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Thursday, April 8, 2010

Robert and Kristen- Do You Want to Know a Secret?

Do you want to know a Secret?
Do you promise not to tell?

Let me whisper in your ear.
Say the words you long to hear...

He's in love with you.

So much speculation.
Is any of it true?

I like to think so.
But then again...
That's my opinion.

Sure, a birdie or two may have tweeted in my ear.
Right now there aren't any pictures...
I feel like it's New Years Eve all over again.

But I will be honest...

I would be happy to just see this next week...
Both of them flying in from Hungary...
Landing at LAX

Meaning they got to spend some quality time...
Some QUIET time...
But whatever happens
Whether it's separate pictures with some random fan...
Or nothing at all...

I just hope they enjoy their time

Do you hear that?
It sounds like...
The howling and whimpering has already started.
The Hyenas are foaming at the mouth.
I can hear it already.

"If Kristen is in Budapest she must be desperate!
Who flies around the world just to celebrate her birthday?
What a pathetic clinging attention whore!"

Because spending your birthday
in a beautiful city
with a beautiful man...
Sounds so damn horrific!
WHY would ANYONE do that??


Bye for now.

Oh shit.
I guess
2 Means don't make a Nice.


Cote de Texas said...

curious as to when he is through filming in Budapest - do you know? is the shoot over soon, it seems like it's been a long one.

can't wait for one picture from there, just one, with her hoodie on. not being greedy, just want one pic.

Patricia said...

OH Rose: I'm thinking good thoughts and hoping all these tweets are true! Rob and Kristen together for her birthday! OMG Happy times!

If you were in love with the most GORGEOUS MAN in the world and HE LOVED YOU, WHERE WOULD YOU SPEND YOUR BIRTHDAY ??????

I love Rob loves Kristen loves Rob and we all love you Rose!



Anonymous said...

Love it! Love you! Love this blog of yours where you simply tell it like it is and how you feel it! Here's to birthday cupcakes and love.....aaaahhh!
Peggy (the @mom2boystx on twitter who has become one of your greatest fan followers!! I like no crap, sarcastic people ;-)

kristine.hills said...

I'm so happy right now!
Who cares w/hyenas???
Rose your words are blessed!
We wish them all the best!
And yeah they deserve quality time together.If we see a pic great, if we don't great, what really matter is 'they are together and happy and in love and in Budapest(romantic city) and they are gorgeous and young and image their reunion...omg!
Gob bless them!

Squeeeeeeeee!!! EEEEEEEEE!!!!


Lizzie said...

Such a huge smile on my face Rose!!

I'm almost giddy with anticipation. I'm wishing Kristen a wonderful birthday, and that she gets everything she wants.

I'd love to see a little sneak pic from the airport and that's it. I'll leave the rest of their time together up to my imagination. HA!!

Happy Birthday Kristen!!

Anonymous said...

I hope this is TRUE! I'm so happy for them. Down with the HATERS! They're just jealous and living in some dreamland where they actually believe they have a chance with Rob. hahahaha on them!
*waving Robsten flat*
*throwing robsten confetti!*

Anonymous said...

Kristen isn't in Budapest,you losers!She's in LA spending time with her family and friends,not with that Brit monkey.So,Rose,i know you want them together and i know you want to impress your posters with your "news",but check your sources first.

Thank you,

Anonymous said...

hiphiphip her ray ALL IN GOOD TIME I'm like you Rose dont care if we dont get any pic , ONLY a fly home is all I need. I hope THEY have a nice time together (ALONE)THEY say this is the last day in Budapest dont realy know just whats been said I AM SOOOO glade SHES there for her BIRTHDAY (WELL see MAYBE)THANKS FORv the GOOD news Rose lov lov lov ya have a good day AND dont eat to much of that CAKE hahaha. DEB.

Anonymous said...

to Gia,
Why so angry? Rob seems like a nice guy. If you are on the PR team, then he was nice enough to go along with it for her gain. So why so angry?

Anonymous said...

I love Robsten and i hope this rumor is true.

To Rose...
Rob is working on Bel Ami now and this movie is really important for him.
I'm sure one little tweet about Bel Ami&Rob (other than cranky face) doesn't hurt you Rose.

Anonymous said...

Gia, you can't prove a universal negative. And, since you are negative and therefore don't exist, please go away.


Anonymous said...

to gia..

umm.. f*ck off!

*sigh* another ugly krisbian making anyone with a brain embarassed to even like her

Anonymous said...

GIA you know SOOOO much why dont you TELL US aLL what KRISTENS doing we well ALL start going to you for ALL the NEWS on her and ROB why read a paper or go on line well just ASK you YOU KNOW it ALL (by the way can you tell me if she had a good sh....t today)YOU know all things when it comes to Kristen.

Thesabstar1 said...

your post makes me giggle coz I had an inkling there was news brewing with all your "not new" hinting pic spam tweets!

Anonymous said...

If it's true, gotta love it. Go Rob and Kris!!

Anonymous said...

Rob is ugly and gay whatever you drooling robtards think.And Kristen is happy and in love with Nikki.The girl has taste in her mates.


Anonymous said...

robert love kristen
kristen love robert


rose I love you

Anonymous said...

HAHA obviously this Gia bitch is just a troll.


Anonymous said...

As always Rosee sending kisses. I see you have a few stray dogs on the loose, send in the dog warden, they need caged for their own good.

Amanda said...

All the nonstens are trying to prove Kristen isn't there even though people saw her saying "Pics or it didn't happen!" Shouldn't they start working on their 'why it doesn't matter anyway that she's there' excuses? It seems to be a cycle with them. Anyway, I'm so happy if she's there, hope she has a wonderful birthday! His filming ending and her birthday kind of worked out perfectly, didn't it?:) Great post as always Rose!

Anonymous said...

Hey Gia no matter what crap u spew from ur disgusting mouth the truth is the truth ur prob a fake kstew fan her true fans are happy for her

Anonymous said...

Kristen in Budapest?Pics or it didn't happen.So many crazies tweet whatever crap they can think of,just to stir the pot.Give pics and i believe that they're true.

Lisa said...

Cote de Texas,

I read on a movie site that regular filming will end April 20-24. Then he starts filming WFE about a month later.

Rose, you had me cracking up last night, stirring the pot.. It's just TOO FUNNY! Thanks!

Gia, funny you bash others for saying she's there with no proof. Yet, you say she isn't. Where's YOUR proof? If you hate Rob, WHY do you read here? Just to start crap? Have you nothing better to do? Isn't there also sites, blogs dedicated to bashing him? Go there.

Unless there is proof, how will any of us know? Why don't we all just think what we want!?!?!? I for one kinda hope IF they are together, there are no pics so they can have some privacy. But an airport pic would be fun.. ENJOY!


Anonymous said...

Many people think at Kristen's IMDb,that this person who tweeted about Kristen being in Budapest,maybe saw Holly Grainger,who was out with Rob and the rest of the cast out last night and thought it was Kristen.Is that Holly girl looks like Kris?Or maybe she was very friendly with Rob and people thought that he was with her?Maybe that's why Rob looks so tired today,because he was having fun with his co-stars last night.I'm sorry,but i don't believe that Kristen is there if there are no pics.There are many crazy hardcore shippers on Twitter and this week they're so desperate,because there are no real news.We all have seen fake tweets.So as long as we don't have pics.for me Kristen isn't there.

Anonymous said...

nobody believed the tweets about the isle of wight until hollie hayes posted her picture and we were lucky enough to get it, so we will see what happens

Anonymous said...

nobody believed the tweets about the isle of wight until hollie hayes posted her picture and we were lucky enough to get it, so we will see what happens

Anonymous said...

holly grainger may look a bit like kristen from a distance without her hair/make up same length hair etc, could be a holly mix up, not saying kstew isn't going to turn up in europe at some point but maybe not her today

Anonymous said...

I don't think that Kristen is so much into birthday thing. She was interviewed once relating her birthday to the New Moon birthday scene and she said that she's not so much into celebrating her birthday. She happened to spend her birthday in three successive years with Rob in the Twilight Saga set. If there's a real deal between them, Rob would probably invited her to come over since he is still at work while Kristen is free to spend her birthday with him. Spending her 20th birthday with a gorgeous man and a loved of her life must be her wish this time and sure they have arranged things to make it comes true.

Anonymous said...

Now Gia we have Rob and Tom S and Kristen with Nikki sems fair enough?

Anonymous said...

Tomorrow is the TR world release and i don't believe she will leave LA.

Anonymous said...

I believe she's there. There are tweets from people from the plane she was on to Budapest. Everyone has the right to there own opinion and to wait for pics. Personally though, the evidence is stacking up so I'm going to lean way towards the She's There side until proven otherwise. These people don't even seem like they'd know enough to lie about it.

Anonymous said...

I mean, know enough about R/K to try to lie about it is what I mean.

ZivaMJ said...

LMAO Release the hyenas!!

You're awesome, Rose!

Anonymous said...

hyena jump out of the skin

holly grainger ??pffffffffff

Anonymous said...

holly grainger doesn't look much like kstew to me. http://www.zimbio.com/pictures/4zjR46vtWC0/Times+BFI+London+Film+Festival+Scouting+Book/kEelsjRe0CZ/Holly+Grainger

sfw10sis said...

Rose I just love this place, you are the best. I don't have twitter but I can read the ones that aren't blocked, lets just say you had me in stiches last nite, but I'am guessing you had others foaming at the mouth.

Keep up the good work, LMAO.


debbi said...

Seems that the "word" is she arrived this morning, so no mistaken identity with Holly. Apparently, folks are confident there will be pictures. Could it just be a bunch of over enthusiastic fans tweeting what they want? Maybe. But no one believed the Isle of Wight tweets either.

It will be "pics or it didn't happen" until pics surface, then it will be "I'd fly half way across the world to see a friend for my birthday, so what?"

The next few days are going to be interesting. :)

Anonymous said...

@ Debbi
"It will be "pics or it didn't happen" until pics surface, then it will be "I'd fly half way across the world to see a friend for my birthday, so what?"

Lol, exactly. The clingers are pretty predictable, aren't they?

Anonymous said...

to 11:57

all these krisbians make me sick!
they shipping kstew with oregano..
they talk a lot crap about Rob but we all are just talk about how bad is nonsten.com blah blah blah.

Please give me a break!

Anonymous said...

Hello Rose! Nice blog. I had to share my good news with you, TR is starting in one of my home town theaters tommorow! Finally! Can't wait to see it, I know Kristen will kick ass! Have a great day! K.

Anonymous said...

hungarian tv have footage of kristen stewart leaving rob's trailer say she is there talk about her

Anonymous said...

To Annoy 11.57
Agreed, which is exactly why I don't follow people like robstenlovex on twitter.

Anonymous said...

Awesome post today with great pics. Thank you so much Rose.

May the birthday celebrations begin, for April 9th and May 13th. I hope the next month promises to be a record breaker with scorching hot passionate days.
Recommended way to spend those days - in a secluded, peaceful, and romantic hideaway.
Best wishes to Rob and Kristen. No photos necessary. I'm a believer.

Anonymous said...

hungarian tv must know something to make a tv article about it, i predict we will get photos soon, lets hope

cassiii said...

Amen to whatever you say!!

Anonymous said...

Anon 11:42, Rose did not say she has confirmation she said whatever happens happens. Geez why are some so damn stubborn and I am yet to see how many here can actually comprehend words. Because it seems like when Rose writes something it is taking out of context or not understood..is it because some here cant read? If that is the case then..look at me thinking almost everyone in this day and age can read and write..guess not.

Rose, I like your take on this..you are wishing them the best no matter where they are...together or apart. This is what a rational person living in the REAL WORLD will day and do, Just like you I have come to be just happy for them whether Kristen is in LA or not I am sure she will have a kick ass birthday whether in LA or Budapest. I like that you are not a "shipper" who is completely obsessed and think Kristen not going to Budapest will say they have broken up. you are a rational thinker like me Rose. And those who are like that will go very far because they accept things as it is and dont live in fantasy worlds like some in this fandom.

As Olivia said no pics are necessary..we are just happy for them together or apart.

Also remember folks we were lucky to see those pics on New Year's we were extra lucky if not we would have never known as some have said here.


Melissa said...

Oh Rose, I fucking LOVE YOU!

LMAO @ RELEASE THE KRAKEN!...or HYENAS!! Bwahahahahahaha!!!!

Awesome post! :)

Anonymous said...

Nobody can confirm that Kristen is in Budapest, neither KStew411 nor Delaney, nor Rose, nor the girls twitting from BA set.

I'm seriously doubting that Kristen is in there. All the twitters from yesterday ar just a lot of talk, it all seems a great joke, a joke from... I'd better shut up!

Anonymous said...

Robstenloversx already told that it was a joke.She's not in Budapest.Some people just want to play with the desperate shippers.

Anonymous said...

Ummmm..Robstenlovex didn't say that. She doesn't know just like everybody else. I will say though it's more than the set people who have seen her..someone from the flight too. I guess time will tell!