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What is essential is invisible to the eye"


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Thursday, April 22, 2010

Rob and Kristen. Sugar and Spice and Everything Nice?

Desperate times
Desperate measures.

And right now
the Haters are desperate.

Unbelievable the bullshit that is being
spewed all over the internet right now.
Well... that's not quite true.
Most of it is by the same, sad people.

 Michael Angarano.
Better known as Oregano.
The original Shorty Spice.
Now, I have nothing against the guy.
He's cute in his own goofy, Keebler kinda way.
Hell, He's probably not really involved in this whole
make believe drama.
But take a good look at that picture...
and now look at THIS picture 

Um. Yeah.
Like Kristen would give up 
Tall, Charming and Gorgeous
Short, Quirky and Average.


Kristen does look gorgeous in this picture, doesn't she?
She knows already, doesn't she?


1. Although the whole Oregano bullshit was supposedly
just made up with doctored photos...
and rumored sightings...
The Haters latched onto it.
Their jaws clamped down tightly to poor Oregano.
It's hilarious if you think about it.
Just the other day...
They were foaming about Kristen being a Lesbian.
And now that they want Oregano back in the picture...
I guess she got over that and switched teams yet again!

And please take into consideration that if she did
happen to run into her ex...
What would be the big deal if she was still
friendly with him?
Much Ado About Nothing.

2. There was also some ridiculous tripe that Kristen
flew to Budapest to break up with Robert.
Yeah... flying 14 hours on a plane to break up with someone.
Makes perfect sense
(if you're like the scarecrow and don't have a brain)
I sometimes wonder if they actually look back
on what they have said and think
"oh man... that's pathetic even for me!"
Doubt it.

A pic from the 10 seconds shown on Oprah yesterday.
Edward's hair has gotten pretty long, hasn't it?
I love Edward.
But that's another post for another day.
Oprah is supposedly showing the ECLIPSE trailer on her
show tomorrow!
I love Eclipse.
But that's another post for another day.
Wouldn't it be awesome if 
Kristen and Robert 
showed up on the show to introduce it??
No, I don't want Robert to jump on her couch
and declare his love for Kristen.
He's made his feelings pretty clear on that topic already.

Love the open mouth kiss.

One more thing.

There is a lot of Robert and Kristen hate
in the Twilight universe.
I don't get it.
Why bother hating some actor?
If you don't like someone...
If everything they do irritates you
and makes you spit bitter foam...
Why would you want to continue to follow them?
Makes no sense.

I've said it over and over again...
I'm aware that some EXTREME Kristen fans
hate Robert Pattinson.
And some EXTREME Robert fans 
hate Kristen Stewart.

But I don't.
I love both of them.
OK, if you want to get technical
I love Robert a bit more
Cuz...well... he's Robert fucking Pattinson.
But my blog isn't about hating them.
And it's not my job to police other sites
and come back here and defend
Robert and Kristen.
I'm not the "Robsten" police!
I'm not responsible for what other people
say on other blogs and boards.
So if you don't like the hate that
other people are spreading...
I suggest you take it up with them.

*This public service announcement 
has been brought to you
by Purina Hyena Chow
For the times that there just aren't
enough dead carcasses to go around.*

And on that note...
I leave you with one of my very favorite 
movie quotes.

It's very fitting... isn't it?

Scarecrow: I haven't got a brain... only straw.
Dorothy: How can you talk if you haven't got a brain?
Scarecrow: I don't know... But some people without brains do an awful lot of talking... don't they?
Dorothy: Yes, I guess you're right.

Bye for now.


Anonymous said...

Oh Rose, this is one of your best post so far, and that's saying a lot because you have so many great ones. ITA with almost everything because I'm a Kristen fan first, so I love Kristen a bit more, but I do love Rob too. I have too much love in me to hate on anyone, well, except maybe the IRS guys. LOL. Thanks for the smiles today.


CCDO said...

I guess I'm minority here but I dont hate Michael, Nina, Camila (not even Nikki) or anyone that was involved with Robert or Kristen before they got together. I mean they are together now so why waste time hating on someone that belongs in the past?
That Robert & Kristen picture is so cute, their height difference is endearing. Big Rob and little Kristen <3333
By the way, TWOO quote made LOL, nice pick

LuvsMeSumEdward said...

Awesome post! The end quote from The Wizard of Oz is perfectly fitting :)

Angelica said...

You are awesome, my friend.

Patricia said...

Rose, Rose, Rose : You're (THE BEST) you need to get big bucks for these commentaries! They're THAT GOOD!

I saw the look on Kristen's face at that premiere when Michael was there in the back ground. I thought to myself "that poor guy doesn't stand a chance" Not that he isn't special and cute and talented! But he's not ROB FUCKING PATTINSON !






RPaddict said...

Well said Rose.
I miss Rob.
Can't wait for the trailer tomorrow.Yay!
Hugs to all the RP/KS supporters together or apart!

Anonymous said...

I absolutely love Robsten, so I'm not saying this to take a shot at Rob (whom I also love). The one thing I dislike about your post is how you called Michael average. How is he average? He's a great actor, in my opinion, and hasn't done anything to be labelled average. I thought that was a cheap shot, on your part, Rose.

pricklypearess said...

Gotta love the scarecrow/dorothy quotes. Again, Rose, brilliant. Oh and thanks for the eye candy again!

May said...

As usual, you nail it right on the head,Rose.<3 I guess those silly scarecrows run amock in this fandom, don`t they? LMAO

I said it before and I`ll say it again.Well,Albert Einstein kinda said it before me,but WTH. LOL

Only two things are infinite, the universe and human stupidity, and I'm not sure about the former. ;p

soadram said...

As always once again I just know sooo smile with your post and frankly I'm always on the lookout if there's a new lolol.
I agree with every word and sentence that you write on your blog,
But what saddens me most are not the "hyenas" the "nosten" or whatever it is, (because I do not care or they lose time with their comments) but what saddens me are themselves fans of Kris and Robert who had the "obligation" to see the truth in own eyes of Rob and Kris, because I do not need words or justify to anyone what is happening with them. (It was more a rant) ihih
Rose continues to do so because you're single
A kiss from Portugal:)))

Jennifer said...

Sweet Jebus, the hyena analogies have been KILLING me. As in, with laughter. And today's comment about the carcasses - hilarious.

You hit the nail on the head re: your comment about the hate. Why bother? This is what I've never understood about the Twilight fandom. Are other fandoms like this? That's a serious question.

It doesn't make sense - in fact, it defies the literal definition of "fan." Fans are supposed to be all about love and support, right? Not that you can't be critical, of course. But why bother with the hate? Hate consumes a LOT of time and energy.

Ignoring is so much better. For example, I can't stand the HATE. So I avoid it. I don't read what haters have to say, and I sure as sh*t don't engage with them. No, scary, mean, ugly-on-the-inside, overly-invested b*tches, I don't want your hate. I honestly don't care what you have to say. You have the right to your opinion, of course. I just don't understand it. And also have the right to ignore you. I'll be over here, doing just about anything other than interacting with your hate.

[Note: the above does not equal a criticism of you, Rose. I appreciate all the time and effort you put into this blog, and even thought it's all about the love, there's unfortunately no way you can avoid the hate. Because some people apparently have limitless amounts of time and energy. And I don't blame you for addressing it and engaging with it at times.]

It's kind of scary, actually, how invested people are in Rob and Kristen. I mean, it's normal to be interested. Where he is. What she wore. Who he's dating. What she's filming next. But the degree to which people seem to take these things personally is both weird and disturbing.

I'm interested in all of those things. I read blogs and get on twitter just like any other fan. But if I don't know the answers, it's okay. And if I find out the answers and they're not what maybe I would have chosen in the same situation or what I think is best ... who cares?

They're beautiful people and seem to be pretty cool on top of that. But they're people, not deities.

Rose ... again, love what you do. Thanks for ensuring that I laugh at least once, out loud, every day. :)

Anonymous said...

Rose your blog should be called " kristen and Roberts personal relationship intoxication".... Geez thats all you fixate on! How bout something new for a change... Like the Oprah show this friday, will Rob show? Kristen? Something like that... Your blogs are getting boring now... I used to like coming here. Not so much anymore. Shame too

Anonymous said...

Wizard of Oz quote used shamelessly and yet appropriately in a Robert Pattinson blog.

Freakin' Priceless.

You're amazing Rose.

Suzy Q

Anonymous said...

This was a great one Rose. Thanks. I'm tired of the drama! Bring on the love....


Anonymous said...

@anon 11:10
It's Rose's blog. She writes whatever she wants. You're not paying for it, and no one is forcing you to read it, so don't. I'm sure Rose doesn't care.

Lisa said...

Brilliant Rose, just BRILLIANT!!! (AGAIN) LOL

Anonymous said...

One of your best blogs today. You're so direct and honest. That's why I come here everyday. Thanks.

Julie said...

I love it as much as I love Robsten, KPatz or whatever we are calling them today. How can you not embrace the love and happiness that they are? People will always find something to latch on to and hate on. I love the shorty spice nickname cracks me up everytime I see you post it.


Anonymous said...

Brilliant post, Rose! I agree that this is one of your best.

I don't "know" MA nearly as well as I do Rob. In-depth study over a prolonged period of time will do that. But I have to say that MA might have had a chance in winning the beauteous Kristen if Rob were ONLY devastatingly handsome. But when you add in Rob's charm, wit, intellect, intelligence, warmth, Loyalty, impeccable character, yada yada. Well, it was a done deal out of the gate.

I know it must be one one of the most painful things in the world for MA to have lost out to Robert Pattinson, and I'm sorry for the misery he must have suffered. I wish him well, but I also think Kristen must be the luckiest girl in the world.


Lisa said...

Anon 11:03.. I assume she meant "average" as in looks.. He's cute enough but he's NO Rob! Not that that's all that matters but... LOL

Anon 11:10.. Don't like what the blog says? You don't like coming here so much anymore? Then don't! I'm not trying to be mean.. But if you don't like it, don't enjoy it, why waste your time? I'm sure there are others more to your liking..

Anonymous said...

Love it Rose. Smile. Teeth out of backside is a whole a better!


Liz said...

Rose, you just said everything I wanted to...

This haters and nonstens whatever should get a life and learn that hate is something very bad to our lives...

The shouldn't waste their time hating something or someone... Love is better!

Anonymous said...

Hey Rose I'v havent post latley because i'm stell at my sis. in PA BUT I have been coming on to see whats up and boy oh boy the shit has been FLYING. Just luv,luv your post today THE WIZARD OF OZ GOOD ONE Rose Well said.Well my friend hope you have a good day.Keep loving Rob and Kristen your one of there #1 fans keep on keepen on Rose luv.ya DEB.

Anonymous said...

hahaha, oh dears.. i opened this up while i was in class. wrong day for that! i couldn't contain the giggles and got my ass in trouble. oops. totally worth it though! great post... i love the WoO touch - Scarecrow pic ftw :D

i have no issues with MA. he is who he is, but he's irrelevant when it comes to everything twi and Robert and Kristen. he left the picture sometime last year and it is really sad that some people can't let sleep dogs lie.

i like living in the present. and the present is kristen and robert & their utter fucking awesomeness.

anyone else feeling anxious about the final trailer tomorrow? hurry up time *iz impatient*

great post as usual Rose, MUAH!


Anonymous said...

to anonymous

The Kristen hatters and the extreme kristen fans don't want Rob and Kristen together....so what
They don't have to approve or disapprove.
It's Rob and Kristen life's it's their decision and Rob and Kristen don't care if the hatters or the extreme Fans of Kristen don't approve
I think they are perfect for each other...but do Rob and Kristen care if I do....NO.

Anonymous said...

Great post. I don't even pay attention to the noise anymore, b/c its BS, desperate, and sorta sad at this point.

What does drive me crazy are people who are more a fan of Kristen or more a fan of Rob saying "Well you should see what the other side says" I mean when did this become a war? When did adults or almost adults start to sound similar to my 5 yr old niece. Not every action deserves a reaction. Some people's sense of self importance to the grand scheme of other people's "Real" and not "reel" lives is truly crazy.

Anyways, keep on writing ANYTHING you want because it is always great. :)

Anonymous said...

Bravo Rose. Great post today. The 4th picture, Rob and Kristen with mist in the background, is so damn hot. Of course the kiss, their kiss, is a take your breath away moment.

Got to love the wise words of sweet Scarecrow.

I hope their reunion goes unnoticed for several days. May they have peace, and calm around them on the outside while the fireworks happen in private. The next chapter, filming in Vancou, then WFE, and the Eclipse madness will be here before they know it.

Anonymous said...

I 'm sorry for michael.(just a little)
though now it's over ,I think kristen and Michael were really in love .
on the contrary camila belle (and the other girls)wants get exposure.
I believe in robsten and I wish them the best .

ITK said...

Rose, I usually agree with 100% of your blog posts, but not today. At least, not with one part.

You imply that Kristen is shallow with your comparison of Rob and Oregano, stating how could she ever choose Oregano over Rob based on looks. That view does her no favors and I like to think she isn't shallow like that. Granted, I am no Oregano fan, in fact, I think people think he's much better of a person than he really is and I in no way would ever want Kristen back with him. That said, I also love Rob/Kristen together, I think they just fit. BUT, I don't think Kristen chose to be with Rob because he's hot and Oregano is not. Your implication of this just feeds the "hyenas" with ammunition, because it paints a picture of Kristen that she's shallow and not with Rob for the right reasons. Give the girl more credit than that.

sfw10sis said...

I agree with the OZ quotes, very fitting indeed. As far as MA or Rob, no comparison at all (don't mean any disrespect toward MA)but come on, Rose is right it's Robert f--king Pattinson.

I saw The Runaways for the 2nd time( I do that alot if I like a movie, because you sometimes pick things up that you missed the 1st time)boy Kristen really hit this one out of the ball park. Does anyone think there could be a chance at a nomination for an award, maybe not the Oscars, but a Golden Globe, her performance is diffently worthy.

I too am going through Rob withdrawal, any new news on that front.

Rose make sure to keep your fingers limber, I have become addicted to your posts, wouldn't want to have to miss a day, my job depends on steady hands.

Love ya Rose


meee611 said...

Anon, 1:41.. Some of us don't want to read other boards.. Some of us don't care what's said there.. It has nothing to do with THIS blog and what we talk about.. It's simple, anyone that doesn't like what Rose says, DO NOT READ HERE!

Anon, 3:07.. I didn't take it as Rose was implying Kristen was shallow. When she says "Robert Fucking Pattinson" that means MUCH more then just his looks. But gosh, that is the first thing you see.. I ASSUME she's talking about all his FINE qualities! Including but not limited to.. His wit, his sensitivity, musical talent, etc.. :)
Correct me if I'm wrong Rose.. :)

I know little about little spice.. I hold nothing against him at all.. But again, he's no R.F.P.!!! hehe

Anonymous said...

Totally agree this is one of the best posts you have ever done and spot on has usual!!! Your posts make my day :) Mandy xx

Anonymous said...

OMG ... talk about over-considering things! People lighten up!! Rose, great post -- amazing what people criticize you for though! WOW. Kristen is shallow; Michael isn't hot. Do you even have fun writing these blogs anymore? :-)

Luisa xo

Patricia said...


Kristen was with Michael when she was very young. They had a good relationship and were best friends! They met filming a movie together. She was friends with his family and spent a lot of holidays with them They were boyfriend and girl friend.




Anonymous said...

Kristen Stewart told to keep her boyfriend away to encourage rumours with Robert Pattinson." "It is Summit best interest to perpetuate this illusion, that real life has mirrored the books: http://laneygossip.com/Kristen_Stewart_told_to_keep_boyfriend_away_to_encourage_rumours_with_Robert_Pattinson

and the TRUTH shall set you free ;)

Anonymous said...

to anonymous 5:32: Right, so maybe you should get on with finding out the truth, cuz what you just posted ain't it. Set yourself free! xoxo

Anonymous said...

Just heard Rob was out in London tonight with his family to see Lizzie perform. Awww. He's such a good brother. Heart him!

Anonymous said...

Lovely post, Rose. Thanks.

Things happen for a reason. So I believe SM wrote Twilight so that Rob and Kristen would meet and fall in love. It was inevitable that they would meet and fall in love.

I have nothing against MA but it was kismet. It was a force beyond anyones control.

To anon 5:32
That is an old lainey line. She has since changed her tune. I think she even said that Kristen loves Robert so much that She attended the premier of his movie, Remember Me. And that Robert could not have gone through with the premier without Kristen there. He needed her there.

I hope the truth shall set us free.

Again thanks Rose.


Anonymous said...

Anon 5:32 PM..apparently the REAL truth hasnt set YOU free yet. Will it ever happen? i dont know i am not a psychic. I hear the hyenas shouting "PR, PR, PR PR" and i am shouting, "Psychos , Psychos, Psychos"

Patricia I agree, I loose so many brain cells reading something of the childish, foolish comments from some of the ppl on her who have nothing useful to do with their lives than to argue and deny something which is so obvious and true. *sighs* it never ends. Will it? probably not. At least there is hope, there are some sane regs on here and wonderful people like Rose.

Please, post the open mouth kiss all the time. I love love love it. They are experts and have probably been doing that for awhile now..heck even while in Budapest in some hotel somewhere. can's wait for this trailer. I do wish Rob and Kristen came on Oprah that would've been more than great! And of course ROb will not jump on the couch..lol. I admire his decensy. He doesnt need to jump on a couch for us to see he is madly in love with kristen lol..we see it all the time so a couch jump is nothing.

Rock on Rose and loved that quote! Love you and love Robsten. A big shout out to all you sane Robsten fans on this board, once in awhile you guys need one! xxx


Anonymous said...

Cel, I agree! Everybody knows twilight originated from a dream form SM. How odd is that a dream just a dream brought about all this. It happened for a reason and I believe that one of the reasons was to bring Robert and KRisten together. Now, this is my opinion and it might sound crazy but at least Cel also had the idea so i know i am not alone! Everything certainly happens for a reason!xxx


Anonymous said...

according to his imdb board rob was at Lizzy's concert tonight-.

He is in not hurry to be back to the states lol good he is enjoying his free time with the people he really cares about. Bel ami was done over a week ago.

Anonymous said...

rob would rather spend his time in london getting drunk with his mates and flirting with his fans than kristen he could have left for LA already if he wanted to see her but he is out and about getting drunk again,kristen is also not missing him at all,she left him in london just to attend a musical festival after spending more than a month without seeing him and hanging out with her ex.

Anonymous said...

@6:42 @7:18. Posts like yours make me LOL. Waiting for info just to attack, attack, attack. Make a mountain out of a molehill, right?

Don't worry. Rob and Kristen were just together for Kristen's birthday and I bet they enjoyed every minute of it. And you shouldn't assume that Kristen didn't have other obligations bringing her back to LA or that Rob doesn't have any other obligations in London. I have no idea about Rob and Kristen's exact schedules and I doubt you do either. I do know the UK airports did just open back up. Earliest he could have left, if he could even get out, would have been yesterday. Big deal if he sticks around for a bit to hang with his family and friends since he will soon be in LA for a many months.

So happy Rob and Kristen seem to have a healthy relationship! Good for them.


Anonymous said...

lets rest our ears, eyes & brains from hyenas barking by listening & watching this Robsten lovely vid.

Anita said...

Dear Rose,
what can I say? Great post as usual. Love it.
Thank You <3

Anonymous said...

to anon 7.18

Rob 23 years old and kristen 20 years old. now enjoy life .
they are not an old married couple.
damn hyenas.
is not your life.

Anonymous said...

As fans, we don't really know who they are. We just wish them to be together like "together together" I will not do or say things that will discouraged the Robstens but I will not say things to both of them regarding their decision to whom to be with. What we are, are just expectators, observing all their every move, wanting them things that pleases us but at the end of the day I believed that there are lots of things that fans didn't really know who these two are hence the chaos and madness all around is the only proof. I completely believed that none of those what we've seen are relevant. I am 58 years old and the scenes of these two are mostly product of celebrities who are at work within the franchise that fans doesn't have any access at all. So sad to think but that's how these film making make their living and we always fall in the side of being innocent and manipulated. It will take time for us to realize and it's better to wait and see and just be happy and contented of the outcome of all of these.

Anonymous said...

See DS is in VC got out quick but alas where is Robert Pattinson in the pub with a pint. Where is Kristen Stewart? in LA. How can you all not realize that there is not a R/K relationship.Wake up. R will not get back to LA until WFE or the reshoots. He has nothing to draw him there-nothing right now. Just because this truth is not a shipper truth it is still someone's truth.

Anonymous said...

to anon 6.59
how can you all not realize that they are working.wake up.
they will review soon

It's only a storm in a teacup
is the maxim of hyenas

Anonymous said...

anon 6.59 do you spend your day visiting all the boards as a hater, i am a rob and kristen fan and check in the pro sites and see you all the time spewing exactly the same stuff over and over, really find something else to do if you hate them so much

Anonymous said...

he blindness of the sheep is astounding.Rob leaves your precious KSrew in Vancouver and gets down and dirty with Erica Dutra.Then at New York he does the same with Emilie(who looks like an angel) and now he sleeps with another good looking blonde woman and all you sheep can do is yell insults!The meltdown will be EPIC when PRsten is revealed soon

Anonymous said...

anon 9.50
is time !is time!your medicines

Anonymous said...

Get back to ROB; he is a decent normal guy with a excellent yet twisted sense of humour. He is SINGLE and only friends with Kris. There are many pushing the hate and the love of Robsten; it's all very entertaining, but it needs to stop some time.

Anonymous said...

OmG jus stop already! If you don't like what Rose has to say, why are you wasteing all your precious time reading and commenting. No one know's their status but Rob and Kristen geez enuf! Great blog Rose, as always.