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Thursday, April 15, 2010

Rob and Kristen. I Do. You Don't. She's Not a Lesbian.

I really don't have a lot to say today.
Well, I thought I did...
But I decided to just not say it.

Sometimes you just get so tired of the
constant bullshit drama.
I just want to come online...
Hang on on some blogs, and Twitter...
And enjoy Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart.
Have a few laughs...
Look at some nice pictures...
and maybe discuss upcoming photoshoots
and movie projects.
Is that asking too much?

The fact that I believe they are together
(and hell, you even know its true at this point, don't you?)
Shouldn't be a matter of continuous fighting.
I do.
You don't.
She's not a lesbian.

There are people who have been in my online life...
who take offense to my point of view.
I mean...
They were actually 'friends'
(obviously, I was mistaken)
who shared my adoration of Robert Pattinson.
But Kristen Stewart?
Not so much.
They don't like her.
And me liking her...
That makes them not like me.
Silly, yes?
I feel like I'm in 3rd grade.

Here's the difference...
I don't give a SHIT if you like Kristen or not.
I don't judge you on whether you believe
they are together or not...
That doesn't matter to me.
So that being said...
I can brush aside our differences of opinion
I have no problem being friends with NONstens...
(Haters and Hyenas are another story)
But every time there is another picture of 
Robert and Kristen showing up together somewhere...

These people get SO upset.
So angry.
That they take it out on those of us who
believed in it all along.
Yeah, I know there are a lot of 
"I told you so's"
But I don't need to gloat and laugh in your face.
I just smile and share some giggles with friends.
But they can't take it.
So in turn they can't be friends with me.
I guess I remind them too much of 
what they just cannot accept.
So they 'unfollow' me...
Or block me.
Or whatever.
And for what?
Now, its pretty obvious these people 
were never my friends to begin with...
but just for comparison
I've never blocked or unfollowed anyone (yet)
Because they didn't agree with my 
thoughts on Robert and Kristen.
Although, I do have to wonder sometimes
how I came to follow some people...


It's pretty clear to me and everyone who 
doesn't look through the delusional colored glasses...
That Robert and Kristen have decided
that they like to be with each other whenever they can.
And admit it...
YOU would have flown fucking ANYWHERE to hang out
with Robert if he asked you to.
So quit giving Kristen shit for wanting to be
with the most gorgeous, beautiful, witty, intelligent man
that I have seen come along in a very long time.
And quit giving Robert shit for wanting to be in the company
of a beautiful, independent, intelligent, woman...
Who he has pretty much wanted to be with
since the first day he met her.
Be happy that he's happy.
Be happy that they are doing what they want to do.

And even if you don't want to believe it...
Stop with the constant, bitter hatred
directed at both Robert and Kristen.
It's not going to change a thing...
I mean...
How's it working for you so far?

Oh and... stop saying you don't CARE.
Saying it over and over again just makes you look
desperate and kinda scary...
You care. 
It's OK.


Bye for now.


Kstew Fashion said...

Tee hee love it as always

Anonymous said...

I see that the PR crap is still solid at haters camp.Geeez!These people are beyond delusional.They're crazy.Or maybe too stubborn to admit they're wrong in the first place.

You know what else makes me mad,Rose?That some of them say that even if these two are a couple,they won't last because they're too young.That is mean and childish,if you ask me.They're not fortune-tellers.


Claire said...

*claps* Well said!

Anonymous said...

rose i love your posts!!!! you are a brilliant person and this blog is fanstastic !!! haters are stupid people! they had to respect your opinion because you respect them stop!!! kisses and hugs!!! p.s. i'm sorry for my bad english ^^

May said...

So quit giving Kristen shit for wanting to be
with the most gorgeous, beautiful, witty, intelligent man
that I have seen come along in a very long time.
And quit giving Robert shit for wanting to be in the company
of a beautiful, independent, intelligent, woman...
Who he has pretty much wanted to be with
since the first day he met her.
Be happy that he's happy.
Be happy that they are doing what they want to do.


MTE,bb.People who say they "dont care" usually care very,very much. As always, you nailed the problem, Rose.Haters&nonstens just pray for the breakup.I firmly believe that living with the amount of bitterness and hate they carry around inside cant be very healthy. *sigh*

Anonymous said...

Oh yeah lets overlook the fact that theres a person out there who claims she has proof that Rob uses women. I don't know if this person is crazy but why would she lie about stuff like that if she knows it will get her into trouble?

Patricia said...

Rose: How impossible is it to go day after day listening to this SHIT from the haters ????

Why do they come on this site when we are Rob and Kristen lovers who come here to read and comment on your post ??? I've lived a long time, but I will never understand the HATE that comes from some very sad people.

We believe in Rob and Kristen. I would go anywhere to be with the most gorgeous, sweet, loving, HOT man on this earth and Kristen feels the same way. They LOVE each other !!!!

Rob loves Kristen loves Rob and I love coming to your blog and commenting everyday..

Grazie Rose for giving the lovers of them the opportunity to do !


Anonymous said...

Wow..Ive actually met a few people like that myself..who unfollowed and /or blocked me because of my opinion..I thought these people were my friends..but that just goes to show..when it comes right down to it..the delusionals care to much what others think..hey..I dont give a crap what they believe so why worry about what I believe..a true friend shouldnt anyway..right.

Anonymous said...

oh it is true love alright rose,that's why kristen took a flight back to LA yesterday without even spending a week with rob,wow she does really love him right?IT IS PR

Anonymous said...

rose this is the BEST post... ever...

Lisa said...

I feel your pain Rose.. Although I don't read any blogs but this one, and don't follow any haters so I jsut have to listen *read* to the crap the haters write here. Which I still can't figure out WHY they come here.. Obviously it's just to fight and stir the shit for all us believers.

Anyway, great blog.. one of my favorites.

Anonymous said...

anon 12:21,there's only one crazy,psychotic woman who claims she knows that Rob is a manwhore.Her moniker is Juxtapo,Peter56,Flag and many other names.She usually posts at Kristen's IMDb and at AT thread.Nobody takes her seriously.She's a lunatic,who mades up stories,because she needs attention.If you believe her crap,then........that says a lot about your brain.

Gina said...

Oh yeah lets overlook the fact that theres a person out there who claims she has proof that Rob uses women. I don't know if this person is crazy but why would she lie about stuff like that if she knows it will get her into trouble?

You're kidding right? Why would she lie?! Because she can, because she wants attention, because people do it everyday (haters, tabloids, wannabes, etc.). Yep, let's see, Rob has left a string of women in his wake...oh no, I only remember him dating one girl seriously before Kristen and that was his ex, Nina. So where are those other women that he used? You know if there were others they would of been coming out the woodwork, just to get publicity and their '15 minutes'. You don't think the tabs have been digging for ANYTHING on Rob and would have printed it by now, especially if it was news like this?! Give it up chickys, you guys have no leg to stand on.

Anonymous said...

Hello Rose, nice comments today. I'm literally getting tired and oh so sad at all the crap surrounding this couple. Yes, you people who don't believe what is obvious, Rob and Kris are a couple and in love. What's the big deal? How does that impact your life in any way shape or form? If you don't choose to believe it, well that is your choice, but don't ruin it for those of us who are happy about these two just trying to live their lives and enjoy each other. By the way Rose, I'm relly ticked off, my stupid theater only has TR for a week, so I have to go see it again today before it's gone, or wait for the dvd. I don't get it. RM has been here since March 12th and is still here, saw that more than once; but I just don't get why they are pulling Kristens movie after only one week. I don't like to have to be on a theaters time table, but what can I do? I know, go see Kristen kick ass again on the big screen! Rose, I think I'll stop rambling, and you have a good day! xo

Anonymous said...

And he´s not a gay! Tom is your friend

Anonymous said...

Great post. Go Rob and Kristen!

Lisa said...

I just have to add one thing about Rob using women! I would guess it's the other way around now that he's been discovered! LOL I don't EVER think he'll have to go looking for a warm body! They'll be lined up. And not fans, famous women! And IF he chose to do such things? (when he wasn't with Kristen of course) SO WHAT? He's a grown man and no one has to answer for his actions but him! I hope he enjoys himself no matter who's he's with, for what reason and for how long! ;)

Geez people, lighten up!

Anonymous said...

anonymous 12:39 Just because you say it, it doesn't make it true. Last time Kristen has been seen is in London, to everyones knowledge (even Lainey) she's still there with Rob. But you already knew that right?:)

I have many 'friends' on twitter who are nonsten. I don't mind, as long as there is no over the top hate directed at Kristen or Rob and crazy conspiracy theories (Robsten OR nonsten) I can follow and get along just fine. I have gotten blocked too though from people who I didn't even know took the matter so seriously. Can't we all get along and squee over hot Rob pics??:)

froggie59 said...

Bravo Rose! I agree with everything you said, today and every day. For the life of me, I cannot understand any of the hatred, whether it's directed at Rob, Kristen and or Robsten. Life is short. Why waste it by hating people? Why waste it by going to sites to diss the people it covers? It's nobody's business but Rob's & Kristen's whether they are together or not. Sure, I believe and truly hope they are indeed together as a couple, but if they are not, it won't destroy me.

But why some people spend so much time and energy vilifying them is beyond me. Grow up. Let it be. Please tell me that some of you are not delusional enough to think you will connect with Rob. Rob does not equal Edward and Kristen does not equal Bella. They are real people trying to live their lives the best they can. God bless them. I think they are doing great. They seem to have escaped the trappings so many young actors fall into these days. As the mother of an almost 25 year old daughter, and almost 21 year old son, I am incredibly impressed with how Rob & Kristen handle themselves.

And as long as I'm posting, which I've only done once before here, the fact that many of Rob's supposed fans did not support him by seeing "Remember Me" just pisses me off to no end. Same with Kristen's "The Runaways". If you are a fan, you will support them in everything they do.

Off my soapbox for now.

Anonymous said...


Great post.. I don't understand where the fans were/are for Remember Me and The Runaways! It pisses me off too. I could watch them (Rob especially) read the paper! LOL


froggie59 said...

Thanks Lisa. I was furious a while back when I read that the fans would not go see Remember Me. They are so stuck in their Edward and Twilight world that they cannot see beyond it. Don't get me wrong, I love Twilight, and without that movie, I wouldn't be here right now. I love Edward & Bella, but I also, thank God, know the difference between characters and the actors who portray them. When I watch Twilight, etc, I see Edward & Bella, not Rob & Kristen. When I see Rob & Kristen off camera, I know they are Rob & Kristen. Sounds simple, right? It's always made me crazy when people cannot separate actors from their characters.

Are all these girls & women at the Twilight events there to see "Edward"? Isn't anyone there to see Rob - and Kristen, etc? Because if you are truly a fan of Rob's and Kristen's, you will go see their other work. Ever since I became a fan of Rob's I have purchased every DVD I can find of his movies and watched the others on youtube if they're not available here in the US. I have also started to watch Kristen's other work and I was incredibly moved by her performance in "Speak".

And luckily, I was able to see "Remember Me" twice in the theatre, but it disappeared quickly and both times I went there were no more than 20 people in the theatre. And I went on opening day the first time. "The Runaways" - still haven't been able to see it. When it first came out, it was only playing about 1/2 hour from me and only the late shows. Now that it's apparently in "wide release" - ha ha - the nearest theatre is about an hour away. How the heck can that movie do well if it's hardly playing anywhere???

Ok, back off my soapbox, lol...

Anonymous said...

the week or so has almost convinced me to leave twitter. that or drop a bunch of people who can't let the drama go (on both sides). which is sad because these are people i usually like when this kind of insanity isn't going on.

i simply doesn't seem worth it to keep letting that negativity and stupidity invade my life, even if it's just online.

my heart goes out to you Rose, for dealing with what you do on a daily basis. i can't begin to imagine the target on your head since you have this blog and are known quite a bit more in the fandom than most of us average fans.

it's a shame people can't see past their differences and enjoy the things they DO have in common.

and all this over a young man and woman they will never actually know and who have never done anything but give 110% of their heart and souls to their work and to their fans.

my love to all of you positive fans - you are what makes this fandom worthwhile <3


froggie59 said...

Amen linzy!

Anonymous said...

Nooooooo, you are wrong dear, it is not Rob who uses women, it is his character in Bel Ami!!!!

Dear, looking for so many ways to attack Rob, makes your brain confused.

Kathy said...

It thoroughly amazes me how "fans" of Robert who "claim" to "love" him can be SO hateful and in denial about Robert's LOVE for KRISTEN. Seriously, IF you REALLY love him, then BE HAPPY that HE IS HAPPY. Being hateful will change NOTHING. NO, YOU have NO chance with him. So PLEASE come back to reality. How petty these people are. It thrills ME that Kristen makes him SO happy and that he has found the one person who understands everything about him, his life, his career, etc. She LOVES HIM for HIM. She's genuine. Lucky him to have such a person. Rose, as always, you know exactly what to say. YOU ROCK GIRL !!!!!

Anonymous said...

I'm new to your blog,but I love it! I am so sick of people hatein on Rob and Kristen, I really don't get it I mean sure it's entertaining but it's dumb. Hard to dispute photographic proof but some people have nothing better to do than randomly bitch about stuff lol I like the comment on the Budapest post about Kristen going there cause she was so desperate...that was the best! Again, dumb. anyway it's good for a laugh. You know they're totally together and laying in a hotel room reading the negative shit and laughing their naked asses off. Keep it up Rose you are awesome, Go Rob and Kristen woo hoo!

Anonymous said...

Actually RM didn't do as well as it was thought to pretty much just in USA.Maybe because of the plot, of the 9/11 theme, or because of the awful summit promotion..I don't know. But I can say that in Europe it was welcomed with a lot of enthusiasm and lots of people went to see it and liked it. The European box office says it all. Sure, RM didn't become a blockbuster but it wasn't supposed to. RM is a drama and ,like most of the dramas do, unfortunately, doesn't appeal to people. But the fact that it took back all its budget very quickly and it has earned worldwide almost 50 mil. $ to date( it has yet to open in a lot of countries)says that Robert is alredy a powerful actor and will become more and more in the years to come. He's a wonderful actor and, even if the reviews of the movie weren't brilliant, most of the critics said that Robert's performance was great. And I think that it's not always fair to bash twilight fans..I know a lot of twilight fans that went to see RM and that are determined to support Robert in everything he does... and we have to thank Twilight for the fact that Robert is where he is now. With all the movies he'll do from now on, I'm sure he'll come across as a great actor, althought ,in my opinion, he already is.

I'm so happy Rob is with Kristen. They seem to fit so well and I just can't get over the fact that there are people out there who still don't believe they're a couple.Even a blind man coul see it. And why all the hate? Why some people have to be so angry that two young individuals seem to love each other? Maybe because they have never experienced love.
Keep up the good work, Rose!

Lisa said...


I agree completely.. I went to see Remember Me 3 times. I went the first day there was less then 20 people. Second time 10 and the last time 4, including my party of 2! :( I am lucky to live in an area TR came out right away. I went and there were, again, less then 20 people. Most were single men (by which I mean men alone. I have no idea if they were "single" or not! LOL) which I found very strange. I haven't gone to see it again because I can find no one interested! :(
Now I don't think it's even playing.. RM still is in only one theater. Still can find no one to go. But it's not because they didn't like the movie, they just didn't like the end. It didn't leave them feeling warm and fuzzy. My husband said "You're NUTS to want to see that more then once" LOL

Anonymous said...

Poor Rob, he must so embrassed because Kristen is doing than him. Its sad cause I heard no one wants to do photoshoots with him anymore because of Details. I hope Rob can make it through this year. With RM doing so badly and his reputation in tatters he'll need the support of his fans.

meee611 said...

anon 2:44.

I could never blame Twilight.. If it wasn't for it, who knows how long it would have took to find Rob. Maybe never because he said he was about to give up acting! But there are MANY who cannot think of him as anyone other then Edward. I have several friends like that. And they're older.. I just don't get it. But then, they're not Rob fans, they're Twilight fans so... Also, even though it was rated PG 13, it wasn't for little kids. Without them going, it wasn't going to do great. Summit should have made it R and marketed much differently, oh wel now.. And I think 9/11 had a lot to do with the critics panning it. But I think they biggest problem is, it leaves you feeling blue. :(

I cannot address the haters anymore. They make no sense and are not worth it. .

sfw10sis said...

Great post as usual Rose.

When I first heard about Twilight I thought well I'll give the books a try, I read all 4 in 10 days, I was hooked and couldn't wait for the movie. Then I was introduced to Rob on screen, wow, there is just something about him that pulls you in and you can't let go.

So I decided to search the computer for more and thats when I came across fan made videos on you tube, but these videos also happen to be with his co-star and that had me even more interested when I realized that a possible real life love story was unfolding before ours eyes. Their smoldering glances and adorable actions around each other had me curious for more. I wanted to know if other people were as interested and felt the same draw to them as a couple. What I found really shocked me, I can't believe that there is so much negativity and down right hatred from some.

I wanted to open twitter, beable to talk to people who share my intersts, but I don't need all the drama, I left that back in high school. I guess I'll just keep guietly gushing and squeee to myself when good things come about.

Keep doing what you do Rose, don't let hate win. I look forword to your posts, as Iam sure the majority of the fanbase does too. There are very few places to go that can put a smile on a face the way you can. Thanks for that.


froggie59 said...

I am very happy that the figures for "Remember Me" have gone way up since it started showing in more countries. I guess the rest of the world has better taste, lol. I remember when the first reviews came out - they were great and then all of a sudden they nosedived. I was stunned. I knew the ending as I had read the script months before, but that didn't keep me away. If you are a fan of Rob's then you want to see his work. He was brilliant in my opinion and many critics agreed.

Every movie can't have a happy ending. I thought the script was amazing and I remember when I was reading it and I reached about page 105, my heart started pounding like crazy and I realized what was going to happen and I started sobbing. I cried for days. I sobbed both times I saw it in the theatres - I started crying way before the scene started. Nobody else in the theatre knew what was going to happen. They just gasped. I would have seen it more than twice, but my daughter would not see it again and my husband also refused to go - but then he doesn't like Mr P.

I guess PG-13 is a pretty broad rating, because all the Twilight movies are PG-13 and "Remember Me" had a lot more violence in it and it had actual sex scenes. Hmmm...maybe there's hope for "Breaking Dawn"...but that's another topic...and I realize my posts have gone way off topic...sorry. And I don't blame "Twilight" for anything. I love the books and I love the first movie. That's what brought me to this madness, lol.

Life is short. Stop hating! Let's act our age. I promised myself that I would stay away from these blogs where there is so much hatred, yet I cannot help myself from defending these 2 young wonderful people.

Anonymous said...

@anon 12.31

considering all flights from the UK were cancelled due to the huge oncoming ash cloud I'd like to know where you got this "exclusive info"
she can't have left London, even if she wanted to (let's face it, WHY would she?) she couldn't!

Someone's nose is growing a liitle longer.... ;)

Anonymous said...

Oh please. Remember Me was a bad movie. Even Rose knows it. End of story.

Anonymous said...

I just saw the Flaunt cover and now I think Rob doesn't deserve Kristen. Kristen can obviously look good all on her own without Rob. Sorry Rose but Rob is a talentless turd whose only asset is his good looks.

Anonymous said...

"So quit giving Kristen shit for wanting to be
with the most gorgeous, beautiful, witty, intelligent man
that I have seen come along in a very long time.
And quit giving Robert shit for wanting to be in the company
of a beautiful, independent, intelligent, woman..."

It might sound silly but I teared up after reading that Rose. Thank you so much for those words I couldn't have said it better myself! I am so happy that after all this time that Rob had adored Kristen and liked her, he finally won her affection and is with her. That makes me so happy for him!

Let's ignore the haters, they just want attention and right not they are seriously looking psychotic because we all know they are together..by refuting or saying hateful things about them you are NOT making yourselves(haters, hyenas, or whatever) look and sound sane.Enough said! now off to go watch the budapest video on youtube of the at the airport. I love that they went to McDonalds..no stupid hollywood diets. And I also LOVE how Rob kept checking back on her to see if she was ok. Congrats Rob, Kristen is one lucky girl she better hold on tight! good luck to both and thank you Rose for saying those words I pasted above... xxx


Anonymous said...

4.10 PM

Jesus!! Whan an effect did the Flaunt cover on you!! I had never thought than a simple pic could change one's mind in such a way... amazing!

Let me tell you that Kristen has a good bunch of amazing pics, have you ever seen them? I guess not..

Let me also tell you that Bel Ami's director and Water for Elephants's director wouldn't agree with you on your view about Rob.

Anonymous said...

And thanks Rose for saying she is not a lesbian...this means Krisbians should not exist just like the nonstens shouldnt. They are wasting their time.


Donna said...

WEll expressed as always. Love coming here and reading your blog.
You take a blown out situation about two people who have the right to see and do what they want. And make sense of it. Thank You so much.

Anonymous said...

I'm just gonna say this and I hope I won't be bashed cause its just my opinion. From what I've seen in every photo of Rob and Kristen together Rob is looking and smiling intensely at Kristen while she´s always looking at the camera, even in those cute Harpeer´s Bazaar photos. I've always had the feeling he´s much more into her than she into him. Sadly I think thats why Rob spoke about how he would rather break someones heart rather than have his own heart broken. I think he loves Kristen deeply but from what I can tell she isn't as much into him as he is into her. I think he knows this and it breaks his heart.

Anonymous said...

anonymous 6:03 I respectfully disagree with you. She is the one who flew to him on NYE. She's the one who flew to him for her birthday. I think they are pretty equally into eachother. I think she's just very cautious in public about affection because she knows all eyes are on them. But how she always travels long distance just to be with him shows a lot. I can't see Kristen Stewart doing that for someone she didn't love/care about deeply. And in a lot of pictures I see her looking pretty lovey dovey too.:)

Nora said...

Hi everybody...i'm new but cudnt help commenting coz i tot all this haters r just in denying state and plain crazy. How can they all be so blind...i've said this over and over...action speaks louder than words...their body language explains everything, there's no need for them to kiss and tell coz we already DO understand. Its funny how they try to prove on stupid things like how K luks at the camera on Harper's Bazaar shoot and concludes that R is more into K than K into R, then pick out a line frm R to support that statement. So silly. Where u even there at the photo shoot?
Well i DO believe in one thing...both R&K r well brought up by their respective parents. They hv such high respect 4 each other and they sooo DESERVE each other. So suck it up and wish them well and get out of that nonsten/haters balloon coz R or K doesn't even bother.

Anonymous said...

Hi, Rose. Wow, another marvelous post. Thank you. Rob loves Kris loves Rob. Cel

RobstenFan said...

Tell it like it is Rose, I love it! I love that Rob and Kristen are so happy . . .together.

Anonymous said...

@ leda (April 15, 2010 12.13 pm)

I agree with you:

It also makes me MAD, that these haters think : if Rob and Kristen are really a couple,then they won't last because they're too young.

How do they know that? They are not fortune tellers?

I do wish that this couple will last long and happy together.

Well Rose, thank you for the great post as usual.


Anonymous said...

see even nature have they back...its love alright!!!

imloco2 said...

Haters... all so boring. *talk to the hand*

I loved Remember Me so much. It got a bad rap with a lot of the critics, but there were good reviews too and even most of the ones that didn't like the movie liked Rob. Disappointed, of course, that more people didn't turn out, but in a way it's better to know just what his real fan base is now. Kind of brings everything down to realistic levels and he can increase his fan base with every new movie he does. Kind of doing it the old fashioned way instead of the crazy Twilight way. As for RM, at the end of the day it's going to be well in the black by the time all is said and done. It's probably already turned a profit and I don't think anyone is crying at the studio. Rob is getting great roles and working with good directors and other actors are wanting to work with him so I'm not seeing anything but good things in his future.

Kris, what a beautiful woman she has become. I am going to see Runways tomorrow (finally showing here!)so I'm going to see for myself how good she is. And if she's going to get stuck in a foreign country what better place to get stuck in than London with your hot boyfriend, your friends and your second family. Enjoy the unexpected day Kris.

kristine.hills said...


"So quit giving Kristen shit for wanting to be
with the most gorgeous, beautiful, witty, intelligent man
that I have seen come along in a very long time.
And quit giving Robert shit for wanting to be in the company
of a beautiful, independent, intelligent, woman...
Who he has pretty much wanted to be with
since the first day he met her.
Be happy that he's happy.
Be happy that they are doing what they want to do."

I'm speechless.

When K is with R, you can see how happy she makes him and yeah you don't f.flying that distance if you really don't love the person.K loves R and she wanted to be with him for her 20th birthday and she was there bc he wanted it as much as K. And it brings a HUGE smile on my face, it almost hurts...lol

RK are meant to be, if you want or don't, it doesn't matter, they are following their pretty heart.

Rose wonderful post!



I'm glad they have each other to survive this madness.God bless RK

Brazil is with RK.ALWAYS!

Ana (Portugal) said...

Amen Claire and Amen ANON 9:07!! I'm from Portugal and I was blowned away from de coment posted by ANON 12:39 about Kristen being in LA!!
Unless she can fly, she would be the most lucky person on earth for finding a flight out off the UK (or Germany, or France, or Spain or my own Portugal)when ALL the flights out off (or to) central Europe are canceled due to the upcoming ash cloud!!
But because Anon 12:39 was so certain that K flew from de UK to LA, that only leads me to conclude that there are no news (CNN, SKY, etc..) in "Delusional Land"!

To Anon 9:07: I thought the same when I heard the news! To my mind came 2 images: 1 - even nature covers for R and K and 2 - the hyenas are going to explode!

To Rose: I just love you, I read you every day and you never disapoint me, you always put a smile in my face! Keep going, Rose...keep us all sane in the midlle of de craziness that the hatters and hyenas (btw, love the name!!) create.


Anonymous said...

somebody on the AT said that kristen's brothers facebook says he is going to festival with her tomorrow, how on earth have they got access to his facebook, i say BS

Anonymous said...

also ted at AT keeps hinting that rob is bi and is nevis divine and i say BS on that too

Anonymous said...

I love this :

i used google translation

sorry my bad english

History of a fan she met Kristen
Thanks to Yarilolita via Twilighters Latinoamerica

I was no fan of hers .. is more nor I liked, I traveled from Puerto Rico with a friend Remember Me premiere`s in New York to see Rob because i am his fan since Harry Potter. After cold, hunger and other .. a photo with he was impossible.

But amid the chaos, Kristen goes where I was with my friend, she behaved like a Goddess, is beautiful and sweet. We take pictures with she and told her we had come from Puerto Rico and she was like wow! how exciting! Sorry for what Rob.

She leaves and the minute a lady comes and tells us Kristen Stewart sent us a memory, said she was a pleasure knowing us. The memories were two ticket for the premiere, even I have mine and the picture!

By entering and she was sitting next to Rob and they looked pretty cute .. I am witness to Robsten! and wish them much happiness because they are two great people! hopefully get my picture with Rob in June, but still I have the best experience of the world .. and I am proud to say I am the biggest fan in Puerto Rico that Kristen Stewart has!

Anonymous said...

Maybe Kristen flew form London, before the volcano explosion.So what?What's the big deal?
As for Ted and his BV and especially ND,maybe Rob is bi.How can someone be so sure that he's 100%straight?Do you know him personally. Maybe he likes Kristen,but he also likes boys.It's not something bad.Why are you so prude?They're artists,they must have their sexual horizon open.The majority of the artists are bi.

Anonymous said...

i am not a prude, i am british and have known about RP for years never any bi/gay rumours so i get annoyed with the americans starting those rumours about him. its not good enough he says he is straight, its not good enough he said he was uncomfortable with his homosexual scenes in dali which was a big stretch for him and javier who are both straight guys, nonstens/haters just want to paint rob as this perverse manho/bi nasty guy and its just not true because the british press would have dug up all the dirty by now they know all the people he hangs out with over there

Anonymous said...

aw!!! I really loved that story anon 8:02 A.M Kristen is such a darling. Love her!!! She only gives that KStew bitchface to the f-d up pappz who never quit stalking. And I love that she does that but she is really nice to her fans. they both are!