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Monday, April 19, 2010

Robert and Kristen. Summer Loving?

I had an incredibly busy last few days.
Which means I haven't been online much.
(Which was actually quite nice.)
I only got to pop on for a few minutes here and there...
and guess what?
Same Bullshit.
Same Hyenas.
Same Hypocrites.
Same Same Same.

Not that I expected anything to be different.
But when you are gone for a couple of days...
and you get on Twitter
and the fucking conversation hasn't changed??
Well "Face Punch" comes to mind.

So Anyway...

After ENDLESS (Fucking ENDLESS) speculation
about where oh where was Kristen Stewart
She turns up at some Lacoste Pool Party at Coachella.
Looking happy.
And why wouldn't she?
She got to spend a week with the dreamiest man alive...
and now she gets to have some fun in the sun
While she waits for him to join her.
What's not to be happy about?

Well... there was also constant barking and howling...
Whimpering. Whining.
 You tell me how fucked up this shit is.

1. Before Kristen shows up in Budapest...
The Hyenas are all agitated... circling...

"Kristen better NOT show up in Budapest!
She needs to concentrate on her career and
stop following Rob around wherever he goes!"

2. Kristen DOES show up in Budapest (bwahaha)

"Kristen is PATHETIC! She should be spending time
with her family and friends. She has NO life!

3. Robert and Kristen head to London.
(again... BWAHAHAHAHA)

"Kristen is only there for PR!!! 
PR I say!
Yes! She flew into Budapest airport...
only to turn around and get on a plane to London
with Rob so that the Paps would see them.
Yeah! That's it! Who wouldn't fly on a plane for
14 hours to just hang in an airport and then fly again?
It makes PERFECT sense to me!"

(at this point the foaming is at maximum capacity)

3. Kristen shows up in California.

" Kristen left Robert in London! 
What kind of relationship is that???
Wait. Kristen left London to hang out with
her friends at Coachella?
Rob and Kristen BROKE UP!"

(Here comes the snarling and howling)

So which is it, Mutts?
Kristen has NO friends and must chase after Rob...
Which makes her sad and pathetic
Kristen leaves Rob in London to hang out
with friends in California
which in turn makes her sad and pathetic.
I guess you have to be a rabid hyena for any of that
to make sense at all.
So if you want to think like a Hyena...
You need to get yourself some Rabies...
Early-stage symptoms of rabies are malise, headache and fever,
that is characterized typically by increased salivation,
progressing to acute pain, violent movements, uncontrolled excitement,
depression, aggressiveness, and dementia.

Not a pretty picture...
I think I'll pass.

And now to cleanse my mind
of all the NONsense...

Robert Pattinson.



Thank you, Robert...
Thank you so much.

Quick thought?

It's really going to be a great summer
Can't you feel it in the air?
Robert and Kristen will be together
(what IS that around Kristen's neck, anyway??)
And even though it's not nice
to point and laugh at those
who are obviously deluded and pathetic...
I'm all for the upcoming whimpering excuses.
Just remember to bring a towel 
and some hand sanitizer
I'm guessing you might get some spittle sprayed on you
from all the barking and snarling.

"It's gonna be a cruel... cruel summer..."
I guess for some it will be the DOG days of summer.


Bye for now.


Hallie said...

great again!!

Library Babe said...

Love it!!!

Purple83 said...

Rose, I laughed and laughed and laughed! How right you are! they have to decide on one side and hold on to it already! :)

Anonymous said...

Kristen looks like a lesbo in this photo.Sh'e definately lesbo.

Saphire1231 said...

Brilliant Rose! You have such a way with words and puns... just love this blog... Robert and Kristen have a fine champion in you!
Perhaps the hyenas should invest in some tic-tacs for their foul breath.. lol

Lizzie said...

Kristen looks so happy and at ease in these pics. Guess some time with Rob did them both a world of good.

Love them and love you Rose.

Anonymous said...

Maybe Kristens smiling because she isn't with Rob? Duh.

Anonymous said...

Footface Rob needs to stop clinging to Kristen like a lost puppy. He made her fly 16 gawd dam n hours to spend her birthday with him knowing full well that she couldn't stay long. If anyone is clingy, it's flat azz Rob. He needs to stop obsessing over Kristen and hook up with some HW skanks or maybe a desperate and needy fan. Please take him away from Kristen. PLEASE!!

Patricia said...

Rose: I love you! I read some of the shit posted here yesterday and what you just wrote NAILED IT LIKE KRISTEN DID PLAYING JOAN JETT! You rock!

I needed that picture of Rob walking also ! When I'm having a bad day, I just have to look at some of his photos and I'm instantly in a good mood ! He has the power to do that for me. LOVE HIM!

I can't wait till they're together again ! Love Rob loves Kristen and WE ALL LOVE YOU ROSE!

Grazie for another great post.


Miley said...

Yes, are people aware that most people who aren't diehard robsten shippers actually think Kristen is happier without Rob because she looks the happiest when shes away from him? Whereas when shes near him she looks miserable. London, RM Premiere, Budapest.. she looked sad. RA Premieres, TYH Promo, Coachella.. she was beaming. She didn't even look happy in the Paris handholding pics. Seriously if you call that love that you should look at the pic of her riding MA horseback. Thats what I call being happy with someone you love.. http://justjaredjr.buzznet.com/photo-gallery/146171/kristen-stewart-michael-piggyback-02/fullsize/

Anonymous said...

Rose, have you read you blog lately? Have you seen the comments about Rob?
I mainly visit this blog and the last few day/week i hardly see any kristen bashing it's all Rob bashing. Why have you never mentioned here?

This blog is dedicated to Rob right? I came here, because i love RoB and Robsten. it's supposed to be Rob love. but all I see is hate hate hate...
and people please dont start with your stupid 'all this comments from jealous nonsten ladies' theroy! because i see almost the same comments from kristen fans on twitter.

Poor Rob can't win for nothing. He's been working nonstop for months! and people still finding crap to say about him...

This fandom has created some real nutsos.

ps; sorry for my bad english, i hope you understand, what i mean.

Anonymous said...

to annon 9:50
Yeah Rob is the clingy one, no doubt about it. Kristen even said she didn´t meet THE ONE in one of her interviews. Poor dude can´t consider this a win game yet.

Anonymous said...

@ Miley Bulls***t

You are a secret weapon against Rob and Kris haters.
Well done. You are unsurpassed.

Anonymous said...

Women who hate other women: the ruin of the world

dear hyenas
robert will never have a love affair wiht you
never ever
is not kristen's fault

Great post Rose

Anonymous said...

Oh Rose, you made me laugh again today. Thank you for another great post:)


Anonymous said...

You are unsurpassed.
Well done!!!!
@ Miley BS! Shut up!

kharma1 said...

Dear Rose,
Oh my gosh, you made my morning and day... so funny and love, love, love the pictures of those pathetic hyenas. I do believe they are foaming at the mouth. Wish we can round them up and give them their rabie shots, but I don't think it would help. They have an incurable disease that's called "Jealousy", which causes, rage, hate, hallucinations, etc.
Thanks again Rose, I also can't wait for the reunion and some summer lovin'. Hopefully by then the hyenas will have all gone "mad".

Anonymous said...

kristen fans hate Rob, no one care. but everything is different if it's kristen!

some people call kstew fat. now, i am waiting Rose's next long post about this *rolls eyes*

ps; *long sigh* Rose, I'm sorry if this sounds rude but double standards make me sick!

all of you kristen fans are hypocritical, you're JUST AS BAD as nonstens, you're actually worse cause you act like you're so innocent and sh*t...you're pathetic!

Anonymous said...

Haters are usually blind as well. hahaha

Anonymous said...

Heres the interview @1.52 where Kristen says she hasn't meet the ONE. And yet Rob still continues to meet an *** of himself talking about wanting to get married and have kids. Grow the f*ck up dude and get a clue. Shes not interested and is still waiting for the right guy to come along. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q6WqvT7BDac&feature=player_embedded

misty said...

I guess what I am wondering how everyone can tell so much from just a picture. These pictures are taken quickly of a few minutes/seconds of their day. I am not sure that I would have a smile on my face all the time if a camera was constantly being stuck in my face everywhere I went. I get it... they are celebrities and it comes with the territory. Just does not mean that you have to happy about it.
I personally think R & K are happy together since they spend so much time together. Honestly, do you spend time a lot of time with people who make you miserable. That just does not make sense.
I think common sense has left the building on a lot of these negative comments. R & K are friends at the very least (and in my opinion, they are probably more). Can't we all just leave it at that. Negativity is not going to change anything
AND if you don't like this blog, why do you come here? Just a question. I personally like what Rose has to say and that is why I visit.

Anonymous said...

Kristen loves Robert loves Kristen. And we love you Rose.

Anonymous said...

Kristen looks sooooooo gay!

Anonymous said...

love your blog rose....i'm new posting in your blog but sometimes visit your blog..you are funny and hillarious rose, we need somekind fans of r and k like you always positive, sarkastics, smart rose..just be your self rose ignore hyena always bash you..so the tag line is rob loves kris loves rob and we love rose...lol

Anonymous said...

If Rob and Kristen aren't smiling in those pics in Budapeste and London...it's because they are beeing snap by those despicable Papparazzy.
Just face it Rob and Kristen are together and happy.


Anonymous said...

sure she's gay...well...it takes one to know one.

Anonymous said...

I love R&K,but this blog is supposed to be dedicated to Robert and all I see in the comments is the Robert bashing,maybe you should address that...

Anonymous said...

Here's some food for thought.

Today my city is remembering 168 people who lost their lives in an act of hatred. An act that was spurred by one person's hatred towards himself, towards his government, towards his fellow citizens.

Hate is more a reflection of what you feel about YOURSELF than it is what you feel about others.

For one day, appreciate your life; appreciate what you have; appreciate others - and above all


Your HATRED really has no place and does NOTHING but continue to eat inside you, making you more self-loathesome.

So take a break, step away from the keyboard, step outside, smile and APPRECIATE WHAT YOU HAVE without the need to meddle in the lives of others. Let those people (especially those you will NEVER EVER meet), who are happy living their lives, and to whom YOUR OPINIONS matter not, live their lives the way they see fit.

Nora said...

Rose u said it all dats in my head...luv u girl :-)))

To all nonstens....keep droolling...

deejon67 said...

Great Post Love It. Kristen spent time with her ma then she return to LA Tues for business she had a photoshoot Wed. in The Hollywood Hills.So she is doing both taking care of her man and taking care of her business that want you do when you have a life.

Anonymous said...



2)If Scummit. gave me a trizillion dolars, I would fly my ass 14 hours and even moar

3)What is this fuckery? Dating 3-4 days every month? Sorry, I'm not buying that.

4)This summer is gonna be hot 'cause Rob will be filmimg in Cali and Kristen far away, you knaw, like, WORKING, in a very hot place too. She has several projects waiting to get some financial "help" (yah, I mean wat I mean). Thennnn, the lovely couple should be together like TOGETHER RIGHTNOW, embracing that little time they have which is so precious for them. Oh, wait. LOL. That's love.

ah, same shit ever. I'm sick of this. Stop the denial. They are not Romeo and Juliet.

Anonymous said...

Oh great!

Ted's board = full of Rob hate!
Rose's blog (supposed to be dedicated to Rob) = full of Rob hate!

I think it's time to leave, it's not worth it.

Anonymous said...

Great post Rose!
After reading the comments. I can say 13+me people are happy and like your post, 3 people say Kristen is gay, 2 people talking bad about Rob, 3 People are talking about Kristen is happier without Rob posting old interviews without saying bad things about Rob or Kris and 3 people are talking about that there is always Rob bashing?

Rose said...

I don't hate anyone. I give my thoughts and opinions on a blog.
The Hyenas are a symbol of those that do nothing but hate.

I don't make a habit of policing the comments... and I'm not responsible for some of the bullshit that is spewed there.
But I will not hesitate deleting those that I find offensive.
Maybe it's time to block Anonymous comments. I wonder how brave some of you would be then? ;)

I love Robert and Kristen... and my opinions on whether they are together or not is not meddling in their lives... It has no effect on them at all. I hope they are both happy wherever their lives take them.

My heart goes out to OK and everyone affected by the bombing.
It's an incredibly sad part of American history.

I find it fascinating the people who come here to read my thoughts... and comment on them.
Why exactly are you here?

The word of the day?


Lisa said...

OMG, I just don't get you people!!

First, to think that Rob could "make" Kris do anything is crazy! Do you all really not pay attention to ANYTHING they say! Oh wait, only to what you want to hear. There is no way he "MADE" her fly 14 hrs. She wouldn't do it if she didn't want to. That's just crazy.. And, unless I missed something, do we know that when they left Hungary that they ACTUALLY flew to London? I know it was said, I saw no proof.. We've not seen either until yesterday. Maybe they BOTH flew to L.A.? Maybe he didn't go yesterday to avoid the popz? Lot's of maybe's huh? Because I don't know and neither does anyone else!!!

The point is, we don't know.. GIVE IT A REST PEOPLE. Those who are against Robsten, go someplace else! If the supporters are living in a fantasy world, what's it matter to you???? I could give a shit what the haters think! You're not going to change my mind, as I'm sure I wont change yours.. MOVE ON!

Great post Rose..

Anonymous said...

Rose ~

If you knew who I was you would know my comments above about OKC were NOT directed at YOU... but at the countless commenters who come on and spew hatred here and on all of the other boards. The comments here used to be a sanctuary where we could share in our love for Rob and our (and YOUR snark).

You've never expressed HATRED. Only the truth. I should have made myself more clear.

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said...

Girl you are just one of a kind. I can not put into words how I feel about the crap jealous talk as good as you, so I will say. I bow to you! LOL Keep it real!

The Hyenas are going to have a long cruel summer. :) Cant wait.

Anonymous said...

Miley,,, maybe she doesn't seem happy when YOU see there pics at airports etc... maybe because she and RP are being HOUNDED by paps and crazy fans? Followed, chased..Have you personally seen them behind closed doors? I didn't think so.

Common sense people!

Anonymous said...

@ All worthy Rob and Kristen fans. . .

Rose's blog is witty, clever, and fascinating, an intelligent daily commentary on our favorite guy and his gal.

If we make coming here all about responding to some of the more asinine comments left by the troll-kids, we are bringing this unpleasantness upon ourselves.

The trolls are no different than graffiti taggers. . . just online. Having their pathetic words seen by potentially thousands of people is the closest they get to feeling loved and appreciated, even if it comes from such a negative place. They have little going on in their lives except to ruin other peoples' enjoyment. . . if we let them.

If we just quickly skip over their nasty comments and just carry on as usual, our lives are better. No?

We can't eliminate them. They're everywhere. But you can control how we let them affect our lives.


Anonymous said...

Rose, great post! I too stayed away from the internet this weekend, and it was a nice vaca. from the crap. I totally support your not allowing anon. comments. It's just cowards. I always sign my name at the end. I don't use the google account to sign in because my son has it set for him...I will gladly change that to comply with your wishes! Why someone would come here to bash on Rob is beyond me?. I hate the negativity. It get's old very quickly, which I know you know.

Anyway, thanks for your thoughts.

Anonymous said...

Wow! have you seen Kristen how pretty she look on her "tomboyish" mood. Thanks she was ahead to LA to made out for the concert. Did Rob hide himself or stealthy or still in London finishing BA and had flight delay?

And wow! the HYENAS are in full force when they don't see the two together. They have all their brain working and creating stories like paranoid freaks. I just love how they are fuming and tapping their keys to send hates like growling hyenas (does hyenas growl???)but anyway, I can't just help, BWAHHAHAHAAAAAA!! I love you Rose

Anonymous said...

Funny, even the Kristen fans consider this a Kristen blog now.

Kudos to both @RoseSee n @kstewsbtrthanu for the most exciting Kristen Blogs EVER. just saying. *shrugs* :) love them.keep it coming.
about 3 hours ago via Seesmic

Anonymous said...

i see the hater from AT spams over here now, same old story day after day, she must be such an angry young person

Anonymous said...

i see the hater from AT spams over here now, same old story day after day, she must be such an angry young person

Anonymous said...

to anon 12:23

I agree with everything you said.

When people insults kristen, everyone comes pouring in defending her. But if Rob were insulted, well, no one would actually care!

~Dear kristen fans

You call Rob fans retarded/haters etc cause they are hating on Kristen, but at the same time you're hating on Rob...You're worse than them cause YOU'RE HYPOCRITICAL.

No love,


soadram said...

wonderful post (no more words)
You say everything in a single tone
Continued :))))

Anonymous said...

BWHAHAHA---some people need to realize PHOTOS are not REAL LIFE. Saying Kristen looks happier away from Rob because she looks sad in PAP photos with him is HILARIOUS AND DISTURBING. Because you guys don't realize that a PAP PHOTO IS NOT REALITY. Rob and Kristen are big pap targets-they HATE indulging people who treat them like animals to hunt. So, when they get papped they never smile, keep their face down and give them NOTHING> The paps get less money you know for such sullen pictures. God, some of you are so remedial.

Anonymous said...

And it's obvious that some trouble makers say mean things about rob, then turn around and complain this is a rob bashing site now. Don't you guys get it? This is their way of undermining Rose's blog. Don't fall for it, it's all smoke and mirrors. If you come to this blog as a fan, you don't hate Robert or Kristen. You like them both, and wish them both well.

Anonymous said...

Do people really think that either Rob or Kristen are so desperate for publicity that this is PR? They both get enough of that on their own. No one flys 14 hours for their birthday to spend it with someone that they do not care to be around. No one invites someone to fly 14 hours to spend time with them because they do not wish to be around that person.

Kristen had a week of no work (most likely planned) so she choose to fly that long and spend that time with Rob. Rob had to work but had her come to spend time with him and even go home (London) with him. Kristen does not fly half way around the world to only spend a week because they can not stand each other. You go that far to spend time with some one you love (friend, lover, or whatever). Face the facts that they want to be together even if it is in short amounts of time!

Do you really think they are going to do what we all think they should do? Would you like it if people dictated your love life? Face it we all started to like them as a couple or even as individuals, because they do what they want to do. It is refreshing to see in Hollywood.

For the haters or hyenas, you hate the one for the same reasons you love the other. They both have choosen their own path in these careers and will continue to do so with out our input. Be happy for them. It is not everyday you find someone to love and connect with!

Anonymous said...

okay..I'm going to bite... I love your blog..you seem to be able to articulate what a lot of us feel much better than alot of us can! lol
And it's real decent of you to defend KStew against her any haters, but I wonder have you noticed the growing hate towards Rob..both on twitter and in the comments section here also..?? He is getting accused of being a drunk, a failed has-been, a man whore etc, etc. So why is it that you choose not to address this in the post?

I ask because I am noticing a growing trend to always call out hate on KStew but Rob hate gets brushed aside as humour...why?

E.g Perez always gets condemmed (rightly so) yet Laimey does not?

Anonymous said...

ROse,how old are you?????
I can immagine that you are tottaly out of your maind for ROB but be real sometimee!!!!!
He and her are a very grat and big huge businees!!!!!Get in consideration too this situation tha could be ral and not totally out!
Your blog is fantastin and you are really a good writer why you do not write something???

Rob is a great guy but he need sometimes before to get envolved with somebody(and it's the right time to do, so your come'on)

Than take care of you i feel a little bit worried about you, you are too much in this mood out from real life!!!!!!!


Anonymous said...

to 1:53

So you think they are just some 'trouble makers' eh?

Please go twitter, there are many kristen fans hating on Rob, they're just as bad as nonsten. Period.

Anonymous said...

Psss, Anon. 2:43 It's not people hating on Rob, it's 3-5 krisbians vomiting all over AT boards, Rose blog and twitter.

Anonymous said...

Sorry about my english and normally when i typing fast i make a lot of faul!!!!!
I hope you get the point that i would like you feel!!!!!!


Anonymous said...

who are you?????

I don't talk about Kristen but i prefer him only instead of her!!!!
maybe you do't ge tthe point
i think is the Summit robelm not their problem but the public porbelms in any case became on their shoulder!!!!

Is it more clear now?????


Anonymous said...


Why DO Krisbians love Oregano so much? and shipping for them? 'cause Kristen, your beloved, is not with him anymore!

He was not in Coachella, JFC!

Anonymous said...

to 3:26

They're just live totally inside their fantasy krisland. That's all..

You know what i hate nonstens but at least they are NOT two-faced bitches like 'kristen fans' That's right. I said it.

Anonymous said...

To 4:03

You are so damn right!

Anonymous said...

Great post Rose but same ol' same oh and the last I saw and heard Oregano was dating Alia Shawkat! PR? where were you people in "08" Kristen has never listened to the studios demands even before TW she's her own person and luv you Rob but please stay away from the blogs I've never read so much venom spurt out of the mouths of babes. Mandy.

Anonymous said...

To those that question the intent of this blog, let me clear it up for you. Rose supports Rob. Rose supports Kristen. Rose supports Rob and Kristen's choice to be together. Rose doesn't support or let slide the hyena hate from any faction. Seems like a good plan to me. I'm glad someone is doing it. Keep it up Rose. You are doing a great job! Go Rob and Kristen!!

Anonymous said...

A very wise person once wrote: "Love lights more fire than hate extinguishes." - Emily

Lisa said...

I've just got to mention the picture thing. People talking about their (mostly Kristen) being sad and mad in pictures with Rob and then happy when alone.. That is such BS. For people who seem to KNOW everything, many sure don't LISTEN to the people they're crazy for. When they're together, pictures are taken by popz. They've both made it VERY clear how they feel about that. They aren't into them making money from them. But take yesterday at the music fest. It was announced ahead of time she'd be there. It was for CHARITY! She knew she would have her picture taken, hence the smile! SHE POSED FOR THEM! They are ALWAYS smiling at planned events. They aren't when some crazy popz are chasing them!!!

sfw10sis said...

Oh my gosh Rose, you have me in stitches, your going to get me fired. Iam an RN and I just had to show this to some of my co-workers, who by the way are not that involved with all the Twilight and R/K stuff, but you had us all laughing so loud that we were echoing out into the hallway and others were poking their heads into the break room and wondering what all the fuss was about. I gave everyone a quick condensed version of the tale and everyone thinks this hyenas thing is hilarious and that your very talented, their all rooting for you to come out on top.

Thanks Rose for adding a little humor to a stressful day for a group of very tired nurses (who by the way are going to be checking out your blog from now on). New fans of R/k who are now in your corner.



Anita said...

Dear Rose,

I really love your blog and I come here everyday to read your great posts.

@ Anon 2:06 PM you said it right.

Anonymous said...

dear kstew haters,
p.s anyways love your blog Rose...and i kinda like Rob too(not so much with origano lol!)...as long shes happy we r happy...

Bellaroma4 said...

Rose! I love your thoughts, words, and blog. You make me laugh and smile. Thank you!

Love this too. "So if you want to think like a Hyena...You need to get yourself some Rabies..." Makes me laugh every time I read it.

Looking forward to Spring, Summer, and Fall... =)

Anonymous said...


She was at Coachella posted the following...........

Holy shit! I'm next to kstew outside of thom yorke. She's with orgeno. Hahahahaha
about 13 hours ago
My bf got a pic of the back of her! Security kept giving us the side eye. I could have touched her....
about 10 hours ago
I know what her bro looks like. Not him.
about 2 hours ago
It wasn't her brother. They were just standing next to each other listening to Thom with their friends and a security guard.
about 2 hours ago
Wow. Kstew was with Oregeno. No, not her brother. Sorry to rain on your parade. My eyes work just fine, bitch. :)
about 2 hours ago
I don't get it. I love Kstew and Rob too actually. I thought they were together, but...I have eyes and so do my 3 friends...
about 2 hours ago
Okaaaaay. I'm more inclined to believe my eyes, my friends eyes, and what we observed from 3 ft away for an hour show
about 1 hour ago

Patricia said...

Dear Rose: I hope all the crazy comments that have recently been posted hasn't changed your determination to speak about Rob and your love for him. WE ARE STILL INTOXICATED BY HIM AND NOW HIS RELATIONSHIP WITH KRISTEN ! Please don't change. The reason why I comment here is because of you. I respect you, I love your sense of humor and your love for ROB ! You're spot on with your comments and feelings. I just wanted you to know how so many of Rob's fans feel about your blog. ROCK ON ROSE !ROB LOVES KRISTEN LOVES ROB AND I LOVE YOU ROSE !


Anonymous said...

OK here we go again:

Kristen is a Lesbian? No, she is with MA for two or three years, then probably MA is gay.

Rob is gay? No, he is with a blonde model for two or three years, but a best friend of Tom Stu since childhood, but Tom Stu looks or seems a gay? and always with Rob?

Rob is bisexual? yes because he is with Tom Stu always and with Kristen too?

Kristen is bisexual? yes she is with Rob but is there any other girl involved? Not NR she is a best friend before but now no more.

So what is this whole ROBSTEN Drama? Are we not manipulated by the film makers or the fans itself destroying each others for the love of Kristen as lesbian or Rob as gay? Why these fans are acting like this? What for? Is there anything they could gain out of these paranoid thinking? Don't you think that most of the fans are just CRAZY! INSANE! NUTS! PATHETIC!