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Thursday, April 29, 2010

Robert and Kristen- And I Love Her

Lookie here! 
Robert has arrived in Vancouver.
You would think the fact that he was safe and sound...
And possibly had a bit of a smile on his face
would be reason enough to be happy.
But no.
Silly silly people.
Why not create drama where none exists?
Let's argue about WHEN he got to Vancouver.
Because it really really matters...
I'm just happy to see him where he's supposed to be.
And yeah, I heard all sorts of talk about how the 
Paps were chasing him in cars...
And if that's true
I hope I see them burn in Hell
(from Heaven, of course)

Robert. Robert. Robert.
What can I possibly say that I haven't said a million times already?
Robert was selected #6 on Time's 2010 Most Influential 100.
Like... WOW.

I'm so impressed with our guy.
Chris Weitz (LOVE him!) wrote a little bit about Robert...

I have to be careful about what I write here because it will be tweeted the moment TIME hits the stands. And if I say something bad about Rob Pattinson, I'm dead meat. That's the devotion the Twilight films inspire. It's certainly not how he planned it. And though I am continually impressed by the aplomb with which he handles the hysteria, I occasionally think he would take it all back if given the chance. Because essentially, Rob, 23, is a reserved, bookish sort of specimen, a guy who'd rather spend the night at the corner table in the pub with friends — a bit of a weirdo, frankly, in the best sense.

So how to write about someone who seems to answer Freud's rhetorical question, What do women want? Perhaps it's just worth pointing out that it'd be fun to have a beer with him even if he weren't Edward Cullen. That we haven't seen a tenth of what he can do onscreen. And that important things, beyond the veil of Hollywood, occupy his time too — music, conversation, ideas, a sense of the absurd. Which, maybe, explains why he never gets to my e-mails. I love you, Rob! Call me!

What Chris says about Robert...
Is how I look at him.
Reserved, bookish guy who'd rather spend the night at the corner
Pub with friends.
Interested in music, conversation, ideas and a sense of the absurd.

I know sometimes I let my ROBsession get the best of me.
But my fantasy of Robert isn't falling into bed with him.
Not at all.
My dreams are of just being his friend.
Getting to hang out with him in the pub...
Talking about music, laughing at the absurd.

I've always thought that Kristen was simply beautiful.

It turns out that I'm not alone in that thought.
Kristen was number 6
in FHM UK's 100 sexiest women in the world 2010
But of course she is!

Both Robert and Kristen were listed in
People Magazine's Most Beautiful People issue.
Like that is a surprise!

Inside and out.

And of course...
I leave you with this visual.
Robert and Kristen.

And in the words of Lennon and McCartney...

I give her all my love
That's all I do
And if you saw my love
You'd love her too

I love her

She gives me everything
And tenderly
The kiss my lover brings
She brings to me
And I love her

A love like ours
Could never die
As long as I
Have you near me

Bright are the stars that shine
Dark is the sky
I know this love of mine
Will never die

And I love her

Bye for now

P.S.  If the comments continue to spew
bitter hatred towards Robert and Kristen
I will have to block Anonymous comments.
I don't like to police peoples opinions...
But my blog is about loving Robert and Kristen
Together or apart.
I won't deal with the hate.


Julesmpg said...

I love what Chris Weitz wrote it is exactly how I view Rob. Actually it is how I view both Rob and Kristen. They are real people outside of the madness that is Twilight. I am so glad they have each other to hang on to in the craziness. So glad they are together today, makes me giddy.


pricklypearess said...

Chris Weitz's comments were brilliant. I agree with you Rose. Rob's appeal is not just about looks, although he's certainly easy on the eyes, but about the fact that he's interesting and cool in a quirky sort of way. Good post as usual. Now can everyone be nice today when expressing your point of view? No need to be insulting. Peace out!

Anonymous said...

Dear Rose, I don't think you have ever, ever been more spot on in expressing MY thoughts and feelings. I love Robert Pattinson, and like you, I don't dream of falling in bed with him. I would just love to have one deep, long conversation with him. I know it would be brilliant. I love smart bookish people. I married one. I am just happy, knowing Robert exists. And that he is happy. And guess who makes him happy? Kristen.

And, for those bickering about WHEN Rob arrived, did it every occur to anyone that it was important that he arrive when he did, to show they were NOT re-doing the meadow scene? That's the kind of thing Summit might very rightly ask Rob to do, wait to arrive. They are fighting a PR challenge with all the crap out there about Eclipse, the editor, the director and re-shoots. THAT is PR. His arriving when he did put to rest any notion they were re-doing the meadow scene. Expect for idiot on twitter who thought it meant they were re-doing the ending of the movie ~ with Jacob!

Love you Rose. Love your love of the Beatles. I share that with you as well. I love what Chris W. had to say about Rob. I love Rob ~ and Kristen. Thank you so much for offering us this spot to share our love with YOU! No hate people. Life's way way too short and precious for that.

sara 2

Anonymous said...

Oh yeah, love the new look of the blog!
sara 2

Patricia said...

Rose: First of all your new blog screen is BEAUTIFUL ! The pictures "THE BEST" You are an ARTIST ! And I majored in ART at school, so I really appreciate what you have done.

I read the article Chris wrote and once again I agree with everything you both said. THAT'S WHY I LOVE HIM ALSO!

I'm obsessed with Rob, Rob and Kris and now your blog. Heaven help me !

You are "spot om with your remarks" and like I've said many times "you read my mind" !

Now some pictures of the pretties together would be nice. See I'm never satisfied.


BTW If it's true about Rob not doing a lot of promotion for "Eclipse" because of WFE I'll be really disappointed, to me that's almost better than the movies (because that's Rob and Kristen) !
Not Bella and Edward !


Caroline said...

Oh Rose...how can we love people we never meet?!I love R and K!And you, of course, for make my day better!Beautiful words and i hope they enjoy their time together!

Lizzie said...

Rose -

Spot on yet again!! OMG the new banner.... dead... just dead....

Love ya!

honey said...

I just can't contain my joy thinking that Robsten are together again..and who cares about the hate and about "the crazy ones" :) They are together, thay are happy, they love each other so much..May God Bless them..I wish them all the best and I'll never be tired of saying this <3
I can't wait to see them together again and again..and I'M SURE, one day we'll also have a Stewart-Patz family with so many Robsten babies..and then we'll be here together, happy for them and for their love!
Love Robsten all the way, love Rose for your beautiful posts..they're such great people..beautiful inside and outside like you said..so..they're soulmates...
Bye everybody loving Robsten more and more...<3

ciro said...

rose once again your blog gave warm and melt heart, and also chris weitsz opinion abaout rob sound really good he describe what we already known from prev interview, performance or other cast opinion including opinion to woman rob admire in his life which is kristen...yeah not suprise rob and kristen choose people most beautiful in world which is true rose beauty inside and out...hope give them peace right know to reshoot eclispe i hope paps just go far away leaving this two people we adore...

Anonymous said...

Hey Rose Love the pic. of our man and love the post today I to hope our two lovers find time (I'm sure they well) together.Rose you just pick the right songs to put a smile on my face THANK YOU I to would love to have a beer with Rob and just set a talk or just sit there and hear him sing I LOVE Robert Pattinson the way you and alot of others do hope him and Kristen have a fun day today cant wait to see what they have for us Well my friend you have a good day and THANK YOU again Rose for being a #1 fan of Robert and Kristen luv ya ........DEB.

Anonymous said...

Hi Rose ... if you go with anonymous blockers this might be one of my last times to say "thank-you!" I LOVE the new look ... that picture of Rob staring at you first thing... wow. Anyway, I gave up all my online identity stuff when the nonstens starting chasing my twitter and when one used my computer's POP address to block me from commenting (respectfully of course) somewhere. It was too creepy. So anyway, if you go anon blocking I totally understand. I'll still read and smile!


kristine.hills said...

Beautiful,wondeful,pure(heart and soul)people deserve all the best.
That's why R found K and vice versa.I believe in fate and destiny and they were/are meant to be together.

Rob is GORGEOUS and so is Kris.

Love them with all my heart.

Rose you are my sunshine, when there are clouds i come here and i feel the warmth.

Thanks my dear!


CW is a wise man, and Rob is simply PERFECTION.R is UNIQUE.

So HAPPY they(RK) have each other to go through this nightmare, and i do believe when they are together they have and live wonderful dreams, bc there is a GOD who is watching and protecting them.

May said...

Rose,Rose,Rose...or better,let Shakespeare talk for me. ;)

"What's in a name? That which we call a rose by any other name would smell as sweet." <3

Chris describes exactly how I imagine Rob is.To me, he`s basically a normal almost 24-year old guy, who is just trying to do the job he loves, be friends with people who are important to him, love the absolutely beautiful girl that he chose to share his life with (and who so totally loves him back ;D)& enjoy all the good things that life can offer like music, books. TBH, whats not to love there? ;D

Haters&nonstens are pathetic excuses for human beings,but even them are above papz,who are the scum of this Earth. Fucking mofos. *fp*

Anyway,I hope the coming days, weeks, months&years will be the best in our bbs` lives, together and individually. Personally,I`m here to enjoy the ride.Haters/***stens can just fuck off. LOL

Anonymous said...

loves it rose...as always. i love admiring rob and kristen from afar. sometimes stepping back makes one see the bigger picture. and i like what i see from this distance. no drama.

btw, about time you consider moderating the comments here. this is your blog which you generously share with rob and kristen lovers. it's too beautiful to be infested with such filth. best of luck rose.

Anonymous said...

CW is just a lovely writer, isn't he? He conveyed so much affection and admiration in a genuine manner, love the guy.

How funny his take on Robert is nothing like the amoral whore who lurks the streets at night like some hope for! lol

And Kristen debutin at 6 is really crazy-I love it! If you look at the top ten, they are all these big boobied girls in lingerie--and then there's are Kristen, fully clothed simply bitchfacing the camera!


Anonymous said...


Ao ler seu blog parei para pensar... compartilho com você este sentimento de amizade, carinho e respeito por Robert. Também não me vejo indo para a cama com ele, e sim tê-lo como amigo... Fico daqui torcendo pela felicidade dele e Kristen. Parecem que nasceram um para o outro. Pelo menos, aparentemente, se identificam muito.

Desejo muito sucesso em sua vida assim como desejo a este casal Twlight!!!!

Anonymous said...

I wonder what Kristen's reaction was to being so high on the sexiest list, that's so funny. She is not the typical patron on there either, I think it's great.

Robert seems like a decent guy, and I think that's what I like best about him. What shines through, if CW is to be believed, isn't all smoke and mirrors. He's a good egg.

debbi said...

Hi Rose,
Just popping in to say hi and that I've missed posting here. Honestly, I had to stay away because the hate on this board was getting extreme. I actually hope you disable the anonymous comments (I know they're not all nasty, but too many are). I think there are a lot of great people that post here and it's a shame to have to sift through all the negative comments to get to the positive ones. But such is life and it's your blog and your choice. I still read your posts everyday - they're the best.

jen said...

Wow, go Kristen! I love she's such a tomboy but she's still considered sexy! Most of the other top 10 have altered their body in various ways, so it's refreshing to see a fresh faced girl like her among the lot of them!

Anonymous said...

Rose,i'm glad that you finally decided to cut off all the anonymous.The hate on Rob and Kristen is totally ridiculous.All these hyenas must go back at their place and leave this sane blog.The last few days the majority of the comments here were from anonymous nonstens.I hope now they'll find another place to spew their venom.Love you,Rosie!


Anonymous said...

Once again, Rose, thank you for your beautiful post! And I really like your banner!WOW!! Lucky Kristen who wakes up to that face every morning! Yes,they are beautiful people inside out and they make a beautiful COUPLE! Now they are reunited again and it feels so good! Wish them the best! And I wish the best to you Rose as well! Every post of yours is precious in all this madness!Keep up the good work!


pricklypearess said...

If your concerned about the anonymous block, just click on the name/url choice instead and enter a name, no need to enter url. You don't have to use a google account or give any other personal information. Maybe that will help?

N_ladygagoo said...

Dear Rose.
oh my god. i feel like i've met my sister. x. True, Chris Weitz wrote brilliantly about Rob. That is a raw, honest && beautiful testament about Mr. Pattinson. And yes, we share the Robssession, the twilight fanaticism--but yeah, my fantasies of Rob are also NOT about falling into bed with him. And i love Kristen to death. Thank you for your blogs. I find joy && comfort in reading them. Not many people in my circle understand my twilight disease. They think its BS to be THIS devoted && that i only wanna screw RobP. most are deeply prejudiced...
your blogpages are my comfort zone..i have to repeat what that other reader said: Thanks for offering us this spot to share our love with you.

vanlicous said...

I love your post, Rose. Thank you so much. You're an intelligent, sensitve and funny person. And you are full of integrity. It speaks for you that you have been waiting for so long to get the idea to block the haters. But I think you are right. You've showed a lot of patience. And this IS a place to share the love we all have for these two amazing people. It' s a shame that they are so disrespectful.

Go on, Rose

soadram said...

Wonderful post, and what Chris Weitz wrote about Robert is REAL because I also think so and of course Chris knows it well ... because the Great people are always the simplest.
I have been reading via twitter with every absurd that God help me ...... in seconds create confusions, dilemmas breakthrough, finally .. deaths ......
your blog is bafaruda of fresh air that I encounter here because BELIEVE
a kiss from Portugal:)))

Scarlet said...

Thanks pricklypearess ... I'll try it!

xiexie said...

sending love too from asia rose! we love your blog and rob and kristen here. haters are not welcome here. never.

RPaddict said...

Just aquick drop in for my Rob and Kristen fix.
Love the Beatles song you chose to represent a beautiful love and friendship for my favorite couple.
I have to go download it now.
Have a great day!

pricklypearess said...

to Scarlet: Yay! It worked! :o)

Anonymous said...

i hope robsten take things slow and
enjoy each other. if the are meant to
be then it will happen.

linzy said...

Aw, lovely lovely post today Rose <3

I notice Rob doesn't look at all miserable getting ready to take off to his home base for the next few days ;) Might be it possibly has to do with who he would be seeing in a short while? I can only guess in my mind what kind of texts were probably floating back and forth. Love these kids sfm.

I was truly touched by Weitz's words about Rob. I would expect nothing less but to see that put in print, in a respected magazine like TIME? Simply brilliant. I especially loved the comment about us not having seen 10% of what Rob is capable of. I was jumping in my chair b/c I couldn't agree more. There were some truly flooring moments from Rob in RM and I cannot friggin wait to see what he does next :)

Kris being on a sexiest list is YAYS for me! Love the girl and knowing she's finally getting recognized for the beauty she is? Hells yes. let's welcome more ppl to the party, heh.

People magazine finally got something right about them. Bout' time.

Not sure what else to say..

cept thanks. again. :D


p.s. @ pricklypearess
thank you for the hint about the name/url option! i was so sadfacing about blocking of anon posters until you pointed that out. had no idea :)

MAMABEAR said...

Rose, I love your site, I come here because I feel the same way you do about Rob/Kristen. I have wanted these two together for a long time and I thought when I saw the video from the hotel in LA (June 1, 2009) I was so happy! But when Kristen's mom, got the hug and she touched Rob's hair, I thought this love between Rob and Kristen has been going on for quite awhile. I love the thought that they are together again. Looking into each others eyes, the secret smiles and touches. But most of all the support they give to each other.
Robert adores Kristen, the looks, secret touches,he is always smiling when he is around her.
Kristen adores Robert, the way she looks at him, always wanting to touch, flying all over the world to be with him,, and yes Robert travels to see Kristen, stays behind in Van. until she is finished filming, traveling back to LA last August to spend time with her, traveling back to LA to spend Thanksgiving with her. Both seem to find the time to spend time with each other regardless where the other one is.
Rose sorry I just have a lot to say, I love these two.

Anonymous said...

They are really a beautiful couple inside and outside. The part of CW discribes Rob is amazing. THX. Haven't read it yet. You always hit the nail on the head. Your blog is my daily highlight. I think your right about anonymus hater comments. I love Robsten.So I have nothing to fear.

KPattz said...

Great post as always,Rose!I hope now the crazies will go away!We're sick of them and their delusional minds.

Teeny Weenie said...

Hi - first comment here, but have been reading for some time. Love, love, love the new banner - totally gorgeous! Glad the kids are back together for a while and just adore them together.
I agree the haters really bring out the worst in me, but I suppose it's their raison d'etre.........!! Sad, sad people that they are .....................

Thanks Rose X

misty said...

Great post and like the new look of the blog. I am glad you spoke about the comments. They were getting very nasty. I do believe in free speech but it should at least be respectful. Some of the anon commenters were taking things to a WHOLE different level. I think you always say it best as "why is this personal".
Love what Chris W said about Rob. That is how I imagined him as well. And my fascination with Rob (and Kristen) is the same, I would just think it would be a great time to have a beer and a laugh with them.
Thanks for the Lennon/McCarthy as well. Classic lyrics that say so much

Anonymous said...

Love your blog, Rose. You have a genius for illustrating your prose/poetry with just the right pics and lyrics. You brilliant woman you!

As for Rob. . . I have to admit that I do dream of falling into bed with him. But I'm fully aware that it's just a dream . . . not to mention wildly inappropriate on a number of levels.

I've never in my life been attracted to a man on the basis of looks. It's always an indefinable something, like intelligence, humor, warmth, loyalty, integrity, a passion for some interest (like music). All those qualities Rob has in spades. Most of all, I just really like this brilliant young guy. I'd love to sit and have a glass of wine and some great conversation with him.

And no matter what, I'd never act on that dream -- and I'd never tell him about it.


Lisa said...

Rose, always when I think you can't do any better, you do! This one brought tears to my eyes.. Silly me! But I feel the same way.. I adore him! But do not want to sleep with him! EWWW I have kids his age.. However, I do like to 'LOOK' at him! LOL I just want to give him a hug.. Tell him not everyone who loves him is CRAZY! Or only likes him as Edward. Some of us would watch him read the phone book! And not scream like 13 year olds! LOL

Chris' words almost brought tears too.. That's exactly the way I thought of him.. Glad to have the conformation..

I love he & Kristen together. But if someday they're not. That's OK too.. As long as they're happy..

Love the blogs new look!

Thanks Rose!

Debbi said...

Love the post as usual. I have to admit I'm really happy there won't be anymore nasties. Keep up the good words for our favorite couple. The fun is just beginning.

Ele said...

Here in Italy, during the news on TV, just talked about the People Magazine's Most Beautiful People issue and obviously they mentioned Rob and kristen saying: "Among the others there is also Robert Pattinson, the famous vampire, and his GIRLFRIEND Kristen Stewart".Squee! Just to show that here in Europe everyone sees them as a couple without any doubt!I thought I had to put it out there!

true love said...

Rose..awsome post as usual..CW..is a good guy..like him lots..WOW..no words for that lovely banner..sexy eyes..sexy everything..ROB IS A VERY DANGEROUS MAN...!!!!!!!!!!!...LOVE U R P.S..u all hear that..!!!???!!!..IF there is such thing as nonstens..which...something tells me that is all PR..by summit or even management teams..cuz HOW IN THE WORLD THERE ARE PPL WITH SUCH AS NAIVE MIND..thinking that there is no rob/kris..together as one..?..come on now...see..there are been things said all over the place..bout having secret ppl all over the sites..to see what's going on...and one time a poster said..bout EVERYONE EVERYONE IS HELPING ROB/KRIS..media..HW..rents..friends..the whole nine yard ...think bout it..just saying..but if there is such thing as nonstens..WOW..JUST WOW..crz..insane..childish..selfish..and hatefull..ppl in this world....and also..blind..see ya...:0)

RachT said...

Very nice post Rose! It was great to read the comments minus the hate. Did not like this place feeling like AT boards. I left that craphole for a reason.

What CW said is how I think of both Rob and Kristen---reserved, bookish, intellectuals, who share a love of music, old movies, and great conversation (they both love to listen to live music and just chill out). They care deeply about their family and friends...and each other.

It's not hard to see why their friendship turned into more.

And I think Kristen is so beautiful. She's unique and "you won't meet many people like Kristen"--Rob is right. And apparently she was a busy bee in LA over the weekend. Another photoshoot. Now, I am really hoping Rob and Kristen do one together. I LOVE their photos together!

dee said...

yippeeyyy!!! thank you so much Rose to sort all those nonstens and hyenas and and banned them from your blogs... I always have mixed feeling after I read your blogs, you're brilliant, read your blog always makes my day, but I will be so depressed after`I read loads of crap comments at the bottom...well done you Rose, to save our life from those depressing comments, now we can sit and relax reading your blog with loads of nice comments only and be happy...be happy for Robsten!

Anonymous said...

Rose, You always say the things I feel about our Rob and Kristen. Together or apart, I love them both. Chris Weitz's comments say what I've always thought about our man.

I too would love to sit, have a pint, and a long conversation with Rob. I'm sure it would be very interesting and enlightening.

I love the way you put the songs and pictures together. You are very talented.

By the way, has anyone noticed the thin gold band Kristen has been wearing on her left hand, middle finger? I noticed it a few days ago.


sara2 said...

Back again, and so nice to see all the positive comments today. Yay! ALL seems right with the world today. The sun is shining and Rose, I have caught your giddiness. Goodness does prevail.

Anonymous said...

Dear Rose,
I really like your blog as always.It n me relief from all the ridiculous things said about Rob and kristen. Please continue to write, forget the haters, they don't have the right to share their ideas in here, you own this site. Again, great post. God bless.

Lara said...

AT boards:

191.Alan Thu, Apr 29, 2010, 2:07 PM

"GUYS! BREAKING NEWS! OMG YOU'RE GONNA DIE!!! THEY GOT MARRIED Rob and Kristen, before Bel Ami shooting. That's the upcoming May' anno., **** YEAHHHHHHHHHHHH. Ask KStwe411 or Delany. They won't deny it! LET'S CELEBRATE!!!"

Is it true? O.O they are so young

Mellie said...

Rose- I just found this site b/c people at the AT boards have said your name on different threads. I'm loving the vibe from your blog!! Thanks for providing a place where I can get my "fix". Sometimes the AT boards get so nasty that I can't stand it anymore. This is a breath of fresh air!
To the person that was asking about the gold ring Kristen is wearing...my thought when I first saw it was...interesting the middle finger of the left hand was where Edward put Bella's ring. Makes you go hummmm. :)

Anonymous said...

LOL. Rob and Kris... married. LMAO.

Ummm... I would be sooo sooo soo suprised. Happy for them. But blown away, jaw hanging open... stupefied.

Although.. I will say this. Kristen did have a ring on her middle finger when she was going through the airport if they did (seriously, highly doubtful) get married and she was wearing the ring on her middle finger... that would be sooo funny.

I'm still hoping and a prayin for a Tom Cruise couch jump on the Oprah show... by Kristen. Because that would be the funniest thing I could imagine happening.

Hope the couve is a rockin' tonight... the deserve to have some fun after their time apart.


would one tinie tiny non invasive photo of them together be too much to ask... because I really, really want to see them... together.... smilin'...

Rob looks happy in the couve pic... wonder why? ;-)

Anonymous said...

@Mellie and ROSE...

I noticed that too that and it made me THINK....
1. Many, many, many people seem to know ROSE and Rose's blog. Further more they ADORE, LOVE ROSE and ROSE'S BLOG. (I know I DO!!)
2. I found this blog when KStew411 mentioned it as "The Truth" when one Rose's post was talking about how Kristen and Rob are just trying to live their lives and don't care what you think.


3. There is a POSSIBILITY Robert Pattinson HIMSELF has either a. seen your blog b. heard your name OR c. BOTH!!!!!


Suzy Q

Anonymous said...

Wanna be my BFF???your blog is such a oasis in the middle of all the KStew-haters blogs. I Never understand the backlash and the hate for the girl, it is because of her Boyfriend? Gosh, the guy was panting behind her since 2007, i don't believe in the E/M, but i do believe that they share strong feelings...so good for them, being able to have someone to lean on in the twilight craziness...

30yearoldtwilightfan said...

wow so nice to read this blog and not have to get a migraine from the hate. Great blog Rose, I love coming here and reading what other R&K supporters, fans have to say it was getting pretty bad here last week and I wasn't sure if I was going to come back, hopefully ♥ will stay in the air :)

Anonymous said...

Yeah, not buying the marriage thing. I would need absolute proof before I jumped on that bandwagon.

Jessica said...

You always say what I'm thinking, Rose. I love your take on things and the love you have for both Rob and Kristen. I love both of them, too. And I love you. I'm tired of the hateful comments left here, too, so I say good riddance...

Anonymous said...

My poor little shippers: First we told you it was no coincidence Robbie stayed in London till the last second. All you all swore he was busy working. Yes working on getting his party on. Then we told you he wasn't going to spend any of his free time in Canada with Kristen. Guess what? Story validated. Pap on scene got shots. Hound on scene got autographs. Ladies, RPattz is out there somewhere WITHOUT Kristen. Hahahahaha

Anonymous said...

Forgot to add of course you will say he is having fun while she is working, of course you will too bad filming wrap up earlier and she is at her hotel. TOLDJA this summer was going to be fun but not for the reasons you all wanted

lmao bring on delaney and her excuses please. Summer in L.A will be fantastic

Lisa said...

Anon 7:20.. You failed to mention they said he was having a beer with his LUNCH! They posted he was already gone when they posted. That was 5 'couve time.

Maybe he was with Sam? Either way, tell the WHOLE story if you're going to spread "pap" reports..

Anonymous said...

Love the post. Love the blog. Thank you for being so positive. Go Rob and Kristen!

Lisa said...

Anon 7:20, bet you wont run here and post the lasted from your "pap" will you? NO.. But I can do it for you!

"FOR THE RECORD LADIES- KS is out working right now...thus why Rob is not with her I assume. Some of you interpreted my post oddly."

Anonymous said...

So so glad to hear that from Chris "I love you Rob, Call me!!" this guy is sooo fucking hilarious! glad that came from Weitz..it shows what a down to earth great guy Rob is! You tell em Rose! YOu will most certainly not deal with the hate! Thank you for being so in touch with your blogs and trying to stop all the hate...unlike many bloggers out there (ahem!!! Ted casablanca!) you care and dont want all the hate on here! Thanks for standing up for them..A kiss to you hon!xxx @anon 7:20pm YOU ARE THE REASON WHY ROSE WANTS TO BLOG THE ANONYMOUS COMMENTS! SHAME ON YOU, YOU JUST WANT ATTENTION, GET OVER YOURSELF ALREADY! so happy to know the are in the couve TOGETHER (man do i love that nickname...the couve!!!)

And whoever said that is right...your blog is a good breath of fresh air!!! Thank you so much..if you see my comment i really want you to know that i am very greatful for your blog!! I cant say thank you enough:)

How does that make you feel Rose, that Rob might have heard your blog or name?...he deserves to see all the wonderful things you right about him and his significant other :) He will really appreciate the support for her :)

Thanks again darlingxxx


Anonymous said...

ANON 7:20.WHO cares what you think,you cannot change the fact that Rob and Kris area a couple.Get a life and get laid honey.Trust me you will feel better.


Anonymous said...

I forgot to mention the banner because this is my first time seeing it being busy and all. Are you trying to kill me? LOL...i felt dizzy and almost fainted...heck i fainted seeing that picture..God help me! So beautiful! THe pics are all amazing..love the blog makeover! You never fail to impress me with your pictures and your words!xxx


Olivia said...

Dearest Rose,
What a lovely, lovely posting today. The pictures, as always, spectacular, and the lyrics by John and Paul are perfect. ( Beatles fan that I am from back in the 60's. ) I loved the words by Chris for the Time article. Well chosen, and he really captured some of the down to earth yet quirky, intelligent appeal that Rob so modestly radiates. The comment about the not showing even 10% of what he is capable of on screen will help expose Rob's true talent and commitment to his craft to so many more people, especially those outside of the Twilight universe.

Sitting here, reading all the comments today, I nodded in agreement with everyone's love, support, and enthusiasm for this beautiful young couple who never cease to amaze us. They are such old souls, so in tune with each other, and seem to compliment each other's strengths and weaknesses.
I wish them success and happiness.

Rose, I support your decision to encourage positive participation here in the comment section.

@pricklypearess - Thanks for the url/name choice info. I also was clueless as to that choice.

Anonymous said...

@7:20&7:27. Go away. Seriously. "Toldja"--who the heck talks like that? LOL.

Sit down with your drama. You and the well-known stalkers in Vancouver who think they are more important than they really are. No one cares about the shit stirrers.

Why? Because we have been down this road before. The drama people started when Rob and Kristen were filming Eclipse--and what did it all amount to in regards to Rob and Kristen's relationship? Not a damn thing.

Anita said...

Dear Rose,
just wanna thank you for the beautiful post as usual.
Love you and love R/K <3

Anonymous said...

To the hater anonymous person..Um.. The pap also said that Kristen and Taylor are filming right now. Ok. Just because you change information or leave something out doesn't make it not true. Kthanxbye.

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry anon 7:20 and 7:27 I can't hear your negativity over my smile.

Respect Rose. Please.

Post your negativity somewhere it can be appreciated... may I suggest the fiery depths of hell.

Thank you,


ssmartinez55 said...

Rose - Thanks for spreading the love for these two. I cannot believe some of the stupid stuff haters come up with. My only question is why an human being would bother to dedicate their lives to just hating on people. I'm totally dumbfounded. Keep the love going, girl - it is much appreciated. Thanks, again.

Anonymous said...

Okay. Totally crazy/weird but there is a youtube video that has the same title of Rose's post and is using the same song she posted lyrics to!

Totally crazy. But awesome.

Check it out:


Rose said...

Anon @8:40pm

WOW! That is kinda weird! But I guess not too surprising since "And I love her" is a great song, especially for Robert and Kristen.
I must admit it freaked me out a little...
You can never go wrong with the Beatles!

Thanks for the link! :)

Lisa said...

Where did Anon 7:20 go?

Why not here quoting your friend the "pap"??

Your "pap" was asked this

Q: Do you know if Rob and Kristen are staying at the same? I'm hoping the same room actually LOL

His A:same residence. Beyond that, no idea of the room.

Lisa said...

OK, I'm sorry.. I'm being a hater now too.. Against the haters.. :( I was just trying to prove a point. It's the same ol same ol. Some of us believe, some don't.. Find a board that supports YOUR POINT OF VIEW.. And leave us alone.. PLZ

Anonymous said...

rob was out with sam,what did i told you all along?kristen who?lol once again i was right.

Anonymous said...

Someone should go to the archives and bring the post from the person who said that the second Rob had a free moment he was going to see Sam. Also that Kris was far away from his priorities.
Good call :)

Anonymous said...


Rob got in last night and went to his residence, the same residence Kristen is staying at. Do you know his every move? Who was he spending time with last night? Soooo how the heck can you claim who's far from his priorities? *snicker* How you can claim that his first free moment was today? LOL. And it doesn't matter that Kristen wasn't free?!?!

And WOW what "inside" info...because no one, and I mean NO ONE figured that Rob would catch up with Sam while in Vancouver! They last time they saw each other was when? January? So, OMG they had lunch---that is major news. *sarcasm*

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 9:30, 9:34.

Why do you post some of what your favorite pap posts and not others? Because you only like some of what he says? LOL

He said Kristen was WORKING while Rob was having lunch & a beer with Sam! Everyone assumed they would see each other (posted here earlier today) while they're both in the 'couve. Rob will only be there a few days.. Mountain out of a mole hill! LOL

Anonymous said...

Taylor and David Slade are staying at the same place too, this means Kristen is spending her nights with them too? NO.
Stop pretending you shippers know what goes on behind close doors. Just because kristen follows rob like a puppy everywhere doesn't mean he has to do the same when MORE important people (his mates) are near.
Sam went back with Rob to the hotel and still is there. The boys must be having a blast drinking and joking around. Again Kristen who?

Anonymous said...

Anon Nonsten loser,

What pictures in Budapest did you see? Rob was constantly looking back for Kristen. He wants her to follow him. I'd bet my life savings that he flew her over there on his dime. He was also pap'd smiling and so was she. You obviously have nothing better to do than to come to Rose's blog and hate on Kristen, who is a billion times better than you. Take your fake reports to the fake Twitter people that are proven wrong at every turn. Kristen was working today so she couldn't spend the day with Rob. I'm sure they're spending their nights together. He did bring the guitar so that they could play. Enjoy your bitterness, hate, and jealousy this weekend because it is all you'll be cuddling up to. Great post, Rose and I'm out.

Fanny said...

Oh God, I went to bed and everything was peaceful here. Great. A few hours later, I wake up to see these new pap pics of Rob with his mate. Great! I come here and see the haters descended. Not a nice way to start your day I tell you.

So Rose if you decide to block anonymous comments, I'll support you (not sure it'll stop the haters to register multiple times though since they seem to have so much free time on their hands to post again and again on every blog/site possible). anyway, while it was fun for a while, the hyenas circling your blog and foaming until they can attack when they find a way to spin reality to their agenda is getting tiresome.

Glad to see Rob out and looking happy. I'm wondering why he's not cleanshaved yet, did he not start working of these reshots yet?

Anonymous said...

to 11:51:


Has Kristen been spotted with Taylor or David Slade like she has been with Rob? The answer is NO. How often has Kristen ever been seen with Taylor during her personal downtime, when they're not filming or it's not work related? Don't think much, if ever.

So to answer your dumb question....No, Kristen is not spending her nights with them. Now, Rob is a different story....

And what's the problem that Rob caught up with Sam while Kristen was working? And if Sam went back to the hotel. Guess who he will see and give a big hug to?
It's obvious that Rob hasn't started working yet since he's scruffy. But... wait... I thought he left London at the last minute? Uh, guess not.

Lisa said...

For haters. Oops, I mean the ones "in the know"


On set with nothing to do. hmmmm wonder why he's there?? :)

What was someone saying about him waiting "until the VERY last minute" to fly to 'couve? And to back it up, he'd been there almost 24 hours and hadn't shaved. Last I looked "Edward" NEVER has any scruff! :)


Anonymous said...

Rose, love your post, love the banner (thud) Love the lack of anon posts from haters (1 did unfortunately slime their way in). The interview from Chris Weitz was the best. Yea Rose!

sof said...

for Anom ...
(Rose and sorry to use your blog)
I think you're doing a huge effort to discredit what is more than obvious. but I think you try in every way put poison and more poison at all with respect to R / K, because you guys know nothing about nothing and do not come to me you are people who hate the people are happy q,,, MMAS care may be bitten by your own poison
When I do not believe in something or not do not like talking about it ... I move away because you simply can not ignore the blog of the Rose, because everything that Anom says not interested in and be the last time I spoke to this type of people ..