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Monday, April 12, 2010

Robert and Kristen. Yeah, I Went There.

Oh ye of little faith.
Are you happy now?
Because I have a HUGE smile on my face
probably not as big as the ones on 
Robert and Kristen's faces...
But it's been non-stop smiling
for a while now.
Having it publicly confirmed?
Icing on the cake.
(you remember...
Kristen has her cake and eats it, too)

You see...
I really didn't come here to gloat.
There really isn't a NEED to do that...
Because even if the Hyenas and Haters
don't want to believe that Rob and Kristen
are indeed together
They already know the truth.
You know they do.
They are so damn vicious and nasty about it...
Here I am.

Let's start at the beginning, shall we?

This is a pic taken from the video that started
this whole uproar.
Now, the video is actually more telling...
But come on
It's so obvious that is Robert and Kristen.
The Haters/Hyenas were growling about
or some bullshit like that.
OK then...

How about this?

Or this?

Yeah. Pretty sure that is Kristen and Rob.
In Budapest.

Pictures = Proof... right?

So then what happened?

(Thanks to KStewShoes for finding this)

Now we have the Hyenas...
Foaming at the mouth.
Angry. Bitter.
The insults. The denials. The rationalizations.
Yap. Yap. Yap.

To me... the most bizarre?
"It's all a PR stunt."
I mean.
That's the best you can come up with?
So Kristen stays out of sight for days in Budapest
She could have shown up with Rob on the movie set...
Yet. Nothing.
It's all for PR?
How does that make any sense at all?
Oh wait. It doesn't.

I'm dizzy from all the howling and snarling.

"Kristen has NO friends. Who would travel across the world
to spend her birthday with a guy?
Rob just feels sorry for her.
Why wouldn't she spend time with her family and friends?"

Yeah, Kristen... Girl... YOU SO CRAZY!
Why in the fucking world would you want to be with Rob?
Are you nuts?
I mean... it's just Robert Pattinson
The most gorgeous, charming, sweet and witty
man on the face of the planet.
You must have lost your mind to want to
spend any amount of time with him
when you could be with your friends!!

It's so sad.
It really is.
That people just can't be happy
with the choices that Rob and Kristen
make in their own lives.

Rob and Kristen are getting slammed 
all over the internet right now...
And for what?
Because they want to be together?
And that affects you... how?

I know how it affects me...
:-D   <--- that's how

So now we have Sad Hyena.
So... so... sad.

All the excuses
All the rationalizations
All the denials 
Will not change the fact that Rob and Kristen
Want to be together.
Time after time after time...
You can quote selective questionable interviews
You can howl "PR!!" as loudly as possible.
But guess what?
It doesn't change a thing.

And if they don't perform the way you want
them to in public?
Tough shit.
They aren't doing this for you.
Or me. 
Or anyone else.
This isn't a performance for the public.
It's their lives.

If you want to cling to the fact that
Both Rob and Kristen travel with bodyguards
as some sort of 'clue' to what is going on...
OF COURSE they travel with Dean and John (ASB)
Why wouldn't they?
You are proof (sorry, no pics needed)
That there are scary irrational people out there
Who hate and threaten Kristen and Robert
for no other reason than they are together.
I'm glad both of them have someone
looking out for them.

Final thoughts?

1. Kristen is with Robert because that's where 
she wants to be.
And because she CAN.

2. Yours is not to reason WHY.
Yours is just to sit and CRY.

3. Yeah.
I know.
I should just sit back and eat my popcorn
and watch the hyenas chase their tails.
(always a good show, by the way... heh)
Sometimes you just gotta write down
what you are thinking.

I hope Rob and Kristen are happy
wherever they are right this moment.

I know I am.

Bye for now.

By the way...
This post isn't about you.
But if it looks like a hyena
Whines like a hyena
SMELLS like a hyena...
I guess it could be.


Nancy said...

LOL you said it. I can't believe haters are calling K "sad and pathetic" for visiting her BF whom she hasn't seen in a few weeks. Like its sadder than shipping a celebrity who they can never, ever have. Not in a million years.

Anonymous said...

Wow Rose, you nailed it. You always write what most rational people think. You know, the more people bash Kristen, the more I like her. The more it becomes obvious the opposite of what they are saying is true. And, like you, I don't get Rob being hated. For what? Following his heart? I am happy, but I am happy for THEM. They live their lives under such ridiculous circumstances and I think they do it with grace and class. I hope Rob gets some much-needed time off with his girl. I hope Kristen has a wonderful time with him. Isn't that what rational, sane people would want???


Anonymous said...

I agree with u whole heartedly and its a shame others can't keep their damn mouths shut and let them jus be happy

Anonymous said...

LMFAO!!!! LOVE THIS!!!!!!!:D
i just don't get people bashing on love.

Christine said...

Right on Rose. You always know exactly what to say. These two are great together so people should just let them be. Let them be together and happy.

Anonymous said...

Like always, you're spot on, my friend. :D

Lmao @ the hyena pics.

Anonymous said...

Luv u Rose. This was very funny and very sweet. The comments were so hateful on your blog last week, you deserve to smile after yesterday's news.

KStewGlobalArmy said...

Excellent post as usual!!!Thank-You!!

RPaddict said...

I could not wait to see how you used that picture of the drooling hyena.lmao.
I agree once again with all you've said. I guess I'm out of the loop or have choosen not to see the hate that stems from this nonsense.
I choose to surround my self with true supportive fans of Rob and Kristen,and their work,seperate or apart.
Thanks again for speaking my mind.lol.

Anonymous said...

Hehe, I'm happy too Rose. I can't seem to stop grinning all day yesterday and today. It's rather silly of me but I just can't help it. I love Rob and Kristen together or not, but preferably together. LOL!! I love the way he keeps looking back for her. It happens time and time again.

Carol said...

Oh Rose...always write the perfect thing!I think some people don't wanna see the true cause they can't handle the fact that they are in love and happy!And those peoples are miserable. ...sorry my English!love your blog!And I'm so happy for than!

Anonymous said...

A picture says a thousand words.

Robert and Kristen
Want to be together

Anonymous said...

Rose you are just the best -- the best writer, the best wit, the best deliverer of happy news!

OK, call me silly, but this so makes my day. I love this couple, and I'm just so happy they're together and are well and happy too.


Anonymous said...

Great post,Rose!Yesterday was a huge R/K day and we are very happy for them.As you said,some people out there (crazy people),think that it's all PR,that Kristen's team is leaking her scedule,that's why everybody knew that she was going to Budapest(i wasn't sure),that Summit is paying her flight,that they're promoting Eclipse and other crap like that.I don't know why all these people have so much venom in them.Probably,they lead very sad lives.And the last absurd thing i've ead?Rob isn't carrying her backbag,which is huge and he still walks in front of her,meaning a)he's not a good bf(chilvary is an unknown word in this "couple",that was the exact post)or b)he's not so much into her???WTF?

To be totally honest,sometimes i feel sorry for these girls/women.They must be really pathetic human beings with no real friends and probably they lead a lonely life.They see Rob as the prince charming,who will come and save them from their loneliness and will fall in love with them!!!For this,Kristen is an obstacle in their imaginary hapiness with the man of their dreams.That's why many of them were saying that they find it gross,that they're done with him,because he lied to them!!From this you understand the extent of their sickness,they act like cheated gfs.
Sorry for the long post,

Mally said...

You nailed it Rose! Like always ;) It's so sad with those fucking hyenas, they just can't give up on their sad, sad whining! did I mention they are sad?

Keep it up girl!

Patricia said...

Rose: You get better with every post! I've been waiting to read what you would say after all the bullshit that went down in the comments yesterday on this blog ! Jesus

Spot on again Rose ! "I worship at your altar" Embrace their love, and it can't be denied !
Yes I would go half way across the world to be with the most gorgeous, sweet, adorkable, hot man named Rob Pattinson, so haters shut the fuck up for once, Enough with all the bullshit ! In fact I would crawl naked through broken glass to be with him (I'm that crazed) When he turned (5) times checking on her,( in the video of them entering the airport) not the one you posted. I had tears in my eyes OF HAPPINESS FOR THEM !

Well for the last week I've been hoping they would be together and I wanted pictures ( I had major Rob and Kristen withdrawals) and I got them ! YEEEHHHH!

grazie Rose, I know you're as happy for them as I am. WE ARE (TRUE) ROB AND KRISTEN FANS !!!!

Anonymous said...

My face is hurting because i can´t stop smiling. There´s nothing else to add, you said everything.
Haters wanted proof, pictures to be more specific: there you have it. No denial anymore. They´re a couple. Deal with it.
I love and adore these two people and i couldn´t be any happier.
I love your blog and you.


Anonymous said...

I love you Rose. You ae the best!!!

Anonymous said...

spot on bb!

couldn't agree more. thank you for speaking up and sharing your thoughts on the crazysauce that was yesterday. part of me wants to pity the hyenas but then i realize they are mostly grown-ass women who should know better. rob losing some fans because they don't "approve" (scuse me while i laugh my ass off) of his choice in partner has to be one of the best things to come of this. the man doesn't need people like that as fans.

i'll never understand the extreme hate i see spewed about Kristen.. nor do I understand the transference to Robert after bootypest. karama is a bitch. what you put out into the world WILL come back to you, do not doubt it.

anyways, thank you Rose - great post <3


Mandy @twimom101 said...

YES!!! absolute greatness!!!

Anonymous said...

I bow to you and the eloquence of all you write. Everyword is accurate and fortright. When will the delusional finally wake up and realize Rob loves Kris and Kris loves Rob? They are together, no PR bullshit!!! Regardless, they are togehter and no amount of screeching and frothing at the mouth is going to change that.Thank you so much for always saying what I am sure many of us feel..You are the best.

Anonymous said...

Exactly Rose. How can it be PR when they hide all the time? IoW is another example, they would have made a big show of it but we got 2 fan pics and they went to an island with no paparazzi. Also, when LTR put up that pic of them running into a cab from the Sam Bradley show. They do things together because they want to be together, obviously not for attention. And I have to say I'm surprised at "fans" of Rob saying it's for PR when Rob has said he wants privacy, wouldn't do anything for publicity and wants to keep his private life to himself. They'd rather demean his character than admit he has a girlfriend. Fans should just be happy for him. As you said Rose, they're just real people living their lives.

And lol to the people saying it's pathetic for Kristen to see Rob for her birthday. First of all, she's the only girl who has the option and if it was them, come on, they would too. Spending your birthday with Robert Pattinson because you're his girlfriend is pretty much the most non-pathetic thing I can think of.

HA. I love the sad Hyena pictures. Perfect visual for how they sound.

May said...

Final thoughts?

1. Kristen is with Robert because that's where
she wants to be.
And because she CAN.

2. Yours is not to reason WHY.
Yours is just to sit and CRY.

3. Yeah.
I know.
I should just sit back and eat my popcorn
and watch the hyenas chase their tails.
(always a good show, by the way... heh)
Sometimes you just gotta write down
what you are thinking.

I hope Rob and Kristen are happy
wherever they are right this moment.

I know I am.

Dear Rose, I fucking love you&your blog SFM,but you already know that. LOL I wont even touch the denial land h8rs&nonstens live in.I`ll just enjoy these moments and smile like a fool for the next days, weeks, months & hopefully years. R/K love FTW,bb. :D

Twifan said...

all I have to say is thank you for saying that. You are completely right and I totally agree. we should let them live their lives however they want. It's not up to anyone but them so the haters should just shut up. <3

Anonymous said...

You said exactly how I and other feel right about now. How does it affect anyone out in the world that these two are a couple? Its not like Rob will be knocking on there door and telling them how in love he is with them. Let the man be happy. Let KS be happy, they don't owe us any details about there personal lives. The hate I read on the web towards KS is disgusting. I support these two and wish them love and happiness. They glow when there together and as a fan of both, I am happy when they are happy :)

loveactually said...

Rose a nice post today.

It kind of shocked me with all the gloating on twitter yesterday. I mean the rational people know these two are together and in a committed loving relationship so why was this really that big of a deal??

I saw alot of "take that haters" and "haters suck it". Really? If the haters or so called hyenas(very cute BTW) haven't 'gotten' it by now they never will no matter where Rob and Kristen show up together.

It's kinda sad this has become more about proving the haters wrong then it is about Rob and Kristen being happy. Was I the only one who read the fan account of Kristen's surprise and reluctance at getting out of the car when she saw the paps were there? That detail certainly seemed to be lost with all the squeeing and gloating going on last night. I couldn't stop thinking how uncomfortable and upset they probably were that their privacy was invaded once again. I don't need pictures to believe they are together. And this whole back and forth thing w the haters just doesn't interest me.

Rose I know you care about both Rob and Kristen and you have a way of wording things and speaking the truth like no other. You have supported their relationship from the beginning and that is a true fan...supporting rob and Kristen together or separately.

"This isn't a performance for the public.
It's their lives."

Best line in your blog...I hope everyone can try and remember that.

Anonymous said...

Ahh i LOVE this post soo much :) IT just says it all :)
But what annoys me most about the K + R Haters is that they themselves always want to know whats going on with Kristin and Rob.. which makes them complete hipocrates .. if they dislike them so much.. why waste time writing horrible things about them and searching them on the internet..

I say.. Get a life :) Because Kristin and Rob are AMAZING :D and people like me who want to read nice posts like this, dont want to have to read stupid comments that haters leave..
So yea.. they're not doing anything wrong.. and we love thier ongoing 'love' story .. :D
I hope Kristin had a FAB birthday :D xxxx

Anonymous said...

God! Love you girl ! This text is brilliant! AGREE! Love all the pics! Kisses from Nika!

Anonymous said...

You win Rose. Gloat about Rob and Robsten all you want. I couldn't less about Rob anymore. Hes officially lost my respect now. Hes has played with his fans for the last time. He wouldn't be anywhere if it wasn't for us so I hope he realizes the fans that he has lost because hes a fraud. I guess he'll just have to settle for Kristen's support because me and my friends refuse to support him anymore. Hes deceived his fans and I he hope he regrets it someday when hes done playing games.
- Chloe

Anonymous said...

I looked on the nonsten board last night 2 c what they were saying & it was hilarious. They even said "if they were really together why is Rob letting Kristen carry that huge bag while he carries the littler one" LOL! It's also sad they way they attack Kristen for being with Rob. I totally agree, would you rather spend your bday w/ Rob or your friends & family. Really people is there even a choice there?

I really am an I don't caresten but there is no denying they are together & good for them.

Anonymous said...

I guess you were never really a fan then, were you? How has he deceived you? How??? By not telling you the specifics of his personal life? This is not the first time they have been photographed together. Obviously you and your friends have been living in self-deception-ville. But I say good riddance. Who needs "fans" like you?? Also, may I suggest some English grammar lessons?

Hailie said...

Can't think of a single thing to add to your post, except to say, I'm so glad you take the time to write what you're thinking... :-D

Anonymous said...

According to Ted Rob and Kristen are playing with their fans. PRsten. They wear each others clothes to get attention from the media and create the illusion to there are commited. They're obviously not as devoted as people think. F*ck them both, even Rob.

Anonymous said...

Poor Chloe, sad hyena. How does him having a girlfriend change anything for you?? You had zero chance with him before, and it stays at zero. He deceived you? How? He didn't call you up and tell you all the aspects of his private life? It's not your business. If you were ever truly a fan, you'd just be happy that he's happy.

soadram said...

Rosee been waiting for your post .. pq figured it would be a waffle after so much these days dictates.
and as they say the wise ... just do not see those who do not want to see
Carry on, because I "fell" for his writing and like your jokes, make me smile


Anonymous said...

""According to Ted Rob and Kristen are playing with their fans. PRsten. They wear each others clothes to get attention from the media and create the illusion to there are commited. They're obviously not as devoted as people think. F*ck them both, even Rob.""

Im sorry. When did Ted say this? He supports them, always has, and this has been right in front of ALL your faces for a year now. I mean look how they glance at each other! KS has been in Budapest for a WEEK, not scene. PR? She looked devastated that the paps found them. PR? you say? I don't think so, if anything these two do NOT want there private lives to be in the media. Stop with the hate, denial. How does these two as a couple affect are lives? It doesn't. Anyway I am wasting my time even posting, if the real "fans" arent happy for these two, I say good riddance!

Anonymous said...

Why would anyone believe anything Ted says?? When "shirt-gate" first happened, Ted said the shirt K had on WASN'T Rob's. Now it is?? come on. Ted hasn't know anything in a long time. The posters there are nuts. Anyone claiming this is for PR is delusional. If people are "mad" at Rob over this, then they are not fans. Never were. He's playing with you? He just finished a long shoot for a movie. You think THIS is what he is thinking about, how to eff with you? Come on. Get over yourself. Be happy. Or not. But please,move on.

Anonymous said...

Hi, it's first time i coment here, but i agree with Rose (my name is Rose too). i want see both happy (together or no) because i like them.
i have only question, i'm brasilian and sometimes i need use google tranlation to understand what is write. i don't understand "PR", what does it means?
thanks a lot for who answer me.

iambored said...

Hi there!
I just read this and I wanted to know why you are arguing about something you don't have to care about...

Someone posted one time 'let's get back to ignoring each other'

I think you should do that.

have a nice day ^o^

Anonymous said...

Haha. I love your posts! I agree with you too. People need to back off. Rob and Kristen are going to be together if they want to be and nobody can really do anything about it. People should be happy for them! I am.

Lisa said...

Great blog Rose.. I have a smile planted on my face.. Was too hyped last night to sleep! LOL

Two things.. WHY would people say Kristen is sad, pathetic, etc...? That she "followed him there"? You don't really think she flew across the world to see him without him KNOWING she was coming do you? Just showed up at his hotel(or private house or whatever) by chance? REALLY?

And HOW has Rob ever lied? Not telling, is NOT lying!!! He doesn't owe it to ANYONE to say who he's dating. I've heard him say "we're friends" are not most people friends with their partner? I know I'm married to my best friend. I've heard him say "We're very close" "We have a special connection".. And I've heard him say "I'm not talking about my private life" WHY because you're a fan, do you think he HAS to tell you about his private life?

I love that he & Kristen are together. I hope they have a wonderful time together! But I'll love them no matter who they are with. THAT makes a fan!

Lisa, still smiling..

Twilightish said...

I think your post just made my entire day! I love it. You tell the hyenas girl...you tell 'em.

REliza said...

Rose, it's fans like you that keep me around this fandom. I had no idea the amount of lunacy until I saw some of the tweets from yesterday.

These women obsess over an actor whom they DO NOT know and some of the Rob fans actually stalk him physically...yet Kristen is the pathetic one? LMAO. Ok. Have these women ever been in a real relationship? Because it seems like a lot of them have not.

Also, the bodyguard thing. Thank God they have them! I have seen pics of John with Kristen going back to 2008. He's clearly someone that The Stewart Family knows and trusts. He's not her manager (her manager was the guy sitting next to her at the BAFTAS) and he's not her publicist. He's paid to look out for her. And it's great knowing he was there so Kristen had protection and company while Rob was working!

Fans are angry at him? Well, sorry he didn't phone you up and give you the details about his personal life. I agree with Anon@12:41...Get over yourself. Be happy. Or not...But all the hate is so unnecessary.

Anonymous said...

For the brazilian girl:

PR = Public relations.

Rose I love the hyena pics hahaha, they're so telling!

And, of course, I love Rob and Kristen. Pics speak more than a thousand words!

Anonymous said...

From Ted.C "Of course, it keeps the media chatter alive, which Robsten also so don't mind, so don't think R and K are oblivious to their outfit choices!"
I bet they don't mind cause it keeps the dream alive for the shippers. I'm sure Summit gives them a nice big paycheck each time they wear each others clothing cause its gets the attention of the media.

Cote de Texas said...

are there pictures from London yet? the airport? they should be coming out soon.

Congrats Rose. Yesterday, I was almost more happy for you than Robsten. Amazing job. You must be gloating - I would be!!!

Remember haters:
New Years

What more proof do you need?

K has said in an interview that even if she DID admit to a relationship, that it STILL wouldn't be enough. People wouldn't believe it, would want more proof, so it doesn't matter if she confirms or denies. so she denies to keep a shred of dignity in their relationship. I don't blame her. I would want to keep him all to myself too.

Anonymous said...

Grow up, Chloe! How silly! Rob is a grown man and is entitled to his privacy and to a life of his own. Exactly how has he defrauded his fans? He simply has a girlfriend, and they choose to keep their relationship private.

To the best of my recollection, neither he nor Kristen have lied once about their relationship since they got together. They've just avoided talking about it. I'd handle it exactly the same way.

His fans have zero to do with his relationship with Kristen. And those of us who love them are simply happy for them.


ITK said...

Logic, Rose. You have a knack for it.

Ya know what's funny? Rob and Kristen don't give a shit about what the fans think of their relationship. They truly don't. They're both hard working people, making films, and trying to live their lives as best they can under the spotlight. They're happy together and anyone who bitches about it, is no fan at all. And fans who try to one-up the nonstens are just as bad.

Oh, and Chloe, get a life honey. You and your friends don't exist in Rob's world. If you can't except that I suggest you seek professional help.

Anonymous said...

I'll have to tell my boyfriend about the people nitpicking Rob for not carrying Kristen's bag. Only because you should see the bag I carry when we travel. It's huge and weighs a ton. LOL. But he doesn't carry it for me? Why? Because I am not some weakling...I can carry my own damn bag. Plus I like to be in control of it at all times. I guess my boyfriend isn't that into me because I carry my own bag--oh no. LOL. So, whatever to the nitpickers.

And to the people posting stuff from Ted...I couldn't care less what he has to say! Don't read his site. Don't care.

Anonymous said...

LMFAO, BRAVO!! Hey Rose - Scandi from E's Robsten boards here - you just do NOT disappoint hon' - just like a certain twosome I know. Keep poking those hyenas with a stick, it really is entertaining - and Kstewshoes, that hyena pic is the shit. It personifies them completely, it's almost like the hyena in that pic has just seen the airport vid, and is saying: oh. shit. Hahaha! Keep up the good work Rose.

Anonymous said...

great post rose, and I think 'shippers' should definitely get to gloat after all the nonsense posted last week. for those who never wavered this is just one more instance to add to a huge list for rob and kris. love them both and love this blog!

Anonymous said...

I think some people have a totally false impression of Ted C. So it is time for a bit of education.

He is neither a journalist nor good old uncle Ted with a big "Robsten-Heart".

He writes a gossip column at E online. That said he does not report, he writes the column the "Awful Truth". He is not committed to the truth, his job is gossip and keep people talking about his gossip.
That said sometimes he really has news, sometimes he just give his "Blind Vices" to play and toy a little and sometimes he just annoying.

That said he keeps the ball rolling, he is not interested in a calm period, or happy ending. He wants people to keep talking, and HIS PAYCHECK depends on his hits (or number of comments). And usually he does the opposite than the other media does. That said he is not "celebrating Robsten in Budapest" today as one would expect, he spills a bit to keep us in our tizzy bizzy.

Nothing bad about it, as long as you see him what he really is, entertaining, clever (BTW watch out, read carefully what he says, he never even hinted that Robsten is playing PR, he just leads you to this assumption)and sometimes annoying.

Sometimes he has a source and information, than he is really good, other times he hasn't. At this moment he is totally out of the loop, so he fills his feed out of the comments to generate topics that generate comments again.

So he is what he is and as long as you take for what he is than everything is fine.

Smile. What a beautiful day.


Anonymous said...

Very witty! I especially love the pics of the hyenas!Doubt they recognize themselves though.

debbi said...

The hyenas are hating on Kristen for doing something that they themselves would give anything to do. And now they're pissed at Rob for being seen with her and making it (nearly) impossible to deny. They're not worth considering anymore. I think they're actually a small part of the fan base, but they're noticed more because they're so f'in loud.

I really think the better part of the fan base (and I mean that in all senses of the word) is happy for Rob and Kristen and support them, together or apart. I prefer that positive energy to the soul-sucking negativity of the hyenas. Let's leave them to tend to their fleas.

Anonymous said...

new video tv http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5LlQjB_x0Fg&feature=player_embedded
it`s impossible understand what they say.

Anonymous said...

Are people on the "nonsten" board STILL DENYING this?!?! WOW. I have promised myself that I won't go there anymore because it raises my blood pressure so I refuse to visit and read....but wow. What I've noticed is all the haters are the Rob fans hating on Kristen. I am more of a Rob fan myself, and love Kris too....but even if I wasn't a Kris fan, I would WANT Rob to be happy- no matter who it was with. It kills me that his "so called fans" are bashing a woman that he obviously cares about. Even if they weren't a couple (which they are) they were clearly great friends. So sad....pathetic.

Anonymous said...

I was so happy when i saw the video! The pathetic loser that tweeted that Kristen was in L.A. at a party should be kicked off of Twitter for being an idiot. The same women who call Kristen pathetic and lonely for spending time with her boyfriend on her b-day would leave their kids and husbands to fly to Rob if given the chance. Who's more pathetic, a grown older woman who hates on a 20 year old, or a sweet girl who loves her fans and just wants to be happy and in love? You choose. The haters will always be out there and they will always be in denial about Kristen and Rob's love. Great post. I hope the hyenas don't attack. They are nasty animals.

lauren said...

I just need to say that you formed the words I wasn't able to form the whole day. partly cause I can't stop smiling, partly cause I'm shocked that all those hyenas just wouldn't leave them the fuck alone.
I'm so incredibly happy for Rob and Kristen, and I don't get why people are trying to ruin this for people like me.. I mean I don't give a shit about them talking nonsense and they are ruining basically nothing for me, but I'm thinking of non-hardcore Robsten believers.. sorry I'm rambling. uhm yeah thanks for making my day with this. kbye :)

Anonymous said...

Rosee you are a true gem, yesterday was a Robsten epic day, we had many back in Twilight filming continuing to November and again New year and again Bafta and it just carries on, all this Robsten epicness but somewhere somehow so many deluded people want to bring Kristen down. They obviously do not see epic when it is right in front of them. There will be many many more days like this and I am now at the stage that I am not affected by the deluded. We all chose to believe what we want and from when we did but us that have always believed have NEVER EVER wanted harm or hate on either Rob or Kristen. This is where the line is drawn, and I find it so inhumane its better to block them out. Support them separately on their work if thats what you want but together personally they are a package and you hurt one you hurt the other...Its about time the deluded gave in and support who they want but wish them all the luck in the world, in this day an age everyone needs it. Rosee I have waited all day for your blog and again you hit that pin right in the donkeys ass.

vanlicous said...

Thought is wonderful, but adventure is more wonderful still. What a perfect day :)

Thanks Rose for your post - it's great.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Anna for the words of wisdom about Ted C. Some folks treat him as the "gospel." He's not. I don't go there any more because his shit stirring is too much to take and the comments are beyond ridiculous. Your summation makes great sense!


Anonymous said...

I think the haters spend a lot of TIME and ENERGY been updated and posting about Robsten's lifes, don't you think? Go Robsten!

Anonymous said...

YAYYYY!!!!! See I told you all something wonderful wil happen in Robstenland soon. I kept saying it in past posts about 2 weeks!! And look what we have? pics!! Fuck yeah Robsten!!!!

Kristen is giving the "I dont give a fuck, fuck off look...I am with him so what?!" Hell yes!! that is what I am talking about!! Love these two!! and Kristen's hair is getting longer!

Rose, I come here daily and I have to be one of your most faithgul bloggers along with Patty and some others i don't remember right now. Even when others said it might not be true the whole LA thing and the party b.s. I still stuck with you Rose and said I believe she was in Budapest. Even with no pics or no proof to show to the haters.

Rose, feel free to say "I TOLD YOU SO" and with a :P at the end..you deserve it..but i guess you are not me so...if it was me that will have been my post title!!
We dont need apology from anyone we are way to busy happy and over filled with our Robsten cake with extra icing!!! I hope they had a great time in Budapest!! xxx


Anonymous said...

Chloe, give me a break!!! Rob doesnt need fans like you then!!! Don't worry there are still many who love him!!!!! Rob loves Kristen, Kristen loves Rob again...say it with me now!!!

He loves everything about her and the way he turned back to check on her almost left me in tears. The adoration he has for her is amazing!!! Bless him..I wish nothing but longevity and happiness for their relationship. As a big fan of Rob I am glad to see him happy as a fan I just want him to be happy!

Sara2, i dont go there either!! Ted the gospel? more like trying to get hits!!! He is probably the richest out of all those who work at eonline!!! He supports them and has been right (i'll give him credit for that one!) but he likes hits and sways the fans at times by creating drama to ge the fans all worked up!! I am waaay to old for that shit!

Anonymous said...

chloe must by haley on the AT said same thing, he doesn't need a fan like her and i bet she has no friends that feel like that unless they are all 12 and crying into their rob pillows

Anonymous said...


OMG...what is that god-awful sound I hear?! Is it coughing? Wait a minute...It's the freaking hyenas chocking on their own venomous spit! :D *insert evil grin*

Sorry...I couldn't resist! LOL



Sara said...

Rose, I love you. I don't know how you manage to write down exactly what I'm thinking every single time, but you do.

However, I do agree with a comment I read quite far up the comments (so far up that I've forgotten the name of the person who wrote it - damn short term memory loss), which said that this whole thing has become more about proving haters wrong rather than caring about Rob and Kristen being happy. That's probably the saddest thing about this, people have lost touch with reality, it's turned into a game, the Robsten shippers and the nonstens trying to score points over each other. As a Kristen fan more than a Rob fan, I personally find the hate for her pathetic. If these people were really Rob fans, they'd be happy because he's found someone who makes him happy. I mean, I'd love to have a bit of Kristen to myself, but I don't by any means hate on Rob because he gets her and I don't. Just saying.

Anonymous said...

An "abso-freaking-lutely" fantastic post today Rose! ( Tyler does it so well.)
I love it! Hooray for your wise and wonderful words.

In many of us, our heart told us that they were together. Nice to know that we were right. What does it really matter? That we care and are supportive of two very nice people? What really matters is between the two of them. Yet, it is nice, sweet, ....OK, really awesome and wonderful...that Rob and Kristen are sharing time together.

Thank you to all of the Hungarian fandom that were so very respectful of Rob and Kristen, and the whole filming process. It makes me proud to see respectful fans clapping, not intruding, and not disturbing any private time that Rob and Kristen were able to have in Hungary.

And finally,
smile, smile, smile, smile, smile, smile, and more smiles. May Rob and Kristen have a lovely time together.

Anonymous said...

Anon 3:36 I saw that too at the AT!! And guess what? her name is probably none of those two! as Trish said lets have some Robsten cake you all and celebrate.

About the scoring and points thing, give me a break!!!!!!!!! We are happy for them. the haters nonstens or whatever they call themselves were the ones not believing and saying other things. All of this separation is foolishness to me!! First of all imo, the word nonsten should not exist because they are together! the krisbians should not exist because Kristen is straight and so is Rob!! its complete idiocy. I am a fan of both and like them together or apart (more together but i am no shipper!)Nonstens or whatever should delete their site they are wasting time..trying to refute something that is real. R/K in a relationship!


Anonymous said...

BRAVO! Do these hyenas have ANY clue how public relations EVEN WORK???? If it's a pr stunt, you get pictures of them kissing, embracing, photo-oping it up for the PUBLIC TO CONSUME...thus the word "public relations."

The fact they basically try to keep it on the downlow, and obviously can't really get out of being papped at the airport since Robert's WORK SCHEDULE WAS MADE PUBLIC, they just bit the bullet but did NOT GIVE A PHOTO OP.

God, people are so delusional.

Anonymous said...

I wonder how much Rob and Kristen are being paid to wear each other's things to hype up their media relationship? Its obviously all a big joke to them and they don't really care about their fans.

Anonymous said...

Like Summit could or would ask Kristen to go to the other side of the world for her birthday and then travel back to London with Rob? Like Rob/Kristen would EVER comply with that? GEEZ these clingers have reached a whole new level of delusion. They must not think much of Rob or Kristen if they think they're out for publicity. I laugh at one person in particular that said they have 'sources' and it wasn't Kristen in the pics but Christina Ricci. Then clearer pics come out, and she "doesn't care" but it's for PR. Please. Give it up already! If you like one or both you should just be happy for them. And how come the people who "don't care" tweet about it twice as much as everybody else? Yeah. Really sounds like you don't care.

Anonymous said...

Thats just ridiculous.. "How much are they getting paid to wear each others clothers?"!!! ...
i'm sure they have enough money from thier films, that they dont have to get 'paid' to wear each others clothers.. Kristin must miss rob .. whats the harm in that.. I love how she twists the corners of the tops she wears :D

and they really do care about thier fans.. they never realised how big the film was going to be.. i can understand how over-whelming it must still be for them, when they get persued so much by fans.. But if you watch fan videos.. they're always soo lovely.. they sign as many stuff as they can.. they get paid to turn up at events.. they could just go straight in.. but no.. they walk up and down lines, signing stuff and having photos with fans.. Because they care..

I often feel sorry for them because they cant easily stand-up for themselves.. and as much as I'd love to hear them confirm their relationship, i still respect thier privacy and know that eventually they'll give the Nod.
So all we can do is keep sticking up for them and Go to watch thier movies, and buy the movies they've been in .. and support them all the way to the bank.. Because they soo deserve everything nice they can get.. for all the hard work they put in on thier films and all the promo and efforts they put into them...

Goooo Kristin :) and Rob

Sarah Xxxx

Anonymous said...

Rose, you ROCK! We've all known that they wouldn't spend her birthday apart.I've been grinning from ear to ear all day.

It does my heart good to see them together. They obviously love each other very much.


Anonymous said...

Nonstens are a sad and delusional bunch of losers. Now you know if Robert invited one of them to Budapest they would run over a blind man to get to the airport to get to him. Their excuses why Kristen is there are a joke. Those fools need to see Dr. Phil STAT. PR, yeah right!!! LMAO

Anonymous said...

are all of you posting from America??
Because i'm from the U.K and it's 11.10 pm ..

Hmm.. Love kristin and Rob :D

simona80f said...

Great rosesee !!!! Forever!!!

Anonymous said...

summit does not interfere with their personal lives. They do what they want to do. They are adults after all and if summit was controlling their lives no matter amount of money, they would've left the company!!

Rose you rock!!!! where are they headin to again? I hope these pappz f of and leave them alone. And i am tired with all these anonymous. leave your name especially if you are going to talk shit.


Anonymous said...

I agree with Chloe. Rob has disrespected his fans and his real fans can see that. Enjoy your Robsten because we've seen Rob for who he truly is. Once he breaks up with Kristen there will be nothing that will interest you about him anymore.

Anonymous said...

Rob is ugly and stinks.

sfw10sis said...

Like I said before Rose, you cut right to the chase, no BS, tell it like it is, thats what I love about you. Boy did you nail this post.

I just came off a double days weekend and I'am just getting caught up with everything I missed, like you I can't stop smiling and I'am trying to get some sleep but I keep giggling and my face is starting to hurt, but in a good way, awesome post Rose.

Way to go R/K, thanks for the goodies.

Anonymous said...

You all may be giddy now but lets see how long Rob lasts with the support of his "Robsten" fans? They're only interested in him as long as hes with Kristen. The moment he drops her they'll stop supporting him. At least we'll watch his movies where hes with other females. Rob's career will fall to pieces. Rob needed us but since we're "dragging him down" lets see how his future movies fare without the support of his fans? I predict they'll do terrible. Then he will learn not to mess with fans. If it wasn't for us Rob wouldn't even be where he is. He'll learn.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 6:58 All because he has a girlfriend? Together or apart I will support Rob's decision. That's what being a fan is about.

Anonymous said...

@6:58, How has Rob "messed with fans?" I just do not understand the over-investment in whether or whom he dates. None of us ever had a fly-speck of a chance with him. He's never been a man-whore, and he's always been pretty faithful to his expressed desire for Kristen. Why is that fact so abhorrent to you?

Your immaturity is profound. I'm very sorry for you and so many others who seems to think a highly desirable guy in his 20s should remain celibate so that you're not offended -- for whatever reason.


Anonymous said...

I totally do not understand the Robstens nor the Nonstens drama. This total obsession over a couple so young. Do people think they're going to live happily ever after. They're young and they're dating and having fun discovering life. People get so worked up like they're getting married or something. Why don't people just enjoy their work and leave it that?

I never get worked up over celeb relationships. One thing I've learned watching celeb relationships from afar is all that glitters ain't gold.

Anonymous said...

dear sad hyena Chloe,
your friends and you (probably just another 3 sad hyenas) will not support Rob anymore, well good…guess what he still got millions of real fans after all!!! I think all the fandom sites having a ball yesterday like Eclipse Movie.org bootyfest party lol!!!(well exception for hyenas sad site…!!!! )

imloco2 said...

Loved the post Rose. And you're right. It's their lives, let them live it. Increasingly, when I see all the bull and the never ceasing 24/7 attention these two have from people all over the planet, I think of The Truman Show. The only difference between them and Truman is that we don't have cameras inside their rooms and they have enough 'real' friends that they can live a semi-normal life they so desperately want. I love that they both have someone that knows them and loves them without any ulterior motives and with completely disregard for the fame aspect. As Rob has said it's hard to trust new people these days as everyone wants something from him. However, he has his tight knit circle of family, friends and Kris so I think he's good. :) Kind of reminds me of Bon Jovi in some ways. He has kept the same wife and friends for years now. *g* May Robert be as lucky.

Anonymous said...

6:58 is Chloe. Same bad English....

And Chloe, or whoever you are, you are not a fan. Rob did not mess with you. YOU have let him down. If you are a fan, support him. Who is girlfriend is should not matter. And, it has been obvious and much-reported for months. He does not want it to be a public spectacle. That is his right. You wanting to apply some misguided standards to how he lives his life is just wrong. He does not need "fans" like you. And please, for the love of God, learn correct punctuation and English.

Anonymous said...

Dear Rose,

I've been waiting for your post after the pictures in Budapest were out. Great post as usual. You are one of Robert true fans.

Because a true fan should support his movies and also is happy when Rob is happy. We as fans don't have any influence in his private life. I also don't get it, why we have to stop being a fan, when we know that Rob is in love with Kristen?

Sorry for my bad english, I am from an Asian country.


Anonymous said...

Awesome post.

I LOVED the line:
"And if they don't perform the way you want
them to in public?
Tough shit.
They aren't doing this for you.
Or me.
Or anyone else.
This isn't a performance for the public.
It's their lives." Sooo TRUE!!!!

And I agree... I'm totally reacting like this --> :-D

What is wrong with Rob's fans that they wouldn't be happy that he is happy? And how does he owe ANYONE an explanation of his private life? Be a fan not a psycho!! Geez!


Anonymous said...

People on this thread describe themselves as having "tears of happiness" about Rob and Kristen being together in Hungary?

Another couldn't SLEEP she was so excited about this?

And the nonsten folks are delusional? Look at yourselves before you point fingers. BOTH groups of people are delusional.

Rob and Kristen are together, but this fandom (and this blog in particular) is far more about being RIGHT and being entirely caught up in the relationship of two people who don't need or want your "support". They just want to be left alone.

It's a bit sick, to be honest.

Anonymous said...

@ imloco2 (by the way like the name!) great post..you are right about him having his close knit friends (the brit pack) and his family I am glad he has that or else i think he wouldve gone insane by now.

To the person who talked about our love for them being sick or whatever..the hatred and denials and especially the hatred for Kris is what I call sick!! since when was supporting someone being sick..puhlease!! it is ALWAYS something with these crazies..shit!! can we even get a break!?!

I am so so glad he has her so that they can I guess see each other through this craziness...they are keeping each other grounded..because to think of it, they are in the same situation..what better person than each other to keep themselves going through life upon all this whirlwhind!! Good for them! It's been a long and great day for us Robsten fans..cant wait to see what Rose has to say tommorow xxx

P.S. pay the haters no mind they are still stunned and are scratching (foaming shall I say) to bring up some sort of shit but we all know at the end of the day who Rob is with! Rob loves Kristen..Kristen loves Rob..that is all and that is all ye need to know xxx


Anonymous said...

@anon 8:41- at least shippers crazy comes from love, I'll take that over hate any day of the week

dee said...

@ Chloe, what you gonna do about Rob being a fraud??? report him to the police??? LOL, I can't believe some people just so sad!...good if you decided don't want to be his fan anymore. He doesn't need a fan like you! or are you actually a fan???

Anonymous said...

Wow! It's heartbreaking for those who didn't expect Kristen to fly and celebrate her birthday with someone close to her heart and sacrificing the distance and her other loved ones like family and friends. It's so heartbreaking for those who think that Rob is working and must not be disturbed by Kristen. But they do what their hearts dictates. They are honestly dying to be with each others arms every birthday of them and had been doing this successively since the filming of the Twilight Saga and they pledge to do it while they can despite of the distances and schedules. What a deception for those who fall for Rob alone and for those who fall for Kristen alone but eh, no, This girl is crazy inlove with Rob and Rob is madly inlove with her. What can they do, it's hormonal.

Anonymous said...

WOW. That is one of THE BEST blog posts I've ever read. Seriously, this is like my hero right now. lol. I know, I have no life but haters (and the hyeanas, which btw love the name lol) suck. They take everything we like and try to ruin it. RK is together, they need to get over it. No reason to hate people all cus they want to be with somebody. RK makes each other happy and your post made me as happy as the new pics. Thanks for the smile.

Anonymous said...

You go girl! No One could have said it better, all true. Someone actually commented that they get paid to wear each others clothes? omg please let them be jokeing, cause that's just sad lmao anyway thanks for telling it like it is.