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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Robert and Kristen. Reunited Soon?

Yeah. Something like that.

Not much going on in Rob/Kristen land.
Well... nothing new, anyway.

Let's see.

1. I've been spending a lot of time in my car lately
so I was listening to the Twilight soundtrack.
"Never Think" fucking SLAYS me.
I turn that bitch way WAY up...
and every strum of the guitar strings
breaks my heart.
Robert Pattinson?
You still fucking own me.
And guess what?
I'm OK with that.

Kristen at the Lacoste thingy.
She's hanging with her brother and ASB
Looking just incredibly adorable!
There was a lot of talk about Kristen possibly
hanging with Oregano.
The original Shorty Spice
(and don't give me shit... it's funny, admit it
and I do like the guy.)
So was this wishful tweeting by the hyenas/haters?
I'm thinking YES.
Not that having Kristen in the little O's company
would be a bad thing.
It's a nice thought that they could still be friends.

But it never ends there...
Does it?

Not a pretty picture, is it?
Well... let's face it, people...
Hyenas are gruesome.
THIS is what they do.
They scavenge and rip and shred
And they don't care who they hurt...
Or what they say...
As long as they have something to gnaw on.

The Hyenas have been biting at both
Robert and Kristen, lately.
Robert for being a 'pussy' and not standing up
to Summit or Kristen...
Kristen... well...
For fucking EXISTING.
And don't get me started on the complete
and utter bullshit when they scream PR!!
It doesn't make ANY sense at all...
Unless PR stands for POSSESSES RABIES.
Which you know they do.

They have nothing to really sink their teeth into...
So they bite and snap at anything
in hopes of finding a nibble
But, alas...

They still come up empty...
and thus are...



I've been getting a few comments, emails... etc
about how I don't defend Robert.

Please don't come here and tell me
what to do.
I mean, seriously.
Why don't you go on your blog and defend Robert?

Besides the fact...
Neither Rob or Kristen 
Need any defending by me or anyone else.
People really have unbelievably massive egos 
Thinking that Rob and Kristen are reading their shit.
That Rob and Kristen are getting all upset over it.
Give me a break, OK?
You have to remember that we aren't players
in the lives of Robert and Kristen...
We are Spectators.
We watch.
We have no say in how they play the game...
They are so into their own private game
that they don't notice the people on the sidelines.
So stop yelling.
Stop screaming.
Quit the howling and barking...
They aren't listening.

And oh yeah...
What IS that around Kristen's neck
that she is oh so cleverly covering up??

Bye for now.


Anonymous said...

brill post as usual!

<3 it.

ASB, Taystew and Kristen all chillin together - smiling n stuff - can't get enough of that :)


soadram said...

your blog is a wonder even
I love and I can also laugh at every sentence you write.
A marvel ès
I agree with every word you write
You really are always concrete and precise
Keep it up:)))
sof, Portugal

Anonymous said...

what is it? I'm not joking, my computer screen has low resolution... can someone please explain?!

Thanks..if you do ;)


Anonymous said...

btw,, i mean on her neck. rose keeps saying stuf bout here neck?

I posted above at 3.53!

Anonymous said...

loves it rose! i still don't understand why these hyenas force their stinky selves in your blog. they're clearly not wanted here. nobody of sound mind invades their territory either. i guess deep down, they too just want to belong elsewhere coz their home is just sad and pointless. lol.

Lisa said...

PERFECT again Rose!!! Brilliant!

Anonymous said...

You defend Kristen all the time. It's not too much to ask a blog supposedly dedicated to Robert to defend him once & a while. You just completely lost any respect I had left for you with that comment. By the way, you do realize that Kristen fans who are Rob haters should be included in you little Hyena grouping right? Or do they get a free pass again?

Vee said...

@Anon 3:56
I'm guessing she is talking about Kristen's necklace(???) You can see more photos of Kristen/Tay/ASB here-> http://s730.photobucket.com/albums/ww310/lionlamblj/Kristen/events/coachella-lacoste/?action=view&current=mq016.jpg

But, it just looks like a necklace to me. Am I missing something?

Great post Rose. I find myself wondering if you well ever run out of Hyena pictures...

kharma1 said...

Thank you again for another great post.
I absolutely adore the picture of them on the grass with ASB John, he looks so cute in his shorts.
Just looking at the picture you see a family just chillin', just enjoying the day, enjoying each other's company. It's too bad Rob could not be there, but he's working and hopefully will be able to fly home soon to be with his sweetie.
So I'll just ignore the Hyenas going in for the kill, always lurking, the snake in the grass that they are.
You definitely picked the perfect animal to depict those haters.
Thanks again Rose, hope you are having a good day.

Anonymous said...

4:05, I have to agree. It is Pattinson Intoxication, right? Sorry, Rose, but you got a little defensive. It is your blog, but most people who come here really care about Rob. They like Kristen, too. If you invite comments, you might not like them all....esp. when some are not snarky, just stating their opinion.

Anonymous said...

It comes to my mind how many times during New Moon promotion Rob described himself as extraordinary stubborn.
He is often talking BS in interviews, but this one I truly believe. This guy is really stubborn. No matter what people speculate or say about Tom, it does not change anything in their friendship. No matter how much bitching, howling, growling and jealousy about his relationship with Kristen, it will not stop him from seeing her, it will not make him breaking up with her. He will not let others rule his life.


Anonymous said...

'Neither Rob or Kristen
Need any defending by me or anyone else' ??? Are you for real Rose? I mean come on you defend Kristen all the f*cking time!
I can't believe you Rose.

Yeah, i think it's time to leave.
Sorry but i am not fan of double standards.

Anonymous said...

this is still rose's blog. it's her own business what she writes, it's her prerogative whom she likes. if you can't take the heat, get off her kitchen. stay in your cave or make your own blog instead. stop clinging where you are not wanted. it's so pathetic.

Anonymous said...

J looking great, those legs, mmmm missing Dean, obviously.

Rose, the necklace is not Rob's present, it was a joke made up in twitterland.

What about the ring? I noticed she usually wears lots of them, I only see one this time.

And Rob in London, when is he f*****...coming back??????

Anonymous said...

And Oregano is fine, with his GIRLFRIEND. No, not Kristen. Breath. Move on.

Anonymous said...

omg...i don't know you, but i luv you.
bloody brilliant

(pssst...luv her NEW necklace *winks*)

Anonymous said...

Can somebody explain me what happened on 4/20 with Kristen? I'm reading all this comments about it and honestely I have no idea. Please!

Anonymous said...

Yeah Rose!!! Three cheers for you!! you are right they should go make their own blog I mean is it really that hard to make a blog? is it?? If they have a problem they should make their own and put whatver shit they want on it..it's your blog so go ahead and put ANYTHING you want on it. Ignore them ok Rose? please. And you are right is going to be one hot and GREAT summer!! I am already preparing myself mentally for everything the hyenas/nonstens/and the others are going to cook up in thier bs pots.

Kristen looks so relazed and it looks like she doesnt even care anymore..Ata girl!! And of course they dont read this..they are too busy with their complicated lives and frankly they dont give a shit and neither do I. They are so clueless to all theis nonsten..krisbian..hyena foolish dramas. they could careless! Rock on Robsten! Rock on!!

And thanks Rose love your blog us always! Consider me as your #1 fan!(althought I doubt I am..there are others lol) anyway have a good one everybody.


pricklypearess said...

OK, I've tried to comment on this site 3 times and it never shows up. So here we go....Thank you Rose for being a bright spot in the day. Love reading your posts and totally agree. Rob is hot, Kristen is cool and I love the 2 together. BTW you post the best Rob pics. Meow!

Rose said...

I do defend Robert. I've deleted more than a few of the most hateful comments that you haven't seen.

I love Robert. He is my reason for being here. But it's not really about defending Robert or Kristen as much as it is defending my right to believe that they are together.
I don't see as much Rob hate... maybe because I don't go to the AT or IMDb boards. The stuff I see the most is what I see on Twitter and/or in comments and emails. And 99% of that is insane hatred against Kristen.
I think ALL the hatred is pathetic and most of it is just to fan the flames...
As I suspect some of these comments are.

So take it or leave it.

I love both Robert and Kristen.
Together or Apart.

Oh and FYI... the necklace is more than a joke ;)

camille said...

as another spectator, i'd rather admire rob and kristen from afar and try not to get too involved in thier lives. i'd rather sit on the bleachers section of this game than see all the action up close. it's healthier this way. i love your blog rose.

May said...

Stew siblings hanging @ Coachella make me smile SFM. <3 Oh and that necklace of hers def looks like its hiding from the world.LOL She`s so adorable&at the same time,she obviously wants ppl to see it, but at the same time,to keep it private.<3

Oh and you are so right,bb. Rob and Kris def dont need us to defend them. The smartest thing they ever learned was to ignore the negative stuff & BS as much as possible. ;)

P.S. Haters/nonstens will be ignored this time.They are not worth of my time.:p

Anonymous said...

Rose, you don't need to justify what you write to anyone. Supporting Rob encompasses supporting his choice to be with Kristen. Simple as that. Some can't see it. Doesn't matter. Keep doing what you are doing. Love it. Love the blog. Go Rob and Kristen!!

Rose said...

Anon @ 4:29

4/20 *urban dictionary

the term 420 originated at San Rafael High School, in 1971, among a group of about a dozen pot-smoking wiseacres who called themselves the Waldos, who are now pushing 50. The term was shorthand for the time of day the group would meet, at the campus statue of Louis Pasteur, to smoke pot. Intent on developing their own discreet language, they made 420 code for a time to get high, and its use spread among members of an entire generation.
So there ya go, someone's parents out there invented the term 4/20.
And remember this:
There are NOT 420 chemicals in Weed. It's about 315, the num. goes up or down depending on what you're smoking.
4/20 is NOT police code or Maryjane.
And that whole shit about Holland and 4/20 over there being "tea time" for smokers isn't true either.

And to all the people who have left me kind, supportive and incredibly sweet comments.
thank you. I read every one.

Anonymous said...

Rose, thank you for deleting the insane comments. I couldn't come here after a while this weekend. You can write whatever you want, of course, and I agree with you! I agree with your defending them together. Sadly, the Rob hate out there is crazy. I hate it when it comes here the most. Please keep removing the worst and keep up the love! Isn't that better than hate, anyway?

And people, stay away from AT! Don't give Ted the hits. He is just a stirrer and the hate he generates, mostly toward Rob is AWFUL. I know that's what he wants, but don't give it to him.

Anonymous said...

Give me a break!!!

Rose dear,
Do you actually know Kristen or Rob? Then why are you and your gang speculating the necklace being something more than it is? No one knows anything... you people wish you did. Get real people!!!!

pricklypearess said...

Yay! It showed up! The other 3 misfires must have something to do with the fact that I'm blonde. :o) BTW, did you all see that flights are going to resume out of UK? Hmmmmm. Maybe we'll be seeing the goodlooking bloke soon!

Rose said...

Bwahahaha @ Rose Dear and 'my gang'
No, give ME a break!

Another hyena snapping and barking.

I know what I know.

You can cling to your PR bullshit, but I'm guessing that is sounding delusional even to you.
Or not. Rabies does affect the brain... BWAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

Anonymous said...


As far as the hyenas comment, I like them together... I'm all for Bella and Edward actually exsisting in real life!! I'm also gonna go out on a limb here and say I do think theyre together.... EVEN though I Dont know them. I just think its funny that you can make a necklace such a statement.. Come on!!!!!!!!!!!!!

to anon Rose dear said...

Sorry didn't get the memo that said we had to know Rob and Kristen personally in order to speculate about the necklace. That's why it's called "speculation". We don't know for sure and are giving our theories or opinions on it. Take a deep cleansing breath and try not to get so worked up.

Patricia said...




I need my Rob/Kristen fix.
Grazie for always staying true to yourself.



Anonymous said...

at this moment;

Twitter is full of Rob hate
AT is full of Rob hate...
and you know why? just because of Ted's article about summit/kristen.

Kristen fans blame Rob for everything. Period.

CCDO said...

Well, I have to agree with what you are saying about Rob & Kristen not needing our defending but you defend Kristen in almost all your blog posts, so the Rob fans who come here thinking this is a blog dedicated to him ("Pattinson Intoxication" may have something to do with people believing that) may ask why he doesnt get defended in a blog that is supposedly about him. You are right, you write about what you want but as someone else mentioned, if you allow comments you are going to get some responses you may not like, maybe mine falls into that category but I have never liked double standards.
Rob gets a lot of hate in this fandom, a horrendous amount, but it is overlooked, nobody says anything about it because it's Rob. You know, he has the crazy fans so it just balances out all the adoration he gets. Do I beleive he is perfect? Hell no. Am I a Robsessed who hates Kristen because without her I could have a chance with him? Nop, actually I like Kristen a lot, she seems real and she is a beautiful and sweet girl. I just find it a little bit ironic to come to a blog dedicated to Rob and apart from seeing cute pics of him, only reading about a bunch of crazies who keep on hating on his girlfriend. The whole nonsten thing is pathetic, those people who spend their time hating on Kristen becasue she is with Rob OR HATING ON ROB (you know, it happens, VERY OFTEN) for w.e reason are sad, however spending blog post after blog post talking about how pathetic they are only fuels the whole thing.
You seem like a nice/intelligent woman and I do appreciate all the cute Rob pics you post, he is a beautiful boy but as fan, I think he is more than just physically attractive. Once again, that's just my opinion, some people would agree, others would think I am a nonsten (I couldnt be less of nonsten even if I tried) and that's fine. I just wanted to point out that all the Kristen "fans" who constantly hate on Rob are as pathetic as the Rob "fans" who hate on Kristen, NO MORE, NO LESS.
If you read this and do not delete it, sorry for the rant.

Anonymous said...

only robsten knows what is true or not with them maybe they are just private about there lives.

Anonymous said...


AMEN! Thats all i can say.

Anonymous said...

rose and the gang? is that a girl group or what? lmao. i didn't know that every blog dedicated to rob requires the blogger to worship him from head to toe. you people take rose's words way too seriously. you should be flattered rose. your word is like the gospel to these souls.

Anonymous said...

You always defend kristen Rose. Always.
'Don’t hate Kristen because you can’t be her... She is gorgeous,she is great'...
and now people on here trying to talk you about Rob hate but your response is like 'oh really? people hate him? i must follow the right people'
That's all...

Please don't come here and tell me
what to do''

You just showed your true colours Rose.
Sorry to disturb you. So sorry.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, I kinda like Rose and the Gang. Its gotta great ring to it!!

And youre soooo right, Rob and Kristen's personal life is just that....... PERSONAL!!! So no one needs to SPECULATE about a necklace being more than it is. It just spreads rumors..Rumors that Rob and Kristen have both stated they HATE. Instead shouldnt we talk about their movies, how hot they look or upcoming projects instead of SPECULATING????? just sayin!!

Anonymous said...

to coco: Geat comment

to ROSe: maybe some one pay to pray that 's they are together?????
you can follow all the twitter, all teh magazine, but wat they want you to belive is what you interpretate from that!!!!!!

that's all !!!everything else is what you would like to happen on their shells for you in real life !!!!!

if they are together well for both if not well as well

i love robbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbb



Jessica said...

Ugh! Rose, please keep up what you are doing!! Eventually these people who keep commenting with utter bullshit will give up and get a life! You write this blog, therefore you get to decide what is said and which comments are displayed. End. of. Story.
I love you, Rose.
Love that Rob is happy with Kristen; I think they're well-matched. Can't wait for this summer!! :)

Anonymous said...

surely they will "bite" like your "hyena" but from here to make a typical LOVE STORY ............

in any case talk more why you decide to opend a blog as you wrote :

I'm just a girl... writing about a boy... trying to figure out why I love him. This blog contains blunt honesty and fierce emotions about
Robert Pattinson. Can I handle the truth? Can You?


Anonymous said...

x jessica

you have to wait .....dear.......let's see....... 13th of may!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

and in any case great love for both even if they have a different partner
nougthy girl!!!!!

Anonymous said...

All of you should read this article... In which Rob talks about people like you speculating and assuming things!!! Hope you enjoy! And if anyone cares, I too would love to see them get married and have a bunch of little pattinsons-stewarts, but the fact is... WE DONT KNOW ANYTHING! Only hopeful wishing!


to anonymous speculation said...

So when you talk about Rob's upcoming projects and such you don't include any SPECULATION about how good they will be or how he will do in them, or how he was a great pick for the role? Sure. Kettle meet pot.

Anonymous said...

WE are'nt talking about theyre love life.... thats personal!! Upcoming projects and our opinions on them are free game. Thats why they are famous. I highly doubt Rob and Kristen care if we talk about that kind of stuff.... So you can put your pot away. better yet, smoke it!

Anonymous said...

. When she argues in favor of Kristen, it's not for KRISTEN'S sake, sillies. It's as a counterargument to your lame lies annd delusions you Klingons fill your heads with without anyone giving you a reality check ! lol

Anonymous said...

I think it's weird people think she's not "defending" Robert enough. I agree with her, like he gives a flying eff what all of us say on random boards. He doesn't, he's rich and employed and famous and living a full life right now. He's not worried if Rose is defending him enough...lol Rose is great, and she's just being honest, and she totally pushes all the right buttons cause the hyenas lose their shizz daily here. It's so hilarious.....

Anonymous said...

Rose, I don't know how you do it, but I'm glad you do. I love your posts, and that's why I stick around. But I have no love at all for the troll-kids and their B.S.

And worthy Rob and Kristen fans, remember that the trolls have no particular POV to defend. Their sole purpose is to disturb, disrupt and destroy.

@Pricklypearess, I totally agree with you. Rose posts the best pics of Rob (and Kristen), and they always so perfectly illustrate her post for the day.


Anonymous said...

I agree! all the news of shit that are then interpreted .......... just oure speuclation !!!!! .........fall in love......if not their story but love anyway!!!!
let' it be what ever should be

let's be only their fan

i'm ROBFAN any way!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

to 6:20

I agree. I just wanna get back to discussing our beautiful Rob & his upcoming movies.
Don't get me wrong i like Robsten a lot, i believe they are together and happy but seriously i am getting tired of all these speculations.
Enough is enough.

Anonymous said...

OMG, some of you arguing the need to acknowledge "Rob hate" need a new cause. Seriously. I hate Robert and Kristen hate, but I realize online lameness by petty fans is not important in the scheme of things. Go adopt a pet from the shelter, or give some money to American Red Cross. Those places need your "defending," not Robert. Robert's got bodyguards and managers and agents. I think he's going to be okay. LOL

Anonymous said...

Amen!! Enough is Enough!! We need to a blog that doesnt endorse or provoke people to argue over speculation! I think Rose is very intelligent and funny but lately its just been about the hyenas... Who friggin cares.. get back to his career and awesome good looks.... Just my opinion... Maybe I will start a blog. Called "Just Rob and his awesome-ness"

Anonymous said...

Rose follows Rob's career wonderfully. She follows his filming, his movies,his music plays the whole time. She just happens to also talk about the obvious when these two are together, and people on other places are screaming PR stunt or she's a lesbian like raving lunatics. I understand her decision to sorta embrace the robsten and the kristen, cause as a woman I'm apalled at how other women(not girls, women) act like jealous old bitties over a 19 year old girl. Calling her a dyke, calling him a pu$$y, calling her clingy--all in the name of "looking out for Rob." Give me a break-you chicks are looney. And Rose is just calling out pretty big demographic in the fandom who take it WAY TOO PERSONALLY that Robert is seeing someone they don't approve of.

Anonymous said...

to 6:36

hmm... but everything is different if it is kristen hate right?

Anonymous said...

Rose has found a good niche to be honest. There aren't many Rob sites that also like Kristen that aren't necessarily shippy. Rose isn't a shipper to me like other places-it's more like she likes Rob and likes Kristen, and accepts they are together. Most rob sites treat Kristen like Voldemort, you honestly can't mention her without people foaming at the mouth. So Rose has found a great niche that may not fit many Rob fans well(cause many are so anti-Kristen), but will fit others nicely. If you don't like the Kristen talk, robsessed focuses soley on him.

Anonymous said...

I personally laugh at kristen hate. The arguments against her by posters honestly make me imagine a bunch of women with very little experience with men for the most part and can't understand why a red blooded young man would possibly be attracted to a 19 year old gal with a really firm ass. LOL These lonely little lassies though don't get it, cause they don't understand men. So, I don't freak out with Kristen hate, it's really just frustration disguised as hate. Hate is reserved for people you actually know in your real life.

Anonymous said...

I should add that I only feel sympathy for the foaming at the mouth Kristen or Robert haters. If they care that much about people they don't know. They don't have lives of their own to worry about and to have real emotions over. Like I think extreme shipping boards where people wack off to robsten fantasies all day are creepy as can be. and I think extreme boards like the nonsten forum are the same thing on the flip side. They fixate on Kristen the whole time, more so than Robert, imagining how she's gay, imagining her clinging, imagining her mean and bitter. It's insanity, either extreme is. But Rose is nice and middle of the road.

Anonymous said...

I don't mind hyenas, in fact I would like to help them out a little. When their only speculation centers around Kristen being gay or elase "PR stunt", it actually makes me want to help them out with better arguments. I mean, have these people even looked into what "PR" stands for? "Public relations" and promotion are never going to be centered around photos of your two "fake" lovers stepping into a van in the middle of Hungary. The whole PR department would be fired if that was their "gameplan." Wearing a trucker's hate does not make someone gay. Neither do sneakers, or heavy fringe bangs.

Nonsteners, I'm reaching out to you, to help you at least come up with better arguments. Take my hand, and we'll see what we can come up with. hahaha

Anonymous said...

Rose, I come here every day. It's my "safe" place. I love how you write. I have begun to follow you on twitter even though I don't have a twitter account. Luv you

Anonymous said...

ro anon 6:52

Oh stop making up drama please.

Just read all these comments, people are like kstew. They're just complain about Rob hate.
Srsly now? You don't see Kristen's fans attack Rob?

sfw10sis said...

I have 3 heads leaning over my shoulder, a 4th as look-out at the door and Iam loving every minute of it(heh, heh). Great post, didn't expect anything less.

Your making sneaking around a whole helva lot of fun.

Love R/K together

Lots of love from this room sent your way Rose, keep keeping the hyenas on their toes.


Anonymous said...

Hi Rose, wise words as always, and greatly appreciated. Where you say...
"You have to remember that we aren't players
in the lives of Robert and Kristen...
We are Spectators.
We watch.
We have no say in how they play the game....
Quit the howling and barking....
They aren't listening."

Rose, so very, very true. I would like to add....
-And so it should be. Please respect Rob and Kristen and their fandom. Whether you like just Rob, just Kristen, both together, both apart, just let it be. It saddens me to see bullying of any kind, and for any reason. Rose, this is your blog and you deserve the respect of being able to post your thoughts and ideas as you wish. Visitors to this blog have the choice to continue visiting and post their comments respectfully or choose to not visit. Please try to channel energy that comes from hatred, frustration, immaturity, and prejudice into a release that does not hurt, insult, and demean others.
Oh yeah, I am a believer.

Anonymous said...

have the ppl complaining about Rose's supposed lack of defense of Rob stopped to consider for a second that by defending Kristen, she is also defending Rob? It seems pretty cut n dry to me. You love and support Rob, you should support his decision in friends & relationships. That alone makes Kristen worth defending imo. Add to that that Rose is obvs a fan of Kristen (TR was off the chain yeah?!), you get Rose speaking publicly to the haters. And I don't recall Rose ever delineating who the hyenas are other than HATERS, plain and simple. Really doesn't matter if they are "fans" (and i use that term loosely) of Rob or Kristen - they hate and they fume and they foam ----> hyenas.

Fact is that Kristen is a part of Rob's life. Fact is this is Rose's blog. Fact is she can whatever the hell she wants. Fact is you don't have to read it or like it. So if you have a problem, move on. It really isn't that complicated.

While I know Rose doesn't need me or anyone to stand up for her here in the comments (b/c girl, you are more than capable), I felt I had to say something in her defense since some of you don't seem to get it.

I adore this blog and Rose never fails to bring a smile to my face - as I'm sure she does for many others. Rob or Kristen or Rob and Kristen, there's always something to enjoy. <3 you BB!


p.s. i'm also unaware of this massive amount of Rob hate that ppl keep bringing up... ? unless you are talking about random bloggers who poke fun at him at any given turn and to that i say WHATEVS! if its the hyenas? well.. you know.. they are hyenas, maybe you should avoid them. pretty sure they are easy to spot ;)

Bibli said...

Ugh. The hater-hyenas are EVERYWHERE. Look, haters if you come across nasty comments about Rob on the internet, even here in the comment section on this blog, then why don't you take it up with the individual who actually issued the comment? It makes no sense to come here and complain about it.

And if it bothers you so much that Rose takes up for Kristen on HER OWN DAMN BLOG, then click OFF the site. Otherwise pls STFU.

Anonymous said...

I just want to point out that there is a lot of Rob hate out there....check out Britkstew fan on twitter to see their defense of Rob today. Ok, a lot of the hate I see is at AT, but it is no less valid to point it out there than at that Non site. Hate is hate. But it does exist for Rob as well. I cannot stand any of it. Britkstew's defense of Rob today was spot on, by the way.

I don't go to AT ~ I try to avoid the hate. But, it pops up, as does the hate against Kristen, even if you try to avoid it.

And, the AT crap posters come here, saying the same stuff. Just as the non's do. That's what I can't stand, as I said above!

Rose, ain't trying to tell you what to do or say. Just pointing out how I know about it.


RobstenFan said...

Rose, your awesome as always! Thank you for your blog and spreading the Robsten love.

Anita said...

Dear Rose,
I can only say that I always love what you post daily.
Thank You Rose.

Anonymous said...


Wonderful post. As usual, you seem to express my thoughts, only so much better than I could. I just don't understand why some people waste so much of their time hating on Kristen and/or Rob. It's kind of sad really. Thank you for the post!


Bellaroma4 said...

It's sad that people complain about what you do/don't post. Life is too short to waste on hate. Know that you have many supporters, Rose. :)

"You have to remember that we aren't players in the lives of Robert and Kristen...We are Spectators. We watch." - so very true.

Thank you once again, Rose.

Anonymous said...

Rose, this is your blog and you can do and say what eva you fvcking please ...go cut some bitches Rose!!! yay Rose!!!! and to hyenas and the gang got get some tic tac or something cuz your breath stinks!!!

Patricia said...

Rose: it never ends, how could that be Michael WITH Kristen when he's out of the country filming. Why do they always have to do this ???? Sick assholes
And with all of the media there NO ONE SAW MICHAEL BUT THIS WACKO !!! Jesus STOP!
Hang in there Rose ! We're behind YOU !

Lisa said...

The one I saw you can't even tell it's Kristen! Let alone anyone else! You can't tell who it is! It's a plaid shirt?? Hell, could be Rob for all you can tell.. REALLY people.. get a grip!

Anonymous said...

so sad
Kristen can not go out with her brother,because mad people mistook him for michael.
is ridiculous.

why not accept the reality?

rose brilliant post

Anonymous said...

british airways do have flights to LAX today i wonder if the robster will be on it? so many films to work on has to be back asap surely?

Anonymous said...

british airways do have flights to LAX today i wonder if the robster will be on it? so many films to work on has to be back asap surely?

Anonymous said...

taylor stewart kind of looks like mike from a distance so i think thats where it came from, love how john the security guy is always there even sitting on a towel with them

Anonymous said...

taylor stewart kind of looks like mike from a distance so i think thats where it came from, love how john the security guy is always there even sitting on a towel with them

Anonymous said...

sorry if i have multiple posts on same thing but sometimes it doesn't confirm my posts so i have to redo it