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Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Robert and Kristen... ?

You know this face... right?


I remember seeing "Goblet of Fire" in the theater.
(Yeah, I'm a bit of a Harry Potter fan... who knew?)
I remember seeing the beautiful boy who played Cedric.
I remember thinking...
"He's beautiful"
"Daniel Radcliffe shouldn't stand next to him"

But that's as far as it went.
Maybe because he was just a teenager...
Maybe because I just wasn't ready.

And then there came Twilight.
I read all the books before I knew who was going 
to play Edward Cullen in the movie.
I had *my* version of Edward in my head.
(Really, didn't we all??)

When I found out who was playing Edward...
I wasn't impressed.
I didn't recognize the name.
I looked at those early pictures...
(Seriously? Is that Robert Pattinson??)
That was NOT my Edward.
No way. No how.

But this was close...
Beautiful... yet dangerous.

And it kept getting better...

And better...

And Robert became Edward.

And I love Edward Cullen.
Edward is what brought me to Robert.
And then the more I got to 'know' Rob...
The more I loved him, too.

Which brings us to Remember Me.

I've never seen Rob look so damn good.
And he was good in this movie.
Why didn't more people who loved him in
the Twilight movies...
Go see him in this?
I would pay to see him sit in a chair...
Reading a map.
I don't get why there wasn't more crossover
I mean...
Summit pretty much pandered to the Twilight crowd
when promoting this film.
Brooding Tyler.
Romantic Tyler.

Sexy hot Tyler.

Do people only want to see Robert
when he is Edward Cullen?
Well... some people.
Like the tweenie Twilight fan-base
Who only want Edward.
I don't get it.
If you are a fan of Rob's...
Don't you go see his other movies?
Don't you support all of his projects?

Like I said...
I will go see every movie he makes.
Forever and ever as long as I live.
I'm a fan for life now.

Guess what?
The Runaways is coming to a theater near me.
This Friday.

I was SO worried that I wouldn't get to see this 
movie on the big screen.
I'm so happy that I can do this for Kristen...
On her birthday!

Oh and just in case you think I went all soft and sweet
(You didn't think that... did you??)
Just where do you think Kristen is...
RIGHT now?

When was the last time she was seen in public?
Looking for houses?

I wanna see this.



What do you think Kristen wants for her birthday?


Bye for now.

*See? I can be nice.
And this post still isn't about YOU.*


Anonymous said...

I think Kristen wants for her birthday all of you to stop specualting about her personal life and leave her alone in peace.It's time for the stupidity to stop.For the last year and more she had a lot of crap going on,now it's time to stop.That would be the best birthday present for her.Her privacy!

Deborah said...

I'm a lifetime supporter of Rob's films also. I don't understand it either. Rob was terrific in Remember Me so it saddens me that Twi fans didn't support him better. Well I guess it's for the best that he/studios learn now loyal the Twi fanbase is or isn't. Less pressure for Rob but makes me sick to think how they stalk him yet don't give the most important thing back. That of course being respect and support of his non-Twi films.

As for R/K, I really hope Kristen will be in Europe with Rob for her Bday. I also hope we get just 1 pic of that. :-)

Anonymous said...

I just love coming here everyday to see what you have to share. Your blogs are beyond awesome, simple, matter of fact and beautiful.

Where can I buy this music or is it available? I swear I could listen to Jessica every night before I go to bed. So pretty and to think of who's playing it...aaahhhh!
Keep up the awesome work!

Anonymous said...

RM was a boring movie,that's why people didn't go to see it.Rob was good,but the script,the directing and the other actors were awful.I wanted to sleep in the theater.I hope BA would be more interesting as a movie.Rob is talented and a really great guy.He deserve our support.


debbi said...

Once again, you and I share a similar story. Saw Robert in HP and thought, hmm. But it stopped there. Read the Twilight books then found out he was going to play Edward and thought, maybe. It was the first clip/trailer that was released that sold me. And it definitely keeps getting better.

I, too, was surprised there wasn't more crossover for Remember Me. But that's ok, he will build a good body of work and the career he wants over time.

Enjoy the Runaways, it absolutely rocked. I hope Kristen gets everything she wants for her birthday. If I were her, I know where I'd be hiding. :)

Anonymous said...

Rose I'm happy for you. I do not know when I can see the runaways .

and....yes.....where is kristen ?

It's the quiet ones you need to watch.

Anonymous said...

Rob is the perfect Edward.But i think Scummit wanted a nwe Edward with Remember me.Tyler was brooding,pretty and romantic here,just like E.They thought that with htis all the twilight lunies would go and watch a new type of Edward with some hot scenes.They failed big time,fans are not idiots to be driven like sheep.Why go and see something that you;ve seen and loved in 2 twilight movies?It was almost the same.And Rob looked amazing,but his performance wasn't very good.Maybe the pressure on him was too much to handle.I;m sure,though,that's his next films will be better.


Anonymous said...

Kristen is in LA with her bf,the Gianelli guy.

cassiii said...

Awesome post, as always. mmmmm, what does she want for her birthday? mwahhaa maybe a house together with rob? that would be fucking awesome♥

RPaddict said...

I just have to say that Cedric is what started my Robsession, and actually got me to read the Twi series when I realized he was going to play Edward.

I will forever be team Edward but, Rob in all of his adorkableness is what has me captivated.I've watched hours upon hours of interviews which made me love him even more. I plan on seeing all of his films, he owns me.

To make Twi even better I find out that Kristen Stuart whom I have been following since I saw her in Speak and vaious other roles,is the lesd Bella.
What luck 2 of my fav actors in a brilliant series, but even better, they're other films are becoming easier to get acess to. I am thrilled that The Runaways will be shown in my neck of the woods.

To top it off they're friendship has grown into something more. I'm so happy they have eachother.

Rose love your blog. Sorry for the epic post.

Patricia said...

Rose I bought 'Twilight' on dvd, fell madly in love with Rob Pattinson. Bought and read everything around, about him and have been obsessed with this gorgeous man ever since. I have watched Twilight 30 times and read each of the books 4 times, I'm obsessed with this whole series. I can't get enough!

I loved "Remember Me" Rob was fabulous in it (James Dean, risen) But I think that the YOUNG Twilight fans only want to see him with Bella and that stopped them from going! Summit should have made it R rated and it would have made more money but they wanted the young following of Twilight!

Where's Kristen ????? I hope close to Rob! Now I'm back to being CRAZY! I do hope they get to spend her Birthday together.

Grazie Rose for your blog! As you know by now I'm one of your BIGGEST SUPPORTERS! WHAT YOU SAY REALLY GETS TO ME!

Anonymous said...

Hey Rose, I get to see TR this weekend too!! Yay!! Yeah, I'm thinking Kristen is with her boo right now. If not then for her B-day for sure. This would be her 3rd birthday that they spent together. How cute is that?!!!

Melody said...

I will also see every movie Rob is in. I wish they would put out an american copy of The Bad Mother's Handbook, had to watch that one online. Haven't seen all of Kristen's movies but have seen quite a few and enjoyed them.

Anonymous said...

HO Rose how nice it is having others loving the same people that I do.I am a FAN of Rob and Kristens AND I well go SEE ALL of there movies.I love them and want the best for them.They keep saying that Kristen in L.A. looking for a home (OLD NEWS) I hope to think shes with her man BUT time well tell.I do hope she well have a good and SAFE birthday AND I MISS MY ROB :( I hope you have a great day my friend . DEB.

Anonymous said...

I actually think it's not such a bad thing that the Twi tweens didn't come out in mass quantities because I think it's best for Rob's durability as an actor to draw in different crowds. Remember Me did around the success level I expected...he was great in it, I thought...(maybe the accent needed work but he was leagues better than some), however it's a romantic drama that was not based around a grand period (Broke Back had the period piece and the "controversial" element...Titanic had the whole mystique of the Titanic and again was a period piece. Remember Me was about a regular guy, with regular issues, and until the very end, set in a regular time in a regular place. It was never meant to be a blockbuster, and I thought it was insulting to Rob actually, for Summit to try to market it as "look, girls, it's that dreamy-so-steamy vampire in human form!". I think Bel will do better, and certainly Water for Elephants. I think the sole reason Remember Me wasn't a total flop given the nature of the genre it was from was actually because of Rob and Pierce Brosnan. I guess it's all relative.

I am also happy Rose brought the movie up because after my Mochacino rambling, someone posted that Rob will not be having a good career year, writing's on the wall, etc. Quite frankly, with the movies he has lined up, I think he'll be fine, but if not...two words...Johnny Depp. Depp spent years after heartthrobdom in relative obscurity for all the indie films he was exclusively doing...and now look at him. Blockbusters do not an actor make.


Anonymous said...

oooh... I wanna see THIS - Robsten - too!

Lisa said...


Excellent blog again.. You always say what I'm thinking. Except I am not a HP fan.. LOL As I've said here before I would watch Rob read the phone book.

I feel bad RM didn't do better. He was excellent in it. In fact, I thought that acting all around was great. I thought it was a little slow starting but other then that.. In fact, I'm thinking of going to see it for the fourth time tonight. :) Anyway, I don't know why everyone always blames Summit for everything. Yes, they led people to believe it was a romantic drama, which IMO is a tiny part of the film. But Rob has said over and over that they had been trying to get the movie made for a long time. When Rob decided to do it, Summit stepped up to make it. So, they were banking on Rob's star power. What's wrong with that? They are in the making money business are they not? And if it wasn't for them, we may not have the Rob we all know and love! :)

Sorry so long, Lisa

PS. Everyone I know will only see it once. They liked it but it left them feeling sad! If I see it tonight, I will be alone.. LOL

PSS. Why do the haters come here to read?

Anonymous said...


Not sure if you're referencing *my* comment about Summit, but just to clarify on a general level, yes, it's nice that Summit supports his career, but to most people, the general feeling from the promos (hence my comment about the way they seemed to market it) was that of "Here's a pretty man...here he is walking (here's where Rose generally needs a paper bag to breathe into, LOL), here he is brooding like Edward, and here he is having sex..." In the promos it seemed that way, in my opinion. There are other ways to draw in a crowd other than specifically tapping into the libidos of the under 14 set.

To summarize: Summit=good for supporting Rob...but is it possible to exploit the wrong thing to draw in a larger audience? Surely! I think (and who cares what I think in the grand scheme), if they marketed *more* than just his sex appeal, Remember Me may have drawn in a bigger crowd...or not, who knows. Anyway, final point is? Rob's career seems like it'll be good and long because of his willingness to do different roles. Summit, Paramount, Warner Bros, whatever.


Lisa said...


I really wasn't talking about you because I agree with what you said. They did promote RM wrong.. IMO.. They tried to go after the teen crowd. Hence, cutting scenes to change the rating from R to PG 13. And then the kids didn't go anyway.. But I see lots of Summit bashing on Twitter & FB and I just don't understand it.


Anonymous said...

For what kind of movie it is I think it did fine. I loved the movie, I loved Rob's performance and I saw it three times, I tried to get a friend of mine to go again and she said,"Who would want to see THAT ending again?"(She bawled for about 3 hours straight after watching the first time) It's not a movie people are going to go again and again to see, unlike the Twilight movies. Also, not all Twilight fans are Rob fans, especially the teenage ones. I think as someone else said, they did market it wrong, they did pretty much market it as a chick flick when it was so much more and it probably could have drawn in more males otherwise and a bigger crowd in general. I think it showed critics he can act though, even if they didn't like the movie. He's choosing scripts that aren't meant to be blockbusters like Bel Ami, I don't think that's the point to him anyway. Otherwise he's choose superhero roles for his next movies like Taylor Lautner not small indi films. He'll have a long successful career though, that I'm sure of. He'll gain more and more fans of his own apart from the fickle twi fanbase.

Indy said...


Cool, was clarifying in general as well. I think yeah, there's a lot of Summit bashing, particularly on Twitter, but I thought that was mostly referencing the huge screw-over they did to Rachelle Lefevre, but I'm so not surprised the eager fanatics took it one (trillion) steps further and have been lambasting the entire organisation. Thank *you* for clarifying with my clarifying though, LOL! ;)

I also agree with the previous poster about Rob not seeming to mean to be Blockbuster Man. Hey, maybe that cpuld be his superhero name if he ever caves and does a superhero movie. Rob in tights, a cape, and what I assume would be many tears flowing down those his cheeks as directors force him to stop laughing/crying/trying to cover himself with his cape!

Lisa said...

LMAO @-----> Rob in tights, a cape, and what I assume would be many tears flowing down those his cheeks as directors force him to stop laughing/crying/trying to cover himself with his cape!

Anonymous said...

I love coming here everyday to read what you have written. I'm glad that you get to finally see The Runaways. I have to drive 2 1/2 hours to see it. I went and saw Remember Me in the theaters twice and loved it and I can't wait to Bel Ami, it looks good.

Anonymous said...

My path to Rob has been the same as yours, Rose. I stumbled onto Twilight by accident and became addicted immediately. I read all four books in a week. I too had a vision of the perfect Edward in my mind -- and it wasn't Rob -- then.

But when those first Twilight promos, interviews of the beauteous, guileless and charming Rob appeared, I was hooked -- on Rob. Now, Edward pales in comparison.

I simply love Rob. And that's why I went to see RM three times. As you say, I'd pay to watch him sit in a chair and read a map. Beautiful man, beautiful voice, beautiful character -- I mean Rob's character, not Edward's. How can any man be so perfect? A man of real substance when he could have been a real shit like so many before him.


Anonymous said...

Hello Rose!!!!
I´m brazilian and this is my first comment here!
I like a lot of your blog.......I think that you are very sensible, smart..........mainly with Robsten World.
Is very nice your love for RPatzz......me too love RPatzz and mainly Kristen Stewart ..........is how saw the music: Isn´t a she Lovelly??^^
I don´t know if you read the comments but, I´m sorry
because, my English is intermediary, and I stayed three days trying write one "good" comment for you understand!!!!
Thanks for all

Anonymous said...

Lynn, you comments are dead -on and I totally agree. Edward "pales" in comparison to Rob. I personally cannot wait for the Twi stuff to end to see what else he has in store for us. I too devoured the books quickly - my husband could not believe I was reading them! I was an Eng. lit major! I did my Sr. thesis (many many years ago) on Ulysses. Why on earth would I read those books? But I did. Then I saw the movie, at home, on DVD. I must have watched the scene of him walking into the lunch room about 100 times! But it was after the interviews and hearing him that I truly fell in love. HIs intelligence especially gets me. Of course, I also loved it when he said he would take Ulysses as his book to read on a desert island! Had me right there...

I know he has great things in store and I cannot wait to see them.

Like many, I never disliked Kristen, but was not hooked either. But as Rob's affection became apparent, I took greater notice. She is an amazing talent as well and I am glad they have each other. I love smart people, and they both seem so intelligent. That is what really gets me about Rob, and Kristen. Oh, and they are both amazingly beautiful!

Lynn, he is a man of real substance, as you say!

sfw10sis said...

First time here, and just let me say Rose you are awesome. I'am a big Rob & Kris fan separate or together (which I believe they are)and I have been looking for places where sane fans mingle.

Things have been so quiet, and with whats happening w/Delaney(what drives people to harbor so much hate)I needed to find a place to put that smile back on my face and I have found that with your blog. Thanks Rose

I've been reading through some of your older posts, and I have to say Rose, you are one talented lady, you should be writing for a living. Every post has brought some sort of emotion out of me , mostly laughter. I love your no nonsense, cut to the chase, tell it like it is, but most of all your real and sane(unlike some who shall remain nameless). Thanks for a place to come to for a laugh and a smile daily.


kristine.hills said...

Do you believe i didn't have the opportunity to see Twilight on the big screen and when my sis bought the DVD i refused to watch it bc i had my perfect EB in my mind.LOL
HUGE mistake...when i finally gave up and i watchet it, i was in love with RK, and YEAH they are perfect as EB.
Lets watch RK movies no matter the amount of effort you have to do to see their films, just go.

"Guess what?
The Runaways is coming to a theater near me.
This Friday.

I hv to wait a long time...
(so unfair)

I'm in love with this post, it was sweet!!!


So nice when you are HAPPY without those people that keep bothering you! You deserve peace my dear!

Love ya!

Amanda said...

Rose, you are lucky! The Runaways isn't coming to my city, or anywhere close. I'll most likely have to wait for the DVD. Can't wait to hear how you like it.:)

Anonymous said...

Rose you're a nice and intelligent person, please stop hinting that Kristen and Rob can be together somewhere in Europe. Kristen is in LA and she's not going abroad. Rob'll be working next friday, so there won't be robsten reunion. Sorry I know I'm dissapointing all of you girls, but I assume you wanna know the truth.

Anonymous said...

Eh.. No offence but I don't think the main problem for RM was the twihards. RM has already done exceptionally well for a small indie movie in the box office so far. But even the twihards wouldn't have able to save the movie from critical downfall. Don't get me wrong, I thought Rob's acting was great but were many things wrong with the movie. Perhaps Robs acting was one of the things that kept the movie afloat. But 80% of critics can't exactly be wrong. Anyway not bashing the movie, just making a point. I thought Rob did a great job overall. And I'm looking foward to RA, BA and WFE.

Anonymous said...

Rose, This is the problem with the soe of these twihards..they think he is Edward and he will come and carry them away and make them their bella. WRONG!!!

I think this is why some of them are SO obsessed with him to the fact that they stalk him everywhere he goes. Which is really sad.

Rob is such a fantastic actor and he has a lot of potential I just hope others see this and he doesnt just get labeled as Edward Cullen for the future.

On the other Joyce, I agree it is a SMALL in indie movie..compared to Twilight which is a massive franchise.

Anon 5:15, we dont know if whe is there, no one knows..we said if she is fine..if she is not then also fine. Rose was just hoping she didnt say she has confirmation. We all know it might happen and it might not period. No one is crying over it..It is what it is.

I also dont like the fact that some belittle Twilight because they "want Rob to be done with it soon so they can move on"..Yes, some ot the twihards only like him as Edward but you cannot blame that on the majority. Because as said on that Today Show interview the twihards were the ones who made a "remember me Saturday" in honor of Rob!! And he himself was suprised and honored, i could see it on his face..so you have got to give it to some of them! There are crazies but for every crazy remember there are sane, logical people (like Rose!!)

Happy Great Post!!! Happy that nothing brought you done even after yesterday's stupid comments by some of the "hyenas"..Ata Girl!!


Anonymous said...

Joyce, no offense but you say how can 80% of critics be wrong? Actually it's more like 73% or 60% depending on the source. In any event, the same goes how can 80% of those who saw the film and loved it be wrong per user ratings? It was blatantly clear from many of the reviews the person had an axe to grind. Great lesson learned is that critics are just as biased as regular moviegoers.

Anonymous said...

As always Rose, you put in writing so well what I'm thinking. I remember my sister loving Cedric. But when I saw the original Twi photos, I wasn't thinking Edward. Well, I was totally wrong, he is keeps looking better and better. Am I shallow? I'm glad Kristen isn't. She insisted that it had to be Rob, right from the audition, while Catherine Hardwicke and Summit Execs had reservations because of his Dali look. Kristen, thanks for helping to give us the gift of Rob.

imloco2 said...

Yeah, Kris sure knows how to pick'em don't she? *g* Thank goodness she insisted.

I understand on a practical level that Remember Me didn't do too badly for a film of it's ilk. That it was never meant to be a blockbuster etc. I'm disappointed that so many turned their backs on him when he needed them, but better to know now what kind of real fan base he has than later I guess. But what really gets me is that everyone now feels free to state as a 'fact' that Rob's movie bombed, his movie stank and he has no fan base. When that is so far from my truth. I find myself wondering sometimes if I can't see RM clearly because I love Rob so much. Like you I could listen to him read the phone book or just sit and stare at him. (He does look especially fine in RM. Like wow) But I can see the stretches where the movie drags a little or where they spent a little too much time on the close up of his face. So I'm not completely fangirling. But I also see so much more in RM than the critics do. And some other viewers too apparently. It is a really special little film with a message hidden in the fabric of the movie that just touchs me. It kind of hurts to have something that i loved so much degraded so gleefully.

Anonymous said...

I wish Remember Me was done by another Studio. At least it would have had a decent marketing. That was the WORST marketing job I've ever seen, and I think it was on purpose. Summit did everything it could to sabottage that film. I read the Director almost quit over changing the script from an R-to PG-13. They also chopped the sex scenes cause the characters had too much connection? What kind of nonsense is that. (You know they were trying to protect their Edward and Bella couple Cash Cow.)

They then released all these clips which pitched the film as a regular chick flick, which it's not. They sent Rob and Emily on all these talk shows that asked more questions about Twilight and Lost. They were not prep to tell people what the film was about. They did not involve the older actors like Pierce and Chris in the promos. All this was done two wks before the film opened. Hello this country has ADD. In the meantime the ending was leaked on the net & created all this controversy. To make things worse they pushed back the release to coincide with 200mil Alice and 100 mil Green Zone. Right before the release all these Edward and Bella kissing pics magically "leaked on the net" SERIOUSLY?

They messed with the film to attract the twi-hards and it's like at the same time they didn't want them to like the film too much, and it backfired on them BIG TIME. Combined that wiht critics backlash over the ending and the fact that they hate Rob for his Twilight success, I'm surprized this film made any money at all. I only feel sorry for the actors who worked on such a beautiful film that most people will not see.

My only issue with the film was the pace and sometimes choppy editing. It was poignant, moving, substantive and brilliant. I love the entire cast, and thought they were amazing.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 9:32 Sorry I have to disagree. I don't think Summit was trying to sabotage Remember Me at all. The whole reason behind changing it from an R rating to PG13 was to get more money. It's a well known thing that R ratings make a significant amount less. A lot of twihards wouldn't have even been able to see it. The leaked E/B pics had nothing to do with Remember Me coming out. One thing I do agree with you about is the marketing it as a chick flick when that was a very small part of the story. Probably could have attracted more people if it was marketed as a family drama.

Anonymous said...

anon 9:32 sounds like 1 of the hyenas...lol. its the way summit market the movie not the leaking pics...lol

Anonymous said...

I get to see TRA on Friday! I have to drive a little but I don't care. I was so excited when I found a theater in driving distance, I couldn't sit still for 20 minutes.

RM was a good script that did not translate well on screen, bad editing, so-so direction. Rob, Ruby, Pierce and Tate were all incredible. I didn't love it but I still saw it twice even though it was an hour drive from me. People don't go to movies for many reasons. The critics slamming it didn't help, and as much as people want to talk about the fans overwhelming loving it, of course they do they're fans. And as for the twilight fans not supporting it, just because they are twilight fans does not mean they are Rob fans. (for example: I like POTC, but I'm not a Depp fan. I'll still see those movies, but I won't see a Depp movie just for him.

I like Rob. I like Kristen. I love them together, but I'll always like them and be a fan of both regardless.

Anonymous said...

Isn't today (friday) Rob's last day of filming? Yay! R/K reunion!:)

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 2.21 am. Today is thrusday and tomorrow, friday Rob is going to work in BA. Surely this week they'll finish in Budapest, but work will go on in London. Not wrapping up BA yet and I guess not robsten reunion either.

Anonymous said...

@Anon 10:52 I'm not a Hyena. I was a fan of Rob before Twilight. I don't get involve in his personal life. You will never find me on a site hating on his personal life cause that's his business. I just felt Summit was being manipulative, and it hurt the film.

@anon 10:08 If they truly wanted the twihards to see Remember Me then why all the Eclipse hoopla on the eve of Remember Me. First the long awaited trailer was going to be a preview then they announced it would hit the net the day before. I just found it strange On the eve of Remember Me opening Summit unleashed all these intimate pics of Rob & Kriten in Eclipse on the net then pretended they had no idea how it got leaked. Come on.