeah, let's go with that.

Um,hyenas believe all the possible BS&dont (wanna) believe the truth about R/K and their obvious LOVE. I do wonder if they actually believe Summit`s revision of the truth regarding Taytay`s height.I mean, I love the boy and all, but...RLY??? ;p

Caroline said...

Hi Rose;i'm so glad they're going to spend some time together...and that event...People are nuts!!!And K hang out with her friends, shows, why he can't ?They're are young and in love; and i'm only imagine how is excited for them to meet again!
Carol.Ps: Tx for the tip!

Anonymous said...

Reunited for work darling not because he wants to see her in his free time. He is loving it in London and if he didn't have to work you can bet he would still be in london partying with his boys.

He loved the show :) http://www.zoegriffin.co.uk/2010/04/27/robert-pattinson-in-camden/

Anonymous said...

aww he loved the stripper :D

CarolineKent@ ihateyouYasmina yes, & I was nearly naked at the time. Pretty proud of myself.
CarolineKent @kirstintraynor haha fo realz?! AWESOME. He bloody loved it He said Tay sends his regards.

Kristen who? our boy is getting around and loving it, a smile on his face proves it :)

Anonymous said...

couldn't agree with you more bb, as per usual you spoke to exactly what i was thinking <3

i had to be careful with my facepalming last night, didn't wanna hurt myself over a no big deal sitch being turned into an ugly mess by a bunch of rabid slobbering wild dogs.

feel bad Rob had to ditch what sounds like a cool gathering because certain dummies couldn't keep their traps shut. i admire his desire for normalcy and that he hasn't given up on doing normal things like going out with friends. god knows soon enough that is going to get a whole lot more difficult.

i'm gonna stay in my giddy place, its so nice here! lots of bright colors, and steamy looks, and happy loving people.


Anonymous said...

OMG the hyenas are here ALREADY Rose. But they're really really funny today! Can you post that tail-chasing picture just for fun somewhere?!

Scarlet again!

Anonymous said...

Hi Rose...please tell what your twitter comment mean!!!
"♬ Reunited and it feels so good... ♬"
"Back in the Couve..."
they are alredy in Vancity?!? I was waiting for this moment <3

Anonymous said...

Just ignore the hyenas,girls!They seek for some attention and some fight with us.And of course they're not very clever,because they copy and paste their comments (actually i'm sure it's one crazy that keeps posting the same bullshit over and over)for last thread.

Anonymous said...

I'm annoyed that you're making excuses for Rob's behaviour last night Rose. I think Rob was being very disrespectful to Kristen by leering at those exotic dancers last night. He did not have to go to that disgusting strip show. And even if he did, he could have ignored the dancers. I just hate that it was reported that he was loving it. Kristen is his girlfriend! I just hope Kristen did not hear about it. It would probably upset her.

Lisa said...

Thanks for the post Rose.. I'm gonna try to be here first thing from now on.. I just cannot read the comments after last night! :(

I believe them to be together. HOW together? I do not know, doesn't anyone? NO.. If someday they're not together, I hope they're happy and find someone wonderful.

I just don't get the hate! WHY hate her just because she may or may not be with Rob? And WHY on earth would anyone say such awful things about Rob if they've EVER watched him at all? ALL just proof they're clueless..

No wonder why they hide! :(

NM, there is NO PROOF.. Just because some gossip, party girls say it on Twitter or post on their site doesn't make it true! Think about it!

He's a man, he's human, he's allowed to have a good time. As is she.. Doesn't mean he cheated!

Honey said...

Bless you Rose!:)
OMG! The same hyena who pretends to be other people and sign itself just with "Anonymous"..OMG, he/she..IT? Came back already on this great blog...ahhhhhhhh!!! :)) Well, It would be better go out from there in ordet to avoid all hyenas bllshit..but, they still haven't understand that ROBERTLOVESKRISTENLOVESROBERT...And they CAN DO NOTHING TO CHANGE THIS...Sorry, that's le life! ;)

Sooooo Gooood Times are coooming for us Robsten people! We have to be patience and be strong and have Faith in Them and in their Love..because we've always knew..even when Kristen'ex was around, even when hyenas said we were crazy..um...really? Time HAS TOLD and FACTS has SPOKEN...we were right. We've always been..because Robsten Love is so clear..It's so bad to be envious hyenas..poor you!
well God bless Robsten and God bless you Rose and you beautiful posts! I bet Rob's coming to Vancouver and Kris really know how to give him a "hot" welcoming...OMG..;) GO Robstennnn!!!

Patricia said...

Rose: We knew "the shit would hit the fan" when the first tweet by the Burlesque dancer came out.


I'm happy that he is enjoying his free time with friends and family before he comes back to the craziness of his life in Vancouver and LA. But the good news is ( Back TO KRISTEN.)


Taylor must be standing on TWO boxes for this picture. NOW THAT'S WHAT I CALL SUMMIT PR !


Anonymous said...

I can't believe how inconsiderate Rob is of Kristen's feelings. He knew that if he was watching strippers it would be reported but he obviously didn't care. It seems its only Kristen that wants to work on their relationship. She has already travelled all over the globe to see him but Rob would rather stay in London to watch a bunch of strippers like a single man than go see her. Disgusting.

Nora said...

Rob is enjoying himself in london coz he doesnt get much like that in the states...so who shud be blamed? I think we need to learn frm londoners and hungarians who seems to be more 'civilized' around him than most americans. No offense ...i just feel a bit shame of it. But...i cant wait 4 him to start back in the states, it's been rob drought for quite awhile....
Haters.....u guys r just unbelievable and sooooo blind. To anon stripper...i dun blame u if u feel incredibly estatic performing in front of rob...drooling all along....like a..what izzit again rose..?

Lizzie said...

*can't breathe*.. *trying to take a breath*... *laughing so hard*... *it hurts to breathe*

Those hyenas are a riot. I have to laugh because it's so ridiculous, the kool aid these hyenas are drinking.

Love your blog Rose!!


Anonymous said...

to NM 11:21

Please tell me you are not serious about this.

*sigh* I feel sorry for Rob right now. He is getting bashed for nothing.

Anonymous said...

Oh goodie!!!

SO the foaming of the mouth already begins!

The Hyenas will forever make me laugh :) They are so lost in their effed up delusions and made-up stories that it's quite sad.

HE is with HER...

NEVER will he EVER be with YOU.


Nora said...

...and for GOD'S sake its a charity event girls who happens to show a burlesque dancers act..not a stripper show...so relax anon 11:21 & 11:31...do ur readings be4 turning emo pleaseeee....
I hv a bf who still enjoys a nite out wt frens but in the end comes back to me...no big deal..!!!

Julie said...

I hope someday R/K can thank you for all you have done for them. Your posts this week have been very moving. I have enjoyed them very much.

true love said...

THX...rose for letting us know..what went down..how can we trust something that we don't see...well FAITH..is one..the other is by seen what the person is showing u from the beginning..he's way of been round anyone and everything..well if u have eyes to see ..you will find out how lovely rob sees round kristen..how in love he seems to be..do u trust your loves one..your partner..your boyfriend or even husband when he goes out and bout with friends or even alone..????..think bout it..LOVE IN YOUR HEART..MAKES U HAVA FAITH AND TRUST..EVEN IN THE ONES THAT U LOVE..now, if u don't have any of this is understandable on the way u think..i bet ROB was at ease with all of this cuz he knows that kris trusts him and vice versa..stop spreading hate..aint going no where neither r u..:0).like i had said before..u will be SHOCKED..prepared u r selfs..and be happy for rob and kris..

amanda said...

*FP* Are people serious? How was Rob being disrespectful to Kristen? By attending a charity event his friend Marcus was performing at? When the burlesque dancers came out (which aren't strippers by the way) was he just supposed to leave? Come on people. Be reasonable.

To the person who said he's going to see Kristen just because of work, are you serious? He flew her to Budapest to spend time with her, you don't think he WANTS to spend time with her?

Sometimes the stupidity of some people in this fandom is astounding.

Anonymous said...

OMG all you hyenas just GTFO!!! It was for a CHARITY event held in an art gallery. MARCUS FOSTER was performing and Rob's sister LIZZIE was there too.


So stop spewing your venom,okay? It wasn't a strip club, for God's sake!And he didn't go to this event because he was bored and wanted to get it on with some strippers! He was with his friends and sister to a CHARITY event,do you hyenas know what charity means? Look up in the dictionary because it seems you don't know. He did do nothing bad!
Rob and Kris will be together AGAIN soon. Can you handle it??Because there's nothing you can do about it!Great moments ahead!


Anonymous said...

OMG! Rose this is so hilarious, that picture of Riley coming out of the water with the NB reminded me so much of the hyenas getting ready to attack. They seem to overlook the fact that the twit was sent, no less by one of the dancers, trying to get a little free publize for herself. HOGWASH, I don't think he was gawking or drooling. Maybe Marcus didn't perform until after the dancers. R/K have a healthy normal relationship not an obsession, being close does not necessarily mean suffocating the other person. Mandy

Anonymous said...

Hello everyone! Love reading your comments and the above article, Brilliant!! I knew as soon as I read about him being in Camden there would be drama! I for one love him and Kristen and hope that they are in fact a couple but, that's just me. I honestly dont know what to think about them..

You'll have a great day!

Anonymous said...

So Rob attended a charity event with his SISTER Lizzie to watch his friend Marcus perform and one of the acts had burlesque dancers? This is what the hyenas are clinging to now? Wow. Yeah sounds like a wild night. (**Eyeroll**) And I would hope he enjoyed the burlesque performance, otherwise Kristen might have something to be worried about. But again, it might have been weird since he attended with his SISTER. Man. The hyenas aren't the brightest crayons in the box, are they?

katy said...

what??? people hating on Rob because he went to a Charity event...and that happened to have burlesque dancers.
He was there with his sister and with his friend Marcus Foster.
You can see Lizzie Rob's sister on this pic bellow...she's the blonde with the checkered dress.

Anonymous said...

I was wondering if anyone knows anything about the Budapest pictures. I read some comments on another site and they were saying that those photos were old or fake that Kristen was never with him on her Birthday. It seems like you guys know your business on here so i'd thought I'd ask..


katy said...

Those pics were taken in Budapest April 11 2010...and yes Kristen spent her birthday with Rob.

Anonymous said...

To Gabriela,

the pictures are not fake and are not old. Sadly the hyenas try to go against the obvious just because they don't want rob and kristen together. They were taken at the Budapest airport and therei s proof of that also in a video on youtube. Hungarian twitters confirmed that even before the pictures were released. Don't listen to the hyenas, they just try to deny everything without logic. Hope I answered you question!


katy said...

and they are also other pics of Rob and Kristen arriving in London same day...April 11 2010

Anonymous said...

Gabriela- Those were real and taken the week of Kristen's birthday. Desperate people will say anything.

katy said...

Rob and Kristen leaving Budapest-video
Rob and kristen arriving London

Anonymous said...

Rob is a player and got caught out last night. No wonder he bolted the moment the DJ announced he was there. He was eyeing up the topless dancers and was afraid of being seen.

Anonymous said...

anonymous 12:45 Yeah I'm sure with his sister Lizzie next to him. LMAO.

katy said...

♬ Leavin'... on a jet plane. Don't know when I'll be back again ♬

Have a safe Fight...Rob

Anonymous said...

@Ele.. You did. I'm so glad. Thank You! I hoped they were real. My thing is and I hope I say this right cause I dont want to be one of the hyenas lol.. There is just to many pictures floating around of them together everywhere and how many of us would fly across the country to see someone on our birthday. Even a friend.. I dont thinks so. It's not like he is her only friend. I'm sure she could have stayed in cali and celebrated with them. But, she wanted to be with Robert. And, I read people saying well, why arent they together now on his down time. Just cause she isnt filming doesnt mean she doesnt have commitments here. As for him, Like someone above said. Maybe he wants to spend time with family and friends cause he will be in the US for Eclipes and then start filming Breakin Dawn. I read that it will be two parts and will be filmed back to back.


Anonymous said...

Great post Rose, it's a shame hyenas infiltrated your beautiful blog. I love reading your thoughts. Have a good day and keep laughing.

Anonymous said...

@anon 12:45 Of course he had to leave if there was an announcement he was there. Have you seen the mobs that can come after him?? Its crazy... and yes DANGEROUS. Can-Can dancers or no can-can dancers... if there is not enough security and announcement is made of his presence he has to get out. For his safety. I don't think any of his NORMAL, SANE fans care if he is watching can-can girls... its not like their strippers. Geez!

N E Ways.

Vancouver. Rob & Kris. Reunited.

**Super Sigh**

Can. Not. Wait. For PROMO interviews to start.


Thesabstar1 said...

Burlesque is NOT stripping!

PS - Gabriela there is also video footage of the R&K at Budapest airport..

Anonymous said...

HEY ROSE long time no see hehe I'v been gone and just got back went to see my sis in P.A. But i have been reading your post EVERY DAY and boy oh boy the BULL SHIT never ends same shit another day Cant wait to see our two together again (it well be SOON TOOOo)Rose I think that the HYENAS do believe that Rob and Kristen are together But like ALL the attention there getting so they say they dont believe so that SOMEONE will talk or see them (think about it ) All I know is I love Rob And KRISTEN and want the best for them and Im HAPPY THAT THEY ARE TOGETHER well my friend have a good day and KEEP up the GOOD work ........Deb.

Anonymous said...

Even this guy on twitter who apparently held the charity event says to leave Robert Pattinson alone!


true love said...


Anonymous said...

Why are some people so hell-bent on being so negative about their relationship? Even if it’s for PR, so what??? Will it make a difference in the hyenas personal lives? It doesn’t make a difference to me either way, but I like to see them together because I’m a sucker for romance. Rob claims he’s not romantic, but he’s the ultimate romantic when he can have any woman he wants, yet he has only focused on one special young lady. From my limited knowledge of them, whatever Rob does, I totally trust his judgement, and the great thing is, I’m sure Kristen does also.

true love said...

there is another pic going around with a closer look..:0)

Anonymous said...

ooooh why do hyennas care sooooooo much? what rose writes, what we think. it seems to me that it's not about rob and kristen anymore. the obsession has shifted for anyone who is verbally supporting rob and kristen. rose, being a threat to their existence. this is what they live for. who cares if rob and kristen are together. it's people believing in them that they gives meaning to their pathetic little lives. it's sad for them. but should be flattering for the rest of us. to have such an impact on their lives while we don't give a rat's ass on theirs. happy obsessing!

Anonymous said...

anonymous 1:04 Yeah, and he says he doesn't even think Rob watched the burlesque part. I don't even think it is a big deal if he did. People are so dramatic in this fandom.

Anonymous said...

to anon 1:04

All i can say is poor RoB!

I really feel sorry for him.
I mean he cannot do anything without people criticising every move.

Anonymous said...

Did any of you read the interview with Melissa Rosenberg. The screen writer for the Twilight Saga. After I read that, it was just more proof to me that they are together. Know, she doesnt come out and say it but, Come on...



Anonymous said...

The all anon hyenas who posted above. You made the same posts at the AT Board. Why don't you even try to spread your hate on this lovely blog. They are not convincing anyone. People here are always fact checking before making assumptions.
Fact 1: It was a charity event for a college, with bands and performances.
Fact 2: Only the dancer claim she has seen him, BTW take a grain of salt, she was tweeting from web while dancing and makes a lot of fun of the twihards.
Fact 3: One of the students who tweeted Rob at his fundraiser has obviously not seen him but highly doubt the dancer story. He tweets: " Yowza, chinese whispers much. Leave poor Pattinson alone, I don't think he even watched the burlesque" www.twitter.com/charlie_ferrari
Fact 5: One of Marcus band mates played at the event.
Fact 6: No pics yet, but so many people, hearsay so far, a DJ obviously announced he was there.

How dare Robert Pattinson for going to a hip charity event. This boy has nerves (Sarcasm). And his other "misbehaviours" in the last 4 month: He went with his mates to a pub a few times, went to Marcus gig, supported his sister's gig, went to Lyric Lounge organized by Tom, watched a football match, went to a wine shop in Budapest, was seen buying underwear in London. Have I forgotten anything?
Oh Yes, he was with Kristen in IOW, London, Budapest, London...
I hope he can enjoy the last days of his freedom in London before heading to the US. If you remember he can't go to his friends gig in the US without sitting in a area behind a curtain and getting hunted by paps afterwards. And going out with Kristen without pap darma? He will spent a lot of time in hiding again. Sad, sad hyenas.


Anonymous said...

bwhahaha, now it's strippers? Burlesque dancers can strip yes, but honey, I've got friends who work ed 40 Deuce here in LA who are burlesque and it's hardly a big deal. Good lord, how old are you haters? Like 14? 38 and never-have-been kissed? You think Kristen cried that Robert might have got a peek of some ass and maybe an areola or two at a charity event with his sister? hahahaah You guys are naive. Kristen shows more in her own movie come fall! :)

Anonymous said...

Dude, Kristen partied til late at SXSW with Reeve Carney. You know how effing wild and hot that dude is and his posse? Robert and kristen are together, but they aren't dead kiddies, and they are young and not tying eachother down. If Robert's greatest offense is he caught a burlesque dancer or ten at a charity event inside a museum, Kristen is a VERY lucky girl cause that's as mild as it comes.

Anonymous said...

Love the post Rose? Dang, it is weird that robsessers would rather he be a whore than in a relationship with kristen. and any other girl will do at this point, they clamp onto anyone within 10 feet of him. This is why they will never confirm-neither could go anywhere without stories of cheating hitting the net nightly.

Anonymous said...

omg, twihards just annoy everyone! The poor tweeter was like wtf is wrong with all of you!LOL Robert is fine, Kristen is fine, everyone worries about what they are doing, yet they always seem to be more secure about eachother than the observvers. God, their lives are so lame because of us fans, I feel bad.

Anonymous said...

Poor Robert. No matter what he does, it always turns our salacious. He goes to a charity event, and even that turns out salacious, it's so silly. Twitter is of the devil.

Anonymous said...

Who gives a shit if he watched burlesque dancers. You see more on MTV than you would at a burlesque review. God, people are so dramatic, there's a lot of frustrated virgins who don't understand how normal adults act in relationships and in life.

Anonymous said...

uhm....I"m pretty conservative but I've gone to a burlesque review with my husband before. I mean, I find it weird some of these hyenas seem to be grown women with the maturity level of a 12 year old when it comes to the human anatomy. Did people seem to forget Robert just did a total nude photo shoot with several models? I mean, watching burlesque at a charity event inside a gallery seems like small peanuts in comparison.

Anonymous said...

You know what makes this Hyenas so unbelievable. Their stories are always weak, never a proof, full of hate and never in favour for Rob or Kris, never make sense and the stories are fundamentally changing by the minute. A few examples:

Kristen went to Budapest for PR for her Brithday. -> So she is sitting there hiding in a trailer/hotelroom. Really, for PR?

Kristen went to IOW because she is dating one of Robs mates. -> What know, PR or dating Bobby?

Kristen left London because she broke up with Rob, he is sitting heartbroken in a pub.-> Why when for PR.

Rob doesn't care for Kristen, he is still in London. He is with the people he really cares for. Kristen visits him is clingy, he is not really into her -> What happend to Rob heartbroken, PR?

Rob is cheating. -> I thought it is PR?

Rob is with Tom, Kristen is his beard. -> What happend to cheating and PR?

Kristen is with her secret love MA. -> I thought she is clinging onto Rob.

Rob is enjoying watching naked women, he cheated -> oh, he is into women, wasn't he with his secret love Tom.

I could go on and on and on. It makes you dizzy. And sometimes it makes you feel dirty after reading all this comments, from people who claim to be fans.

Anonymous said...

Kristen hates the Edward and Bella relationship and loves Taylor Lautner. Take that you stupid shippers! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RHUPp0BUJj8&feature=related

Lizzie said...

I for one am glad he was at a burlesque strip show watching the titties..

Better that than at a gay bar and us ladies lose all the pretty so the guys...


Rob loves Kristen loves Rob

Anonymous said...

rose, your blog is amazing. even the hyennas can't get enough. it's like a drug to them. i am flattered as well that our opinions mean so much to them, that they have the guts to come to a pro-r/k territory to worship us. hate is still a passionate feeling. and their hate is overwhelming. there's a science behind it. apathy is good. bow.

pricklypearess said...

Common sense wins the day, Rose! Thank you, burlesque dancer, for tweeting about Rob to the world. She got her 10 seconds of fame. I'm completely dumbfounded by the drama this has stirred up. He's at a fundraiser with friends. There were burlesque dancers there, among other acts. So? Am I missing something? He's a 23 year old adult. What was inappropriate about his actions? Nothing. What did he do last PM that would be an insult to Kristen? Nothing. Some people need to get a job, a boyfriend, a life of some sort. On that note, I think I'll take another peak at the pics then be on my way. Have a lovely day!

Anonymous said...

Sighting of Rob at Starbucks in London...."So a couple weeks ago, a girl in our program was trying to study at Starbucks BUT it was way too crowded. She was wandering around aimlessly looking for a seat and who do you know got up and gave her his seat.... dun da da daaaa yup ROBERT PATTINSON!!!!! ahhh The vampire was out during the day and was kind enough to give his seat away. He also sat and chatted with her for a little and made fun of Americans for a little as well."....http://maddieraekawa.blogspot.com/2010/04/around-in-london.html

Rob made fun of Americans? uhu Rob, that's not nice, don't you have an American 'gf'? lol he really cares about kristen.lol

Mullet Mofo said...

Can I just say that I fucking love you? I think we may have been switched at birth, seriously. I have been reading your posts for the last couple of weeks and I feel like you speak straight from me and what I am thinking. Morons, the lot of them. Yep, let's go with Rob the Womanizer rather than Rob the Romantic. That is good one. :)

Anonymous said...

Does anyone know when and if K/R will be in Canada to do re shoots
I read that the Director is already there.

Anonymous said...

to anonymous 3:24: Can you please quit posting the same crap on every site. This is the same BS your putting on the AT. We saw it once, don't need to see it again. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

3:24 Oh give it up. Rob has said Kristen is a special part of his life. Do you realize how pathetic you sound? Clinger.

Anonymous said...

Its sad that Rob is always screwing up, getting drunk and getting caught with strippers. No wonder nobody wants to work with him anymore. No shows, no awards, no magazine covers.. bad sign. Hes lucky he signed onto water for elephants last year cause this year is not looking good for him at all.

Anonymous said...

If someone doesnt agree with how Most of us on here feel Pro-R/K that is your opinion but, there is know reason to call people names on here! just because we have a our own opinion.. What grade are you in?

soadram said...

This post is wonderful, in fact every day gets better:)))
And for the NAO R / K swab one thing, they just say what they want and how they want, like any couple alias normal.Por this talk happy talk that they continue to live their lives.
Rose always continue to write as he does that is a marvel
A kiss:)

Anonymous said...

to anon 3:34

Seriously, you need to get your head checked! Quit being so damn stupid. Please take your Rob as a loser wishes somewhere else, like krisbianville.

Anonymous said...

Dude, can haters keep their stories straight. One minute Kristen is gay and Robert's a beard. Now that Robert was within 100 feet of some dancers, now he's cheating on Kristen. They just sorta go with whatever rumor comes out, and forget what they were spouting off about just ten minutes prior! That's the nice thing about thinking they are dating but not weird jealous, controlling freaks. THe story holds nicely week after week!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the beautiful post Rose!

I'm needing a Robsten pic in the airport, Vancouver, LA..I don't mind where but I need my Robsten dosis hehe

I love this couple, they're so unique and special that any sensitive person has to love them. Insentive and dull people will never be able to understand feelings like these, that's why they hate Rob and Kristen.

Anonymous said...

LOL at the drama.

My Dad has been to a burlesque show.
My brother has been to a burlesque show.
I have been to a burlesque show.

OMG we are horrible people and my Mom, my sister-in-law and my boyfriend should all be so pissed. LOL.

And I guess Lizzy and Marcus are awful people too, right?

Going to a charity event that has a bunch of acts and one of them is burlesque dancers is not something to get so crazy over.

And I love how every sighting or story of Rob is automatically believed by his insane fans but anything having to do with Rob and Kristen is---"pics or it didn't happen." Or "there's no proof so I don't believe it."

So, whatever....

"People would rather believe the absolute WORST about Robert...
Than believe he is with Kristen."

So true, Rose. SO true. Rob has some of the worst fans I have ever seen.

Thata said...

Hey,Rose,I'm from Brazil and I love your blog.I agree with what you think and it's too sad to see some people attacking them.It's so obvious Rob and Kris feelings.I guess, as a fan, we should respect them and be habby with their happiness.

Kisses from Brazil

Anonymous said...

So over all the BS. Onto something else....

WFE seems like it will be a great experience for Rob. I wonder what Kristen's next movie will be. What kind of role will grab her next. I know she has to really feel the project in order to take it on.

She has been talking about doing a romantic comedy. I would love to see her do that. And I would love to see her work with someone like Emma Stone and do something fun.
Also would love to see her work with English actor, Jim Sturgess. He is so fucking adorable! And damn cute in his interviews. Think him and Kristen would work great together and be lovely onscreen. Have seen Across the Universe like 80 million times ~Strawberry Fields Forever~

Anyway, hope Rob and Kristen are reunited soon. I bet they can't wait to just be around each other. They are so cute together.

Anonymous said...

Haha Rose! all signs DO lead to yes. HOney, Patricia...amen amen!!! Ppl like you encourage me to come here and also Rose. Let's keep our heads held high because i can assure you all a great Robsten day is coming...last time i said it..it did! just wait and see! Let the hyenas talk..their foaming. Robsten fans on here..sane ones, do me a favor by laughing your asses off at every hyenas post! Grab some popcorn and laugh!!! This is even better than comedy central! Thier so hilarious. Stripper??? idiots!!!

So what is the AT like now? since i dont go there...it looks like they are bringing their shit here...but i am going to keep coming here everyday because of you Rose, and the sane people on here. And its funny because i can tell the 12 and 13 year olds from the adults!! you are making yourselves look foolish...if you dont know this let me tell you! And for the adults doing this...shame on you...got a lot of money i can help pay for a therapist for you all. I dont mind funding and helping you get help..Psychos!!!

Great post Rose...Rob will be soon on that plane..."Reunited and feels so good" hell yeah!! xxx


Anonymous said...

Lizzy wasn't there. The pic from facebook was loaded up on April 8th. That's not from last night.
I saw this morning kstew411 making damage control, and shippers wonder why the rest of people clearly see "robsten" is a PR move by Summit. Rob makes no apology of who he is and what he does. He is a young, hot actor who is living his life the best way he can. He is with his friends and famlily and never denies the place the have in his heart.
Kristen, while a good friend, is not his girlfriend. Rob is not a cheater and the way he has been enjoying london only proves that he is single and happy.
Stop with the lies, stop saying that lizzy was there when she wasn't, stop saying he and kristen are in love cuz his behaviour proves you wrong. Let him be!
He has been free and happy in london but now he has to go back to L.A and be more careful. Tom is going with him. Fox rented him a nice home and he doesn't want to be by himself.
Oh by the way he stayed till 1am at the party last night and then went to another party at a house of a friend. He is sad he has to leave, at least his friends will be close visiting soon.

Ana said...

To 5:09

It's ok honey, I feel your pain.

Anyway, he is not gonna be with you. never. ever.

Shhhh, I know, it's hard. Painful.

So sad.

Ana said...

Aw, I wrote a post and it's missing!

Rob, have a wonderful time in the Couve while working :)

Rose, do you know about the big surprise coming up in May? EO boards are talking about engagement and rings, I'm more with the house thing. Any scoop you can tell us?

Hyenas, I know is hard and painful, and yeahhh it's gonna be even worst :)

Anonymous said...

to anon 3:24

So there is a story on a blog that Rob was at a Starbucks, offered a foreign student girl his seat, chatted with her and made a joke about Americans and you turn it in - he is disrespectful about americans = he cannot have an american girlfriend? Serious? You use this hearsay story to proof he is not in a relationship with Kristen? And you are wondering why people call you delusional.

Cyberstalking R/K, searching the net for information and twist everything in a evidence that they are not dating and put them into a bad light.

People used the same story on another blog, that version was Rob was seen couple of weeks ago at Starbucks = not working on Bel Ami anymore = doesn't want to be with Kristen.

BTW a couple of weeks ago he was in Budapest with Kristen or back with her in London.
Why are you trying to sell your story here? There is another board where you are in good company. Pleas stay there.


Anonymous said...

I just saw the pictures of Kristen leaving LAX airport heading to vancouver. They say Taylor is heading out today as well.
I cant wait to see pics of them when they are all together again.. Well, R/K!

Has anyone read Midnight Sun? I started reading it yesterday and could not stop. OMG!! I hope Stephenie Meyers finishes the book!

Anonymous said...

to anon 5:09

Such insider comments from someone without name are always soooo believable. He left at 1am and went to another party....Fox rented him a nice home. How nice of you to come to this little blog to share your insider knowledge. Please feel free to share more details with us. LOL. You call other people a liar?

You say:..."the rest of people clearly see "Robsten" is a PR move by Summit."
Show me the rest of the people. Numbers? Do you read any foreign press, pobably not, I doubt you speak more than one language.

The PR version is only in the head of a tiny tiny tiny group. For most of the world the R/K relationship is not relevant for seeing the movie. So what is the benefit of PR, what is the increase in BOX office, $$$$$? And can you break it down in US/other countries please. Or can you provide people with a marketing/PR background at least with a SWOT analysis of such a PR strategy.

And because you have this insider knowledge: When are they going to end this PR game. Before BD? If it is in 2 parts so it will be until mid 2012? Or will they "silently break up" before BD. BD is the book that really focus on the relationship, you know marriage, pregnancy, bírth... So we will get a break up for Breaking down? Hmmm.

For Summit there is much more threats than opportunities in this relationship. See how week your PR-theorie is.

And your PR-theory is totally nonsens for their career outside Twilight. Rob has a female fanbase and a huge part of it would prefer him to be single forever(as you do obviously). So meeep on this one.

And what is Kristen gaining from it? BOX office for The Runaways, more BO for her next indie movie, better roles.

But I see you already have you story written, if it makes you happy and you can dream better at night. Fine.

But why are you trying to convince others. It is obvious that you are ignoring every piece of evidence, making up stories and providing us with your own twisted, buffling logic.

Good day

Anonymous said...


"Stop with the lies"

Yes, why don't YOU stop with the lies.

FYI. No one cares for the BS. You're wasting your time....

re: 4:32.

Yes, I love Jim Sturgess. And I am a big Chuck fan so Kristen + Zachary Levi together = me a very happy girl.

Anonymous said...

Are we sure that Rob is going to Vancouver for reshoots? LOL. Because anon 5:09 provided us with his "insider knowledge" that Rob is heading back to LA with Tom to stay in the little house Fox has provided for him.


Hope to see them in Vancouver, just a tiny little pic, because they should be left alone and not stalked like last year.


Anonymous said...

Just saw the pics of Kris in the airport. She looks embarrassed as hell. It is obvious. I bet the paps were screaming about Rob's behaviour last night. Her bodyguard looks pissed too. Oh Rob what have you done? Shame on you!

Anonymous said...

Haha! I Love it Anna.. You go girl!! Taylor and kristen were on the same flight from LAX. So, the Robert heading to LA is funny.. The no it all that claims he's not going to Vancouver is funny as hell. Why on hell would only Taylor and Kristen be in Vancouver and not Robert? Were do these people get there info? And why on earth do they make up these lies?? I just dont understand why the haters bother to comment on these sites... What do they get out of it?? But, Anna, I agree with you 100%..

Anonymous said...

Jeez. Kristen is so incredibly beautiful. Easily one of the prettiest girls I have ever laid eyes on. And she doesn't even try!!
Add her intellect, wit and talent...she's a pretty damn good package. I adore her.

Anonymous said...

Hi Rose, love the post.
Sorry, I don't often vent, but I so agree with you.
Let me second the comment, directed at the venom and vicious ( malicious, spiteful) words:
and add if I may:
-uber FricKING immature
-ultra FricKING disgusting
-hyper FricKING stupid
-so sadly FricKING pathetic
As always, a believer and one who hopes that people respect Rob and Kristen.

Nora said...

...move on to next rose...?

Patricia said...

Rose: the beginning of what we all have been waiting for ( KRISTEN ON A PLANE TO VANCOUVER) Rob will be there soon, LET THE LOVE BEGIN !!!

I noticed "her new Birthday necklace "again ) It looks delicate and cool! BTW has anyone notice the gold wedding band on her middle finger left hand ????? It looks like the one Rob wore in BA.
To people like Trish, keep posting here we love Rob and Kristen.

Anonymous said...

@Patricia, Is that what he gave her for her B-day? I didnt know that. Thanks for the info.. Now, I need to go back to the pics and look at it..

Have a good night!

Anonymous said...

Rob is out with Marcus as we speak so no VC for him yet, maybe tomorrow

Anonymous said...

WOW!!! @Anonymous 7:54.. It's great knowing someone that is personal friends with one of Robert's friends. (Marcus)You must since you know every move he makes. NOT!! Your like a broken record.. Give it a rest and grow the hell up!

Lisa said...

Gabriela, just like everything else.. I don't think anyone KNOWS that's what he got her for her b-day.. But the first time anyone noticed it was AFTER she was in Hungary for her bithday. So we've assumed I think.

Necklace looks like a big ol diamond to me..


Ring, I don't think it's like the BA ring, it was bigger and silver I think.. Have to go back and look


soadram said...

Sorry but ...
I do not understand the anger contained in each word of anon, because I still can not understand (I'm stupid ...) what these people mean the constant denial of what is most clear is that Robert and Kris are together .... ha muitooooooooooo .. but continue to deny and to invent
and sorry but my parents say a phrase and I think it is appropriate for such Anomie (quen no name is), the dogs barking and caravanha passes ... so keep going with all that venom should be very happy ouuuuuuuuu never even had apixonados, q do not know this is ..... is a sadness that I read so screwed up here by twi .... I like Rob and Kris and I believe just look at each other's eyes when they are together and take away the doubts
Rose sorry this rant in your blog, but I think you do not deserve such stupidity that is written here)

soadram said...

ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh., one more thing Kris and Rob are vANCOUVERT IN THIS MOMENT, CASE N KNOW AHAHAHAHA

Lisa said...

BA ring is bigger.. I have seen better pics, I'll keep looking but..


Lisa said...


You have to click d/l full size and then zoom in on your computer.. It's wider for sure then the one KS is wearing.

Anita said...

Dear Rose,
I love your blog and I try to only read the nice comments and skip the non-believers' comments of R/K true love.
Love you Rose and keep writing what you think.

Anonymous said...

I would love to see Kristen opposite Jim Sturgess too, he's so talented. Or even something more quirky with Jamie Bell or Paul Zano, both offbeat but incredible young actors.

Anonymous said...

I just went to you tube. com and rewatched the the vid Rob and Kris-The nearness of you and saw again how much they loved each other. It gives you such a warm feeling, luv them Rose and your blog.

Anonymous said...

To Lisa: It's called a promise ring, to be faithful and love each other no matter what. It's a declaration of true love!! Mandy.

Anonymous said...

Robs ugly and untalented. I hope Kristen didn't take a promise ring from him. Worst decision ever. She can do better.

Anonymous said...

U kno y antis post lies, and so hateful, they were almost beaten to death by their parents. They grew up so fuckin retarded and vengeful of anything that's great. Transfer agression, they call it. Moronic to the point that they think it 's their personal quest to bring kstew or rpatz down. When they should be focusing on passing their SAT.

Anonymous said...

@Anon 6:57.. Right on! You tell them! They need to take their negativity somewhere else.. Love me some R/K!!!

Anonymous said...

lisa i am a rob/kristen fan but he is married more than once in that movie so i am guessing he has 2 different rings for the role, no drama here

Anonymous said...

lisa i am a rob/kristen fan but he is married more than once in that movie so i am guessing he has 2 different rings for the role, no drama here

Anonymous said...

@anon 4:41

Go sell stupid somewhere else. (and yes I'm quoting Twilight)

Rob is widely known as the hottest man on the planet. (seriously I have actual references verifing this fact.)http://www.people.com/people/package/gallery/0,,20360857_20364406_20776540,00.html

Your comment leads me to believe you are either A.) A hard core lesbian with serious male hating issues B.) Blind, in which case I advise to please consult a braille description of Rob's perfection so you are able to accurately determine his SEXY HOT YUMMINESS C.) So drunk your having delusional drunken hallucinations OR D.) A bitter hyena who just had a reality check and realized that Rob and Kris ARE together and in true psycho hyena fashion have now turned on Rob.

In any case, your anti-Rob comments are not welcome on Rob's fansite, especially not awesome Rose's "Pattinson Intoxication" blog.


Anonymous said...

LMAO his waited till the last second to go to Vancouver, what a crazy in love boy lol

He was out last night with his mates, thank God this time no one tweet shit. Let's see who he spends his free time with while in Canada shall we? No, it won't be Kstew, but his mate sam,.
Actions speak louder than shipper words lol

Anonymous said...

Here we go again!!! The no it all knows that Robert was out lastnight
And he knows that Robert is going to spend all his time with this SAM person.. Where was Sam in the photos of Rob @ the airport? Give it a rest and go somewhere else with all your babble!!! Your pathetic!!!!

Lisa said...

Anon 9:53 AM,

You're right, he's married twice. The second time is the end, movie over. Only picture with that ring would be the ceremony. I've seen no such pictures.

Anonymous said...

Good evening Rose!

Loved reading your blog today! I'm so looking forward to pictures of R/K together in Vancouver! Keep the blogs coming!

Hope everyone has a great evening!

Anonymous said...


HERE HE IS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Anonymous said...

TGIF everyone! Hope everyone has a great and safe weekend. I will be at a Taylor Swift concert tonight. Then back to my Robert/Kristen obsession..

Bye You'll!