"You can only see things clearly with your heart
What is essential is invisible to the eye"


The information, content and images on
these pages are purely in fun
and are in no way meant to cause anyone harm, grief or despair.
If you are sensitive and lack a sense of humor,
please, don't go any further.
Some places, names, and events are fictional
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or similarity to any person living or dead
is purely coincidental.

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Sunday's Sarcastic Soapbox

I've always loved this picture.
Yes, they both look stunning in it...
But it's something else
Something more.
I think it has to do with the look on Robert's face
As he looks at Kristen.

I'm in a black/white kinda mood today.
I'm not sure whats that even means
But I seem to gravitate toward b/w pictures
So I decided to go with those today.

What's to talk about.
Let's see what I have found.

1. Honestly. 
There is just something about Robert with a cigarette
that affects me.
Normally I hate cigarettes.
I don't like anything about them.
Except when Rob has one hanging off his lips.
I'm sure Freud would have lots to say
about the images and sexual innuendo
and why I find it so damn intoxicating...
But I can't think about that right now
Robert has a cigarette in his mouth.

2. Kristen is beautiful.
Sometimes she is just ordinarily beautiful
There are times when she is stunningly beautiful.
But she is always beautiful.
Even when she doesn't try to be.
Even when it seems she goes out of her way NOT to be.
It's like this bright light
That won't be dimmed...
No matter what she does.
No matter what people say.
The light blinds you.

3. There is always so much NONsense to deal with.
I don't look for it.
But it always finds me.
I see it on Twitter.
I see it in emails.
I see it on the comments on this blog.
I find it amusing that some people 
are so threatened by my words.
My thoughts.
That they feel the need to follow me around
and make sure I know they don't agree with me.
But it screams of desperation.

4. I believe that Robert and Kristen are together.
Let me count the ways...
Since the days back in October 2008
I watched Robert and Kristen...
seemingly fall in love.
It was so obvious to me.
The looks.
The touching.
The intimacy that they shared.
That was 18 months ago.
And if anything...
My initial reaction to what I saw
has been reinforced
And again.
They spend as much time together 
as their busy lives allow.
They always find a way...
To be together.
I don't need someone to tell me
 their version of the truth.
I don't need constant validation 
of my opinion.
I just see what is right in front of me.
(You know you see it, too)
And if there ever comes a day
when I don't see it?
I will accept that as well.
Because it's not about what I want.
It's what I believe.

5. Man, I'm rambling today, aren't I?
I apologize.
It's just so quiet here this morning...
and the thoughts are just flowing.
Robert and Kristen on Oprah
has caused quite a stir.
Some NONpeople are all worried that
Oprah is gonna ask THE question
and they won't like the answer.
And for some reason the fact that it's on
Robert's birthday was horrific.
Well, it's probably a taped show being shown on his birthday
But I'm still not sure why that is so threatening...
Does it mean that Rob has to tell the truth 
if it's his birthday?
Does it mean that Rob's birthday wish will come true?

6. Last but not least.
The Eclipse trailer came out on Friday.
Within minutes people were complaining about it.
Yeah, I would have liked more Edward/Bella
But I still LOVED it.
People were upset with all the Riley.
People were upset with Bella's ring.
People were upset...
With everything.
Remember the days when we were just
excited and happy to have a trailer?
Thrilled to get glimpses of Edward?
I miss those days.

And finally.
(Yeah, I'm almost done)
Robert is in London
(for a couple more days?)
And for some reason because he didn't follow
Kristen to LA
It means all sorts of negative things.
If Robert follows Kristen then
it's just PR (pathetic rants)
or work related.
If he doesn't immediately follow her
then of course it's because he doesn't want
to be with her.
It doesn't matter to the Hyenas
All that matters is the scraps of bullshit
that they continue to digest.
You can not only see the desperation
You can fucking FEEL it.
Bitter. Vile. Foam.

And it's only going to get worse for them.
Because the BEST is yet to come.
Bye for now.


Purple83 said...

as usual, you rock! I have a stock of extra-large umbrellas at hand for all those days when the foaming and spit and venom will be spewed more than usual...I also stocked on some very cute rainbow wellies :) you are welcome at them :D

Sharing is caring <3

littlesecret84 said...

You always make me smile. I'm so glad I found your blog.

Anonymous said...

how many times are you going to repeat the best is yet to come? maybe as many as your shippers repeat that Rob is still working in London? lol Classic shipper reaction. As for Oprah I'm not worried, Rob is not going to admit shit and I bet that a comment of him dating older women will be part of the show. Our boy knows how to play his cards and keep his fans happy. He is smart and charming.

Anonymous said...

So RP went to Arsenal game? Someone is bored. lolz. He could've flown to LA before they start the reshoots in Vancouver. Maybe Kristen doesn't want to see him or maybe it's his choice to stay in London to be with his "friends". How devoted.

Anonymous said...

holy words
rose you're exceptional

MaleneKohler said...

Amazing post as ever! Everything you say just makes me scream out WORD! EXACTLY! and so on..

Why everyone complain about the Eclipse trailer I have no idea! I mean I find it awesome! I love that they put much of the Newborn stuff in there because that's the action in this movie, and that shows other people and especially guys that the twilight saga can is indeed filled with action and exitement!

Keep your thoughts comin'


Anonymous said...

*Waits till someone says Rob is working in London*
Delaney is running out of bs lately lol of course Rob is woring....he's working on having fun with his friends and spend time with the people he cares.
Robert and Kristen had spent about 3 weeks together in the last 4 months. Eveytime Rob has a litte free time he is with his mates and family. I guess in his case actions speak louder than words.

Anonymous said...

Rose,your blog rocks!Love it!I believe too that Rob and Kristen are together and in love.I don't believe the crap about engagement,marriage stuff,because they're so young.If they manage to pass through the BS sea the media and some hardcore "fans" have put them in,then there's a great possibility in a couple of years for them to get married and have some gorgeous kids(come on,why not?).

Today i read at some blogs that the hyenas had some comments at their idiot blog about putting a rope around Kristen's neck???I got mad.WTF with these people?Why don't somebody report their blog for posting death threats for a 20 years old celebrity they don't know and they'll never meet?I wonder if Rob knows about that blog and how some of his "fans"(the minority i want to believe)is a bunch os disturbed and sick women/girls who wish his gf to die.If someone starts a petition against them,i'm the first who's gonna sign.

P.S.The photos you used are AMAZING!

Anonymous said...

Exactly Rob is enjoying his downtime getting drunk and watching the arsenal with his mates. Kristen who?
I'm sure Tom is going with him to L.A, he always wants his support system near him maybe his sisten will join him too. Again Kristen who?
excellent point, 3 weeks out of 4 months show how important she is to him.
If anyone whould be worried about Oprah should be the shippers, Rob is not a fool.

Anonymous said...

to anon 10:47,10:45,10:44.Little girl or pathetic old cougar,because we all here know that you're the same miserable person who comes here for some fight,because that's probably the only thing worth in your sad life,what if Rob stays in London?How does this affect your life?Is he there with you?NO!Is he ever gonna be with you?No.And something else.Noone here knows how many weeks or hours Rob spent with Kristen the last 4 months.How do you know?Are you stalking him?Are you counting the hours and the minutes that he spent with her,because this is hurting you?You know,there are some really good thereapists out there.I'm sure they can help you.

Lisa said...

SO right as always!!!

You can see it, right from the start! If you don't, you're blind. Or maybe you don't really know what love is, so you don't know what you're looking at.

One thing I want to add.. I have SEEN/heard (not read, but that too) Rob say that he likes to have distance in a relationship. It makes the reunions so much better. :) When I find it again, I'm going to send it to you Rose so you post it if you like.

And as for him staying in London when he "could be in LA with Kristen" Has not anyone heard him say he was enjoying London because he could be more "normal" there? And he wont be home for quite a long time unless it's for a day or two. He's got reshoots, then WFE, Eclipse promo, and then they start BD. Which is probably going to be 2 movies and he has to fit UC in there somewhere! So, it's not surprising.. Also, we have no idea where KS is. She could be there for all we know. But it doesn't matter.. They are where they are, and they'll be together when they're together.

As for the new trailer? I LOVED IT! Everything about it.. Could I have used more E & B? Of course, but they have to leave us wanting more. :)

Debby said...

Ouh, Look at he way the "crazy" are reacting "Shippers should be worried, not us..!" We should be worried...and about what?? I mean it's everything so clear! :) Two guys are in love. He's still working in London, and he's enjoying some time with his dearest..what's wrong with it? Nothing.. but, hummm... you really don't know what to say..! :) Love your comments Rose!I'm totally Robsten addicted, because theirs is the purest of love..It's EVERYTHING SO OBVIOUS..AND BEAUTIFUL! And yeah, girls, yes Rose, you are all so right: nonstens are so worried about the "Oprrah Day"..ah,ah.! Because I think they know the truth, I know that they know that Robsten deeply love each other, and when they don't know what to say..they say shit, so ever..but it's pathetic and ridiculous right now! I wish Robsten all the best. I know that even at Oprah they won't answer "the question", but everybody knows now, and they just want "to keep it for theirselves" I just repeated what Kris said once. And knowing that the show is taped...they will be free on Rob's Birthday, and they'll spend it together, like Kristen's.. there's so much love in their lives..their love is stunning...and beautiful..God bless you guys, always!

Anonymous said...

I find it kinda creepy that people make conclusions about someone without actually knowing anything about their work schedule or reasons for what they're doing.

@hyenas: even IF Rob had no valid (in your eyes at least) reason for still being in England, even IF he didn't run back to Kristen like YOU think he should do and was the shittiest boyfriend ever... well it wouldn't change the fact that he IS her boyfriend, she is the one who spent her bd with him, she is the one he wanted to join him in London, IOW or Budapest while he was working far from LA, she is the one who gets to hang out with him alot, she is the only girl he's being seen with and loves, she's the one who gets to sleep with him, but most importantly SHE is the one who does know him and is allowed to make judgment about him and his actions towards her. She is the one who can decide if he's a great or shitty boyfriend. NOT YOU. And from the look of it, from what we can see and since she traveled all the way from LA to Budapest to spend time with him, she obviously doesn't find him a shitty boyfriend, guess she thinks he's totally worth her time and love. And that's all that matters.

And of course even you do know he's NOT a bad uncaring boyfriend, you know they deeply care for each other and you know they handle their relationship and work commitments pretty well. Yes it's obvious you do know all of this because if not, you wouldn't be so desperate to prove otherwise and try to paint their relationship in a bad way. Your howling and whining are the proof you know they're together, happy and in love. Hurts right? Well, you better get used to it...


Anonymous said...

I say AMEN to that Rose. Wow love, love, love your post today.

Thanks Rose.


Anonymous said...

Thank you Rose. I so enjoy the daily check-in with you and your excellent comments and beautiful pics.
For as young as Rob and Kristen are, their choice to guard their relationship and keep it as private and sane as possible really impresses me. I perceive this as a strength and great maturity in both of them. Also, it shows me, again my interpretation, that they are aware of the many positive habits that allow a true, long lasting, respectful, healthy, and adult relationship between two people in love to develop, to grow, and hopefully to endure.
Remember, they give us so much joy, may we return it to them by respecting them both.
Just a happy believer.

Anonymous said...

sorry Rose, can't seem to move past Rob and his ciggy *thud*

will try again a bit later.

<3 u sfm


Patricia said...

Rose: I agree with your time line of them falling in love (18 months ago, is about right)! The signs have ALWAYS been there but I don't think she acted on them until she dealt with Michael.I also think Rob has always been in love with her from the very beginning.

I LOVE your choice of pictures! I almost lost my train of thought for a few minutes looking at them. THEY ARE BOTH GORGEOUS ! ROBERT FUCKING PATTINSON !!! OMG THERE ARE NO WORDS HOW SEXY THIS MAN IS ! JESUS

I think both Rob and Kristen are very mature about their relationship and the time they have to be together and with family and friends. That's very healthy in a relationship! I can't wait to see them together ! Probably in Vancouver this week.


I was excited about the trailer, I always want more Edward and Bella ! I'm obsessed that way !


Anonymous said...

Totally love the pics you used Rose! B&W photos have something special that make them even more beautiful and powerful.

I love how you said that you just believe and see what's right in front of you but would accept it if one day you didn't see it anymore. I love that you are rational. I'm always wondering if the shippers could see it or would want to face it if unfortunately one day R & K were to break up. I wouldn't want them to act like the nonstens do and refuse to accept the truth.
But right now, it's obviously all about the love so... Rob and kristen on Oprah? lmao why the hell would 'some' people be upset because it's on his birthday??? Seriously, they just crack me up with their reactions.

I can't wait to see them on Oprah, it's been so long since we last got to see him together during an interview. And that's just the beginning, aah good times. Yes I agree with you, the best is yet to come and I can't wait :)


Anonymous said...

Well at least they are making progress: from he is NOT her boyfriend to he IS her boyfriend, but a shitty boyfriend because 3 weeks(?) in 4 month isn't enough in their opinion. Lets be positiv Hyeanas are progressing, little steps, but little steps are great the therapist would say. Lovely sunday. Anna

ciro said...

morning rose....
love u rose love R love K as always..as a fan love both i'm not concern about oprah..and not expecting admited RL i though it's eclipse promo and maybe oprah go THERE or not...just wanna enjoy the show see the adorable couple plus D and tay...and ignore the hyena who don't had embarassed of them face to visit your blog ..ooh ya i forgat how hyena had manner..LMAO..bye guys

Cassandra said...

Amen Rose, just wanted to say love your blog! And I also love how your new phrase word has caught on. Hyenas-perfect description.....

Anonymous said...

Dear Rob. How DARE you attempt to balance your RL with your Professional one. How absolutely asinine that you realize that you will have a grueling work schedule for the next year or so with little time for breaks. How could you be so selfish to want to spend a little down time with your family and friends (who also have lives that they cannot drop for you ALL the time) before you head off THOUSANDS of miles away from them. Why are you not shoved so far up your GF's ass that you don't have time for anything else? You are a horrible person. *rolls eyes* My god. Really? Can this get any sadder? If he HAD immediately flown to LA, what would your endless list of excuses be? PR! Kristen is pathetic and made him come! It's for work!
Fucking hell. Nothing that ever happens will ever be enough for you crazies. It will ALWAYS be SOMETHING for you. And we know that. It is what it is what it is. Is there a purpose to you coming over here SO MUCH to object to what everyones thoughts and opinions are (and in such a vicious manner)? We get it. You dont think they are 'together'. Thats fine. Believe what YOU want to believe and leave us alone with what WE believe. In the end, the truth is these are two people that OBVIOUSLY care about eachother and enjoy eachother. The intensity or level of their relationship only matters to THEM. Not you. Not me. Get over it. Move on.

Anonymous said...

I love it when you ramble, Rose. . . hmmm! Ramblin' Rose.

Beautiful pics as always, Rose. I agree that Kristen is luminous. I love her beauty. It's so real, not in-your-face, just real -- like her.

I used to feel more rabid about R&K being together -- when I wasn't so sure they were. But for me, there's no question. I love that these two highly desirable, talented individuals have the depth and intelligence, the strength of character to find each other and maintain a close, loving relationship. Despite all the chaos that surrounds them.

I no longer have a need to know their every move or have layer upon layer of proof of their togetherness. I just know it's there. And if in time they are no longer together, that will be OK too. I love them both, together or apart.


Anonymous said...

To Anon 10:49, perhaps you should read what was actually written & not just take the word of Krisbians to know what was actually said. Once again, a stupid photo/comment blown out of proportion by the obsessed.

Just a reminder, Hyenas also include Kristen fans who hate Rob.

I've seen more foaming at the mouths by shippers than the Nons. The shippers conveniently overlooked the fact that it's NOT just Rob & Kristen on Oprah. The shippers are just waiting for the "declaration" on Oprah. Not going to happen.

Anonymous said...

Okay, first of all, you don't have to spend every freaking waking moment with someone to be in love with them. If you are that is called obsession, not love. My husband and I work very different shifts and I see him maybe eight hours a week and we are happy and in love. That doesn't make him a shitty husband (leaving the tiolet seat up and losing his paycheck at a casino, does lol). Rob has a family in London, one he is obviously close too. Kristen has a family in LA, one she is also close too. Just because they have their priorites straight does not mean they don't want each other, or want to be with each other or that is all PR. With the inventions of things like cell phones, BBM, and Skype you can be connected without neglecting your relationship.

It seriously PISSES me off that ppl interpret things to suit their claims. The the rumor that Rob is sleeping with every woman he meets...Come the fuck on! He is notoriously shy and self-deprecating. That is not an act, that is who he is. He would propably stammer his way through and introduction and that is okay, that is what makes him Rob. And Kris gets that. They wre thrust into fame suddenly and they have leaned on each other to get through that. What you have to remember is that they were friends first and a couple second. That friendship is the foundation of their relationship, the foundation of their love.

And if all you nay sayers can't see that, you all need to make an appointment to see your eye doctor, cause you are blind.

Nuff said.

Anonymous said...

@Anon 11:38
Yes there are crazies on every sides (robsessed - krisbians - shippers - nonstens and any other side there can be).

But I don't think the rational shippers/believers are waiting for the "declaration" on Oprah like you said. Doubt they'd answer the question if asked anyway. IMO if they were to do it, if they adressed their relationship it'd be cute. If they don't, who cares? Like lots of people here said over and over again, we do not need a confirmation anymore. Their relationship is no secret for anyone anymore at that stage. Verbal confirmation or not. Their actions speak for themselves. Everyone knows, no doubt.


Anonymous said...

Isn't it a given he would still be in London? He is going to be away from his family/friends for a long time, I would think he'd want to spend some time with them. He's only been away from Kristen for a week or two (sorry I don't keep a calender like the hyenas apparantly do). But It seems to me the fact that they saw eachother pretty much every month even though he was filming far away says they are serious about eachother. And hyenas if you don't believe that, why do you feel the need to post over and over on Rose's blog? That does NOT show security in your belief, especially the counting of the days you believe they were together(creepy much?). Rose, great post as usual.

Julie said...

Beautiful, the music was very soothing even if it didn't soothe the NONentities like it should.

They will be eating crow when May flowers appear, maybe they will be eating edible flowers.

It comes down to this either you believe it and see it or you don't believe. I believe!

Anonymous said...

Rose, I agree with everything you said. I too have watched the looks,the touches,the pride they show in one another,all the little things people who are in love do. As long as they are happy,so am I.

I will follow both of their careers regardless of what becomes of their relationship. They are talented people and I am a true fan of their films.


Anonymous said...

Who are those idiots from both sides that expecting a declaration on Oprah?Are you serious?R/K are so careful and secretive about their relationship.If they wanted to say something they would have done it already.They'll be there for promoting their movie,not speak about their personal life.

Hyenas and hardcore shippers are the same shit.The first are full of hate and the others full of obsessed and sick "love".Both need therapy.

RPaddict said...

Rose love the Sunday rant!

I have a mundane comment today.I've been married almost 8 years to my best friend who I love to spend time with.However I don't always get what I want.

We both work and have financial,social, and familial obligations.We have to plan dates and time off to spend together and we live not only in the same country but the same household.

My question is, How is it different for Rob and Kristen? Just because they're actors in the public eye does not mean that they don't have the same worries and obligations that all of us do?

I'm sure that they will do what they have to do in order to have a life together and a career. It's really time for people to think before they spew nonsense.
I hope the best for them both.

Rose thanks for the voice of reason.

Anonymous said...

You're wrong Rose. Kristen doesn't love Rob. In fact shes only with him because she pities him. She knew from the beginning how desperate he was to have her so she decided to get with him to make him happy. I think Kristen is clearly getting tired of him and is only staying with him because she doesn't want to hurt Rob's feelings. If she broke up with him, he would become depressed. Cause last time I checked its Rob that follows Kristen around like a sad little puppy dog and gets drunk and depressed when shes gone. She gets on just fine without him. She just goes along with it to please him. Its pity love.

Anonymous said...

Poor little shippers always changing theit tunes to he is working to he is spending time ith his family. Delaney fill your heads with bs and most of you buy it sorry. The minute he is done with WFE he is going back home and of course Tom is going to L.A with him. You'll think his "girlfriend" will be enough support but no, he needs his real friends and family to be happy :)
Indeed will be an unforgettable summer.

Poli said...

I´ve been reading your blog since November 2008 and it´s amazing how you are always so snarky and consistent on your thoughts. #4 is brilliant. It was exactly the same thing to me.
Since the hyenas found your blog, i don´t read the comments or post any comment myself anymore, too.
I just want you to know, that you have a faithful reader and follower of your blog.

Heart you sweethart.

Anonymous said...

to Anon 12.05
I agree. Rob and Kristen want to keep their privacy so I don't see why shippers are pushing for them to declare their relationship to Oprah. And its not like its going to be just them anyway. Taylor and Dakota are going to be there as well. Somehow I can't see Rob and Kristen talking about their relationship next to their costars. I'll admit I hope its prerecorded but only because I want Rob to have a nice birthday away from the craziness of fans and the paps which he'll get if hes recording Oprah on his birthday.

Anonymous said...

Another enjoyable post Rose with such beautiful pictures! Ahhhh, I really love the pictures, they are such beautiful people. These hyenas come to your blog and make me lol! If Rob is such a terrible bf and such an awful person to lead his fanbase on with "PR" such as this, why I ask are they so rabid about what happens between he and Kristen? Why even worry about him? Or Kristen? Or people who love them together? Why? There's no logic in it? Do they realize how ridiculous they sound? Ummm, couple more days of foam...then it will be sad hyena pics again! Lol

Anonymous said...

Beautiful post Rose! The photos are awesome! Yes, we've seen them falling in love in front of our eyes, maybe that's why their story is so endearing..and, as someone has already said above, they were friends first, and then became lovers.Kristen knows Rob better than anyone of us(because let's face it, we know only his public persona) and viceversa, and SHE is the one Rob spends his time with. They seem pretty serious to me since they manage to find time for each other even with their busy schedule and even when they are miles apart...they aren't seen with anyone else so I don't know where all this "cheating" BS comes from..Oh, yeah, from the hyenas!
Fact is they're together and actually we don't expect them to say anything about their relationship on Oprah, we already know and we'll just enjoy seeing them sitting next to each other during an interview, as it's been a while since the last time(Jimmy Kimmel ,I think)
As far as the trailer is concerned , I was one of the people who weren't particularly blown away by it at first,but I've changed my mind. I've watched it countless times and I really like it, I think the action is awesome and I'd rather see the E/B moments during the movie than see them in the trailer and have the "no surprise " effect in the theatre(like in New Moon).
And I actually really like the ring,I don't think it's too big, maybe because this kind of rings are very fashionable here in Europe nowadays, so I don't see the big deal. And it seems to fit the description Stephenie Meyer gives in the book.
I can't wait for the movie to come out!
Keep up the good work, Rose!


Anonymous said...

To the person that is constantly shoving D down our throats: We are not mindless idiots than cannot form thoughts or come to our own conclusions on our own. Yes, some take every little thing said by anyone to the extreme and as absolute fact. However, MOST of us take what we hear with a grain of salt and go by what we SEE. Actions speak louder than words. Stop insinuating that we are mindless drones that have no common sense. Everything at this point is OPINION and not fact. You THINK he's there bc he doesn't want to be w/K. That's fine. You are entitled to that OPINION. Just as we are entitled to our OPINION that he's balancing Work/family/friends/girlfiend. None of this is fact. Either side. It's ALL speculation. Back the fuck off and stop being SO bitter about all of this.

Anonymous said...

Lol, @ the person who keeps talking about Delaney. Um.. I think you're following her every word more than anyone else. I had no idea what she said about Rob still being in London. With my own brain I figured he'd want some time with his family before he went to LA for months and months. And no I'm not even a shipper, I'm a rational Rob fan that can see what's right in front of me.

Anonymous said...

Nonstens, Anti-Rob-Kristen you're not wellcome here.

This is an absolute PRO-ROBSTEN blog.

Why do you cling to Rose's blog?

Are you, nonstens that masokistic?

Why don't you stay in your nonsten site, forum, blog or whatever it is?

I don't understand you. Please I'd appreciate your answers.

Jenn said...

Ok this is my first post here. First off I LOVE this blog it truly makes me laugh out loud the anonymous assholes that come here just to spew their bile to stir up shit. The author of this blog is clearly a Rob fan as well as Kristen fan. You will never see me post over at nonsten.com, why? because I just don't give two goddamns what those hateful trolls have to say over there. Yet those same trolls go out of their way to come here and oost the same ridiculous messages that they post all over the web. WOW! how original, and these same people come here and say how patheic the believers are.
Anyway not that you need me to say it but this is a great blog and keep it up.

Anonymous said...

Anna, girl loved ur post!!! baby steps is about right i have a psych major myself. you are right Elie..just seeing them sitting together will be enough.,no worries..its more than they will ever say with sparks flying the amazing chemistry they have! cant wait!! the eclipse trailer was fine dont know what ppl are bitching about.


Anonymous said...

you are right jenn...i dont know why its so hard for them to get it..we dont go over there...they are making themselves look crazy and crazier everytime they comw here!! pure lunatics!! go and create your own filthy blogs with hate..leave Rose alone..,damn trolls! enough is most certainly enough!!


pricklypearess said...

Hey Rose, ditto on the cigarette comment. They aren't my thing, but when they're hanging out of Rob's mouth....oh my! Lovely pics as usual. I come here to get my fix every day. As far as the negativity and hurtful comments that people post....at church today the minister made an interesting statement that I believe applies. "Hurt people hurt people". Maybe it's time for some to look inward instead of outward. Have a lovely day everyone!

30yearoldtwifan said...

Rose I am a new fan of your blog, posted a few times. Thank you for again saying exactly what most of us rational RP, KS fans feel also. I wont call myself a shipper, seems to have a stigma, I am personally a fan together or not. I am with you, if I saw they were broken up or not a couple anymore, I would say it LOL not make up sick theory's and mindless fantasy's. Unlike the hyenas who make up senseless garbage. When its obvious these two are a couple. Question for the nonstens, why do they post here? Obliviously this is a blog for fans of them, why would people come here to post if they hate Rob and KS as a couple, boggles my mind. GO AWAY crazy's! I hear there are a few hate filled sites for you to go to out there. They again, they are entertaining arent they? LOL

vanlicous said...

Rose, it's so nice that you wrote about the beginnig, October 2008 - the magic moment :) The moment they could't hide their feelings anymore. Always great to remember.

At that time I was only thankful for their great talent, the awesome movies, interviews and their special personalitys.

Today, I know there is much more we have to be thankful for: Kristen and Rob are keeping the hyenas busy. Imagine they wouldn't have something to do...I mean...if someone would leave them loose...in real life...THANK YOU, Kristen and Rob for saving our lives!

And thank you Rose for your great thoughts :)

asifucare said...

Great post today Rose... I dont know where you find those pics of Rob and Kristen. I just want to add my 2 cents about the trailer for Eclipse, because I could care less about ROB and KRISTEN's relationship... who cares!! Its not the cure for cancer and it sure as hell aint gonna make my day better either way... I watch him for his looks and talent, I could give a sh%t if he's into gerbils on his off time, its his business NOT mine.

Okay.. so on to the trailer.. I have to agree with alot of people, it wasnt the best trailer.. Rob didnt look very good and there just wasnt enough love... But that being said, Opinions... How wonderful Opinions are, Everyone has one And you cant make everyone happy. The world would be oh so boring without OPINIONS....

Thats my rant. Happy Sunday!

Anonymous said...

If haters truly believe these 2 are not together they would not come here. The way the haters tell it, Rob and Kristen are doing all things for PR, etc. If that is so, the haters should not have a worry in the world, right? They should stay in there own hateful arena and be happy. Why come here? Why? Not everyone is a shipper. Some people do use their commonsense. Haters should be so happy that Rob is not in the same country as Kristen Stewart. He is with the people that truly matter to him. OK.... (as he is picking up his phone to dial Kristen) Sorry, silly shipper thought. Bad girl!!! Why does the thought of these 2 being in the same country soon upset some of you? Oh well!

Anonymous said...

Why are you all so fixated on their relationship? Whats it to any of you? Is your personal life that lonely? I'm sorry I just dont get it. People are angry if theyre together, people are mad if they are apart.... The poor kids cant win either way! Now I feel sorry for them.

Questions said...

Dear Crazy Hater People,

Why do you devote so much of your free time discussing a relationship that you're against? Bashing an actress you abhor? Making up lies and posting them on various blogs/message boards?

Are you bored with your lives? Are you lonely? Are you miserable and jealous? Do you not get laid enough? At all?

Do you think Rob would agree with your vitriol? Do you think it makes him happy knowing people like you are infesting the Internet with your strong opposing opinions on what he does and who he has chosen to be in his life? To love?

I can assure you he doesn't like it. He doesn't like you. He hates your hate.

Trust this. He HATES it.

sfw10sis said...

Rose, outstanding as usual. I love B/W photos, I think they show more emotion. I'm not a fan of cigs myself, but at this point I think Rob can make just about anything look sexy, so I'm just going with it. As for Kristen, there's no words to describe just how much more beautiful she's becoming with each passing photo, she's diffently coming into her own, Rob must be so proud when she's by his side.

Well It's another day and another comment section full of the vile, nasty and rude delusionals, but hey, I guess spewing their hate is all they have left to cling to or else they wouldn't be trying so hard. You go right ahead kids/teens/(god help us)grown women, but don't excert to much energy, something tells me your going to need your strength to get through(summer lovin oh what blast)hee hee, sorry couldn't resist,on second thought(even though this might put me at your level) I'm not sorry at all. Now run along and get some rest(take your friends with you, if you have any) because it's looking like there's going to be a lot of work ahead for you.

Sorry Rose for using your blog to sound off, just can't resist somedays. I hate that they polute your site, but If they think they can drive us away, then their more delusional than I've given them credit for.

Well I best be taking the advice of Purple83, and stock up on some extra umbrellas,just in case the spittle and venom reaches my way, I haven't had my rabies shot and the forecast is calling for spittle showers all summer. So R/K believers if you haven't had your shot, are you ready, I"ll race you to target, ready, set, GOOOOOOOO. lol

Rose,love ya, love your blog.


soadram said...

I have myself become addicted to your blog and why?
and sorry the other but usually in my life I've always been the sincerest possible. not like anything messing and bla and bla .. and by chance found this blog and frankly all that I've read and seen the same level of fans kris / Rob feel that this blog is sincere, pure and real.
Because the other side there is always something .. the ring is, whatever I do not know what and sometimes even nauseated.
So I chose for myself the best BLOG on Roert and Kris and I agree with everything Rose writes here because eui think like her, I do not need to see them together all the minutes to be sure that they are.
Rose excuse the outburst in Seui blog but I had to say:)) keep it up, because I know it will continue to be pure and sincere realistic
All the best for you
A kiss straight from Lisbon-Portugal for you Rose:)

Anonymous said...

Anon 2:30, why is it that you have become so fixated on coming to a blog site that makes no apologies for being enamored of Rob and Kris? If you find R&K fans so unappealing, why not go where you're wanted -- which is not here.


Anonymous said...

loves it rose! love always begets love. and hate never gets anything in return but hate.

but wait what...is this the new AT? why do obnoxious gatecrashers keep coming here? i guess hyennajungle.com has become too damn idiotic for their moronic rants now. lol. don't you think the owner of this blog couldn't trace your IP address? stupid.

what i don't understand is that you smelly animals just can't stop obsessing about the object of your wrath. first it was kristen, then there's delaney, now it's rose. seriously, don't you have anything else to live for but be crazy psycho angry every breathing moment of your lives? it's like you live, eat, breathe, dream and sh1t the people who you shouldn't care for to begin with. where's the fun in that?! oh heaven knows.

Lisa said...

I say we all chip in to get "ANONYMOUS 12:32 PM" some therapy! Clearly he/she is delusional!!! LMAO!

Anonymous said...

"There's a moment I think in your early twenty's where you think nothing feels real up until that point and you think ohh I'm just faking all my emotions and suddenly there comes a sorta turning point where your like oh ok I CAN ACTUALLY ACCEPT THAT I LOVE SOMEONE OR THAT I'M JEALOUS OF SOMETHING." - Robert Pattinson


If he is not talking about Kristen I would be totally shocked. Because the point he is talking about in his "early twenties" coincides exactly with when they met, became friends, worked together and then fell in love. His other long term relationship would NOT be classified as "early twenties."

I was just thinking about how Rose was talking about how we watched them fall in love.... and how sweet it was....so I thought I'd add a little in put direct from the horse's mouth so to speak.


Anonymous said...

To Annon 3.56
If you wanna talk about the horse's mouth then you should take note of an interview where Kristen talks about not having found the right guy yet.

If shes not talking about Rob I would be totally shocked since hes the guy shes with now. So don't be surprised if she breaks up with him sooner or later.

Anonymous said...

ok,guys, just to lighten up the atmosphere since the hyenas are still out of their cage (LOL!) look
what I found! It's from an italian site but actually an american twitter pointed this out..look at the painting by Caravaggio...the man is like ROB!!LOL!

If you have already seen it, I apologize, but I thought I should post it !


Anonymous said...

WOW delusional much.she was not talking about herself but in general but hey i see that's the only thing you guys have to hold on so have fun in posting about this interview here and at the AT boards as many times you want.

Anonymous said...

Ohhhhh Jesus Christ!! Where is the Kristen interview saying that she still haven't found the right guy????

I'm dying to see it! please post the link. If there's no proof, there's no truth!

Anonymous said...




Anonymous said...

Here? where? In any of these vids she doesn't say she hasn't found the right guy yet. Moreover she's talking about Bella, Edward, Taylor, New Moon..

You must have smoked something weird....

Anonymous said...

Sorry didn't mean to make the hyena's howl.

I just thought it was a nice quote. And yes... I think it was likely that he was talking Kristen but even if you don't (tiny eye roll) its still a nice quote.


Anonymous said...

to anon 4.59
I ain't smoking anything. Maybe you should listen to the vids again. She doesn't mention New Moon at all. She was talking about herself.

Anonymous said...

“Reality is determined not by what scientists or anyone else says or believes but by what the evidence reveals to us” - Alan Hale

Anonymous said...

to anon 4.59
I ain't smokin nothing. Maybe you should listen to the vids again cause she doesn't mention New Moon once. She was talking about herself. Go figure.

Anonymous said...

If you say that you ain't smoking anything, I believe you... of course.

Exacty, what minute of what vid is she saying "I still haven't found the right guy yet" ??? Thanks so much!

If Kristen stated this during NM promo, that should be the HEADLINE OF THE CENTURY, as everybody says she's so in love and devoted to Rob.. Don't you agree??

to gatecrasher said...

old news dearie. it had its run already back then. too lazy to re-live how people thought of it. but it was so-so. a lot of things have happened after that ya know. now why don't you go back to your chapel o' hate and leave rose's blog in peace. put your efforts else where. nobody cares what you think here, yet you care too much on what we think. don't you have any shame at all? shoo!

Anonymous said...

woah I never saw this interview before. its sad, kristen actually says she doesn't believe in one person for you. she saids it in another interview as well. rob however has often said he does believe in the one. kristen hasn't found the right guy for her yet. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SgT3D8vh-j4

RachT said...

Great post, Rose. As usual!

And why do certain people feel the need to post the same crap over and over again here? Like Rose, I believe what I believe and that's it. The same posts over and over again do nothing to change my beliefs.

The people who are constantly bringing up Delaney? What for? Why so obsessed with her? Do you think everyone hangs on her every word? I have no problems with her, she seems like a nice person but she isn't the reason I believe Rob and Kristen are together. Rob and Kristen are the reason I believe they are together.

And, silly me, I always thought Rob would finish Bel Ami this past week and hang around London for a bit. Just my natural assumption. As RPaddict so nicely put it, Rob and Kristen not only have work obligations but familial and other obligations as well. Every relationship on this planet has to deal with this. Rob and Kristen are no different. Besides no one can sit here and say as fact that Rob doesn't have things to do in London or Kristen isn't busy with something in LA. That they both just planned to meet up in several more days. They can handle it so why does it matter so much to some of you people? It doesn't make their relationship any less serious or that they care about each other any less. They seem to do very well with handling obligations and time apart with making time for each other. And they definitely don't care what the outsiders have to say. So, whatever with this BS.

And as Rose and a few others already pointed out if Rob was in LA, the excuses and nonsense would be something else because certain people will ALWAYS have some crap to say regardless. Main reason why I don't care what they have to say. I NEVER seek their opinions or their "truths" and it's too bad they have to post their garbage here.

Jess said...

The question has been asked before but I see it hasn't been answered, WHY ARE YOU HERE?!! Kristen's only with Rob because she pities him (I'm still LMAO about that one btw), If Rob really loved her, he would have gotten back to her the minute he finished filming, because how dare he spend time with his family, it's all PR yadda yadda whatevercakes. People going out of their way to try to convince others that there absolutely is no relationship to a blog where it is believed there is a relationship. Go post at nonsten.com because I am sure you will be welcomed there with open arms. WHY ARE YOU HERE?! You don't believe there is a relationship, that's fine, so why come here to try to convince otherwise? What are you possibly gaining?

beacullen said...

LMAO, Rose you rock! Another awesome post, love your blog, love the trailer, but want to know why most of the negative seem to be anonymous posts? Grow some balls and be proud if your gonna try to justify your bullshit and own it. I love that Rose is not shy AT ALL about how she feels. lol We need some anti-heyena spray or somethin.

Anonymous said...

From the Horse's Mouth:

"We are. We aren't. I'm a lesibian." - Kristen Stewart

GREAT NEWS... today every body is right (EVEN THE HYENAS) because its clear Kristen always answers all interview questions with straight forward honest answers. We all like to think of her as our sweet little open book.

Suzy Q

The above comment is laden with sarcasm. If you are too dim witted to understand sarcasm, please do not reply to my comment.

Anonymous said...

Ohhhhhhh Kristen said she doesn't believe in one person for you.... so, she actually didn't say "I still haven't found the right guy"...

It's not the same thing Nonstens. You don't want to see or listen to the truth. You just confuse things and make up stories to convince who??

Do you really think you're going to convince any of the Robsten fans posting here??????????

You, Nonstens, are absolutely WASTING YOUR TIME.

lisa said...

People, they aren't going to tell us until THEY are ready.. Look at Beyonce and Jay-z.. They were married a long time until they admitted it and then it was an accident.. I think this video says it all.. They wont tell because it wont change it!


Anonymous said...

I don't need any confirmation from Rob and Kristen. Nonstens need it before they go irremediably nuts.

Anonymous said...

Anon 5:36 PM, she said because what does that mean for people who never find the one... So "no, probably not. I believe there are different levels of love"

Anonymous said...

Great post Rose but I don't always read the comments. There has been just too much hate floating around it's like an infestation everywhere, not just about R&K but about Tay and kellen also. Like you I have been following them since Twilight began and I'm totally in agreement with everything you say! Mandy.

Anonymous said...

guess who was partying last night? our boy :)
Went to a groovy party today, r patz was just chillin, no biggy. Lolocopter. Night babes, can't wait to announce album and gigs to u all xxx

Anonymous said...

WHO IS "Delaney"??

Anonymous said...

Right, I know this is offtopic Rose and I apologize. But for the person who said on this blog that Rob doesn't get hated on by Kristen's IMDB by Kristen's fans I just wanna you're wrong. I'll agree that Rob doesn't get near the same intense psycho hate that Kristen gets but he still gets picked on. Rob gets namecalled by some fans and some have even spoken about how they can't wait for the movies to end so she can leave the 'footface' I only discovered this because I found out that Kristen is being threatened by the sick nonstens again so I went to the IMBD board. But I'm shocked now that some Kristen fans are attacking Rob which isn't fair because it isn't his fault! I feel like screaming here. Why can't they leave Rob out of it?! He didn't ask for these crazy fans! Comment: "Kristen isn't the first celebrity to have some psycho wanted to kill her and she won't be the last one.Just hope that she has good security people.

Hope that pattinson leave her alone soon and go marry one of his psycho."

Anonymous said...

I can't believe it. Kristen is getting threats from nonstens and some Kristen fans are picking on Rob on IMBD! Why?! It isn't his fault! I feel like crying here. Rose I'm not picking on the Kristen fans honestly. I know Kristen gets it worse than Rob and I am pissed with the nonstens threats towards Kristen. But why does Rob need to bashed as if he created the threats towards Kristen?!
Comment from the board:
"Kristen isn't the first celebrity to have some psycho wanted to kill her and she won't be the last one.Just hope that she has good security people.

Hope that pattinson leave her alone soon and go marry one of his psycho."


Anonymous said...

Just curious who is gonna cry when they and if they do break up? You hags have been putting all your energy on their relationship that I'm thinking alot of you are gonna need xanax and alcohol when they split. Which they will, it happens to the best of them in Hollywood... Its a shame you all cant channel your energy on something you might actually be able to control.... Imagine the possibilities!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Oh crap I'm sorry. I posted two comments. I'm sorry for that I thought the first hadn't gone through. Sorry about that


Anonymous said...

Well rob never acknowledge her or claims her so why his crazy fans need to respect her as someone important in his life as someone more than a coworker and friend? after all she's the one who follows him. She went to london twice and the budapest, will he do the same? who knows.
All I know is that Rob knows how to have a good time and protect and support openly the people he loves and are important to him. Like he does with his boys and his family. He is young and he is having fun. Last night he was still partying, let him be. If kristen is important to him he will let us know.

Jen said...

to anon 6:50 PM

well I guess that advice you so self righteously feel the need to give goes both ways. Why can't you channel YOUR energy into posting on a blog with people who give two good goddamns what you have to say. I know my world isn't gonna change one bit so how about yours? why are you so "curious"?

Anonymous said...

well, nobody's forcing anybody to like kristen, to believe they are together, to spew hate on robsten territory, to respect other people's belief, to respect other people in general, to prove anybody anything. the only thing we see forced is these hyennas insisting themselves here where they are clearly not wanted. whatever the future holds is beyond everyone's control...we are happy for rob and kristen here, you're not. so it's your problem, not ours.

Anonymous said...

to 6:58. You're kidding, right? Not openly supporting Kristen? Oh, he has but some people are too damn dense to acknowledge it. Yeah, it's easy for him to get pap'd at his friends concerts and sorry Rob didn't invite the paps along when he went to the WTTR screening with Kristen to support her and months later at the The Runways screening. He did, however, talk about how amazing both movies were. He has talked about how amazing Kristen is. Is that not openly supporting her? Does spending her birthday with her not clue you in at all in how important she is to him? Or that he wanted her at his movie premiere right there watching it beside him?

Rob and Kristen definitely very openly support each other. Just because they haven't confirmed their relationship doesn't mean these two don't love and support each other. Get real. And get a clue--Rob has been telling you how important Kristen is to him for a long time now.

Anonymous said...

@6:19. Since Rob has been in London he has gone out with his mates (whom all have girlfriends)...what's the big deal? Or do people just like making Rob look like an idiot?

And just curious if they're are any pics of Rob at any of these places he has been seen or are people just solely relying on twitter? Because you know twitter is never wrong! LOL.

Anonymous said...

One question to the haters -- WHY DO YOU CARE? (yelly caps!) Seriously? Rose has articulated for herself why she cares. A lot of us who enjoy a good romance story have articulated why we care; or at least why we smile when we see these two in love (hell I do the same whenever I go to a wedding where the two getting married are clearly IN LOVE). It's sweet. It's just *nice* -- but you guys -- WHY DO YOU CARE? You come on here and bash. You foam. But WHY DO YOU CARE? Your lack of transparancy gets everyone wondering, conjecturing, and that gets you going again. Are you all in highschool? 'Cause that actually would explain it. Anyway, just curious here. Thanks Rose again for another great post!


Anonymous said...

EGAD! I'm sorry for my likely insult of mature/grounded highschoolers. Some of the hate just reminds me of the kind of petty, catty, garbage that went down at least when I was in highschool. But that wasn't fair and I'm sorry! I just don't know many mature women (or men) who are *so* petty now.

No offence meant!


Anonymous said...

Everyone needs to just relax..because, honestly we are fighting about nothing...what is the age group here??? i could swear some are still at least under 16 years old!! We are arguing about something the ppl we are aguing about have no idea and frankly dont give a shit. They are together. Haters, go and do something with your lives. leave the internet..go spend time with the ones you are love..because this is what R/K are doing right now. This is a war frankly a unecessary war that shouldnt be taking place. Use your heads...stop fighting about something especially haters that is true..the sky is blue..of course its blue..do we fight about that..those who argue about that are blind period. Those deny their relaysh are blind also. Get your eyes checked..get some glasses..better yet get some help. Nonstens, krisbians, hyenas whatever you call yourselves this post is for all of you. ROse is a supporter of both R/K and belives they are together..there is nothing you can do about that..stop trying to come here and ruin her blog. She OWNS it, you dont!


Anonymous said...

Everyone needs to just relax..because, honestly we are fighting about nothing...what is the age group here??? i could swear some are still at least under 16 years old!! We are arguing about something the ppl we are aguing about have no idea and frankly dont give a shit. They are together. Haters, go and do something with your lives. leave the internet..go spend time with the ones you are love..because this is what R/K are doing right now. This is a war frankly a unecessary war that shouldnt be taking place. Use your heads...stop fighting about something especially haters that is true..the sky is blue..of course its blue..do we fight about that..those who argue about that are blind period. Those deny their relaysh are blind also. Get your eyes checked..get some glasses..better yet get some help. Nonstens, krisbians, hyenas whatever you call yourselves this post is for all of you. ROse is a supporter of both R/K and belives they are together..there is nothing you can do about that..stop trying to come here and ruin her blog. She OWNS it, you dont!


Anita said...

Dear Rose,
just want to thank you for another great post from you.
I love reading your post everyday but usually I can't express my opinion since English is not my first language but mostly I agree with all you have written.
Love you Rose and R/K <3

Anonymous said...

I don't get why people are going on with the whole 'rob's out with his mates'... Why wouldn't he? How is that a bad thing? Eh for all we know, his friends are asking him to go out with them more often since they know he's far from his gf and want him to change his mind *shrugs* And most probably he just want to make the most of his stay in London to have some fun with his mates before leaving his country for months.

Seriously why would any fan of his or any sane person for that matter would want him to stay inside his hotel room and pine after his gf all day long, day after day?

Same with people saying 'they won't last anyway, it's just a matter of time before they split'. Wow, how mean is that? Whether you're a kristen or Rob fan, we do know they care about each other a LOT (rob's face and smile when he looks at kristen and all the miles she's willing to fly to spend just a few days with him say it all very clearly). So knowing that, why would would hope for or wait for them to break up? Since obviously one of them (if not both) will be hurt in the process? A breakup is always painful. Is that what you wish for them as a fan? You wouldn't even say that about people around you that you don't know or care about, so why do you about people you claim to like? Or you just don't like them both, but then why spend time on boards to hate them?

Let this board be a happy place dedicated to love... it's no big deal if you think we're all delusional, you won't change our point of view so why bother.


Anonymous said...

I don't get why people are going on with the whole 'rob's out with his mates'... Why wouldn't he? How is that a bad thing? Eh for all we know, his friends are asking him to go out with them more often since they know he's far from his gf and want him to change his mind *shrugs* And most probably he just want to make the most of his stay in London to have some fun with his mates before leaving his country for months.

Seriously why would any fan of his or any sane person for that matter would want him to stay inside his hotel room and pine after his gf all day long, day after day?

Same with people saying 'they won't last anyway, it's just a matter of time before they split'. Wow, how mean is that? Whether you're a kristen or Rob fan, we do know they care about each other a LOT (rob's face and smile when he looks at kristen and all the miles she's willing to fly to spend just a few days with him say it all very clearly). So knowing that, why would would hope for or wait for them to break up? Since obviously one of them (if not both) will be hurt in the process? A breakup is always painful. Is that what you wish for them as a fan? You wouldn't even say that about people around you that you don't know or care about, so why do you about people you claim to like? Or you just don't like them both, but then why spend time on boards to hate them?

Let this board be a happy place dedicated to love... it's no big deal if you think we're all delusional, you won't change our point of view so why bother.


Bellaroma4 said...

Kudos, Rose!

1. There is something about Rob and cigarettes. Can't stand them, but don't seem to mind when he's pictured with one. Don't know why that is.

2. Kristen is beautiful. Doesn't matter the length or color of her hair. She is simply beautiful.

3. I avoid the hate.

4. "Because it's not about what I want. It's what I believe." So true.

5. Doubt the question will be asked or answered. But I can hope.

6. Loved the Eclipse trailer. Not having Edward/Bella in it too much will make me enjoy the movie more when I watch it and them.

Your blog is a balm to a crazy day. Thank you, Rose. :)