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Friday, April 23, 2010

Robert and Kristen. Working My Way Back To You...

This was how I looked...
(OK, I could never look THAT good)
But it's how I felt waiting for the ECLIPSE trailer
to make its appearance on Oprah.
She's a fucking tease.
It didn't show up until the very end of the show

And was it worth it?

I loved it.
But I LOVE Eclipse.
Fire and Ice.
But there was too much of the above...
and not enough of...

Bella and Edward.

Lots of vampires.
Lots of wolves.
Which is all cool.
But needed...
More Edward and Bella.

But the best part about Oprah today?

THIS will be on her show on May 13th.
Robert, Kristen and Taylor.
On Oprah.
On Robert's 24th Birthday!
Will Oprah ask the magical question?
Will Robert or Kristen answer it?
I guess we shall know in about 3 weeks.

I just love when Robert and Kristen 
get to sit down and actually talk...
And people actually listen.


Oh you have NO idea.

I guess this is a fan picture of Robert in London 
taken a couple of days ago.
(looking pretty damn dreamy if I do say so myself...
and I frequently do.)
You would have thought he was kicking puppies
The way people were talking about him.
The guy is having a beer.
So of course...
Right away he's a 'drunk'
or an 'alcoholic'
People are so fucked up.
And not only do these haters know how much
Robert was drinking that night...
They also said that since he was still in London...
It's so obvious that he doesn't give a shit about Kristen.
So mind readers as well.
I guess it never occurs to people that he might
have had other obligations to take care of
so that is why he remained in London?
I'm snickering.
Out Loud.
I can't help it.

He will be here soon enough.

Yes. This is what they will continue to do.
Trying to grab hold of something that will forever
remain just out of their reach.
And the sad thing is they know it's futile...
But they continue to chase after it anyway.

I'm SO looking forward to the next few months.
I expect a lot of howling and whining...
But it will all be worth it in the end.

And that my friends...
is ALL she wrote.


Bye for now.


Anonymous said...

I'm not impressed from the Eclipse trailer.A lot of Riley,Victoria and newborns.I wanted more E/B.
I hope Oprah won't ask the question,because for me it's just lame.It's like high school.It's beyond obvious that R/K DON'T want to answer and it's their right,their life.Can't fans and media people respect that?
Sonia from Portugal

Anonymous said...

Of course they won't answer the question. Its too close to the Eclipse premiere. They have to keep the are they or aren't they going for at least another month or so. After Eclipse promo it will be let out that they have parted ways so that things can settle down before BD filming begins early next year.

Anonymous said...

well,See DS is in VC got out quick but alas where is Robert Pattinson in the pub with a pint. Where is Kristen Stewart? in LA. How can you all not realize that there is not a R/K relationship.Wake up. R will not get back to LA until WFE or the reshoots. He has nothing to draw him there-nothing right now. Just because this truth is not a shipper truth it is still someone's truth.

Anonymous said...

the blindness of the sheep is astounding.Rob leaves your precious KSrew in Vancouver and gets down and dirty with Erica Dutra.Then at New York he does the same with Emilie(who looks like an angel) and now he sleeps with another good looking blonde woman and all you sheep can do is yell insults!The meltdown will be EPIC when PRsten is revealed soon

Anonymous said...

Ok to comments 2-4 in case you were wondering the hynea that is going around and around in a circle trying to bite its own tail, that would be you.

Hey I say whatever gets you through the night. But I'm just guessing it is probably a very sad and lonely lonely night for you ladies. LOL. Keep trying b/c at the very least you all amuse the hell out of me.

Patricia said...

Rose: I'm as giddy as you !
ROB AND KRISTEN ON OPRAH ON HIS BIRTHDAY! I was jumping around like I won a million dollars. OMG, OMG, OMG I can't wait! I love them !

I was so happy to see a picture of Rob and know he's still celebrating his sister and family. That's why WE love him. He's all about caring. Oh I had a BEER after I saw him drinking "so I guess I'm a drunk too"

Grazie Rose for all the love for ROB AND KRISTEN.

Rock on !

Anonymous said...

anons 11:40,11:42,11:43,since you're the same person,don't you have something better to do than posting the same crap at all Rose's threads?You posted the same nonsense yesterday.Don't you have something new to say or you're just brainless?lol

And if it's all for PR,why do you care so much?How does it affect your life?If you think that they're such famewhores,then go and find some other celebrities to admire.We all here like them!Got it,moron? KatieM

Anonymous said...

Delaney and crew keep saying he's in london cuz of BA,..too bad that ain't true. He is in london cuz he wants too and because all the people that he really cares about are there. Of course in 2 weeks he will fly to VC for work and of course we will see him with Kstew, summit needs to work those shippers hearts so later they fill their pockets $$$ lol also I love how delaney everyweek keeps repeting her lame ass excuse.

Anonymous said...

Hi Rose!

I think the mindless babbling about their whereabouts (and why) is absolutley HYSTERICAL! (hmmm, sounds like...hyena ;-) These are 2 people that are dating but are smart enough to understand and RESPECT each others commitments. So b/c Rob is in London (working/breathing/living), he can't go out at night?? And if he does, he's lame because he's not at home pining for her or worse, not with her???


I would want my man to be mingling, supporting his sister for goodness sake and having fun.
Then that gives her (KS) time for whatever commitments she has and life too.

It scares me what type of relationships people EXPECT others to have. Sounds kinda clingy, needy and boring to me. Makes you wonder what kinda life these people have....oh that's right...they don't because they are too busy worrying, stressing, insulting and worshipping other people's.

Rose, I just love coming here everyday (sometimes, most of the time, several times a day) to read your musings. Real life I tell ya....it's awesome!!

Go RK! We love you..together, as individuals, in love or just hanging out....or better yet...all of the above :) <3

Rose...where can I buy this music of his??? I am guessing the piano piece, Jessica, is sold somewhere?? I am listening to it on my headphones as I type. SO LOVE THIS!!!

Thank you!!
Peggy in Texas

Anonymous said...

Why he would hurry to go back to L.A when he has everything he needs and wants in london? he will go to Vancouver when he needs to do it same for L.A, working obligations. Right now he is relaxing where and with he wants too. You can bet he is going out and have fun with his friends this weekend too ;)

Anonymous said...

Hmm he is not working now or was at all this week, where that rumor came from?

Anonymous said...

He is not going back to L.A this weekend lol he is going direct to canada in 10 days. Let in in peace he is relaxing with his mates and family. He could be in L.A if he wanted to be there lol

Anonymous said...


who told you such a stupind thing about rob fligth to LA yhis week end??

soadram said...

as always short and thick, a marvel of post
I loved
(But I read every comment that I do not know whether to cry or scream if I bless)
when I do not like something or not believe I just ignore, but besides twitter I see here every comment as stupid as stupid .... finally
\u003cKeep it up BIG Rose
-Portugal soadram

Anonymous said...

Hi Rose,
I agree, I was hoping for more Edward and Bella moments in the Eclipse trailer. But everything else
looked good except I'm not really digging that
engagement ring.
As for Rob and Kristen being on Oprah, I'm hoping
she asks Rob what he got Kristen for her 20th
birthday and what Kristen will be getting him for his
24th birthday ;)
No need to ask THE question because most of us
already know THE answer.


Anonymous said...

tha's way mostly of the time the fake news are REALLY TOO MUCH fake!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

same anon is on AT doesn't even bother to change her rants, drooling hyena, spinning wheels hee hee she is probably in church right now asking the lord for r/k to say they are not romantically involved at all LOL

Anonymous said...

same anon is on AT doesn't even bother to change her rants, drooling hyena, spinning wheels hee hee she is probably in church right now asking the lord for r/k to say they are not romantically involved at all LOL

Anonymous said...

Wow. This is pretty crazy. Who cares where he is? I don't get it. Even if he's the shittiest boyfriend ever because he stayed in his hometown where his family and friends are while his girlfriend is back in LA - how is that proof of them not being together? God forbid these people have lives. Maybe they should be like Bella and Edward, who are up each others asses all the time. I don't give a sh*t whether he was working or not. He has his friends and family, and he loves how he can lay low in London. He should stay there for as long as he wants. I'm sure flying to Budapest was a Summit PR stunt. So was the Isle of Wight visit. Oh, and the many times they've been spotted out and about together. Summit owns their asses, right? They get to tell Robert and Kristen where to go adn what to do every single minute of their lives. This makes complete sense. "Kristen, you better be in England for New Years, and you better let us take a picture of you FROM FAR, FAR AWAY and we'll make your boyfriend's friend's sister post it on her Facebook." Or "Kristen, you'll go to Budapest days before your 20th birthday and hide, but THEN we'll get you guys walking into the airoprt together." Sure. Okay. Yeah. Wow. You people.

Anonymous said...

Awesome post Rose,once again! I think hyenas will always foam at the mouth and try to deny a rob and kristen relationship,no matter what they show us and what is the evidence (no matter Kristen went to Budapest when she absolutely had nothing to do with Bel Ami, she just wanted to be with ROB out of anything twilight, so no PR). They could kiss on Oprah and haters will say:"It's all PR!!" . Of course I don't think they'll kiss, neither they will confirm.I'll just enjoy seeing them together sitting next to each other(NO TAYLOR IN THE MIDDLE, PLEASE). And Rob had Bel Ami commitments so let's stop the all he-doesn't-give-a-damn-thing-about-kristen bullshit,shall we? Of course if that helps haters sleep at night,they'll just keep saying that to themselves....

On another note, I'm not really impressed with the last eclipse trailer. I really liked the first one and I couldn't understand why people hated it so much. In the firts teaser I could feel the real CORE of the entire saga:the E/B love. In this one it's all about action and newborns. Ok, they are important, but it's not what eclipse is about. At least we had a 2" glimpse at the ring, the thing I liked the most in the whole trailer. But I have to say that the wolves look really good and the fights as well..I just hope it won't turn into an action movie, I want to feel the love in eclipse. In the book there are a lot of sweet moments(and make out sessions) between Edward and Bella. I hope Summit won't sacrifice them just to attract male audience. And it's just 1:28 long,why? Isn't a final trailer supposed to be at least 2 minutes long? I hope eclipse will have most of the E/B moments we fell in love with while reading the book.
Keep up the good work,Rose!


Anonymous said...

A troll is here,ladies.Ignore her and she'll leave.I guess in a while she'll have to get back to the clinic.lol

Anonymous said...

"And the sad thing is they know it's futile...
But they continue to chase after it anyway."

rose you are awesome

Anonymous said...

dear anonymous TROLL is really interseting point of view, maybe you are the one htat the troll heate so we can fell better now each othere isn't it??

Anonymous said...


funny gr

Anonymous said...

To Honey:

-MTV Awards / NOT only RK but the entire cast. Mandatory assistance.

-Kings of Lion concert / ALL ECLIPSE cast attended

-Paris Airport / NM promotion. Taylor also was there. Do you want a few pictures showing Kristen holding Taylor with more affection than the "OHHH holding hands" famous? - they weren't even holding hands, properly.

-Remember me premier /yes, she attended. So Taylor for Runaways. Are they dating? Don't think so. Means nothing.

-She didn't spend Christmas with R family. She attende a crowded party for NY eve with A LOT of common friends. Eh, she has money, she can afford a little trip.

-Kristen birthday in Budapest / Nobody SAW her there on 19th April. She was leaving on 22th, agree. She was also partying in Vegas with friends, She is dating those friends? All of them? Don't think so. Friends can travel TOGETHER whenever they want.

ROB is a friend.

He is London, and BA is done since last week. K is in LA having fun with other friends.

How many time did the spend together last months? tell me. Because if my boyfriend was so bussy working and I had so much free-time, I'll fly my ass wherever he was. Love, maybe? Again, don't think so.

This BS of a relationship is PR. Show me R or K saying, yes we are in love, and I'll belive it.


Hardcore shippers are insane, completely ilogical. Use your brain.

Anonymous said...

Another great post, Rose. Love your clever, facile mind.

Sigh. . . This all gets so crazy. Kristen was just in Budapest and London, and we know it wasn't because she just happened to have business there.. . . or she's always wanted to see the historical sites of old Budapest.

The fact is, we don't know R&R's schedules or the reasons behind them, and that's as it should be.

As for the Oprah show, It's Oprah's job to ask "the big question." R&K may make it a condition of appearing on her show that she NOT ask the question. But if she does, I'm convinced that they have now become expert at circumventing those questions they don't want to answer.

R&K have become very good at moving around the world almost seamlessly, and they have become very good at taking care of themselves. If they ever come out and make the big statement, it will be because they want to. I'm convinced that these two have had a crash course in making their reality work for themselves.


MegaN said...

Great post as always Rose! But I must say a few things about the hyenas who comment on your blog...First of all why ohh why do they say that Rob and Kristen hang out for PR?! Seriously can you ppl get anymore deseperate?? Are these the same ppl that claim Kristen is a horrible actress cause if all this is just for PR then hr and Rob have amazing acting skills!! More importantly I would like to say that I don't watch Twilight because I like Rob and Kristen...I watch it because I loved the books! So the fact that they are together (let's face it THEY ARE) does not in anyway curve my desire to see the films so the PR excuse just ISN'T working for me!! I would also like to mention that these two aren't married so therefore are not obligated to spend 100% of their time together...They are both still young and I like to think they are happily making the most of their spare time be it together or apart...Hell I am married and I don't isee my husband 24/7 and we are still very much together and HAPPY! Well I'm just gonna shut up now lol sorry for the rant but some of these stupid comments really annoy me hah...On a happier note I can't wait to see eclipse! = )

Anonymous said...

The hyenas really need a different angle. They should have stuck with the 'they are just really good friends' thing, because PR makes NO SENSE what-so-ever. You don't fly 14 hours to Budapest just to stay in on your birthday for PR. You don't go to an island with no paps for New Years for PR. You don't tell interviewers you don't want to answer the question because you want to be recognized for your work and not your private life for PR. I guess that's all the hyenas have left, but if they really believe that then why do they like Rob? I wouldn't like a celeb who I thought was a fame whore publicity seeker.
Rob does look pretty good in his new pic!:) I missed his face!

Anonymous said...

to anonymous 12:28

OMG!!I hope you're joking right??

-MTV Awards: ONLY rob and Kristen stayed at the Charlie,not the cast, unless it was an orgy which it wasn't.

-KOL, ONLy rob and Kristen were pictured giggling and staying close to each other in an intimate way

-REMEMBER ME premiere. She didn't just attend the premiere but she travelled with him to NY AND she spent the previous days with him. Taylor didn't do that.

-NYE. She went to Isle of Wright with Rob and with Rob's friends She could have spent it everywhere,since she has money,right??Why with Rob??not with Taylor??Not with anyone else?? Right.

-Kristen's Birhtday: would you really believe that she went there after her birthday to come back soon after?? And even if she wasn't there on the 9th(sorry,but she was) why she went all the way to Budapest??Yea,right,to see HIM.

tell me, do you see them with anyone else??NO.

get over it. use your brain .


Anonymous said...

All I can say is 'Man that beer looks good...care to share?'

Anonymous said...

to 12:28
I don't understand why you come and post at this thread knowing that Rose loves R/K.If you think it's all PR,then go at Rob's IMDb or at the nonsten.com.But you come here and i don't understand it.Are you trying to convince us or yourself?Because with us you're just wasting your time.So go and post at other blogs who believe the PR thing.I'm sure they'll welcome you there.Coming here makes me think that you just want to stir the pot and nothing more.And if you think Rob is such a fame whore who would do anything for PR,then why do you still love him?Are you that desperate?There are other celebrities who are low profile and not famewhores.Go and ship them.

Anonymous said...

So let me get this straight hyenas. Rob and Kristen are just friends. They are in a relationship for PR. Kristen is a lesbian. Kristen is still with MA.

Rob says over and over he wants his private life and privacy but really he is staging a relationship with Kristen for more attention? Sorry, but none of what you are saying adds up or makes any sense. If you are willing to spread this NONsense you are not a true fan of Rob. What you are saying is completely out of character for him. Be a fan to him. Think whatever you want of his and Kristen's relationship, but don't spread that garbage.

Anonymous said...

Question for the hyenas who like to yell PR PR...Ummm if R/K only hang out for PR then where are the damn pics of Kristen going to and leaving Taylors house, Kristen flying halfway around the world to see him, or even just shots of Kristen and Taylor seen in the airport together??? I mean Eclipse IS about the LOVE TRIANGLE right?? So wouldn't PR want to play up the freaking LOVE TRIANGLE?? Hmm betcha can't anwser that one huh!?!?!?

Anonymous said...

hmmm...rose loves rob and kristen. this is rose's blog...why do these gatecrashing hyennas keep forcing themselves where they're not clearly wanted? whatever you people say or do won't change how rose thinks of rob and kristen, won't dampen the spirits of people who support them, won't change the fact that rob and kristen are together...so what is your point of being here again? i don't get it. you have a home and no one of sound mind invades it like you people do here. obviously, it's not as fun with all the hate. why would you insist coming here to begin with. it's so pathetic. you're not wanted here. all your efforts are useless anyway.

Anonymous said...

Notice Rob is clean-shaven in the most recent pic. Clean-shaven Rob = working Rob. I did not notice this or point it out, someone else did on twitter. But it is a good point. It won't end the debate, because some people only want to debate, to be right. But ignoring the obvious and leaving out important details (such as Kristen went to LONDON after Budapest, with Rob) is just stupid.

Also, if you are going to spew all this, at least don't do it anonymously.


Anonymous said...

anon 12:28 you posted the same comment on the AT board, and the same anon 11:40.
So you are out and about to spam all the boards tonight again with you poison? Why? What are you gaining from it? Just curious.


pricklypearess said...

Very excited that the gang is going to be on Oprah next month! She'll ask...they won't answer (we all know the answer anyway). Rob at a pub, to see his sister sing, with a beer in his hand...I'll drink to that! Easy on the eyes, isn't he? :o)

Anonymous said...

loves it rose. every friggin time. lots to look forward to in the coming weeks. can't wait. :)

Anonymous said...

Bel Ami was scheduled until april 20th. So I don't now where people got the info from that it was completly finished after Budapest. And reliable sources confirmed that he was still working. And what difference would it make if he stays a few days more before heading to the US. Are people now really marking days in their calender? But I guess people clinging on everything.
Sad, so sad.


kharma1 said...

Hey Rose,
Some fool left the CAGE OPEN and the hyenas escaped. Call the animal control officer immediately, RABID animals on the loose.
I can't for the life of me figure out why these hyenas want to keep venturing over here.
They really must be rabid because why would you want to torture yourself by coming on this site and reading about the two people they refuse to want to see together. You definitely have to be SICK.
Another great Post Rose.
Have a great weekend.

Have a good weekend Rose.

laurieO76 said...

To Anonymous-You should be a spin doctor cuz you misrepresent facts to suit your own agenda.
1) MTV Awards/NOT only RK but entire cast. Mandatory assistance-After they were spotted having dinner together w/out any other cast. The next day, they left the Charlie together after a romantic evening
2) Kings of Lion concert/ALL cast attended–They were in their bubble & only had eyes & time for each other. Might as well mention here all the concerts of the Brit Pack they attended alone together
3) Paris Airport/NM promotion. Taylor also was there. they weren't even holding hands, properly–Please review the clips, there are MANY documented instances of eye sexing & Kristen’s famous prolonged handhold during one interview. As for the Paris handholding, it was an intimate moment when they were unguarded. The pictures capture their reaction after learning a pap was spotted
4) RM premier/yes, she attended. So Taylor for Runaways. Are they dating? Don't think so.–Kristen had to travel long distance by plane to attend the RM premiere. Tay was already in LA for the Runaways premiere
5) She didn't spend xmas with R family. She attende a crowded party for NYW w/A LOT of common friends. She has money, she can afford a little trip.–No one knows where either of them spent Christmas. They were under the radar until she surfaced on IOW for NYE, which is a couples holiday, again traveling a great distance to be with her man
6) Kristen bday in Budapest/Nobody SAW her there on 4/19. She was leaving on 22th, agree. Friends can travel TOGETHER whenever they want.–No one travels halfway around the globe to spend their birthday with a friend. She was not in LA for her birthday, because she celebrated with her family beforehand. It takes 14 hrs for her to get to Budapest & she was spotted at the BA party, as well as possibly on set per Hungarian TV. Of note here is why you neglected to mention them going off after the BAFTAs together. Anna Kendrick was also at the awards, yet she did not join them after the after party when they left ALONE together. Then Kristen and Rob were spotted numerous times out together ALONE during the course of the following week
7) ROB is a friend.–Yep. A friend & a lover. That’s why they have been seen exclusively together since last spring. Because they are exclusively together
8) He is London & BA is done since last week. K is in LA having fun with other friends.–He is in London. BA wrapped last week, but there is such a thing as post-production & his family who he will see little of throughout the rest of the year is there.
9) How many time did the spend together last months? tell me. Because if my boyfriend was so busy working and I had so much free-time, I'll fly my ass wherever he was. Love, maybe? Again, don't think so.–Oh, but she did. While busy with her own professional obligations: promoting TYH, WWTR & TR, Sundance, BAFTAs, photoshoots, etc., she took time to fly to IOW & then later to London/NYC & Budapest. She’s a busy gal & can’t fly halfway around the globe cuz she has 1 free day. But she arranged her schedule to be with him when time permitted
10) This BS of a relationship is PR. Show me R or K saying, yes we are in love, and I'll belive it–They say it with their interactions, reactions, comfort level with one another, eye sexing & body language
11) Hardcore shippers are insane, completely ilogical. Use your brain.–It is you hyenas who are insane and illogical. Time will prove us right while you continue to be wrong time & again but don’t seem to ever acknowledge that fact

Anonymous said...

reliable sources confirmed that he was still working.

Sorry who? Oh yeah delaney right lol he is not working had been relaxing since last week with his friends and family last night was not the first time he went out this week and won't be the last. Keep the working excuse rolling shippers, this time next week I bet you all wil be saying the same thing when he is spotted around london again.
Have a great weekend cuz Rob will without a doubt.

Anonymous said...

One of favorite hyena things is comparing the road trip from cali to vegas with 4 other people to see a show to a 14 hr flight to budapest to be with rob on her bday. seriously it's the same! LMAO

love the post rose as usual. I liked the trailer and I can't wait to the trio on Oprah together too.

over the NONsense said...

LOL. The excuses are just too damn funny now and have been for a while. The crazy ass Rob fans wish that Kristen wasn't an important person in Rob's life. But deep down they know that that's not the case.
They keep going on and on about him in being in London with family and friends and blah blah blah but love how they overlook that Kristen has been in London 3 times since the beginning of the year. She was with Rob ringing in the New Year, Rob was there happily to celebrate her BAFTA win and then Kristen not only stayed in London when she didn't have to but she then flew to NYC with Rob to support him. WOW. One would think, just like his family and friends, Kristen is super important to Rob, hence her inclusion in his life! But off course idiots overlook this kind of stuff just to rant about...oh, a-whole-lotta-nothing.

That past few months, Rob was busy filming and Kristen was busy promoting. The fact that people ASSume so many things is funny. At least 2 mags are coming out with Kristen on the cover. She was busy in LA prior to her b-day and had obligations. The fact that she made time to fly all the way to Budapest to spend her b-day with Rob says A LOT. And if Rob hasn't been working for days now, then he would be a hairy bitch, which he's NOT. So, I bet he has been working and most likely does have obligations keeping in London.

Oh, I love how many people pretend to know Rob's exact schedule. LOL.

Also, before people jump all over that Rob and Kristen have been apart for the past few months, you should remember that they spent Aug-Jan pretty much attached to each other. The fact that they can handle separations and still put time into their relationship while dealing with work commitments and also keeping up with family and friends is a GREAT thing. It's the thing that solid, healthy, normal relationships are made of and relationships that have a chance at lasting. So major props to Rob and Kristen. I admire them.

Oh, and Rob supporting his sister? No doubt Kristen finds that a HIGHLY attractive quality about him. And that some people are giving him shit for being out to support his sister just goes to show how they clearly don't have great relationships. Nor healthy ones.

Anonymous said...

anonymous 1:24 You crack me up. SERIOUSLY. Believe what you want.. but if you REALLY believed what you are spewing you wouldn't have the need to post over and over on a site that supports R&K. I'm glad Rob is spending some days with his family and supporting his sister before he goes to LA and spends time with his GIRLFRIEND. :)

Anonymous said...

Sometimes i wish that Kristen was still with Oregano,so to avoid all these crazy people(nonstens,hyenas,haters).Things were so quiet when she was with him.Now she has to deal with all the psychos.I really like Rob,i think he's a great guy and very talented,but he has the worst fanbase in the whole world.Crazy teens and stupid cougars who are hating a 20 years old girl,just because their dream guy happens to love her.And the most ridiculous thing is that all these crazies consider themselves as his fans.Poor Rob,he's such a kind kid with such nasty followers.

Lisa said...

Excellent again! I'm SO excited.. Loved everything about it.. Even the ring.. LOL I can't believe the BS already.. And WHY is it the hyenas are the first ones waiting to post on your blog.. GO AWAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

to 1:45

Oh please...
You call Rob fans retarded/haters etc cause they are hating on Kristen, but at the same time they're hating on Rob... Actually, they're worse than them cause THEY'RE HYPOCRITICAL.

Anonymous said...

to anon 1:45

and of course you don't see Kristen's fans attack Rob right?
What a shocker... NOT!

Seriously, this double standards needs to stop.

Anyways, great post Rose <3

Anonymous said...

rose: why not delete the messages of the hyenas?
hyenas are creepy

their computer is dirty beacuse of the slime

all other : ignored hyenas
hyenas are dying inside because they realized that rob is a person(and he loves kristen) not their toy

sfw10sis said...

I can't believe that Iam going to address a comment, but Iam sitting here just shaking my head at the utter stupidity of some of the ( I don't even know who you are, my guess would be kids or teens, because I shudder to think if you are grown women) comments that are posted here(by the way, your on a pro Rob & Kris blog, if you are a kiddie/teen, have your parents teach you the meaning of the word respect, if your a grown woman, then I hope that you don't represent the majority of the female population, because god help us we just took a step back in our evolution.

Anon 12:28, why do you feel the need to bring over, what I assume you feel is documented proof of a non-relationship, to a blog of believers. Do you think in any way that changes what we feel or that we even care how you feel, then you my dear are the one who is delusional.

You see, anon 12:28, we here at this blog, find no need in having to scavenge, hunt and document every little detail of Rob & Kris's lives, to prove our belief's, they do all the work for us, we just have to sit back and let it unfold, and oh boy, has there been alot of unfolding.

So my suggestion to you, would be to stick with your own kind(pssst, pass that word along would ya)because we would really hate to waste your time, seeing as you will need every available minute to hunt and document, cause from what I can tell, it isn't going to be very easy for you.

So now if you'll excuse me, don't let the door hit you on the way out, because dearie you can't compete on the level with which Rose puts forth in her blogs on a daily basis, so you best go back to chasing your tail, who knows maybe someday you'll catch it, though I doubt it, but hey, look on the bright side, at least you gave it 110%,hee,hee.

Rose, love ya girl, keep with the good fight, it wins over nasty every time.


May said...


Vultures are out of the woodworks tonight,it seems.You know,its kinda pathetic the way they spend all their time spewing BS on R/K friendly blog.
OMG people are so fucking stupid,its unbelievable.LOL

You know, haters/nonstens,whatever lets you sleep at night. There,there. LMFAO

P.S. Dear Rose, as always, you fucking rock. xoxoxo

Anonymous said...

re: 1:32

With Kristen promoting (3 movies!) and Rob filming I am suprised that they got to sneak in as much time together as they did. I have no doubts these two enjoy every moment together and definitely are aware that they can't always be in the same city. They make it work and they make the most of when they are together because they know the separations due to those obligations are temporary.
Plus, there's great technology to keep in touch. Joshua Jackson and Diane Kruger have talked about using it when they have long separations on different continents.

Anonymous said...

Well I heard Robert had to stay in London because he is working on the soundtrack with David Over there... hence the guitar he had in Budapest!!! Gawd, I hope he's on the soundtrack.... Cant wait til May 13th.. Anyone going to Chicago? I want to so bad.

Anonymous said...

God that's more and more annoying! All these people coming here to post all their PR bullshit... It's obvious K & R are together, everyone knows it and that includes the hyenas. If they weren't convinced, they wouldn't come here and post this crap. Smells like desperation.

Re. Rob being in London. Some people said he still had work commitments and I have no reason to doubt them. So that's what I believe. But IF... IF Rob was done with BA or any other work commitment, there'd be nothing weird or wrong with him still being in London. And yesterday he was out to support his sister, I find that sweet, no need to bash him for this, seriously!

Anyway, there were no flights for days and days if he intended to go back to LA. Now the situation is starting to become better but it's not back to normal AT ALL. Just today, I stopped by a travel agency to plan my summer holidays and all the while I was there, there was another girl who was at the phone trying to reach some of their customers who were still stuck somewhere in foreign countries or trying to find them a way back to France.

So I guess at the airports, the situation was still hell this week despite planes allowed to fly again. If you had to go to the states but there was no urgency, would you have hopped in the first plane available or waited a few more days until things calmed down a little? If you were Rob, would you have spent a few more days with your family and friends or used your celebrity privileges to secure a seat on a plane? But of course, that's SUPPOSING Rob didn't have other obligation to take care of in London like some reliable persons hinted at and that he was not due in Vancouver or LA right away and could delay his departure. We all have no idea of his work schedule and commitments and what his plans are and the reasons behind them so why all the bashing about him not caring about his gf?

But back to the entry... I love Eclipse, I like the new trailer but I agree with Rose, not enough of E/B loving... I hope there will be a lot in the movie though, since there are great sexy and sweet scenes in the book.

Oh and I can't wait for Oprah!!!! 13th May will be good. Rob & Kristen on Oprah, Rob's 24th birthday and... that's also the date my future new nephew should be born :)

And last but not the least, I totally love the fan pic of Rob in London :) :)


Anonymous said...

Shippers and their excuses. I will be back next week and laugh my ass off when rob is out and about in london and you are still saying he's there for work. So easy to get played. He is in London to enjoy and relax. Why not? all his support system is there:family and friends. He will reunite with Kristen and Taylor in 10 days to WORK. Meanhwile let the boy have fun with those he CHOOSE to be with,.

Anonymous said...

ewwww.... shoo gatecrashers shoo.

Anonymous said...

kstew is sitting at this moment in the clubhouse with her mother, brother and MA, not a tweet, this is first hand knowledge, don't believe? oh well, don't, but it's true

Anonymous said...

to anon 3:19

darling,I'll be there laughing my ass off when Rob will reunite with kristen and will be seen out and about with her even during WFE filming. All this time haters have been proven wrong and will be proven wrong again. And Robert stays with those he CHOOSES to be with, and it happens to be KRISTEN. YOU haters have to let him have fun with those he chooses to be with, not the shippers, and it doesn't seem you're doing that way since you attack kristen in anything she does. Just get over it. They are together.

Anonymous said...

I love all the looney Rob fans. They know exactly what he is doing and why and they also know his thoughts and feelings! His family and friends are his support system and Kristen is not included. Wha-wha-wha. That's you mantra. Funny then, Kristen was at his fucking movie premiere. Oh, wait, she was forced to go. LOL. And, I mean, Rob didn't choose to spend a week with Kristen for her birthday. No, he had a big gun to his head. LMAO. Oh, dear. How delusional are some of his fans? You have NO IDEA what his schedule is like and whether he has business to attend to or stuff to wrap up before he leaves for the months ahead. I know some of you actually think you know Rob but ya don't and NEVER will. He will never celebrate a birthday with you or take you to spend time with his family and friends. Some of you are scary, psychos who probably actually think Rob is your boyfriend and you know what he had for breakfast this morning and how many times he took a shit today. Fvcking insane. Rob deserves better fans.

Anonymous said...

kstew is sitting right now with her family skyping to Robert and telling him how much she misses him and in the meantime she's holding the nacklace he gave to her.This is first hand knowledge. Don't you believe it?Well,don't, but it's true...

Anonymous said...

At this moment, there's a boring troll reading this stupid comment..as stupid as the nonsense she wrote right above..

Who will post the most stupid comment?? Come on trolls!!

Anonymous said...

The hyenas are so stupid they don't realize by saying it's PR they are simultaneously admitting it looks like a relationship and belittling a person they are supposed to be a fan of by saying he (or she) would do something for publicity.

anonymous 3:27 MA is in New York shooting a movie right now. Kristen is in LA. Man, they must have super powers to be sitting in the same clubhouse. If you're going to be pathetic enough to lie, atleast make it something possible otherwise you look like an idiot.

Anonymous said...

@3:43. That's why I don't get the Rob fans who are screaming "PR, PR, PR"...Do they even stop to realize what they're saying about Rob? It's like they have zero brain cells or are just so obsessed with Rob and Kristen and not wanting them to be together that they just don't think, definitely not rationally.

LOL. Cracks me up.

Anonymous said...

Oh for Fuck sake, STOP BLAMING ALL THE ROB FANS!! Kristen has her fair share of bitches for fans too. Stop being such fucking hypocrites!

Check out the following twitter accounts & see what they were saying this morning about Emilie DeRavin because Flaunt put her in the same issue as their "bb Kristen": Kstewangel; vonch; littlewing1975; dolcevita10; dayjolie80; JMBfan. Kristen fans like these bitch about people hating on Kristen but they turn around & hate on Emilie for no reason. Hypocrites!!

CarefreeDV and her ilk said point blank that Rob isn't good enough for her Kristen & belittles him at every chance.

The hyenas ARE NOT just Rob fans.

To the first 3:39, you can say the same thing about Kristen fans.

To 1:45, Rob has the worst fan base in the world? Really? Don't think so. Kristen has some pretty nasty fans of her own.

Fucking hypocrites.

Anonymous said...

to 4:59, Why does it always have to be a war over which fans do what? FFS.

I am a Rob fan. I am a Kristen fan. I like both very much.

I am 3:39 and I am strictly talking about crazy Rob fans. Why can't I do that without confrontation about whatever Kristen fans are/are not doing? My post still stands to the crazy, psycho Rob fans that I have unfortunately seen enough crazy from to make my head literally spin. Why are some Rob fans so touchy about it? I guess if they are the crazy ones they are. I couldn't care less about Emilie and whether people like her. I am certain she gets nowhere near the hateful, vile stuff Kristen does. Don't follow her, don't care about her.

I refuse to get into a fan war. No doubt there's craziness in both fanbases but crazy Rob fans still take the cake from what I have personally seen. And Rob derserves better fans.

KStewInspried said...

First of all Great Job again Rose!! Hit the nail on the head, and said exactly what was on my mind! Perfection!!
I was one of the people like yourself, who was about 3 seconds from being taken away to a hospital upon seeing this Trailer!! Like you said i loved it. Of Course i loved it, ROBERT FUCKING PATTINSON AND KRISTEN FUCKING STEWART were on the scree, so i couldnt help but love it! But wiht that said, definatly needed needed, desperatly needed more Edward and Bella!
I have to remember The new moon trailer gave a a lot in its trailer, but i have to say this trailer really left me wanting more,hence the idea of the trailer. But i would have really loved juts a few more Edward and Bella moments. All im hoping for is that those are the parts that Summit is really keeping underlock becasue of how good they are, Thats what i am praying for.
And OMFG ROB AND KRISTEN on Oprah on Robs Birthday!! When i found this out i was almost more excited than the trailer! THAT WILL BE AMAZING!!!!!
I just cant wait! I know we have seen ROb and Kristen in their off time, in London, in Budapest.. etc..but I will be so happy to see them out on a major show togeher!!! That will make My Life!!! I just cannot wait!!
But Overall Thank You sooooooooooooooooooo Much Rose again for making me feel like im not alone in my Rob and Kristen Love:):):)):)

Anonymous said...

So... everyone's bent out of shape about where Rob is? That's nice. Well I suppose he would be in London for as long as possible since he'll be in Cali all summer. Oh well, don't really care much unless what Rob's doing involves Kristen... which he'll be doing in about two weeks. Lucky bastard.

Love the post Rose ;]


Anonymous said...

Yes Rose, smooth and dreamy with that beer in hand. Smooth and dreamy with that ring in hand. Life is good. In fact, life is wonderful.

Wow, so they will be on the O show in May. Hope she treats them nicely and doesn't intrude too deeply into their personal life.

Trailer II, predominantly green and blue in tone, was so newborn/wolf focused.
Just the tiniest tease with the ring. : D : )
The tent scene, with the banter between Jacob and Edward , is what I was hoping to see.
Because the bed and meadow pictures were on the net earlier, I understand how they were not included today. It seemed like trailer II was aimed at movie goers who might not purchase a ticket without the lure of the fight. JMO.
Take care Rose and all.

pricklypearess said...

Poor hyenas. Posting the exact word for word garbage on AT. Now hear this! It doesn't matter if Rob is in London next week! He was with Kristen on her birthday 2 weeks ago. I don't care if he's there for business or to hang with family and friends. The only people who think it matters where he's at next week are the hyenas. It's really not a big deal. I know I should save my breath because logic and reason don't matter to the rabid, but WTF?! Go to your own nasty site. I guess misery loves company so that's why you're coming here.....to spread your misery around. Sorry, won't work. Now let's all look at some Rob pics! TGIF! :o)

Anonymous said...

Sure, Kristen is at a clubhouse with MA and her mother. Pics? Oh that's right, no pics, just a "reliable" source. Same source that said he was at Coachella with her? Oh yeah, that's already been debunked.

Anonymous said...

lol. lol.
and lol AGAIN

the ridiculousness never ceases. at least i know where to go for entertainment! Rose, not only do you post an awesome and lovely blog every day, but you get more and more NONsensical comments as time goes on, quite the dramatics yes? you must be doing something RIGHT, hitting some nerves, making others swoon, heh. I would so high five you if I could.

i'm going to continue to sit back and eat my popcorn and enjoy the shenanigans. and oh yeah, i'm very much going to enjoy the coming weeks/months. lots to be excited about ;D

happy Friday bb!

p.s. clean shaven rob, holding a pint and supporting his sis. good gawd, what a fine young man!

Anonymous said...

4:59, Just have to say that the difference with those Kristen fans is that make comments and then move on. Their main intent when online is to support Kristen. And I am pretty sure all those names you listed are supportive of Rob.

They don't sit on the computer all day long spewing hate. They are not obsessed with Emilie or hating on her. They may or may not like her but they certainly don't waste massive amount of time hating on her. Some of them were coming from a place of not wanting anymore drama/BS/hate for Kristen and didn't really say anything awful. I get where they're coming from. I just don't care about Emilie and never care to comment on her. Would be nice if some of the people who do not care about Kristen would just leave her alone instead of spending an enormous amount of time hating on her. And I mean some really nasty, disgusting hate is said about Kristen, constantly--daily--obsessively.

Anonymous said...

Fun post Rose. Love the ring. Can't wait to see the real thing. Go Rob and Kristen!

Anonymous said...

Rob and Kristen on OPRAH! On Rob's Birthday!! Okay I hate to use it but OHHHH EMMMMMM GEEEEEEE!!!!

BUMP the "Are you together?" Question because the answer is beyond OBVIOUS(although if Kristen did a Tom Cruise couch jump I would be laughing for DAYS... DAYS, I tell YOU!!)

I want to know the "what did ROB get her for her BIRTHDAY?" and "what did HE get HER for her birthday?" I know its none of my business and I'm being totally nosy... but I find myself wondering sometimes about the things it could be....

I'm totally grinning like a giddy fan girl....I love the press tours. All the beautiful photos. *Super sigh* And all of Rob's hilarious interviews. If you are a Rob fan... you have to know how incredibly hilarious the guy is. If I am having a bad day I just watch a few of his interviews and he has me cracking up. The answers he gives sometimes are so funny. He was a little bit more "professional" for Remember Me... but I hope he loosens back up for Eclipse because he is seriously hilarious. And an Oprah interview. I wonder if any of the cast is going to do Ellen? Anyone know? I know there were some Kristen fans pushing for a Kristen/Ellen interview.

Love the fan photo. He looks totally blazed but hey its his day off and HELLO he is in a PUB and he IS a TWENTY THREE YEAR OLD adult. He deserves to have a little fun. Don't any of the above twenty one visitors to this blog enjoy the occasional beer on your day off (or perhaps the more girly drink choice.. I personally love a few Sangrias on my day off) ;-)

ROSE... your blog rocks my world... keep the amazing posts coming!!




On the off chance that Rob and Kris do "formally" confirm the romance on Oprah I propose that we officially re-post it on youtube with a commercial in the beginning "PURINA HYENA CHOW: For the Psychotic Hyena Terrorizing Your Blog. Make the right choice and put them on diet laden with a dose of reality,a healthy side of snark and a pinch of TOLD YOU SO, DUMB A*S"


Anonymous said...

Fab post. Can't wait for Rob to head stateside. And then to Oprah for his birthday.

On an unrelated note if you type in pattinsonintoxication.com (minus the blogspot) you get some random site.. but the tag line is:


What you need, when you need it"

Definitely fits for the blog. Because hey when you need a little pattinson intoxication you just need it... right? :-)

Suzy Q

Anonymous said...

Oh My gosh! What a nerve wrecking for these so called hyenas are. They are so sick of Rob and Kristen together and the swooning of the shippers. Why putting a "fight"? You seems all look mentally sick and not so clever at all. Compose yourself and shut up! The more you think and write something, the more your intelligence and sanity is in question. I bet your parents or whoever with you didn't realize that you are suffering from a mental sickness as we could read all the same ranting and denials about Rob and Kristen, same thing that you deny that you are mentally sick too or are you all in the same basket? One rotten tomato can infect all the rest in one basket, you know?

Anita said...

Dear Rose,

thank you for another post I love.

Wow,Rob and Kristen on Oprah on Rob's 24th birthday! I can't hardly wait.

Have a great weekend Rose and to all R/K believers.

dee said...

let me tell you this, I don't like to read or watch Lord of The Ring (don't ask me why, people have preference so don't bash me for that). So I will never ever waste my energy and time to browse LOTR fans website and started bashing everyone over there.And haters, hyenas, nonstens whatever your name is, I wish you the same thing. And one more thing, the line between love and hate is so very thin, I just wonder if haters actually confuse how they feel about Robsten or pretend to be perhaps, you should check deep down, you might find love for this couple....don't be pathetic bashing people like that, if you want to bash us, do that in the right blog. Do we have to help you how to type the address of the blog???
BTW, Rose, I love your blog! I reckon you should become Robsten publicist, you nailed every single words for them!! thx a lot Rose! xx

Anonymous said...

To anonymous,

Why do you spend all you free time trying to disprove something you don't believe exists in the first place? Spend it in the zoo where you and your fellow hyenas belong! At least you all have in common!

Bellaroma4 said...

Thank you again, Rose. :)

Looking forward to seeing Oprah on May 13! Hopefully it will be good and give us something to smile about.

I don't understand why people are upset with Rob for being in London. It's his home and where his family and friends live. It will be months before he can go back with all the work he has coming up.

Rob will be with Kristen soon. :)