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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Robert and Kristen. Everybody Wants To Rule Their World.

Supposedly a pic of Rob/Kristen arriving in London.
(Just one more in a long line of pics together)
Didn't we already know that's where they were going to be?

But the article in The Star...

it was on to a private hotel, where they holed up inside their room –
and Rob could be heard playing his guitar and serenading Kristen.
“Their love is impossible to hide,” says an insider

Jesus. Really?
Complete bullshit.
Fuck you STAR magazine for making the image
of Rob with his guitar make my teeth hurt.
Not a lot of Rob/Kristen news
Other than they are together somewhere out there...
Which is enough to burn some peoples biscuits.
Which does get entertaining...
But in a sad kinda way.

So Random Thoughts...

1. People are all over the fact that Kristen
is traveling with her trusted companion ASB (John)
She's been with this guy a LONG time.
And honestly...
With all the fucking lunatics out there
(Pictures of Hyenas with a big red slash through it)
Why wouldn't she travel with someone?
Doesn't it make sense that she would??
Rob travels with his bodyguard everywhere he goes.
Why is it so wrong for Kristen to do the same?

I was thinking about the whole shipping bullshit.
And just because you believe someone is 'with' the other
doesn't make you a shipper.
I don't have any stake in Rob and Kristen being together.
I just think they are.
I don't fantasize about Edward and Bella
In fact, I don't even think of them as those characters
unless I'm watching one of the Twilight movies.
I think they like each other ( a lot)
I mean...
Kristen has traveled all over the fucking globe
to hang out with Robert.
When they get the chance to be together...
 They are.
And see... that's all it takes.
They constantly keep showing up...
So naturally...
being of sound mind and body...
I accept that it's quite obvious
that Robert and Kristen...
Are in fact...
So simple, really.
No plots.
No hype.
(No fucking PR)
It just fucking IS.

Fucking great picture of Dakota and Kristen.
LOVE the boots.
Love the look.
I want the DVD so I can watch it all the time.
I can't get the music out of my head.
And Kristen.
Kristen was Joan Jett perfection!
So yeah...
I'm going to go see it again today.
I have to.
Can't stay at home... can't stay at school.
You know how it goes.

And now for something completely different.
The Hyenas are STILL chasing their tails.
I guess they haven't figured out that it's a waste of time...
They just keep going around in circles...
Never getting what they are after.
Round and round and round they go...
Will they stop?
I'm guessing... NO.


One more thing.
I adore you Robert Pattinson.
I'm still intoxicated.

Bye for now.


Debrad777 said...

I've been lurking and reading your blog for a while, and can't agree with you more. As I sit here quietly watching and reading you are writing and puttng out there every thought I have. Thank you for being free to have the courage to write and blog what I wish I could. Thank you for putting up with the b******t that expressing your thoughts can bring. I for one am glad you are here doing so!! Great job and keep it up!!


Anonymous said...

IF they're indeed together,then why don't they come out already?I'm sure all the hype would die slowly.Look at Zack and Vanessa,Angie and Brad and so many other REAL couples in Hollywood,who are not hiding.What makes Robsten so special?They think they're too good for the media or the fans?They love all this attention,because it helps them establish their career?They're bearding each other?I'm sorry,but i think they're just good friends,that's the vibe i get from them.But even so,they look so unhappy when they're together,they never smile.Kristen behaves like she's hating him.She has no problen being all over Tay,but with her supposed "bf",she's like he's some kind of shit.Sorry,but i'll believe there's something more only if i hear it from their mouths.


Jenn Ski said...

Love your blog, don't ever stop!

just found this on youtube

Edward and Bella-kisses in slow motion


Purple83 said...

once again, all I can say is BRAVO Rose! I'm with ya...you give voice to my thoughts! :)

Anonymous said...

Rose! I love this post. Always so spot on! I totally agree with you on the part that they are always together, accept that they're together.. Why can't everybody just do that and be fucking sane in this insane fandom?? Right? *sigh* Haters will always be haters and will always have their bubbles...

Love your blog and i love you!


Anonymous said...

Dear Colleen (@ 11:11)

Whatever gets you through the night darling. :)

Great column Rose as always.

Anonymous said...

I wish somebody burn Star magazine and punch real hard the idiots who write all this bullshit.When i read the article,i really wanted to puke and then to beat the shit out of the person who wrote this stuff.


Anonymous said...

Dear Colleen,
Come out come out wherever you are in that bubble.. Honey, why do they have to come out if they don't need to?? They don't the fans any explanation.. And if the fans get frustrated with that, it just shows what kind of a fan YOU are.. Honey honey.. Please accept what's in front of you.. It's not hard.. It'll be better in fact.. Then you can live your life outside your bubble.. And do you really think the hype would die if they do come out?? Really? MY QUESTION IS, DO YOU REALLY A VERBAL CONFIRMATION THAT THEY'RE TOGETHER?? REALLY?? TAKE OF THE BLINDERS HONEY.. IT'S RIGHT IN FRONT OF YOU..


Anonymous said...

Off topic but...

I am almost embarrassed to be a shipper... some shippers who are actually kristen fans (respectkstewx,robstenlovex...) are really insane.
They talk a lot crap about Rob on their personal account and shipping kristen with Arangano.
They are so f-cking hypocrite.

and seriously we blame everything on nonsten but you guys should visit team_kbitch first.

Rob doesn't deserve this crap.

Patricia said...

Rose: You rock! What can I say "I love you" ! You just get better at this.


Enough with the bullshit ! Here we go with the rumors and it never ends and then Colleen "wants to know why they don't declare their love for each other" it's THEIR BUSINESS, THEY ARE TRYING TO BE A NORMAL PRIVATE COUPLE AND LIVE A NORMAL LIFE (AS MUCH AS THEY CAN BEING HOUNDED BY PAPS AND RAG MAGS. WITH ALL THEIR MAKE-UP SHIT TO SELL PAPERS)

KRISTEN AND ROB HAVE TO TRAVEL WITH BODY GUARDS. Have you seen what happens to them when they're out in public??? Have you seen the size of Kristen??? Jesus ENOUGH!

I love Rob Pattinson and Rob loves Kristen loves Rob and I love you Rose.
Grazie for being who you are, I really respect you. Rock on Rose


Anonymous said...

I wish to robert and kristen more serenity
hope myself to see the runaways..soon.... !

RPaddict said...

Colleen, They don't owe you or anyone else an explantion about their relationship, friends, lovers or otherwise.

Rose- LOve the blog don't always get to comment but I check here regularly.
Love being serenaded by Rob as I read and comment.

Love Love The Runaways! I can't stop listening to the soundtrack either.My fave song is Queens of Noise.Kstew is my girl crush has been for years.

I'm intoxicated by Rob to each and every day.

Anonymous said...

Colleen If you're wondering why they don't come out with your relationship, just go to the source, them. Kristen says she wants to keep this one thing for herself. She says that when you let everybody in on your relationship it cheapens it. Rob basically says he wants to keep work and private life seperate when asked anything about Kristen. So there you go. They don't owe us anything.

@gofigure123 said...

Never posted anywhere ever!

Have to say that I kind of like to see some of the crazies comments. It makes me laugh and comforts me, confirms my own sanity as I too am intoxicated by these two wonders.

Individually true to self and together even better.

All last week this song was in my head ...
"You can reach me by railway, you can reach me by trailway
You can reach me on an airplane, you can reach me with your mind
You can reach me by caravan, cross the desert like an Arab man
I don't care how you get here, just- get here if you can.."

So surprised you didn't use it Rose. Next time....

Yeah Rob, you got your girl!

Anonymous said...

anon 11:48,are you telling me that all this crap around their "relationship",like Star magazine or other gossip isn't cheaping their "relationship"?Yeah,ok!


Anonymous said...

Kristen is better off with Taylor. When shes around Rob shes uncomfortable and unhappy. As least she can be herself with Taylor. You can tell she loves him dearly. Is she obviously just going out with Rob because she feels sorry for him. She knows how into her he is and that without her he would be heartbroken.

Anonymous said...

@Colleen Even if they came out with their relationship, it wouldn't stop the tabloids from making up crap about them anyway, so why should they engage the rumors? Just ignore them.

Anonymous said...

Colleen As I just said KRISTEN said that. I personally think they're protecting themselves as much as they can. Look, you're entitled to believe whatever you want. If you think they're just super best friends who spend all of their time together and even fly around the world to spend important holiday's together *shrugs* believe what you want.

Anonymous said...

but why you are so happy x them?????i can'r teally understand!!!at all!!

are you a kristen fan or a rob fan??
he need to pretend some thing better that a stupid little raccomanded girl close to him........other wise he will be marrie, he will make chidren and .......maybe he will divorce in a couple of years<!!!!!!!!
he looks timid but not stupid!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Rose, great blog as always :) between you and kstewisbetterhtanu, i've been smiling all morning.

to people engaging the negative nancy(s) in the comments here (or anywhere for that matter)... might i suggest they be ignored? they want attention and they're getting it. personally i'd much rather spend my time living my life and being happy for two of my fav actors.

which brings me to the comment Rose made about being a "shipper."
BULLS. EYE. I've never shipped a RL couple - what in the utter fuck? I only support what I see in front of my eyes and have been seeing for over a year now. IF that were to stop tomorrow, my life would go on and I'd still support both Rob and Kristen in their respective projects. For now I'm enjoying seeing two people who obviously enjoy each others company and who have shared so much of themselves with their fans that it makes me respect them all the more for keeping something private.

thanks Rose!


Anonymous said...

the rose blog is really nice is not this the problem!!
attention of what??
we have only adifferent point if viw fortunately!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

1. Serenade. LOL. I’m sorry but the word serenade always conjures the image of a mariachi band in my head…and Rob and a Mariachi Band… too funny. Or better yet Kristen’s face as she is serenaded by a mariachi band and Rob.

2. I usually classify myself as “Robsten Shipper”… I mean my blog is even entitled “Confessions of Robsten Shipper” but I classify myself as this because I believed they were together way before any “confirmation.” I thought it was really sweet the way they looked at each other when doing press and stuff which is why I love all the totally cheesy Robsten-esque music videos on youtube. And I will confess, I am a hopeless romantic, so I wanted them to be together and live happily ever after. So, yes, I totally squeal like a teenage girl when confirmation comes out (plus its always fun to be right) But if they weren’t together and if I was wrong, it wouldn’t make me any less of a fan of either of them, individually. And I would be a little disappointed but it wouldn’t be the end of the world. Realistically, the odds of a couple making it in Hollywood are really low, so its not like I’m over here fantasizing about their wedding (or believing any gossip rags shouting engagement or pregnancy). But recently I’ve noticed different places classifying “shippers” as some kind of psychos…and I don’t think I’m psycho… so am I not a shipper???

3. The Runaways was amazing. I am going to go watch it again this weekend, because it was just a seriously great movie. Kristen Stewart killed it! She was totally badasss!


Anonymous said...

Rose, just wanted to say I hope you enjoy seeing TR again today. Kristen was fabulous, wasn't she? Have a good evening.

Anonymous said...

to colleen and anon 12:13
So tactic for today is: She is unhappy, she is better of with Taylor, they don't behave like other couples do(the real HW ones like Brangelina, sorry just good friends...

So what was Rose headline for today? -- "Robert and Kristen. Everybody wants to rule their world."
So you obviously want to rule them.
Do you actually read the post before you start your attack??

And your arguments? After the gay rumors, she is not in Budapest, will not be in Lonon... we are at - "they don't behave like a normal couple" again.

As Rose said, your are running in circles, circles, circles....chasing your tails.

Starting to get dizzy

Anonymous said...

A bit off topic, but maybe interesting for many of you.

Christoph Waltz, Robs co-star in his next movie Water for Elephants is an austrian actor, well known in my country, had many ups and downs in his career and is an inspiring and very level head person, who doesn't like the world of glamour.

And unlike many of his colleagues he always kept his private life private. He refuses to answer privat questions, speaks only about his job.

I think Rob and Christoph will have some interesting conversations.


kristine.hills said...

Rose i read your post some days ago and i couldn't comment it(net problems).You said people like to say you don't have a life and you spend too much time on the Net.REALLY??? Jesus, if they got this conclusion it's obvious that who DOESN'T HAVE A LIFE is who is criticizing you, bc as i said before and i'm going to say again 'you can handle your life VERY WELL', you have a beautiful family, and friends and you still have time to bring us some wonderful thoughts.If they say you don't have a life, i can just imagine their POOR,MISERABLE life.They have only time to criticize and as you said today they want to rule RK and they do it all day/night, they have nothing better to do.Bc i'm pretty sure they can bother not only you nice blog but also blogs that are as fantastic as yours.

I DO love your little/huge blog.
(huge in LOVE)


Love your posts too!

kristine.hills said...

OMG I almost forget it
I'm really happy RK are spend some QUALITY time TOGETHER.

GOD bless them!

Anonymous said...

Wow I've never seen someone so intoxicated with such a bad actor. Enjoy his good looks while they last. Looks do eventually fade ya know.

Anonymous said...

Colleen, for the record, neither Rob nor Kristen reveal much emotion at all when they're in public together -- anywhere but promoing a film.

The reason they often look so dead-pan and keep their heads down is not because they're miserable or hate each other or are trying to deceive their fans. It's a simple but effective technique to maintain their privacy.

If they express no emotion at all, no one can pick out anything in their behavior to latch onto. And that's where you come in, my dear . . .


Anonymous said...

lol They haven't seen each other for over a month and she's already going back home for some stupid Festival? LOL ok It's not even work related, if I had to choose, spend time with BF I rarely get to see, or music festival, I know what I'd choose...js PR or very casual...


sfw10sis said...

So simple really, it just f--king is, right on point as usual Rose.

I too am intoxicated, then when Kristen was added to the mix, watching the way these two reacted to each other, just made them all the more endearing, wishing them a long and happy, sucessful time together.

Off topic: any one out there from Cleveland Ohio, I would really like to see The Runaways, any ideas where its showing. Thanks


Amanda said...

anonymous 2:45 So if she goes to a music festival with her friend Dakota her relationship with Rob is for PR or casual?? THAT is what you have left to cling to? Because just a few days ago when she flew to see Rob for her birthday I thought the nonstens said she was "Clingy and desperate" and now that she's doing something with her friend now there's no relationship. Wow, you guys really keep your bases covered. And if you really think Rob would do that for PR, that just shows how little you think of him and his character. They are together. Get over it, get used to it, move on.

Anonymous said...

I ask you ROSE, why kstew fans acting so bitchy towards Rob? and why have you never mentioned it here.
if it's kstew everything is different huh?

Anonymous said...

So that means she would have to leave London on Thursday or more probably Friday then? That was a kinda short stay for such a long travel. But Rob's almost done with BA right? He's got to go back to LA soon for WfE preproduction and Eclipse reshoots anyway. Does anyone know when BA filming is over? Or is it already?

And if she does go to that festival, guess that'll mean another SWEET reunion for them very soon when rob's back in LA. Reunions are always great ;)

Anonymous said...

At Sue the only theatre showing is the one at Crocker Park in westlake. I know a real bummer. Mandy.

Anonymous said...

RPAttz was fucking with Leighton Meester while he was in NY.I guess he's not the angel and the faithful guy you all robtards and stupid shippers thought.He's a douche who's fucking aroung with every single girl.Last year,while he was in London,he was hooking up with some skunks who had met in some bars.There are paparazzi videos on youtube.Those girls,especially a blonde one,looked like whores.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like PR job lol Show up together and hang out for a few days just to reassure the public you're 'together' then separate to get back to your life...I see a pattern here...A few days together, a month or so a break, a few days together, a month/two months break etc etc KStew waited till last minute to go to Europe and is now leaving hahaThey haven't seen each other for over a month and she's already going back home for some stupid Festival LOL ok It's not even work related

Anonymous said...

Music Festival, Kristen going with Dakota + Marc Malkin gives information (+ Kstew411 confirmation) = work related ->PR The Runaways?!. When had any media outlet ever information about Kristens private weekend plans?

And people, if you want to judgde and rule other peolpes lifes you should at least pick a side and stick to it instead of "she is a stage 5 clinger" one day and the next day "she is not commited, PR, casual".


Lisa said...

Colleen, why don't you go read a blog that you DO agree with??

I'm not trying to be a smart ass! I really want to know WHY people who don't agree with what is said here, come here to read and post..

Thanks for any insight.

sfw10sis said...

Thanks Mandy, actually don't live to far from there, worth the drive.

Thanks again, Susan

Anonymous said...

to anon 3:30

Of course you know that the Leighton Meester story was totally made up by Perez Hilton. You know that Rob was in NY for RM premiere with Kristen, his family and friends begin march and in Europe since then. And you know that your other stories are pure defamation. You don't even care if you drag other people like Leighton Meester in it.

Is the frustration that big? Seems so. And only because an actors in a movie franchise fell in love with his co-star. Trivial.


Anonymous said...

Rose I think its time for me to go,Marc Malkin reliable?(since when), whores?,skanks? Jeez!this is unbelieveable. What! do they only read the headlines Leighton Meesters people came out and said it was a flat out lie. This festival coming up isn't it a possibility that Rob could be going too..they have to come back to reshoot two scenes for Eclipse. Mandy

Amanda said...

I'd like to ask the Rob fans who think it's for PR why they like Rob. Because a few reasons why I like him is because he's not an attention seeker, he's not fake, and how he talks about how he wants to be acknowledged for his work and not the tabloids/his personal life. By saying he's staging a relationship for PR you're basically taking some of his most admirable qualities (in my eyes) away from him. Turning him into something he's not, just because you don't want to recognize he's in a relationship.

Lisa said...

Anon 12:13 PM, what are you smoking or drinking? Will you share? PLEASE

1:56, have you seen his younger pictures? He only gets better with age! Like many men (sadly lol)

2:45, did you read the whole thing? It's for CHARITY!!

3:30, REALLY? You believe Perez Hilton? There is your biggest problem!

3:32.. Again it's promotional AND for charity!!! Also, for obvious reasons you're not a Rob fan but in more then one interview he's mentioned he thought not spending every minute together was a good thing. It gave you time to miss the other person!! Look it up, there are a few on Youtube.. :)

RachT said...

@Anna, it's always something for these people to pick apart. Marc Malkin "hears" Kristen is going and if she goes, then that means her relationship with Rob is PR or casual. LOL. A big fat fucking whatever to that. People can spin it however they choose but it changes nothing on the fact that I think Rob and Kristen are in a real relationship and balance work and real life just fine.

Anonymous said...


Why don't they come out? I wish they did it, but it's up to them, it's their relationship. However, when you go from being an anonymus person to a celebrity in just a snap of your fingers..when you're being shouted by fans and papazzz at any public event you go to and you're not used to it..I assume you get scared..

I assume that if a big part of you life has to be public, you'll do your best to keep your emotional part, your innermost feelings off the public eye, just to protect them, at least for while..

Sorry if I made mistakes..I'm not english and thanks for your blog Rose, you are great!

Michelle said...

Love your blog! Have lurked for a while but had to post today. You said everything so well :) Keep up the great work!

RobstenFan said...

Rose, you rock girl! Your blog is the best. I adore Rob & Kristen together or apart, but how lucky for me the are soooooo together. They are adorable together!!!! The haters need to grow up and deal with the fact that Robsten are on!!! They truly need to stop hating on a 20 year old, that is just freakin wrong and truly pathetic! Anyhow, your awesome, keep up the great job!

Bibli said...

Colleen, make a decision! Does Kristen hate rob or is she his good friend? Can't be both.So funny.

I can see you're trying really hard to make sense of WHY Kristen flew to Europe and I think it's funny that you can't accept the most obvious reason: TO BE WITH HER BOYFRIEND.

Anonymous said...

Colleen...pls GET LAIDDDD!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Kristen isn't even confirmed for the event yet. If she goes, great! She likes to get involved with charities and she loves music, perfect! Nonstens grasp at straws (how is this even a straw though??) But they don't actually believe what they are saying, and the few that do, well that's sad. What I don't get are the people who RT nonstens on twitter. Half of it for them is the attention they receive. They try to ruin things for other people because they're miserable. If you are going to show them any attention just laugh at their NONsense, like Rose does perfectly here.:)

Kstew Fashion said...

Hey there just wanted to comment as a kristen fan on here. I'm happy with whoever she's dating and robs making her happy and why not? He seems to be a top notch real down to earth guy. The kinda guy you can't dislike. I wish them all the best. Second the PR thing is lame and it shows how much you think of them as people if you think they would do that. Why would you be a fan of someone like that if that's what you truley believe? It's kind of insulting to both of them. Thirdly Kristen isn't even confirmed for the festival, Dakota isn't going so she may just not bother and if she does go that doesn't cheapen her and robs relationship. Last In touch magazine was perez source for the rob gossip gal rumour this is the same magazine who says brad and Jen are still in love and posted rob and kristen are engaged just a day after that story..... You see where I'm going with this. Gossip will never end but rob doesn't appear to be the kind of man to do that, that much seems obvious so again if you believe that it shows how highly you think of him. Anyway I just wanted to give my 2 cents I rarely visit any rob blogs but I do love this one :)

RobstenLovex said...

to the 'Anonymous' person who said i [@robstenlovex] hates Rob. WTF@??
i dont usually like arguments, and all that bullshit, but seriously, i have a twitter name which i spend half my life on with his name in it. Do you really think i hate him?! REALLY?
And btw Rose, love the blog as per usual, and yes, as you always say, this fandom is fucked up.

Anonymous said...

colleen = robsessed troll, the robsessed don't even like her

Anonymous said...

Rob loves Kris loves Rob. Sadly there are still a few nonbelievers. Okay, these people need to get on the program asap!

Rose, thanks.