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What is essential is invisible to the eye"


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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Robert and Kristen... A Whispered Romance.

Jimmy Fallon was a rerun the other night...
and it was the show with Robert.
I don't think Rob has ever been cuter
than when he was up in the tree
(hanging on for dear life)
With the wind blowing through his hair...
Trying to be funny and not fall.
Is there anything better than Robert smiling like this??
Yes, I have this interview on my DVR.
I have all of Rob's interviews on my DVR.
With the exception of the insane screaming
Fallon's is one of the best.

I had to show this picture.
Apparently it's the end of the world!
People are saying that this is in fact...
None other than...
OREGANO!!! and Kristen.
(Really? That could be my brother!)
Michael Oregano
(Yeah, yeah on the last name)
I'm sorry.
But the picture analyzing has become ridiculous.
And even if it IS Oregano?
So what?
Surely Kristen is allowed to remain friends
with someone who was a part of her life
for a few years?

I can't tell you how often I just sit
at my computer and actually shake my head
at all the fucking NONsense that goes on.
No wonder I have a headache.

Take a good look at the above picture.
I'm sure this is only a small sampling of the madness
that surrounds Robert and Kristen.
Does he look happy to you?
Of course not.
So tell me...
Why would Rob or Kristen look happy
when THIS is what they deal with whenever
they try to go anywhere?
Haters like to cling onto the fact that whenever
there is a picture of Rob and Kristen together...
They look miserable.
Common sense, People.
Let's see if you can focus beyond your
Rabies addled brain for one moment.
Being stalked and harassed by the Paparazzi
isn't reason to smile lovingly at the person you are with.
You put your hat on
Pull your hood up
and just try to make it through the madness.
I'm miserable just looking at pictures like this.
Can you imagine how they feel?

An intriguing invitation
A revealing discovery...

A promise of adventure
A whispered romance...

A question answered
A secret kept.
It won't be long now.
 I can't hardly wait.


Patricia said...

Rose I simply ADORE you ! "Spot on again my dear"...
Thanks for those pictures of Rob and Kristen! I adore them also.

Hang in there the pretty is yet to come. I hope he's already on his way!
You have a lot of followers that love you and Rob and Kristen.

Anonymous said...

Very sweet! We all need peace in the midst of the madness. True shippers would never be swayed by a grainy photo of the back of someone's head. Just typing it sounds dumb!


Anonymous said...

Rose, You are wonderful. When I feel this fandom has lost it, and I want to give up and leave, I come and read your posts to remember the majority are sane, smart women. Who are this haters anyway? Is the world really inhabited by these resentful, miserable beings who have nothing else to do, but dissect the lives of two young, humble, talented actors who happen to be in love at the time? seriously? Well, I feel sorry for them. Life must really SUCK for them if they have nothing else to do but foam at their mouths and hate on people they don't know!

And about that blurry picture... who cares if it is, in fact, Michael? isn't he friends with her brother anyway? uh, hello! I am friends with my ex! No big deal. And I am happily married. People are INSANE. Hyenas, like you call them. I just can't wait until the next pic of Rob and Kris appears, and these haters start to whine, and scream. It really has become a joke.

CCDO said...

Rob on Fallon is the cutest thing ever. ICU ASB in that M & K pic, I love that man, he is so cute <3
Poor Rob, that was when he came back from Italy right? The things that kid has to go through (Kristen too) is just sad.
Ah, the person in the pic could be anybody, maybe it's Michael, maybe it's not, guess it will be just another mystery to the list. Kristen seemed like she had fun, that's what matters no? I would have died to go to Coachella, it was insane this year, glad she had a good time

Anonymous said...

Lovely post, Rose as usual. Thanks. You know I used to be regular at Ted's AT but have not been there for quite sometime except once a few weeks ago.

I like your blog and always look forward everyday to a new post.
I think it's a whole lot better than Ted's because you do it for love and with love. Ted is just interested in the money.

Another thing is that you're straight forward, consistent and loyal. Ted is just all over the place. His only loyalty I think lies in his pocket.

More power to you. Promise you won't change?


Anonymous said...

Rose, I COMPLETELY LOVE YOU AND YOUR BLOG!! Always have, always will!!

It´s my first comment here!! I always talk to you on twitter, RT you, but you have never answered. That´s ok, I know you are a very busy woman!!

I love the way you write. Wish there were more people like you out there in this fandom. Wouldn´t it all be so much better? Also wish those crazy people would give you a break!!

You are an inspiration! Thank you so much for every single post!!

Love you!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Rose,
I haven't commented for a LONG time but I've been enjoying your posts so much I thought I would again. These days I just generally try to avoid the comments but they're kind of like a traffic accident that are hard to pull your eyes away from.

To all the people on here who are going to read through the comments, feel their blood pressure boiling (that's not healthy you know?), and feel that they must MUST comment -- why don't you take a deep breath before logging in. Take a sec. and decide if the world will really be a better place if you type up your nastiness (wherever it is directed). I know I sound preachy but hey, it's a beautiful day; this is supposed to be entertaining. If you guys want to talk about hypocricy, injustice, and whatnot why not join some of the political forums? Why not get into a fight about white supremacy and freedom of speech? Or firearm deaths and the right to bear arms. Why direct SO much time and energy here. On Rose's blog. On a blog that used to be just *fun* to visit. There are lots of good fights out there to fight; this just isn't one of them.

I fight some of these real fights for a living; I used to follow Robert and Kristen as a diversion from these real fights. The fights that matter in the world; make it a better or worse place for people.

But this? This is not one of those fights. This is playground stuff -- throwing sand. And yes, Rose, I think you've been drawn in too much. I love your sweet blogs about R and K. That's what used to bring me here. I know it's really hard to get drawn in but I actually think you're probably far above it when it comes right down to it.

A number of us have said it's not worth it -- commenting to the haters. You've said it yourself when you've told us to avoid the non-words! I get that it's tounge and cheek. But yuck. They are sad. They don't deserve your comments.

I'm going to get off my soapbox now.

Thanks for the post today Rose; it's nice to see happy Rob.

Have a good one.


Jenn Ski said...

I've see those pictures from Eclipse a thousand times but today seeing them made me squeal, I can't wait for Eclipse, 69 more days!

May said...

Yeah,I cant help but be fucking amused by the stupidity of people.*sigh* Its not like the sky would fall if Kris and MA are friends.FFS He was in her life for couple years.Plus,he is friends with her brother. What amazes me is that h8rs and nonstens take that as a proof that R&K are not together together.I mean....SRSLY? *fp*

But tbh, spring is finally here and soon, summer will be too. All I really want is for our bbs to be together and happy&let all the BS that constantly surrounds them, just fucking fall away. Wouldnt that be a dream? :D

soadram said...

Rose :))))
As always the right word at the right time
I love this blog and how to write.
Rose excuse me use your blog and this comment here, I'm on twitter maas short time ago and frankly soui n know very well how it works, but I'll read and see the views and frankly I've read each of coissa own fans Rob and Kristen who do not understand it, because I still say anyone who believes, believes is not accurate mfazer stupid questions and observations.
As for the comments I read here yesterday about someone say ... that those who supported Rose was "paid .." bla bla bla, I say to these people just go to sleep, because they must rest from walking very stressed and this is very bad for you .....:)
Rose I'm sorry for this outburst, but while writing this blog and continue the person I'm almost sure that you are straight and honest I ALWAYS come here.
Here a big kiss from Portugal:)

Anonymous said...

Hey Rose. I was one of those screaming girls in the JF audience LOL We weren't that bad were we? :)

Let me say RP is even more beautiful in person. That smile. Anyway, I enjoy your thoughts, very sane and I have to say this fan base has lost most of the sane ones,unless they all went crazy,, who knows. Just for the record, (That is KS brother) at least the coachella pics :)

Anonymous said...

Rose,it seems that lately many crazies come and post at your blog.And i mean crazies from all sides.Hardcore shippers and haters.

MA?WTF?The guy was part of Kristen's life for so long.Maybe they're still friends who happened to meet in a concert.Nina Shumbert,Rob's ex,has said that she and Rob are still good friends.Does it mean that they're hooking up?Or Kristen after a year decided to start dating MA again?That's the most ridiculous ever.
But you know something?People will think whatever they want.Negativity will always be there.This picture will be a "proof"for the haters that K/R is PR and that's she's with Oregano.I guess that means that Rob is with Tom or EDR or that Leighton chick? LOL

Love you,Rose.

misty said...

That picture of Rob being swarmed by the paps is frightening. I hear him saying "shit, I have to walk into this".
I would probably have to head straight to the bar after going thru that. Why would you ever have a smile on your face when you have to fight your way thru that crowd?

Thesabstar1 said...

Firstly, thank you for posting day in day out despite some "crazies" directing their hate towards you personally (on your own blog no less!). And secondly for this poignant post. I hadn't seen that long-shot of Rob & Papz before and rarely do you actually see this sort of view of the madness as a whole. It really puts what things are like for them into perspective... I hope more people take note.

Anonymous said...

nonsten are ridicolous people.
1)can be a photomontage
2)can be anyone ( for example emilie hirsh ,a friend etc etc )
3) probably angarano is abroad for a movie
4)kristen have fun while you barking and howling .SERVES YOU RIGHT
5)robert never,never ever,have a love story with you hyenas
6)kristen love robert .robert love kristen

and i love rose
nobody loves nonsten , hyenas or whoever you are

Anonymous said...

Awesome post, Rose, as always!The words in blue are wonderful and so fit Robert and Kristen!
I'm really, really tired of the hyenas NONsense. I mean, since this photo appeared all they are doing is saying:"OMG!!See??They are together!! There was no Robsten!Yay!we were right all along!"....blahblahblah..I mean..REALLY??SERIOUSLY??What the hell is wrong with them?? Robert and Kristen are together and have been all along! As a very reliable person said on her twitter: "Angarano is so ancient history that the Battle of Troy looks recent ". It really is like that. And,excuse me, they weren't just the two of them,hanging out just the two of them,being intimate,etc.They were at Coachella, an event attended by almost ALL HOLLywood!And they didn't even arrived together,otherwise they would have been pictured together in the other photos of kristen with her brother and ASB..and don't tell me that he was there but he was hiding! It seems to me that they bumped into one another and what Kristen was supposed to do?Run away? I think it's good they remained friends. Most of people do the same with their exs.Robert said himself that he still keeps in touch with Nina who is engaged with another guy. Yet some people want to convince themselves that, yeah, Michael(and I do think i'ts him in the picture,so what??)and Kristen are together after SHE spent her freaking BIRTHDAY in Budapest WITH Robert!How convenient eh?Have the hyenas ever been in a relationship before? Do they think Kristen would have flown all the way to Budapest(15 hours flight) if Robert wasn't her boyfriend? And do you think Michael would have let her if he was still her boyfriend?Answer:NO. And their other theoty:"Yes,they were together but they broke up in London and now she' s back with MA"..Yeah, right!She just left Rob in London after spending time with him and in 2 DAYS she went back to Ma!!NO.Relationships don't end and begin like that, but from what I can tell hyenas have never been in a relationdhip before.This is the first picture of Angarano and kristen (AMONG HUNDREDS OF PEOPLE) in a YEAR doing nothing else than whatching someone singing ,while we have seen tons of photos of Rob and Kristen together when they didn't have to be with one another(NYE, Bafta, RM premiere,Budapest)+ witnesses of them being intimate.Oh and the hand holding pictures?Oh right, kristen was cold and Robert was warming her up. Give me a break! Rob and kristen are together and FINE and I think they will surprise us all soon. keep up yhe good work, Rose!


Anonymous said...

Hi girls, Hi Rose!
Your post is so beautiful as ever!
I'm a true Robsten fan and I'm really tired of hearing all the shit coming out from haters' mouths..they're really crazy and they're blind. Rob and Kristen really love each other and it's clear..this picture proof NOTHING : You can't even recognize Kristen because it so a bad picture..!It could be anyone! I'm sure MA wasn't there, because it's been said that he was away for filming a movie, in Mexico I think. But, I mean..it's everything so ridiculous.. Kristen has been with Rob, in England until last Tuesday, and there were pictures -true and clear ones :)- all over Internet. They have spent her Birtday in Budapest together, then she followed him to London.. now, just a week has passed and just because of a stupid, bad picture in which you can see nothing, haters are saying all this shit?! Kristen has spent a year with Robert and they're engaged.Face the truth. She even spent Christmas with him and his family, they love each other so much..I don't know I'm speechless, it's everything so clear..I just hope they're happy and fine together. And haters who can just say "It's a pr stunttt" basing they're bullshit just on a bad/ maybe photoshopped picture..well they should get a life.. Thanks Rose, God Bless Robsten...

pricklypearess said...

Love the pic of Rob being 'bothered' in the tree with Jimmy Fallon! God, that was funny. Can you imagine walking into a pap crowd like that every time you went out? I'd be a head case from it by now. Can't wait for Eclipse to come out! Oh the chemistry between these two. Thanks for another great post, Rose!

RPaddict said...

Rose, Love the post today.Your always spot on when it comes to my 2 favorite people. I just wish there were more people such as yourself to give them the dignity,respect,and privacy,they deserve.
I follow you on twitter as well and cheer you on as you defend the vioce of reason where RnK are concerned,when I can.

Keep up the good thoughts and love, and ignore the drooling mongrals that prowl the web.

You rock!

Anonymous said...

I'm kind of floundering right now because your post today has me running a gamut of emotions.

Adore Robert on Fallon, so much cuteness. That smile? JFC, *iz dead* Even when there is massive amounts of screaming, he still manages to give his best - I admire that quite a lot about him. I hope he never loses the ability to let it all roll off his back, good or bad. His humility is one of his most endearing traits imo.

IDEK where to start with the freaking over one blurry pic. For me? I could give a good god damn if it is Michael in the pic with her (honestly I can't tell, the only reason I even think that's Kristen is b/c of of that hoodie, the guy could be ANYONE). So what if it is M? That would be one snapshot of the two of them together in A YEAR. I wasn't privy to that relationship anymore than I am R/K but assuming things didn't end horribly, I certainly hope Kristen was able to maintain a friendship with someone she was close to for years, if that's what she wants. My first serious bf and I had a bad split but managed to let the past lie in the past b/c the foundation of that relationship was a close friendship and neither of us wanted to lose that entirely. We have been friends for a long time now. My current bf doesn't care in the least - he knows how I feel and who I come home to at the end of the day. I wish more people had faith in Kristen. I'd say its fairly certain Rob does, since this wasn't sneaky on K's part at all. She's out in the open, not hiding out in a dark alley. FFS, ppl need to chill on that *headdesk*

the Pap swarm around Rob. OMG it hurts my heart :( I know he's famous and a lot of people say "deal with it" but really? He's not a fucking zoo exhibit, he's a HUMAN BEING. This is why I don't watch pap vids, they make me sick. It's rare that we get such a wide shot showing exactly what he has to walk through so much of the time. The fact that he hasn't gone running for the hills makes me think he's made of sterner stuff than I, that's for sure. Same for Kristen. God knows I couldn't handle having a a camera shoved in my face with assholes asking q's that are none of their biz.

The eclipse stills! GAH! THOSE are the only reasons I'm looking forward to the movie. That and the score (Howard Shore? FOR REALS?! He's amazing). I'm crossing my fingers that we'll get to see the chemistry that exists between these two. It felt so awkward and hasty in NM... they were sacrificed for Jacob/taylor. IDC how big a part Jacob plays in Eclipse, E/B and Robert and Kristen as a team, deserve to have the spotlight for a bit. So thanks bb for posting those pics. Perfect way to start a wednesday.

"A question answered. A secret kept."

You rock my socks Rose. Can't say that enough. Sorry for the ranty/rambling comment lol.

*runs out into the sunshine*

Anonymous said...

Blah, Blah, Blah.... You can feel sorry for them all you want, " oh poor Rob and Kristen, look what they have to go through".... as they laugh all the way to the bank!!! Give me a break, Fancy dinners, beautiful hotels, people waiting on you hand and food, millions of bucks to buy whatever the heck you want.... Yeah lets all feel sorry for them that they get hounded by paps and fans and cant smile around each other... Get a grip!!!

Anonymous said...

sorry i don't know why my posts appear double? but nonstens were saying that back shots of k/r in budapest could be "anyone" but these coachella shots are definitely m/k we got the front shots in budapest lets see the front shots of coachella and then decide OK

Anonymous said...

I love that R&K's fans here are all reasonable and don't try to make up false excuses and prove it sure can't be MA but instead say that it MIGHT be him (difficult to say with such a blurry photo) but that it doesn't matter at all. Kristen flew 16+ hours from LA to Budapest to spend a few days with her BF since she couldn't stay longer due to work commitments according to kstew411. THIS speaks volumes. Just like all the other occasions (NYE, baftas, ...) before.

We all do know the truth (R&K are together) and it's no big deal if she spent some time with MA and friends at a festival. Actually I'm more surprised that she would hang out with him in public, even incognito. Not that she shouldn't of course! it's just that considering the amount of paps and gossipers there during this event (though maybe the paps don't hang out with the regular crowd like KS did), she had to know hell would happen in the fanbase and the tabloids if she was seen with him. But it proves she doesn't care, she lives her life how she wants to, the only opinions that matter to her are the ones of the people SHE cares about (this includes Rob). That's smart and I love her for that. Kuddos.

Now my honest opinion on these photos (not that I was asked for it but oh well lol)? I do believe it's Kristen, same shirt and in one of the pics you can see part of ASB. And it 'could' be MA. The girl who took the pics said she saw KS & MA and nobody believed her. She was right about KS imo, so why not about MA. Unless she's a hater having fun with this and riling up the shippers (I don't know this girl so it's a possibility too...). It could also be her brother since in the pics from the Lacoste party, he does look like MA, it could be a friend or a random guy in the audience since the photo is so bad quality. No big deal if it is MA, hilarious if it isn't, typical overreaction from the fanbase any way.

But the fact is Kristen went all the way to Budapest just last week to spend her bd with Rob, she wanted to spend her special day with him even if he was working, he'll be back in LA soon enough. We'll get lots of good things very soon I'm sure and then it'll be Eclipse promo. So let's smile :) I can't wait either. I'm missing Rob right now, please come out of hiding just for a few seconds at least? Please?

Oh and that photo of Rob facing the paps IS scary! I would hate to have to face that most of the time I go out! And people are surprised he and Kristen don't smile then? God, I would do the same: blank face, head down, walk away as fast as possible *shudders*


Anonymous said...

To 11:12

There's no pictures of Oregano since last year, KStew is StewyNinja. We all know that. She spendt her birthday with Rob, because she loved him so much, that's true, it was an intense relationship and she told a friend (watch tay's friend facebook) she has to be there with R, because he is very sensitive, and the breakup is gonna be hard for him. But it's over now. It ended after Budapest. Rob got drunk in London. Shit happens. Her necklace it's a present from Oregano.

Get over it. Move on.

Anonymous said...

Are MA and TayStew close friends?

Anonymous said...

To Anonymous 11.16 She didn't spend Christms with Rob' family. She spendr New Year's Eve with a large group of friends in England. She was 19 so if I had her money I would fly to Europe too, only to get drunk LOL. She went to Budapest, but before she stopped by Ireland where MA was working. Then she flight to BP to the breakup scene with Rob. And THEN she came back to LA to reunite with his Coachella lover, family and friends.

Anonymous said...

Wow what a double standard. Rob went out with friends who he never dated and who have serious boyfriends (Shannon and Katy) and fans attacked him. Yet, Kristen is seen possibly out with MA who she went back and forth to for months leading up to their break-up along with Rob and its all cool. She must have "happened to run into him" among 75K people and they stood together, touching, for several acts at the very least.

Anonymous said...



I'm so happy. MA is back!

Anonymous said...

I don't think Rob would be okay with Kristen hanging with MA. I honestly believe Rob and MA didn't get on at all and that Rob would also be afraid that MA would steal Kristen from him.

Anonymous said...

@3callmemommy Then Rob gave Stewie a necklace to commemorate said breakup, loaded some emo books on her Kindle and sent her back to Mike ;)

And then, Rob asked for all of his Ray-Bans back, which is why Kristen had to borrow TayStew's at Coachella... ;)

OMG, finally some sense LMFAO

Anonymous said...

Wow Rose, your great, love your blog. Some people who comment are a little wacky lol lots of fun to read though. Rabies brains bwahahaha keep up the good work

Anonymous said...

Gotta love people who have so many private details about KS's private life (breakup with her BF, trip to Ireland to see her ex-BF, gifts from ex-BF, drunk hearbroken Rob, god it's so confusing). Some people have a very nice carreer ahead of them if they try and get hired by some tabloids.

Anonymous said...

to anon 12:31

Yeah right, she went all the way to Budapest to spend her birthday with him so she could break up with him... Ok,whatever helps you sleep at night.. do you think she would do that on her birthday? And he stayed with him a whole week to prepare him for the break up? And she came back to london from Budapest because after the breakup they wanted to spend some time together to heal the wounds,right?..PLEASE..she was there because she wanted to be there to spend time with her BF..no breakup, just love ,'key?Oh, and the necklace is from Robert.

Get over it. Move on.


Anonymous said...

I don't follow anything that MA is doing, but I know he is now with one of Kristen's Runaways costars Hannah, and Hannah was at Coachella, so I doubt it was anything romantic between MA/K in the least. Besides, I doubt it's even Michael (supposedly it was 'taken' by a hardcore Rob fan) But even if it was no big deal! She just spent her birthday with Rob in Budapest. Besides supposedly where it was taken Emile was up there, Runaways costars and Kristen's brother. Wouldn't the media have been all over it if it was Michael? It doesn't make sense to me. Besides Rob<<<<<<<<<<<<<Michael.

RachT said...

Great post Rose. As usual!

I was away on vacation and hadn't been online in over a week. When you are away from all the BS for an extended period of time and "detox" from it...the moment you come back and start reading, you REALLY do see how incredibly insane some people are about all of this. Wow.

I'm in a great position b/c I couldn't care less about what the unstable people have to say, regardless of what side of the fence they're on, I don't care! I know what I know, believe what I believe and nothing I have seen leads me away from the fact that I think Rob and Kristen are together.

The stuff about the ex-boyfriend? Don't care. Have no idea whether he was at the music festival. Have yet to see a clear pic of him there so just because someone claims to have seen him, that doesn't make it so...people can be wrong about a celeb sighting. Happens a lot. Could the ex have been there and hung w/ Kristen? Sure, why not. Do I think it means anything or proves something? Nope. I'm friends with all of my exs. It's a cool thing.

Kristen could've spent her birthday anywhere in the world and with anyone she wanted and she chose to fly all the way to eastern Europe to spend it with Rob. And Kristen has spent her past 3 bithdays with the same man...and that man IS NOT her ex. So, whatever with all the BS. People always post stories about a break-up the second Rob and Kristen are apart. Like Kristen went over to England for New Years to break up with Rob. And we know how true that was. LOL. Sigh. It's nothing new!

This fandom has some batshit, insane, crazy, psycho people in it. It is then, I am happy to have my Timothy Olypahnt obession. I can take a break and follow that sexy man without insane people! And I had to laugh because on last night's ep of Justified, Timothy was wearing the same black & grey checkered shirt that Kristen has, the one that caused so much drama. LOL. So, now, whenever Kristen wears it, I am going to pretend it's Timothy Olyphant's :P

Sorry so long of a post, just had a lot to say!

Anonymous said...

oops I meant Rob>Michael obviously.;)

pricklypearess said...

Some of you are posting the EXACT, word for word garbage over on the AT. Funny. Guess you feel you have to hit every fan site and blog to try to prove that K/R are over. We shall see. Time will tell if you're speaking the truth. I'm just enjoying looking at Rob pics right now. Ohhmmmmm.

kristine.hills said...

As you said once
Always and it never stops.

I'd like to say i'm happy K spends time with her brother, because even when you have thousands of friends you only have one thing you can REALLY TRUST 'YOUR FAMILY'.
It doesn't matter how much they are our close friends, our family is always there for us.
(our family is always on our side for both good and bad times)

I have a beautiful and wonderful family and i know i can trust them 100%.And so Can RK (their families are always there,for good and bad times)

It's fascinating how ridiculous loserstens are, it's the same sh!t.RK are apart and the vomit is here, either R is hooking up with the whole female around the world, but K. OR K is w/Taycob/MA or anybody else, but R. AND the evidences that RK are TOGETHER(as a REAL and ROMANTIC couple)are here palpable, visible, BUT it's easier for a lot of patheticstens want to believe in what can make they go through the night.And it's only happen when they are apart.FASCINATING.

IF MA was at coachella it would be the perfect gossip for all the crazystens celebrate it during years.So keep trying and spread your hatred/abomination around the world.Don't be idiot and say the gossip sites wouldn't talk about it, because they would and it would the HEADLINE for first page.


"good overcomes evil, and frightens the storm, blue and yellow is all very beautiful"

Into RK bubble/world everything is beautiful and you can BET they are FREE to laugh/smile all the f.time without being bother by crazy people and pappz.It's a beautiful world because they deserve it.






KSTEWNINJA is ninja all the time of course she is aware about this disgusting madness about her/his life.There is no way in H E LL
she would be it happen.

She KNOWS who she wants and she DOES KNOW R wants her as much as she wants R.period


Anonymous said...

Guuuuuuurl, I love you. No. Seriously. I really do. I want to weed your garden and make you tea and like, wash your car or something. Your awesomeness grows exponentially with each blog. Can't hardly wait to read the next one!

Poor sad hyenas.

Anonymous said...

What is AT? I'm confused... Sorry. Someone filll me in

Anonymous said...

to all "these" anons:

Rob sensitive, Kristen flew over to break-up softly, he got drunk because it left him heartbroken, she got a necklace from MA (BTW: which she already had at London airport), it ended after Budapest, she spent NYEve with a large group of friends in England, went to Budapest, but before she stopped by Ireland where MA was working, Then she flight to BP to the breakup scene with Rob (BTW äähh break up scene??), Kristen is with MA who she went back and forth to for months leading up to their break-up along with Rob and its all cool....

Oh jeah, coooool. One flew over the cuckoo's nest.
I think you forgot some parts in this fan fiction:

Robs secret lover Tom, Rob's secret pregnant english girlfriend; his female co-stars Emilie, Uma, Christina, Holly, Nikki, Agent Security Blanket, Dean, Stephanie, his dog (the only true love of his life), Kristen's true love Bobby Long, Rob's secret hook up with Leighton Meester in NY---anything else? Have I forgotten anything? Anything you people came up with in the last month?

But psssst, if you stick your head for a second out of your nonsten blog (sorry Rose for naming it) or the AT board, do you hear any of this fanfic rumours in the big media outlets? What was is on SNL last weekend again? - Rob Pattinson dating Kristen Stewart.


Anonymous said...

Rose, thanks for sharing your thoughts with us every day. I discovered your site couple weeks ago. Your blog is witty, rational, and down to earth; with nice sprinklings of sassiness and attitude to boot!

I’m a pretty perceptive person, and immediately noticed the height difference between Kristen & MA in their walking photo. Notice how K’s shoulder falls few inches below MA’s shoulder. Yet, in the Coachella photo, “supposed” K & MA stand shoulder-to-shoulder & head-to-head. What happened? Did MA go thru a dryer and shrink about 4 inches…like my favorite sweater my hubby put thru the dryer, lol? IF the photo is real and not photo-shopped (the black blob which is said to be K looks very suspect to me), a rational person would have to conclude that it’s K with her brother. They were papp’d and seen together all day, are same height, and the bro resembles MA.

I’m fairly new to the R&K fandom, and am surprised by the sheer ignorance of few naysayers who insist (against a mountain of evidence that R&K are a couple) that they are PR, they’re gay, or whatever suits their agenda. What’s up with that (scratching head)?

Rose, Keep defending R&K and keep the hyenas at bay. Have a wonderful day!

Anonymous said...

Fact: Kristen does what she wants and who she wants when she wants. Fact: Kristen was raised by hippies and subscribes to the notion of "free love." Fact: Kristen doesn't care if Rob has sex with others. Not fact, but heard through second-hand party: Rob hates, loathes, despises Mike A.

Anonymous said...

Do you seriously need to travel far to have a break up scene. Hello! they are not making a movie here. Why would I travel that far if I want to break up with my boyfriend. We have all those high technology of communications. I never face my boyfriend when I broke up with them. I don't like to see them face to face anymore. We have e-mails, cell phones and etc. to make our life easier and not to waste time and money just to have a break up scene.
If Rob is drunk and wasted, that's just one of the best days of amusing himself after hard days of working. Ditto in the side of Kristen hanging out with friends. Honestly when you don't see them together, paranoid freaks are in full force.

Anonymous said...

to anon 2:15
Fact:you're really,really,really idiot!I understand that you're in love with Rob and that you hate Kristen,because she fucks him and you'll never will and that makes you sick.But get over it and try to find a real bf,because Rob doesn't know you,doesn't want you and he'll never will.


Anonymous said...

AT is short for the Aweful Truth over on E! online site. The posts over there get pretty ugly. Enter with caution.

Anonymous said...

Oh come one anon 2:15
"Kristen was raised by hippies", where do you life?

She is sweet, nice, a beauty and cool, can give a nice bichface, is a breath of fresh air by HW standards. But here in Europe her attitude is more standard than a "hippie of free love". Why do you think she fits so well in the Brit Pack group?


Anonymous said...

Well, I don't know about breaking up over cell or online (that's cold), but I know I wouldn't fly to Budapest to break up and then take the same flights with him. Rob will be in states very soon for work. Why wouldn't she just wait 'til he got here? Breakup story doesn't hold any weight. Just more stirring.

pricklypearess said...

I know this is off subject a little today, but does anyone know when Rob starts filming WFE?

Anonymous said...

All I have to say is, who did Kristen fly 14 hours to see for her birthday? Rob. Case closed. Oregano was history as soon as Rob walked into that audition. If I remember correctly, Rob was the only one Kristen asked the director if they could try the kissing scene again,lol. I doubt it was Michael in the Coachella pics, but I actually hope it was. It's nice if they were able to part on good terms. Multiple reports he is dating her friend/costar so it could be him.
What could they talk about anyway?
Michael:What have you been up to lately?
Kristen:Well, just got back from Budapest for my birthday, where Rob gave me this neclace *points to chest* Oh and we went to the best place for New Years!..



Anonymous said...

to anon 2:12

If you stick a bit longer to this fandom you won't wonder anymore. The same peolple who are screaming "I love you Robert, I love you Kristen, I love you Taylor, I love you..." at an event like ComiCon are trying to bring them down the next day, searching for dirty secrets, making up stories and ending up fighting and hating them or some of them.

It is just the way it is.


Anonymous said...


according to the WFE blog and some other articles, it should start production around the 22nd of May. haven't heard anything about prep for it (though i imagine there would be?) that he might have to do before filming officially starts.

Jessica said...

Thanks again for another great post today. I loved Rob on Fallon, too. Score!
Thanks for sharing that pic of Rob surrounded by a swarm of cameras. Wow, that must be awful. Someone else here commented that since he (and K) have money and are waited on blah blah blah we shouldn't feel sorry for them having to endure the paparazzi like that. WTF?! Who cares how much money they have?! They are still human beings who want to try and live their lives! JFC!! It helps that they have money when K travels across the globe to see him or when he buys her a special gift, but... Huge paychecks don't automatically mean they should smile for the frenzied cameras surrounding them all the time. I would hazard a guess that they'd happily trade some of the money they have made for some more privacy. Put yourself in their shoes...
Anyway, thanks Rose. Keep it up!

Anonymous said...

the same nasty posters from AT are on here too, i guess they really do love their robsten deep down LOL i am fearful that kristen is going to have a nervous breakdown with all this negativity around her, i hope she is as strong as she seems

Mr Lonely said...

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Anonymous said...

to anon 2:12

And you are spot on. I am convinced the picture is fake. The guy who took the foto was obviously really standing behind Kristen during a concert. He has 2 clear pictures of her in the crowd with her bodyguard and you can tell it is her.

But then there is a 3rd one which claimes to show Kristen and Michael. But it is a different setting, no crowd, no bodyguard, blurry picture, the line of her body, her height in comparison to the guy and the girl on the left (this girl must be a dwarf). It totally looks photoshopped. My guess: He photoshopped Kristens back into this icture.

But why? Was he convinced that he has seen Michael, but no one was believing him and he faked the evidence? Or is it someone/a group of people who likes to see all the shippers/nonstens in a dizzy?
Whatever the motivation is, this foto seems to be fake.

But even if Michael was there, I read the other day that someone does not like Kristen because of her "cheating" on Micheal last year and that she didn't managed to keep a friendly relationship with him. If they were at this concert and seems to be friendly which each other, then it only proofs that they are still on good terms and that all the "dramatic" break up maybe not happend in the first place and they parted as friends.


Anonymous said...


Kristen doesn't know a thing about what people say here or in the whole net. No twitter, facebook, whatever. She has said thousand times she doesn't read ANYTHING. She is very introspective, and doesn't share her feelings. That's why I find hard to believe she told someone about the necklace etc. No one here knows a thing for sure, either.

Anonymous said...

Its so unfair. Rob couldn even stand next to a girl at the Lyrics Lounge without people going on about him possibly cheating on Kristen. The person was possibly Shannon W, gf of his mate Andrew G but it didn't stop fans. But when Kristen stands next to a guy shes been with for 5 years of her life its okey dokey. I wonder if fans will be so understanding if Rob gets pictured with his ex Nina Schubert?

Anonymous said...

Thanks 2:22 for clearing up AT.. I always wondered... Now do I dare enter.....

pricklypearess said...

to anonymous 2:42, Thanks. Yeah, I would imagine there's some prep work with being around the animals, etc. So, start time is only about a month away and he apparently has some re-shooting to do for Eclipse. I heard UC is no longer happening. True or not?

Anonymous said...

to anonymous 3:04....you've been warned! LOL

Anonymous said...

FYI:The Grainy Coachella pic(supposedly of ks/ma from behind says a nonsten)has been DEBUNKED here: http://twitpic.com/1hb04o

Anonymous said...

Oh, and by the way Rose. I like your blog.

But the 'picture analyzing,' is something we do here in the Robsten universe.

Don't ask people who examine down to the pixel Kristen's rings, Rob's T-shirts, Airport signage and everything under the sun (blowing up, brightening, doing comparisons, and all manner of photo-investigating) to suddenly NOT want to do same when some assshat hater/nonsten/hyena tries to sell us a sh*t sandwich in the form of a pic that looks like he shot it from inside his own bunghole.

Asking us to NOT deconstruct these morons is too much.

The debunked picture author makes a point, which is basically: Kristen is not MA's height, she's a good 3 inches shorter in flats/sneaks. Yet whoever is standing next to her(?) is shoulder to shoulder.

That's called a FAIL where I come from.

Anonymous said...

I saw that the picture is probably a fake, but how old are people when they either rejoice or freak out when Kristen may be pictured by an ex at a festival that totally empties HOllywood out as everyone heads to Indio, Ca? I hope it was MA, he seemed like a cool enough guy to be Kristen's man for several years, it is a nice thought to think it didn't end badly and they are still friends(which is hard to do at such young ages).

God, people, grow up. I'm married and I still have lunch once a year with an exboyfriend to catch up and respect the memory of what we shared for a time.

Rose said...

To Anon @4:29

Debunk away! I was actually referring to the haters who can't wait to shred apart obvious pictures of Rob and Kristen together, yet cling onto a blurry picture of 2 people from behind, in hopes of it causing some sort of fury to those who happen to believe Rob/Kristen are together.

I say the Hyena Foaming is getting worse by the day... and when Robert gets back to California?
They will have full blown Rabies.
Poor, sad Hyenas ;)

Anonymous said...

I get people's curiousity if it was Michael, I really do. I personally think if they were totally hanging out all weekend, it would have made news. Paps stalked MA all last summer, hoping to get a shot of him with Kristen. The prrice for such a picture would still be worth a lot of money.

One thing that bothers me though is how screwed over Michael gets in the fandom. On the extreme shippers side, they were so disrespectful to him. On the extreme nonstener side, they pretend to have this false concern and like for him. When in the end, he's just some dumb pawn in the fandom.

He must hate having to even be a fixture at all in this fandom, poor bastard.He's reduced to Elvis sightings now.

Anonymous said...

to Anon 3:01

You took the words right out of my mouth. My God, Kristen fans were hoping that Rob's plane would crash on it's way to London after he was pictured going to a friends birthday. Welcome to world of double standards.

Rose, try checking out some LJ accounts of Kristen fans. They were throwing parties when this pic was released. They want nothing more than to get rid of Rob. But I forgot, in your world Rob doesn't get any hate and doesn't need defending.

sfw10sis said...

Quick hello, very busy, lovely post Rose. How can anyone not adore these two with what they have to go through. Thanks for the great pics.


Rose said...

Anon @3:01

I have never EVER said that Rob doesn't get any hate.
I know he does. There are fucking lunatics everywhere you look
(yes, I'm looking at you)
If you have read my blog with any level of comprehension, you would know that when I refer to the HYENAS... it is a metaphor for the extreme haters on BOTH sides of the whole Rob/Kristen debate.
I don't have the time or the energy to go chasing after people's LJ accounts, or the AT/IMDb boards. I don't need to read the bullshit that goes on there. Why should I? Am I the Robsten police?

I'm not just defending Kristen... When I defend my "Robsten" point of view... I'm defending Robert as well.

Yes, there are frenzied hyenas who love to attack both Robert and Kristen. Since when is it my responsibility for what they say? You have a problem with the hate? I suggest you take it to the haters.
All I do here is love BOTH Robert and Kristen.
You are howling and whining at the wrong person... and you are getting foam all over the place.

Anonymous said...

Anon 4:29 here: Thanks for clarifying Rose.

As for the comments from Anon 4:43 (re people rejoicing or freaking out either way over an ex reunion of whomever) - um, personally...I could give a fck.

I'd think it was strange indeed if two people who were friends from childhood and most likely shared mutual friends growing up, didn't bump into each other on the odd occasion.

So even IF MA happened to be at Coachella, that would be cool with me. But apparently he wasn't. Supposedly he is filming in Spain. If he was there, I'm sure the thousands of blogs/sites/tabloids/&weeklies who covered all of young Hollywood who showed up - would have fought tooth and nail over pics of Kstew and her ex 7th grade boyfriend. But guess what? Tabloid Wednesday has come and gone, and no one's produced a damn thing.

Furthermore, when I get news hand delivered by a known hyena (in the form of the dark grainy bunghole pic), I'm going to automatically be HIGHLY skeptical.

...and it's not because I would 'freak out' at a pic of K & MA standing next to each other at an outdoor concert, but it's only because I know that the same haters who threatened to attack Kris at Rob's RM premiere live for stupid sh*t, and I just like proving them wrong and ruining their fcking day.

No WAY am I gonna let them pee on my leg (in the form of this lame ass pic) and tell me it's raining. It's as simple as that. Seriously, it's like taking a pic of someone's white facial hair, and asking me to believe that it's Santa Claus.

Also, to the hater at 4:51, who likes DEMONIZING the Kstew fans. Um, sorry - but NO. B*tches who love other b*tches will never be as killer vicious, as b*tches who are obsessed with men they cannot have. PERIOD.

Please do not swallow this person's Kool-Aid. lol

I see these types, they come on here and try to create science fiction about 'Kris fans,' hating Rob. Well, one word for you: BULLSH*T. Kris fans, love Rob, because SHE does. End of story.

I've been to enumerable Kstew sites to check out pics and read news on Kstew and Robsten, and there are very few if ANY, who don't support her want what she wants. That includes Mr. Robert Pattinson. They want her happy, and they know she wants Rob, so they want Rob FOR HER. Period.

That's how it works with SANE people.

Are there some that could take him or leave him, or who crackwise? Undoubtedly.

But their neutrality, doesn't come CLOSE to the viciousness of the 'scorned women' fans of Rob (that's how they see themselves, lol)

These nasty women live cloaked in resentment, bitterness and jealousy intent on making the both of them PAY - they hate that he has a LIFE and a beautiful young girlfriend - they can't seem to wrap their toxic minds around the concept that no matter who Rob's gf was gonna be, it was NEVER gonna be them.

Kristen's fans in no way, shape or form mirror these women that HATE young women for having the men they want.

It's almost biologically impossible. Females have a corner on hating other females who have males they covet. Maybe it's born of some kind of weird natural selection primal stuff, where neandrathal women had to fight to survive and select a mate...the only thing is - these women are doubly scary, as they are fighting a MOVIE STAR actress, for a MOVIE STAR actor, and they're probably fcking WALMART GREETERS!! LMAO

Sure, SOME females might dislike males who have the females they covet(or like, or admire) - but it doesn't even BEGIN to approach the VICIOUS SAVAGERY that women who are jealous of other women OVER A GUY, posess (See: HYENAS/HATERS/NONSTENS).

In other words, don't even start that silly UNTRUE Kristen's fans blah blah blah BULLSHEEIT! It's a fraudulent argument not even worth discussing.

Anonymous said...

Just in case all of Rose's awesome posts and big, fancy words went over your delusional hyena heads... I have dumbed it down for you (or should I say hyena'd it up for you):

You + Rob = delusional: seek psychiatric help

Kris + Rob = real: it just IS, there isn't much else we can say

Kris + Oregano = sooo last year: beyond over and your fake grainy pic of someone's hair isn't going to change the fact that it is over.

Suzy Q

Anonymous said...

anon-5:32, I'm the one who mentioned rejoicing or freaking out.

I wasn't speaking to the likes of you. I'm talking about people on other sites I visited who are rejoicing literally that MA and KS are together again, and that PRsten is "crushed." Or people online who are mad at Kristen for breaking "Rob's" hearts. I mean, you can tell these are women, not girls. It's just bizarre how people don't know the reality of the situation first of all. And then secondly, even if she was photographed just standing next to her ex, people act like like it's a sex tape!

Those are just strange reactions I don't understand from people over the age of fourteen. If you're in middle school freaking out or rejoicing? Good for you, you're allowed to. But these are grown women who are treating Kristen and Robert like Sims characters and I find it highly creepy.

Anonymous said...

and I want to add that the majority of Kristen sites I've passed through on occasion have always been much more gracious and welcoming of Rob than vice versa.

And it's no great mystery why--Kristen is sort of a fun girl to look up to for fans. Having her date a catch like Robert isn't threatening.

Some(not all of course) Robert fans on the other hand don't look up to him so much as covet him. So having him date anyone is threatening on some level.

Anonymous said...

Rose, you are right, i feel sorry for them. But, what can we do? it is life..life is at times so cruel and not fair but it is what it is.

i dont read any of the bs and i am happy. you shouldnt read them either Rose. Ignore and just keep pressing that delete button hun, keep deleting, keep deleting because you can! haha Suzy Q, loved that one, great use of equations! It's unbelivable how delusional some people are...the world is really not a safe place, with all these crazies running about living in their imaginary worlds.

What I dont understand Rose, is why they are on YOUR blog..why why why. If they dont like what you right they still come here, you know why? because they want attention and they need to feel like someone will listen to them and cares about them. It is a mental disease that needs to be cured and it is not normal. As a med student i can probably prescribe something because this is madness. Psychological madness.

Rose, keep your head high and keep blogging, dont stop lets be the sane rational voices in this crazy fandom. Thanks again for you words you write everyday and thanks for supporting Rob and Kristen. God Bless.xxx


Anonymous said...

To Anon 4:29 and 5:32

I concur with you re kristen's fans being more supportive of Kristen's choice of Rob.

I don't follow Rob's fans' twitter accounts because they hardly mention Kristen or they outright disapprove of her. When they mention her at all it's begrudgingly.
Of course there are exemptions but very few.

I like Kristen's fans because they have embraced Rob's importance in Kristen's life and never fail to include him in their convos.

I'm a fan of both and I support them but I am more comfortable with Kristen's fans than with Rob's.

Thanks again Rose for giving us a forum to come together.


Chrissy said...

Er...Michael Angarano is filming "Homework" in NYC with Emma Roberts and was there last weekend. LMFAO Did people REALLY think that was MA at the music festival????? Good lord.

deejon67 said...

Great Post Rose Michael A. Is in NYC Filming Homework With Emma Roberts Rita Wilson per larry411. He was not in CA this past weekend. Easy to verify this info.

Anonymous said...

the dude that posted that pic already said he photoshopped it, his gf is ms.kitty, one of 2twatlighters who started the whole'ma and ks' at coachella on twitter and were laughing their azzes off at everyone who believed.

Anonymous said...

Right on Rose. The wide angle papz photo is truly frightening. Wish there were strong laws here in the USA that would prevent these intrusions

The Eclipse pics, especially the last one, are so tender, sweet, honest and beautiful. In my eyes, Rob and Kristen were just meant to be together. So glad they found each other.
Take care Rose.
Suzy-Q, your comment was short, sweet, to the point, and brillant.

Teresaterri said...

Rose you are the best.Unfortunate-ly there are some sick pathetic people out there. Someone reported that Kristen was in an accident and then got beat up bysome punks. Gossip cop quickly announced it as fake but this is still so twisted.

Anita said...

Dear Rose,
after reading your daily post, I can only say that you always me happy and smile. Thank You Rose.

Anonymous said...

krissy-I don't keep tabs on Michael Angarano-why would I? The reality is that half of hollywood went to Coachella-it wouldn't be unheard of of two exes meeting at a public event like that. The (fake) photo looked off, but why couldn't he have been there? Why would it be strange for them to bump into eachother?

I don't think it's a big deal either way, who cares. She's with Robert, she seems happy, and she seems to avoid drama. Saying hi to an ex is within the realm of normalcy to me.

Anonymous said...

to 5:32

My God!

You guys only have eyes for kristen hate. Period.

''I see these types, they come on here and try to create science fiction about 'Kris fans,' hating Rob. Well, one word for you: BULLSH*T. Kris fans, love Rob, because SHE does. End of story''

one word for you: BULLSH*T.

Anonymous said...

the haters go to all the rob/kristen fansites and poop all over them on purpose its their job right now LOL they are a busy bunch

Anonymous said...

To anon 6:23

Why the hate and the venom? If you're not happy here there are other blogs you can go to.

Don't you see, by defending Kristen, we are defending Rob. They are a package deal. We are affirming their togetherness when we defend either one of them against the hate out there.