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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Robert and Kristen, Somewhere Out There...

So here we are.
Another day.
Another bullshit drama.

You know it's not going to end anytime soon.
How can it?
There are those who will grasp to any possibility...
No matter how ridiculous.
No matter how insane.
Kinda like the whole PR lunacy
But you know what?
It doesn't matter to me what you believe.
It never did.
You don't like Kristen?
Bravo for you.
You don't like Robert?
How nice.
You don't think they are together?
Whatever gets you through the night.

Since this is MY blog.
I thought I would re-post some of my fave
Robert and Kristen moments.
You know...
Because you might as well get used to it.

Robert and Kristen
Standing in the door
Kissing like they have before
and again and again

Robert and Kristen
Walking hand in hand
They don't care if you understand.
They don't do it for you.

Robert and Kristen
And TomStu, too
Don't you wish that it was you?
Why yes... I do!

Robert and Kristen
Leaving Budapest
Being right... is the best!
(couldn't fucking resist)

Robert and Kristen
Holding on tight
His hands are on her skin
Everything about this looks so right...

Robert and Kristen
Being all cute
Are they together?
Is the Pope catholic?
The point is moot.

Robert and Kristen
The question begs...
Is she sitting between his legs?
and like leaning into him...

Robert and Kristen
As close as can be
I just hope they are happy!
Of course they are
they are together!

I just tried to be 'nice' today.
Didn't want to bring up the NON word.
You know the one...
It really is a NONissue
full of NONsense.
But to each their own.

Bye for now.


Angelica said...


Anonymous said...

I love you Rosee...you always say the rigth things.
And I love Rob and Kristen :))


Purple83 said...

there's brilliant, and then there's Rose...a class above them all! :)

Anonymous said...

I love happy people and being happy,U MADE ME HAPPY WITH THIS!!

Anonymous said...

That was hilarious,Rose!
And i have to suggest something to all your posters.Do you know why the n-ns are so annoying?Because they're loud.And you know why they're loud?Because someone and we all give attention to their crap and their madness.There are people who are trying to debate with those loonies about R/K's relationship.Why do that?Just ignore their fucking comments,everywhere you see them.Skip them and read the next post,just like they're invisible.Make them invisible.You know,when you give attention to someone,for whatever reason,you make him feel strong.DON'T DO THAT.Ignore them.Like they're not there.Whatever they say,as bad as it is.They want you to give them your attention,it gives them a kind of power.You know what some wise people say?"If you really wanna hurt or piss someone,the only thing you have to do is ignore them".If you all agree,just do it and i'm sure they;ll go away,at least from this blog.


Shannon said...

Great post! Completely agree :)

Patricia said...

Rose: You scared me, I've been checking and checking your blog. But it was worth the wait! Spot on my dear, my feeling exactly. You ARE ALWAYS READING MY MIND !

NO MATTER WHAT some people THINK OR SAY "ROB AND KRISTEN ARE TOGETHER AND IN LOVE WITH EACH OTHER" I'm so happy for them on vacation away from the paps (I hope) but I know they're enjoying just being together.



Anonymous said...

Aww, that was lovely. I just love these two, especially when they're together. Thank you!

Anonymous said...

Kristen doesn't even look happy in the holdhanding pic. Bet shes thinking of Michael.

Anonymous said...

VERY classy!
your posts make me smile ever!
I simply LOVE it, girl

Anonymous said...

nonsten...i think it's about time that all the hating comes to an end. Rob is with Kristen the love of his life and he's gonna cherish her no matter what. I suggest you people put all the bashing to rest. great post Rose. Long live Rob & Kristen.

Anonymous said...

the truth with always prevail and the truth is so freakin obvious to anyone with a pair of eyes in their head these two are a couple! the europeans blatently refer to her as his girlfriend and its no big deal over here, why does it cause such a shit storm over here?

Anonymous said...

i mean over there for the europeans, here different

Lizzie said...


Anonymous said...

To anon 1:15,"the love of his life"???Do you know that Rob is only 24?He hasn't lived his life.If you seriously think that they're gonna last,you're delusional and mental.They're very-very-very young and they have many affairs to live.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for another great post, Rose, and for making us live again these wonderful Robsten moments! Wherever they are, they're together and happy... and that's make me happy.
Thanks again. =)

Anonymous said...

I am not a nonsten. But I would just like to say that if it wasn't for Robsten, Rob would not have deceived his fans by lying to them. Say what you want but he has become a PR famewhore and it disgusts me. I will support him no longer. He is a disgrace and has let his fans down.

Anonymous said...


To be honest, I don't need any “confirmation”--'cause like you, I have eyes, a brain and intuition and could tell long ago that Rob and Kris were a couple. But just humor me for a second here: Them being together in Budapest during her 2oth birthday is not even the freaking "cherry on top!" THIS is the freaking "cherry stem tied in a fucking knot by Robsten themselves" on top!

Sooo…if “some people” still don’t believe they are together after this; then they never will. They’ll continue to believe whatever they want—fine by me! They must really enjoy swimming that famous “little” river in Egypt—you know which: D - Nile! 

deejon67 said...

Great Post Rose Love Your Blog Love Is Good.

Amanda said...

I imagine it's kind of hard to concede if you've believe or didn't believe in something for so long and some people get really invested in their 'side'. So that's where the conspiracy theories come in, like the PR thing because nomatter what happens with R/K they can just use that. It has definitely become about being right to some people.
Rose, I love your blog because your heart is always in the right place. You sincerely want the best for Rob and Kristen it seems. You offer just enough commentary on the drama but bring it back to a positive place and I like that.

Edith- I liked your comment. Exactly, don't engage the negative people, they feed off of it.

Astrilia said...

LOL..LOL..gotta love this piece...ar they together ? is the pope catholic ? LMAO...xD

Gee..really2 love Kristen's leather jackets...anybody know where to buy those ?

Anonymous said...

@KK "a PR famewhore?" "lying to his fans" Are you kidding me?

I guess I must have missed the memo saying that celebrities were obligated to share every miniscule detail of their lives with their "fans".

Great Post as usual Rose!


Jen said...

Rose, as always, you're spot on, love.

I am curious (as I really don't understand). Can someone please explain to me, in a rational manner, exactly what practice of deception has Rob been engaged in? Exactly what has he done to deceive people that they would actually turn against him. Maybe I have Rose-colored glasses on, but my wee rational brain just doesn't understand. I genuinely want to know.

Anonymous said...

First I'd like to say to Anon 1:25, Rob isn't lying to his fans ( which you never were in the first place ) he and Kristen just prefer their love life to be private. What business is it of yours or anyone else for that matter? How would you like your life so invaded upon? Now for the reason I'm here, Hi Rose! Hope you are having a fantastic day! Loved the post, and I too like many of us out here are so happy for Rob and Kris. I hope they are enjoying their time together. Hopefully in London, because once they hit the U.S., well, you know. The paps are so much more chill in Europe. Why oh why can't the paps here at home cut them some slack, not to mention the people with their heads stuck in the sand. I guess it doesn't matter how much they are hounded, being two of the biggest stars out there right now, at least we supporters of Rob and Kris know that their relationship has and will continue to survive all the mayhem. Just my opinion. See ya tommorow Rose! xo K.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

to KK lmao you were never a fan just a hater, rob doesn't have to tell you anything, he has never admitted or denied anything about kristen, if thats what you are talking about .sounds like you are bitter to find out he is actually with her not that he has lied about anything, your disgusted about what exactly? LOL

Anonymous said...

to KK lmao you were never a fan just a hater, rob doesn't have to tell you anything, he has never admitted or denied anything about kristen, if thats what you are talking about .sounds like you are bitter to find out he is actually with her not that he has lied about anything, your disgusted about what exactly? LOL

justagirl said...

First of all let me just say... For all the women on here saying they are truley happy that Rob and Kristen are together, You are the ones that are fat and unattractive! You know you dont stand a chance with Rob, so rather than fight it you accept it with FAKE smiles... You know youre dying inside! Now for the ones who are against them being together.. well we are the ones that can get anyone we want and spend alot of our time in gyms and with beautiful people!! Do we have a chance with Rob?? No....But we still like to live in a delusional world where we can pretend!! Dont bash on us for that. If it makes us feel better to make up why they are together than so be it!! At least we are'nt pretending! Put down the donut and take a walk, it may do ya some good!! Take care now.

Poli said...

Loved the rhymes Rosie.
Love you.

To justagirl:
Oh, you poor thing...

Anonymous said...

Please.. what actor needs fans that think he's lied to them?

Rob "ex-fan" you'd better support Taylor, he won't deceive you...

Rose, fantastic post!!

Anonymous said...


What about the fans who, honestly and sinceresly feel happy cause Rob and Kristen are together? I feel like this and, frankly, seeing them happy and together, make me feel in Paradise!

Anonymous said...

What a lovely post today. Thank you Rose. It is a joy to come here and spend a few minutes with you through your blog. You do a terrific job. I am in complete agreement with you. I wish great happiness for Rob and Kristen.

Anonymous said...

hello Rose i just have to soy tu¡o you that i love your blog!! is so great! i wish i could write you more but my english write is not so good but pleeeaseee just keep doing this! is fantastic! good bye from Chile xoxo Vale

Anonymous said...

Hey Rose i'm so happy to read your post today And to QU why would you say that for ???? I have been with my hubby for 20 somthing years and WE were verry verry young when we got together SOOOO dont say they wont last BECAUSE some of us DO and I hope that they tooooo last.maybe you havent fond that someone yet if not when you do you'll know what Rob and Kristen HAVE I'm so glade to see them together and in love Thanks again Rose you made my day have a good one my friend And Rose you aew SOOO right . Deb.

Anonymous said...

Justagirl - you are a joke, right? Honey, I AM happy for Rob....he has a wonderful girl by his side. She does not have to pretend to be with him. She is. As for me, I weigh 100 pounds, am 5'4". Not fat, not unattractive. Gorgeous husband (6'5" black hair, blue eyes.) I don't have to pretend he's real either. Go back to the gym. You need help. All I want is for Rob to be happy. I'm not dying inside. I'm a happy person. Not so sure about you.

Anonymous said...

Rose,what a lovely post! I too hope Rob and Kristen are enjoying some oh so precious alone time without any hounding by the paps. I applaud them for wanting to keep their private lives private.


Lisa said...

Anon 1:20 PM, he's 23. Wont be 24 for a month (from today matter of fact! LOL) I'm in no way saying they are soul mates. No one knows that but them. But I've been married to mine for 26 years. I was 19, he was 23.

KK, he didn't lie or deceive. And WHY do you have the RIGHT to know what he does or doesn't do behind closed doors.

And can someone tell me WHY everyone is all bothered by these Hungary airport pics? It's HARDLY the FIRST pics we've seen of them together, trying to hide, etc.. People need to calm down!!! LOL

Great blog Rose.. Love "is the pope catholic" haha

Anonymous said...

so so cute! Rose, hun, I didnt know that you were such a fine poet!!! you should publish this!

These are my top three favorites that I love:

3)" Robert and Kristen
The question begs...
Is she sitting between his legs?" hahaha..good one..you're damn right she is! an enjoying it too!!

2)"Robert and Kristen
And TomStu, too
Don't you wish that it was you?
Why yes... I do!" This one made me LMAO and fall out of my office chair..my co-workers are given me funny looks..lol.

My favorite: 1)"Robert and Kristen
Leaving Budapest
Being right... is the best!
(couldn't fucking resist)" YOu have every right to gloat because you WERE right all along.

Loved this post..put a smile on my face..just what we need after a day like yesterday with the crazies..something funny and light to help us remember why we are really Robsten fans! Our love for these two together and apart! Thanks as always Rose.xxx


Anonymous said...

@justagirl!!! How old are you? like to live in delusional world? from where I come from ADULTS like that are called crazy!!! "pretend??" LMAFAO!!!

we love Robsten because they suit each other and if you haven't noticed (check out the pics Rose has on her bliog) he looks so happy with her. Smiling.. and she too, very comfortable with him!! some of her best interviews are with Rob. As a fan of Rob all you should want is for him to be happy if you really call yourself a fan! K makes him happy from what I have seen. You made a fool of yourself, hun your post is soo so laughable! I feel sorry for you!! still playing house and living in a pretend world! enough said! xxx


Anonymous said...

To just a girl at 2:28, I am neither fat or unattractive, and even if I was I don't want a chance at Rob, he's young enough to be my son. I think you need to take a pill and get a life. It's pretty tacky to bash on anybody. We are either fans of Rob and Kris or we aren't. Period. You suck!!!!!

Anonymous said...

"You suck" from someone old enough to be his mom? Really?? :(

Anonymous said...

Justagirl - I always try to understand where people are coming from, but in your case it makes no sense. The way you describe your life you must be a good looking, happy person with a fullfilled love life. So why all this bitterness? Where does it coming from?

I am from Europe and as Maria mentioned above we don't have this heated debate at all, not in France, in England, Spain, Germany, Netherlands or anywhere. And I am reading lots of local blogs, papers or whatever. Maybe it is our general attitude to be more relaxed and don't have this extreme debates either if it is politics, movie stars or love. Just look how much freedom R/K have in England or Hungary.

And to give people something to think about: Twilight and New Moon made an equal amount of money in the US and Europe. Remember Me is performing much better in Europe than in the US. Rob has a huge, avid fanbase in the US. But opening weekend for RM was far below expectations. And the ratio twitter/million opening weekend was enorm in the US (index key figure for relation buzz about movie compared to box office performance).

Does this mean that maybe a group of his fanbase is totally obsessed with his person and all the news and buzz about him but is not so interested in his work as an actor?

And the "nonstens" group is a total enigma. When it comes to understanding a group I always look at the individual. In this case I followed the tweets of their leader Steelazalea. She says she is well educated person, is sewing a quilt for a newborn but dedicates a massiv time in leading a military operation against Kristen Stewart and another fangroup.

This doesn't make any sense to me, not in my world. But who cares. They discussing an imaginary Rob pillow anyway.

The real Rob Pattinson seems to be a free spirt english guy.....


imloco2 said...

Honestly, I'd rather Rob didn't have as many fans if it meant we could get rid of the 'odd' "fans". I think of them as odd because, well, it's odd to me to not believe what it right in front of your eyes. It is odd to me to spend so much time trying to make other people as miserable as they apparently are. It's odd to not want someone you profess to like to be happy. Odd that these 'fans' act like little military organizations, forming squads that target the 'enemey'. (Who are usually singing kumbaya around the campfire *it's a metaphor*) going from blog to blog like hit squads (or as I like to think, swarms of locusts) trying desperately to...what? Convince us were wrong? Bring us to the dark side? Rain on our parade? Kill the joy? Prove a point? Have something to do while you wait for something interesting to happen in your life? I don't know. It's just...odd. To me anyway. Going back to the campfire now. I've lit the fires and have placed booby traps all around so that I can just watch the fire in peace. Maybe dream of true love. *g*

Jenn Ski said...

Muhahahahaha! The haters make me laugh!

R-Patz And Blair Waldorf Are Shacking Up?

Anonymous said...

Lovely post. :-)

@JennSki... I know what RPatz gave Kristen for her birthday a Perez Hilton voodoo doll :-D Perez is such an ass... always posting mean sh*t about her. I don't even go to his site because he 1. Posts UNTRUE lies like that and 2. Is a total Kristen Hater which makes him 3. A total douche.


RachT said...

Rose, great post! So cute.

@justagirl--I really don't get your post. LOL.

But I can say that I adore Kristen. I adore Rob. And I adore Rob and Kristen. I genuinely like them, think they're both good people, and wish them nothing but good things and happiness. I am a few years older than Kristen but I look up to her and admire her so much. I will admit to having a bigger crush on her than Rob. And I am happy to see them together--they're both adorable and adorable together. Don't have any fantasies or delusions about being with either of them.

I don't "die inside" over any celeb! Right now I have a massive, hardcore crush on one of Kristen's former co-stars-- Timothy Olyphant. I think he's a good-looking, sexy, tall drink of water! I find him incredibly attractive. Love watching his show Justified every week (it's on tonight-yay!) and watching his movies...but I am just a fan. Don't think he's ever going to show up on my doorstep! So, I have zero delusions about any celeb. I just like who I like, support them, and want the best things for them!

Anonymous said...

haha Anna loved your post darling..what got me was when you said she was leading a military operation..so true! i couldn't have said it better myself. and with a newborn too!! its truly sad!


Anonymous said...

Hi Rose. What a great post...just like yesterday's. I particularoly liked the sad hyena pic. tee hee.

Well, no matter what the nonbelievers say it cannot change the fact that Robert and Kristen are together.

Just noticed something: the more desperate they are, the louder,more illogical and more vicious their rantings get. Their situation reminds me of what the Greek gods would do to a man.

But in the grand scheme of things, they have no power at all to change the fact that Rob loves Kris and Kris loves Rob. Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart are together.

Thanks Rose.


Anonymous said...

i'm 26 year old part time model and bless with a wonderful bf, and i love robsten.. why you may ask...well look at him looking at kristen, and that is love.

Anonymous said...

Hi Rose,
love your post as usual.

I don't understand why people like to spend lots and lots of time to visit some blogs, reads them and then give comments, but they actually hate what's written in the blog.
Well like Cell said, "no matter what the nonbelievers say it cannot change the fact that Robert and Kristen are together".


sfw10sis said...

Another day, another smile, great post Rose.

Thanks for the walk down memory lane also.


Anonymous said...

I promised myself that I wouldn't read any comments on this blog but it always interest me to see how many people hate him and her for doing what is natural. Apparently they don't remember what it was like being in your 20's because they probably haven't been there yet. I only feel shame the way the states have treated him in the beginning ,because they didn't take him seriously! I only know that he is sincere, honest, and not caring what others think,I truly admire him for that. I think that's why I admire him so much. Thank you Rose for your comments I feel that your truly sincere and will continue to read them everyday! Mandy.

Anonymous said...

They have to keep that relationship on the down low cause we know there's much going on since Nikki Reed and Kstew are on the outs. That's what happens when you end up with your BFF boyfriend. You know Summit is keeping all the details clamped for the sake of their money maker couple. One of these days I'm sure Nikki will be free to vent. You know when Twilight is over.

Ithar said...

dear rose first thanks for your blog i read it every day! it makes me happy to see that there are R/K fans everywhere around the world! i'm a fervent robsten believer and i think they are cute together but lately i started being frustrated with the amount of hate surrounding them. i can't believe there are people without any interest in life but creating fictional facts to destroy R/K relationship (what with all these stories about leighton on twitter!) anyway i'm sure R/K are enjoying each other somewhere alone and not giving a s... about all this drama. if by luck you happen to read this comment thanks again for believing ;)

Anonymous said...

you're right

Anonymous said...

justagirl is probably just that, a 12 year old i think she got it all backwards by the way LOL