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Saturday, April 3, 2010

Rob Kissed a Girl... And He Liked It!

It's Saturday morning...
I haven't been online much, lately
Mostly because there isn't really anything
to be online for...

It's very quiet when it comes to Robert and Kristen.
Oh sure...
Someone tweeted that they were 'next' to 
Kristen at the airport
(Yeah... OK)
And oh sure...
People took that one insignificant tweet
and ran with it.
That is what people do.
Because one person said it...
it MUST be true.
At least if you wanted it to be.
And there was some article that Robert had
some BIG surprise worked out for Kristen this Easter.
I love how people know this shit.
I love how people believe this shit.
I love how some people actually got online
and looked up flights to Hungary
to determine whether or not Kristen would be there
in time for her Easter surprise.
What else can I possibly add to this?
Just my genuine laughter.

I don't know.
You don't know.
No one will know unless a picture of Kristen
shows up... of her somewhere.
Even then there will be skepticism and doubt.
Stories of plots and subterfuge 
Is they?
Is they ain't?
In the grand scheme of things...
Just how much will it affect your life?
I would like to think it wouldn't make a difference
no matter what the truth is...
But I'm pretty sure some people
live and breath this drama.

Only time will tell.
I hope Kristen is there with him.
I know that will make Robert happy.
And I like happy Robert.

And it looks like the news of The Runaways
being taken out of theaters before its wide release
was a premature ejaculation.
I hope so.
I really REALLY want to see this movie.
I keep checking my local theater to see if it
is listed in their coming attractions...
but if it's anything like Remember Me
that won't happen until the week of its premiere.
I hope so.
I recently bought "Neon Angel"
Cherie Currie's book that the movie is loosely based on.
Haven't started it yet...
But just another piece of my need to find out
as much info as possible about this band.
I'm kinda obsessive that way.

Like that is news to anyone who reads this blog.
And oh lookie here!
Another picture of that beautiful man...
and look at what he is doing!

So many obsessions.
So little time.

Bye for now.

Pssst... I'm looking forward to Kristen/Budapest confirmation.
I can hear the whining and howling already...
Or not.


Patricia said...

Good Morning Rose: As you know by now I'm one of those obsessive ladies that's wants to know everything I can about what's going on with Rob and Kristen. I think I'm getting worse. I NEED AN INTERVENTION! I blame it on I want Rob to "BE HAPPY" and he always seems to be happy with Kristen with him. But I'm spending WAY TOO MUCH TIME OBSESSING ABOUT THIS! HELP!!!!

I hope we find something out soon, I hope she goes over there and they get some time together!

Like you, I never get enough pictures of this Gorgeous Man ! Standing, WALKING, RUNNING !! I just AM OBSESSED WITH EVERYTHING ROB PATTINSON! The sad thing is I really DON'T CARE WHAT PEOPLE THINK! I'm addicted to HIM!
Grazie for your wonderful post Rose!

Lisa said...

Haha I'm another addict! Someone should start a 12 step! LOL AND I'm too old to be so crazy! :)

Anyway, I started Neon Angel, gotta say it hasn't "grabbed" me yet..

I hope you get TR in your area. I saw it last week. KS & DF were excellent! The movie is good.. I expected Kristen to be great in it because she & Joan remind me of each other... In the fact they march to their own drummer.. :) Dakota transformed! Their manager gave me the creeps! In the movie and in real life! LOL

Patricia said...

Lisa: I've already mentioned this to Rose (a long time ago) I'm 68 So this ADDICTION IS REALLY SCARY! BUT I'M, NOT DEAD SO I'M ALLOWED TO HAVE THESE FEELINGS NO MATTER HOW OLD I AM!

Lisa said...

Patricia, Well, that makes me feel a little better! :) I'm soon to be 46. However, I have daughters that are 29 and 23 (same age as Rob) and 5 grandchildren!

My girls are crazy about him too but not as much as me! Which is funny, because I am a 'late" fan. I didn't read the books at first.. When Twilight the movie came out my oldest daughter was always going on about it. I didn't get it. Then when the DVD came out, I watched it, liked it but still thought they could have found a better "Edward" (BLASPHEMY I know!) Still didn't read the books (fiction wasn't my thing) when I went with her to see NM. The end about killed me! I came home and read all the books! LOL I played Twilight in the background while reading.. The more I watched, the more I liked.. :) I went to see NM 4 times at the theater! My husband went with me 3 of those! LOL He is not a book reader. He only read one book in his life that wasn't required for school. He just finished Eclipse and has started BD. :)

Anyway, sorry, off track. The more I watched Rob the more curious I got. I started reading about him, watching interviews, etc... Of course, the more hooked I got. I love everything about him.. :) I could watch the boy read the phone book! haha

I was pleased to find more people like me.. :) If you ever find a 12 step though, let me know.. I 'might' join.. But I think I like my obsession.. LOL

Anonymous said...

Haha Lisa and Patricia. Lisa, I like your stories. Lisa, Same with mine, he hates reading and still does but managed to finish all four books in about 3 weeks (Man, has Stephenie Meyer done miracles!!!).
I used to be addicted to RPatz but I still love him but i am not that much anymore, I think this is because of Kristen. I have seen sooo many times how he is happy around Kristen and I just want them to be together now because they need each other in this at times crazy Twilight fandom. I am a fan of them as individuals also. I was a fan of Kristen before Twilight though although not as much as I am now. I knew her because my son had a huge crush on her after watching Zathura, Into the Wild and another movie. I love that girl (and Rob too of course!)

THe thing about Rob is that he is unlike those other teen heartthrobs we have seen. He appeals to ALL! Eventhough the media recognizes him as a teen idol I dont think this is true because he has sooo many older fans who love him just as much as the younger ones do..the age range is like 10-80...My mom also loves him which i find it hard to believe because my mom doesnt do that kinda stuff...(fall in love with heartthrobs that is)

Rose, great post I am so looking forward to confirmation...but if it happens it happens..I dont know, i keep having this feeling that something great is going to happen in Robstenland soon. Maybe a fan pic of them again..who knows? Happy Easter everyone!


just me... said...

I´m from portugal, a beautiful country in Europe and "Our" Robert used to come to the south of portugal in vacations whith is family:) Is the first time I comment in your blog and first I have to say...Way to go! You say want you want and what you think, after all it´s your blog;)And I love it. The 2nd reason for my comment is to say that maybe I need an intervention too...But I´m so relieved to know other women (not girls) like me!!!

Anonymous said...

Hey Rose just read all of the other post and I laugh to myself WHY ???because I to am one of the oldies but goodies haha AND I love ROBERT PTTINSON and want to see him and Kristen together I know I know Im going to have to wait.Im so glade that there others like me who love and want the same thing(ROB to be HAPPY)this is why I do come here I LOVE ROSE and what she has to say makes me happy well my dear friend i hope you have a nice day and happy Easter to all DEB.

debbi said...

I, too, hope we get confirmation of a Kristen visit or some other sort of good news. Not that it will matter in the grand scheme of things, but it'll make me smile.

I enjoy coming here because you're honest, on point and always seem to capture exactly what I'm thinking. Plus, you have good instincts when it comes to these 2 and often tend to be right. :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Rose, thank you for your dedicated work on this blog. Counting obsessions, I must confess that I love Rob's smile, his laugh, and his beautiful voice. The way he looks when he is happy is heavenly.

After reading a few comments elsewhere, I am so very happy that the filming in Hungary is going so well. The Hungarian fans are being very classy and respectful. Thank you to all of them, taking good care of Rob and the crew.

I was fortunate enough to be in Austin yesterday and got to see TYH at the Regal Arbor Cinema. Kristen, William Hurt, Maria Bello, and Eddie Reddmayne definitely should be proud because It is an excellent film - low key,sensitive, and a great relationship study. All four actors really connect with each other and the audience and do an outstanding job. I liked the flashback format to tell William Hurt's character's back story with Maria Bello. You leave the theatre with a good feeling about all of the characters in the film. Abso-freaking-lutely another winner for Kristen.

It is so nice to see the commitment to participate in quality films from Rob and Kristen. Bravo Rob and Kristen, we are so fortunate to witness your growth as actors and artists in the craft. May you find peace, love, and inspiration in each other.


Anonymous said...

Hey girls, I think it's awesome how much we all love Robert. Kristen too. I'm 42 and I am SO addicted to this man it's unbelievable. He consumes all of my free time. All of my thoughts. I can't even go to a store without looking at a poster, or a magazine, just to see his beautiful face (not to read the tabloid nonsense). I REALLY hope Kristen is on her way to Budapest. I NEED them to be together. Major withdrawals here. Rose, I've also been DYING to see the Runaways. It hasn't come to my theater here in Florida either, and I don't know if it ever will. I am SO mad !!!! I keep watching and hoping.