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Friday, April 16, 2010

Robert and Kristen... Volcanic Eruption!

This is kinda how I felt when I woke up this morning.
So I decided to be nice, sweet Rose.
Can I put the thorns away for just one day?

It's not that hard to do, really.
Wait. That's not totally true.
I get lots of NONsense comments
I get lots of NONintelligent emails.
And Twitter? Well, that is NONsarcasm land.

So let's see if I can just focus on the positive today.

Kristen is going to be in the next issue of FLAUNT.
Not only in the issue...
On the cover.

As always.

I just don't get the constant criticism of her looks.
Oh shit...
That's kinda thorny.
Never mind.

So Kristen looks FANfuckingTASTIC
and I can't wait to see this magazine.

The Runaways.
Looks like I might be going to see this movie...
Woe is me.
It turns out that my DH wants to see this.
I'm not sure what to think here...
He says
"Oh I heard of Kristen Stewart and Dakota Fanning"
And I was like... REALLY?
So this takes me back to sitting in the theater
waiting for The Runaways to start...
and every time someone came in to sit down...
4 out of 5 times it was an old man.
Like 60's plus years old.
And he was alone.
Always alone.
And I started thinking...
These guys are too old to really be into 
The Runaways...
And I don't know...
Just kinda creeped me the hell out.
My DH isn't an old man...
And he won't be alone...
And He told me he likes Joan Jett.
But still...

Oh Robert.
Yes, I still adore you.
I might not be quite as intoxicated as I have been
in the past...
But a lot of that has to do with my dear Trixie.
(Miss you, Trixie!)
I used to talk to her for hours every day...
Mostly about you.
And it was good, happy chat...
And we laughed and laughed.
We don't do that much anymore.
Life has a habit of getting in the way.
But I rarely go a day without reading
watching or doing something that concerns you.
You are still a part of my life...
My heart.
I can't help it.

So I heard that all flights in and out of the UK
have been canceled because of some volcanic eruption.
Weird huh?
I was like...
Volcanoes in England???
I guess it was in Iceland
But still strange.


Must have been a helluva eruption.
Well, I had 'heard' that Rob and Kristen
were supposed to leave for the States recently.
I've been hearing that they didn't make it out.
Poor dears.
Forced to spend more time together in
Robert's hometown.
A place that they seem to get around in
without being visually attacked by lunatics.
Visually attacked.
I like that.

I say...
I'm glad they are together
I hope they are happy.
(Well, duh... of course they are!)

And I think I just may have made it through
this rather rambling inane post
without being thorny.

I guess I am a delicate flower after all.

Bye for now.


Hanne said...

Well I LOVE your blog!
and i have to say: i agree with everything *laughs*


Anonymous said...

Oh Rose, sweet or thorny, we'll take you in any way. So our lovebirds are trapped in London. OMG, what will they ever do with all that time? I'm sure they'll think of a few things or two, or three, etc. *giggles*

Enjoy The Runaways again Rose. I wished I can see it again but it's hard getting babysitters you can trust these days. Funny thing you mentioned about old men, because half of the audience at my show were old men too. The other 1/4 were older couples and the rest were middle aged adults. Go figure. I enjoyed it very much, especially watching Kristen onscreen. She was mesmerizing and totally Joan Jett.

Well have a great weekend Rose and to all of Rob and Kristen fans.


Anonymous said...

i have a good feeling about them i think they are holed up in a hotel in london enjoying life and waiting for a flight back to LA maybe reshoots in VC soon?

soadram said...

I love to write and the way you do it, because I think exactly like you.
And whenever I'm reading your blog I'm half giddy smile.
Continue to be who he is and how it is ..
Thanks:) *

Patricia said...

Rose: When I went to see "The Runaways" most of the theater was filled with older people (like me) remember I'm 68 ! But I thought that was because they were popular when we were young adults into Rock and Roll !

AS you know I'm in love with Rob Pattinson and he's in love with Kristen Stewart and I've become a fan of her now and will see everything the two of them do in films. I'm still intoxicated with him Rose and I don't know when that will ever change. I'm hopeless!

I know they're enjoying their time together and I hope we'll get a fan picture soon.

Grazie for your post !

I hope the wackos stay away and just let us enjoy you and your blog ! Lovers of Rob and Kristen.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

great post rose, love reading your thoughts on Rob and Kris

saw the runaways for the second time yesterday, like you I also saw several older gentlemen, all alone, at a matinee..

Anonymous said...


kristen left UK this wednesday,her brother talked about going to coachella with her this weekend on facebook with his friends

you know SHIT

Anonymous said...

Ok confession time. I think at first i was nonsten (but not a hater) then I was Robsten and now I am ‘I am tired of all this and don’t give a crapsten’… because seriously: I don’t care about that anymore. It’s waaay to stressful being a Robsten.

I mean seriously, lol at this fandom.
It's so funny how there are people around who blatantly hate on Rob... but they're the same ones who get pissed when people hate on Kristen.
also, some Robsten lovers complaining about kstew fans 'they shipping angaranostew,jessestew whateverstew' Seriously i dont care, good for them.
but, like i said before they are the same ones who get pissed when Rob fans shipping him with someone else. 'you ugly bitch you are just jealous. kstew is better than you' blah blah blah. I just dont get it.
Hypocritical much? I think so.

ps; oh yes i am talking about you!

I still like like kristen though. but her fans eh not so much. they are just as bad as nonsten, no different use to be but not anymore.

Anyways, do I think there is a Robsten? Yeah. Would I be heartbroken if I were wrong? Not at all. What’s most important to me is that Rob is happy. Period.

Anonymous said...

Nice post!

So, you don't love Rob as you used t.? Are you putting down the blog?

Some twitts are saying Kristen is going to Coachella, she left London Thursday

Anonymous said...

Last time we saw Kristen, she was in London with Rob. There are reports she was there with him visiting his family. The only people who are saying Kristen went back to LA are Nonstens and we know how reliable they are. LOL! Yeah, I'm going to go with, "still in the UK with Rob and his family."

RPaddict said...

anon 11:06. Since Rose isn't being thory I will for her.
"Shut It", your the one who needs to get your facts straight before you spew verbal vomit.

Anonymous said...

Taylor Stewart posted in his facebook he is going to Coachella with Kristen who left London in Wednesday. Read his facebook and WEEP.

Anonymous said...

Rose, I admire your writing, always
in a sardonically clever, I love it. In the midst of so much mediocrity you stand out brightly.


Anonymous said...

to anon 11:26. You're an idiot. That's not his facebook. You just got played by a FAKE facebook. There is no way in he11 any of Kristen's brothers are going to talk about her plans on the internet. I'm laughing at your sorry azz.

dee said...

Well plan is just plan honey, And I don't believe one little bit if Kristen left London on thursday, because all airport in the UK and Europe have been shut until further notice....So people who believe that Kris in the US now, They must believe that she have some wings or something

kristine.hills said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
kristine.hills said...

My sweet friends, lets enjoy RK love story and don't let this nonpeople bother us.
If they want to believe K is In the US, let it be.
We needed no pic to know K was in Budapest with her Robman, and she was( and he was very happy- you know he was/is...).
There is no way the pathetics are going to shut the f. up.So focus your energy in/for RK.I promise you IT'S WORTH IT!

Rose this post is unbelievable, perfect!

I'm sure RK are crying out loud bc they have to put up with each other since K can go to the US. hahahahahahhaha

They are so enjoying each other!


the losers are going to bark anyway.

Anonymous said...

As usual, you have read my mind, Rose. You say what many of us are thinking! What's wierd is that when I went to see the Runaways (when it first opened here in L.A.) I was also amazed by the number of solitary older men (and a few senior ladies too) that were present. Hmmmmm......

DUR said...

No way in hell would Kristens' brothers discuss/reveal anything about Kristen or what she has planned. That FB is fake. You have been played. But from your comments alone, it's easy to see why. You're a dumbass.

Sorry Rose, but idiocy makes me cranky.

Anonymous said...

I'm sure they'll find plenty of things to do in Londontown. Go Rob and Kristen!

Anonymous said...

Ahhhh WOW..
I live in the U.K and when i found out about all outgoing and incoming flights in and out of the U.K being stopped.. the first thing i thought about was Kristen being here With ROB :D ..
And i knew you'd post a blog once you'd found out :D
But, I know that in a few airports flights to New York did go early yesterday morning.. So who knows??
And flights are now going out of parts of ireland and Scotland..
My sister was supposed to go abroad but now her holidays een cancelled :(
But YEY having kristen here for longer with Rob, not by her choice.. but i bet she is loving it :) is AMAZING.. i bet shes thinking 'what a shame i dont have to go back to whereva' NOT! ...

But... with the volcano in Iceland still erupting and them expecting another one to erupt.. and with the weather specialists lengthening the time of NO FLIGHTS in and out of the U.K, all the time..
its looking like she'll be here for much much longer with Rob, Im just so glad she got here before all of this, because if she hadnt she would have had to go longer without seeing Rob..
So now lets just hope that all of this volcano stuff is over with before they have to go back to Vancouver for Eclipse Filming because i dont want the release date of that film to be put forward :/
So yea, hope your having a fab time here Kristen :) and AMAZING blog Rose :)

Sarah xxxxx

Anonymous said...

I'm sad to hear you don't like Rob that much anymore Rose. I hope it wasn't because of Details or RM doing badly. I hope you don't hate Rob.

Anonymous said...

anon 12.43
Meh who cares about Rob? His time is over. Its Kristen's time now.

Anonymous said...

I'm glad for them that they have time to cuddle. Rose you are the best. Nobody could say it in a better way. Grandiose!

Anonymous said...

Hi Rose, great post! Can't wait for R/K vanity fair issue! x

Anonymous said...

Oh well done Rose. now, loonies will think you actually hate Rob.
You really feeding them, good for you.

to 11:15.. i agree with everything you said.
i'm so bored of the hype around kristen lately. Yup, I said it.

Anonymous said...

to 12:59

you kris freak, go fall in a hole and die. You show that you have NO brain what so ever.

Anonymous said...

to 1:19

No. You are an idiot. A HUGE idiot! You guys are making me a bigger RoB fan. What is this BS? Are you 12? I suggest you to take your meds!

*sigh* I liked kristen a lot but her psycho fans almost make me hate her now.


Anonymous said...

I hope Kristen is enjoying her extra days with Rob, which I'm sure she is!

Do some of you have a reading comprehension problem? Nowhere does Rose say she doesn't like Rob very much anymore.

This is obviously a place where Rose likes Rob and Kristen very much so the people who post here who are hating on one or the other.. why are you here? Please go back to where you came from.

imloco2 said...

I really think trying to ignore the idiots might be the way to go. Or would they just get worse trying to get attention? Never ending battle, eh? I'll make me happier thoughif I don't think about them though so here goes...

Runaways tonight! I'll be one of those lone seniors though. I'll let you know who else is there. It'd be nice if the young'uns showed up and not just us old farts.

and as far as the planes not flying in Europe, well, if they're stuck in Europe, sweet, more time alone. If they're not, sweet, she can continue to do her work and so can he. Either way nothing will have changed. At all. Not sure I understand the glee thinking she might not be in England. But really, who can understand this shit?

Ooops...almost got through a post without mentioning...

Anonymous said...

to 1:19

I'd definitely agree that people in the UK prefer Kristen.. But seriously.. not everyone hates him AT ALL!
I think the people here LOVE EDWARD CULLEN more than Rpatzz thats all...

I say, if you havent got anything nice to say.. dont say anything at all!! He hasnt done anything to you!!

Sarah x

Anonymous said...

to anon 1:19
"...Rob is not respected here..."
Are you really from England? If yes you should spent your time finding a better school.

Reading a lot of comments lately I'am like knock knock on heads, anything in there?

Does it matter if she left on wednesday or still in London?
If she had plans for the weekend with brothers, friends whatever and had to cancel because she cannot fly out of Europe, there is nothing to be happy about. Millions of people are affected by the eruption here in Europe and its not funny at all. People have to cancel their holidays are trapped at airports and if you think about the economic impact we are really concerned: billions lost per day, it will cost many many jobs around the world.
And your concern is if Kristen is in London or going to a concert in the US this weekend? Really?

And will it make any difference?

If she went all the way to Budapest for just a couple of days (as a frequent traveller between Europe and the US it is a 18-20 hour ride door to door) this shows how much she must be into this boy.

If she can spent more time with him in Europe, fine.

Either way, they seem to have a strong relationship, a good balance of spending time together, with friends, focus ob their job... whatever. In their business their will alwasy be periods of seperation. And with Twi promo and the next films coming up there will be sooo much time together.

In the end, you can believe that they have a strong, happy relationship or not, it will not make a difference for them. But you are not part of it, never: YOU CAN NOT MAKE IT (shippers) or BREAK IT (***stens).

Everyone a lovely, eruptionfree day

Anonymous said...

just realise

"You can not make it
or break it".

That's a rhyme. Rose, should we use this more often for the morons?


Anonymous said...

...or a slogan"
"We can not make,
we can not break"

or a song
"What you can't make
you can not break"

or a rythem...

FOR the, let's call them SHIPSTENS.

Sorry, I am in a funny mood today.
Love Anna

Anonymous said...

I can not resist : volcanic eruption???
goooooooooooo robsten

Anonymous said...

Don't fall for it you guys. Nonstens are desperate now. Because they can no longer deny that Rob and Kristen are together, they're trying to pit R and K fans against one another. The majority of Kristen fans don't care who Kristen dates. They hardly mention Rob unless Kristen is in the photo or article. Go read her IMDB board and you barely see Rob's name mentioned. I belong to her locked fan sites and trust me, we barely mention him there as well. I'm a Kristen fan first and I happen to also like Rob a lot. He makes my girl happy and that's what I care about most of all. So if you read posts where Rob is being bashed and Kristen is being praised, 99% of the time it's a Nonsten and a Hater trying to rile fans up. It's their last gasp of air because they have nothing else left. Their lies no longer work so they're desperate to try something else. Don't fall into their nasty traps.


Anonymous said...

rose, nonstens are shitting all over websites saying that you now hate rob because of details, i think its only one crazy who had a shit fit over details and can't get over it already she posts everywhere she can and maybe the same person that says she hates rob and robsten, pathetic

Anonymous said...

rose, nonstens are shitting all over websites saying that you now hate rob because of details, i think its only one crazy who had a shit fit over details and can't get over it already she posts everywhere she can and maybe the same person that says she hates rob and robsten, pathetic

Anonymous said...

to 11:29

Bawahaha! facepalm to you dumbass!

Rose said...

I think I might have to have some sort of comprehension test before people are allowed to read my blog.
I mean seriously.
Here I was being all nice and rosy...
And I still have to put up with pathetic haters who are so desperate they will just make shit up.

1. I still love and adore Robert Pattinson. I don't see that changing. EVER. No matter who he is dating, I will always be a fan.

2. I loved the Details article.
I thought it was funny and witty... and it was typical Robert.
I have no problems seeing Rob with females other than Kristen. I loved the whole thing. I bought the magazine. Actually, I bought 2.

3. I loved Robert in Remember Me. I saw the movie. I will buy the DVD. So not sure where this bullshit is coming from.

4. Stop putting fucking words in my mouth. JFC. The hyenas are so desperately clinging to anything... ANYthing that will ease their irrational, troubled, delusional minds. SORRY. Go sell your crazy somewhere else.

5. Try not to use the NONs**n word anymore. They actually feed on it. Like the scavengers they are. They google it. They twitter search it. Because that is all they have. So make the word disappear from your vocabulary... and maybe they will disappear, too. lol :)

Anonymous said...

And a delicate flower you are Rose. Whether you are or not, still love you! The volcano must have been really really bad. Anyway, hope they spend more time in London and get more rest before they come to this crazy land we call America. The nonstens, please can we talk about better things..please. It's time we stop paying attention to them because they are really wasting their time and being foolish if you ask me. what makes me more sad and upset is that some of these ppl are grown women!!

Let's focus on the postive things like the fact that Rob and Kristen are happy together somewhere in london. That is enough to keep me happy and to stay positive. The nonstens or the hyenas or whatever have no say in what happens in R/K's life..thank God! so we have nothing to worry about.

I agree 100 percent kim, they know that they were wrong and they see that Rob and Kris ARE together so instead they have nothing else to say but to make up foolish excuses saying "Rob, betrayed us" "We hate Rob and Robsten" as if what they have to say matters at all! psychos! and some wonder why they go everywhere with their bodyguards because of some crazy ppl in this world of ours!

Please Robsten fans (or any SANE person at all), dont go to nonsten.com you will be wasting your time and it will be time you will never get back.xxx


Anonymous said...

To all worthy fans of Rose's blog: why don't we make a pact to just ignores these troll-kids who come on and make it so unpleasant for everyone? If you see their posts, just gloss over and ignore them.

What keeps them coming back for more is all the reaction they get to their stupidity. If they don't get their fix, they may get tired of invading this otherwise very nice place.

Rose, I've seen The Runaways three times: the first two times with a bunch of friends, and the last time alone. Unfortunately, the "alone" time I shared the theater with about a dozen older men. They each came alone and all sat in back of me. More than a little creepy and uncomfortable!


Anonymous said...

So we have a bitter krisbian attack?
What a shocker...NOT!

well said, elle!

''You guys are making me a bigger RoB fan'' AMEN!!!

I used to respect kristen fans but i really can't stand them anymore.

I still like kristen, nothing's changed. It's just her shallow fans.

Deborah said...

Rose, glad to hear your Rob love remains strong. Rob needs a strong gal like you in his corner. Plenty champion Kristen when people talk crap about her, so I like for Rob to have a strong voice in his corner too.

You mention seeing the Runaways more than once, were you also able to see Remember Me more than once? I absolutely adore that movie, it's been so long since I've seen a film that felt so real. In truth, if doesn't feel like I'm watching a film at all, so powerful and thought provoking. I've now seen it equal to my age. :-) Thanks as always for a place to share in the Rob intoxication.

And yeah, I really, really hope Rob and Kristen are making explosions of their own right about now. ;-)

Anonymous said...

A few comments on here are basically generalizing all Kristen fans. I'm a huge Kristen fan, I really like Rob too though. I think he's very talented and adorable I can tell he makes Kristen happy and vice versa. I've never said a bad thing about him. Rob and Kristen fans shouldn't be against eachother.

And to the commenter who said they used to like Kristen but don't now because of her fans, Come on now. That's just ridiculous. I've heard nasty things said about Kristen from a ton of Rob fans but it doesn't affect how I view Rob what-so-ever. It has nothing to do with him. That view is very immature.

Anonymous said...

Yes!! Lynn I am most certainly in! All worthy fans please join the pact! Finally..it's about time.


Anonymous said...

ok Haters...why would you read a blog that your don't agree with, can't stand, and just bitch about? I really don't get it, find a life and leave us to our Rob and Kristen lovin. lol seriously get over your nasty self. Oh and I saw RM and loved it, Rob was awesome. And Rose, great blog!

Anonymous said...

Oh my god Rose, just the fact that you had to come into the comments to clarify anything at all makes me o_0
Your words are pretty god damned clear, non?

Love today's post and I love your dedication to Rob & Kristen. <3 I'm going to assume K is still somewhere in London town with R until we hear reliable info to the contrary. Regardless of what country either of them is in at any given moment, the truth is more than evident and the rest is just icing on the cake.


Anonymous said...

Am with you, Lynn. Let's stop enabling them.

Hi, Rose. You smell define!

Rob loves Kris loves Rob.


Anonymous said...

LOL! Oh Rose you are so funny I'm sure the adults here comprehended your jest I did. "Go sell your crazy somewhere else, loved your Jack Nicholson line! As for the older men at TR their probably all retired rock stars and to my senior ladies let's go girls I'll meet you there,who knows,there might be a live one! Mandy

Anonymous said...

Hey Rose LOV,LOV,LOV yor post Today and every day I to WELL stand up for the stoping of the NON.I'mm with you ROSE and Lynn,TRISH Lets stand for ROBERT and KRISTEN let the kids and soom OLDER women who act like LITTLE GRILS say what they will we wont give a SHIT about them And like someone said thank you Rose FOR BEING A TRUE FAN we well stand for them who we love ( ROB KRISTEN AND our ROSE) A-MEN. DEB

Anonymous said...

HEY Rose, guess everyone has gone to bed. So I'll just post what I feel. Rob's young, good looking, wistful,funny,shy,naive,truthful, sincere, his eyes draw you in and his smile makes your heart melt. I wish him and Kris the best, they are young and in the prime of their lives. They deserve to find what little happiness they can find in all the harassment they encounter from the outside world. My only wish is that eventually they can break away from the Twilight mayhem and become the actors they so much want to be. Rob has so much sustenance, I,ve seen it in RM and Kisten was subperb in TR. WFE will really make him a star I truly believe this. Maybe then he will not be so deprecating. Luv you ROB and KRISTEN may all the stars in the heavens shine down upon you! Mandy.

Anonymous said...

Random question: is Rob's done with filming Bel Ami? Why is that that I keep reading contradicting responses? Is the shooting over or not? Is Rob enjoying some down time right now before he starts on WfE?

Anonymous said...

I think Rob is over exposed due to Papzz and the fans with camera cellphones stalking of him everywhere. Kristen is so careful and so stealthy but then she is not working yet. The shooting in Budapest doesn't do any good for him since the area had an easy access for the papzz and he is well circulated all over the gossip mag. I am actually tired and sick watching all over the internet with his shooting coverage by the stalkers and I'm afraid others might feel the same way as I am. Now Eclipse is starting to promote and hope this will not affect with all the coverage done by the press and the papzz regarding their current affairs outside the Twilight Saga.

Anonymous said...

Kisten in Coachella!


Don't hate me :) Hope she is having some fun, so Rob in London. I'm learning which twitters are good sources, and which one NOT. Eagles, Volcanos meh. She left London on Tuesday.

Anonymous said...

Great post as always, Rose. :) I totally agree Kristen has been looking FANfuckingTASTIC of late and she it absolutely gorgeous, imo. I wish I lived near you so I could go see The Runaways again with you. It left the theatres near my house (in the San Fernando Valley, CA) much to my dismay because I still want to see it- a fourth time!!!
Love you always, Rose!!