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Saturday, April 10, 2010

Saturdays Sarcastic Soapbox

First things first.

I saw The Runaways yesterday.
I loved it.
Kristen Stewart was born to play Joan Jett.
She didn't just play a role...
She fucking became Joan.
The determination.
The anger.
Knowing what she wants to do...
and doing whatever it takes
To fucking get there.
Kristen does anger well.
It was great to see her outside of the Twilight box
away from meek Bella...
And fucking swear and wear tons of eyeliner
and play a fucking guitar.
Dakota was wonderful in this movie, too...
and the story was kinda centered around Cherie Currie
Dakota nailed it.
But I wanted to watch Kristen.
I wanted to know more about Joan.
And like someone said to me
"You miss Kristen when she's not onscreen"
They were right.
Is the movie perfect?
Of course not.
But it tells an interesting story.
And while I have always been aware of Joan Jett
And liked her music...
Now I want her music.
The best line in the whole movie?
Towards the end
Cherie is burnt out
She wants to quit...
She tells Joan that she wants her life back
And as Joan watches Cherie leave
She says...
"This IS my life"

Walking in the rain.
I know.

Lots of bullshit all over the place.
I'm not sure any of it really deserves a mention.
But a few things come to mind...

1. Let's talk about Manips.
Picture Manipulations.
I get it.
Some are kinda funny...
Some are kinda cute...
Some are downright creepy and gross.
Not a fan.
But I get the joke.
What I don't get is people manipulating
people into photos that they aren't in...
and then claiming it's a legit picture.
"Is that Kristen?"
That is all kinds of fucked up.

2. Power trips.
First off... 
Every time there is some perceived slight to Kristen
"Nonstens" get the blame.
Surely you jest.
Like a group of people have that much influence?
It's no better than the Haters blaming
everything on Kristen.

3. What never ceases to amaze me
is that people actually believe that
Robert or Kristen live their life
according to shipper/hater bullshit.
That they will alter where they go...
what they wear...
to appease some lunatic fan-base.
Now, both Rob and Kristen have stated
that they love their fans.
They appreciate all they have done for them.
But you don't really believe they are up nights
reading silly blogs and tweets about themselves...
and then deciding to wear white henleys
to fuck with the 'shippers'?
Like they are going to let the lunatic fringe
dictate what they do.
Come on.
You have to know that they don't fucking care
what anyone else thinks of how they live their lives.
They are too busy living it.

4. And finally.
Still so much talk about where Kristen is.
How 'mysterious'.
If she doesn't show up on set with Robert...
She's not there.
Why... Oh Why
Would she show up on the movie set???
Does that make ANY sense at all?
And no, there haven't been any pictures
(except lame fake ones)
Do you think it might be easier to get around in Hungary
if you stay away from a movie set 
full of cameras and paparazzi?
Just a thought.

Where is Kristen Stewart?

Bye for now.

*Pssst... stop reading my blog.
It's not about you.*


Anonymous said...

Rose,many posters have hinted that Robsten is over.What do you think?Do you know something about it?

Patricia said...

Good Morning Rose:
I knew you would LOVE KRISTEN in "The Runaways" Spot on! She WAS JOAN JETT!

I hope Kristen had a great birthday, and spent it with Rob. I THINK SHE'S THERE WITH HIM, I don't know why but I do, just like New Years Eve! I thought they were together then also.
Prepare yourself There's a lot of crazies out there with a lot of hate and bullshit! I'm sorry they're coming here to vent!


Anonymous said...

Kristen was never in Budapest.All these were rumors made up by morons.Kristen had a great birthday party with her family in LA.And about robsten,well don't count on it.Maybe it's time to get over your obsession,because soon the news won't be what you expected.Just saying.

Anonymous said...

Kora, you forgot to say, "trust me."

RitaPortugal said...

Well, they're saying that Kristen isn't in Budapest. well like u said in your previous post, there are no pics proving the opposit. there are no pics of Kristen in LA, or in any other part of this planet! She could be with him, or she couldn't! I BELIEVE she is, that just me.... and a buch of other people that LOVE Kristen and Rob. And if haters don't believe in that, well... they have their opinion. I always wonder, why they hate them so much? They don't even know them for GOd's sake!

Rose, I'am ur fan!
When it come to this time of the day I call it "Rose time" :D

Anonymous said...

Oh,the break up rumors are out....again!Is it summer already?
As for all these "insiders",they have their "info"just from their asses ,like Ted C.while in toilette.That's why all these stories are pure crap.

Sick of haters and insiders.

Anonymous said...

Kristen was with MA last night in a club in LA.They looked so happy together.
An insider.

Anonymous said...

Kristen is hiding,because she wants everybody to think that she's with Rob in Budapest.She loves the buzz,because it's keeping her in the spotlight.She hasn't a job and she depends on the robsten rumors to build up her "career".All this stuff,is just for PR and Rob's playing,too,because he's a nice an sweet guy.He wants to help his friends,but IMO he helps her in the wrong way.I'm sure she has a real relationship with some guy and Rob is just her beard for the media.

Anonymous said...

To anons 10:48 and 10:53


Anonymous said...

to 10:48..

Hell Yeah! AngaranoStew FW!
Yeah suck it b!tches! We krisbians love Michael and i hope she is with him now.

Anonymous said...

anonymous 10:53 Do you actually believe what you're saying? Kristen is hiding to appear like she's in Budapest to help her career? WOW. It's actually scary the bullshit you guys come up with and convince yourselves.

Anonymous said...

Hey, I don't believe she is in Budapest, and I'm not a hater for that! I support Rob and Kristen, together or apart. Just saying.

Anonymous said...

TO 11:02
Dear nonsten,get the fuck out off here.Krisbians love Rob.Haters,on the other side,want to stir the pot and make Kristen's fans look bad.Idiot!Go and find a real bf and stop licking Rob's poster.It'll never happen.You're probably too ugly,too fat and too psycho.

RitaPortugal said...

Haters... they always make me laugh, and the shit they come up with just to have something to believe in.
About K and Michael, well that's history baby!

Anonymous said...

You 'AngaranoStew' shippers know Michael has a new girlfriend right? There is obviously a reason why it ended so If you're a fan of Kristen you'll respect who SHE chooses and that appears to be Rob!

Anonymous said...

I don't believe she's in Budapest,too.We would have pics,like in IOW.

Anonymous said...

WOW. kindergarten is in session...

Just sayin, trust me.

Anonymous said...

If you don't like MikeStew,then how about NikkiStew?Is it better?

Anonymous said...

AT folks have arrived and the IQ level of the commentors has descended....

Anonymous said...

Angarano has a new gf?For real?How he deals with her?Isn't he high all the time?He's high as a kite lol,that's why he broke up with Kristen.Because she's a down to earth girl.

Anonymous said...

Please, can someone tell me how the h*ll is Kristen going to spend her birthday with Rob if the man was working 8:00 a.m. - almost 8:00 p.m? And then a very long way to new location, to start filming TODAY? It's patetic reading some tweets about eagles and "oh, you have a DM" pretending that they know what's going on in Rob's hotelroom. Please stalkers, just stop. She is in LA and had a wonderful birthday time with family and friends. She is not with Angarano, also, wtf! are you insane? Rob is working, this movie is very important for him, an adult role.

Delaneys, Kstew411s and similars. LEAVE THEM ALONE!

Anonymous said...

anon 11:23,all these tweets and hints are just to play with some moron's minds.There are people who believe anything they hear.Delaney and Kstew411,never confirmed that she's in Budapest.Maybe they wanted to avoid the craziness about a possible break up.And i absolutely agree that it's stupid to think that Kristen would spend her birthday alone while Rob filming.

Anonymous said...



Anonymous said...

i love you rose

Anonymous said...

to anonymous 11:09

'Krisbians love Rob' lol. You're kidding right?!
believe me they relly love arangono. even ROBSTENlovex.

kara said...

love your blog rose! even if it's now the trash-infested, alien-invaded AT board. just keep doing what you're doing please. funny how affected these desperate nonstens are. lol. and oh, belated happy bday kstew, hope she's enjoying budapest!!! ok time to go, somebody's high blood pressure is boiling up again. don't want to be responsible for that. lol.

Lisa said...

WOW, is the shit getting deep! Need to put my boots on! I love how so many people "know" what's REALLY going on! HA wishful thinking..


Anonymous said...


kristen is in LA

she was in LA yesterday confirmed


this fashion intern dropped Kristen some free clothes

Amanda said...

Anonymous 11:23 But you're doing the same thing!
"She is in LA and had a wonderful birthday time with family and friends".
Did you see her? No. You have no idea where she is. Really none of us do. However, I saw a tweet that IMO looked legit that she was on a flight to Budapest. If she's in LA great! But none of us have SEEN her, no LA sightings. So you can't really blame people for speculating where she might be.

Anonymous said...

So,Kristen never went to Budapest,but she was in LA according to that fashion intern tweet.I have a feeking that robsten have broken up.In fact,i'm almost sure about it.

Anonymous said...

I think its amazing how Rose can blog about her personal opinions and thoughts about Rob and kristen and then have a bunch of people log on and fight about it!! "It's Saturday people," Go get an ice cream or walk around some place where real people exsist..... I'm blown away right now! keep up the blogging Rose, you make me laugh and I always enjoy a good dose of those great pics of Rob.... Yumm-O

Anonymous said...

Rob never wanted Kristen to go to Budapest.He's filming with all these gorgeous ladies(Holly is super cute)and he wantes his freedom.Kristen would be an obstacle.I'm glad she stayed in LA with the people who really love her.

Anonymous said...

Robsten has ended.For good.

RitaPortugal said...

Ok last thing I'm gonna say, people say Kristen is in Budapest. and all of a sudden they start saying, that she only want spotlight and to ruin Rob's work and blah blah blah. And then there's a confirmation that Kristen didn't went to Budapest and people start to say they broke up? OMG, the world is upside down.
If you say they broke up, it's because u once believed they were together, just saying...

Anonymous said...

Is that intern legit? I'm not saying she's not but she tweeted "KIRsten Stewart" Ummm...

Anonymous said...

Anon. 11:44 no, I'm not doing the same, because

1) she was pictured in LA, not in Budapest

2) Then, being in LA, what do you think she was doing? having fun with her dearest!

It's amazing that if you say Kristen is in LA, you are a hater, a krisbian, a MA fan, a Robsessed etc. Pffffffffff.

Yeah, don't let reality ruin your fantasies. You know what, they can love each other very much, and being apart for 9th april.

And some tweets just are embarassing beyond words.


Anonymous said...

"pictured in LA"?? Where? I haven't seen KS pictured anywhere since she was house hunting a couple of weeks ago. Do tell..

Anonymous said...

Alex, actually she hasn't been pictured in LA since the house hunting pictures, a new photographer came out with pictures from that day a couple days ago if that's what you're referring to, but nothing other than that.

Anonymous said...

Oh, well, of course I didn't see her inside her house, I'm not a stalker, one of these people who pretend to know she is in a super secret hotel in budapest and can watch "them" in their bedroom! once pictured her in LA (saddly by paparazzi), it's pretty obvious she would be having some nice time with family and friends. What else?

I don't think they broke up. I don't know 100% but being working it's not a reason to turn down their relationship. Hope they are doing great.


Anonymous said...

Shippers will kill themselves if Kristen isn't in Budapest.lol

Anonymous said...

Alex,dear,did you see her yesterday?Or the day before?No?I thought so!

By the way,i think she's not in Hungary.That's why nobody can confirm this for sure,not even Delaney.

Anonymous said...

Rob has hurt her many times with his attitude.He's a womanizer and he fucks around.That's why Kristen left him and didn't go to Budapest.She preferred her loved ones over the jerk.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 12:07 Nope! They won't! If she's not there it's understandable. He's still filming until Sunday.

Anonymous said...

anon 11:23...filming for BA was supposed to be done yesterday. possible shoots of countryside later, but haven't seen that those shots would be today.truth is, no one knows where K is for certain. so all of the "she's in LA with MA or family and friends" comments need to stop too. i don't think any of these anon posters are insiders who actually KNOW something

Anonymous said...

Anon 12:11, get a life!

Anonymous said...

I'm beginning to hate Rob and Kristen. This is total madness. Just a pic of Kristen, an information of her whereabouts from a reliable source would be enough to shut up many mouths and calm down the shippers.

Rob and Kristen I'm beginning to think that more than private, you're selfish.

(Rose I understand if you delete this post, but honestly, I can't help feeling like this)

Anonymous said...

This is the first time I comment on this blog. I always read this blog and like to read how everything is written. But I am amazed about the catfight in the comments about if Kristen is or isn't in Budapest. I think you are CRAZY. That's all.....
Natasha (The Netherlands)

Anonymous said...

to 12:11

Oh yeah! he is a womanizer, he is gay, he is bi, and he is famewhore.

There made it easier for you krisbians.

Anonymous said...

I bet that we're gonna have a lot of sightings around the end of May,because they need the buzz for Eclipse.Have you noticed that we have tons of pics when they're filming or promoting their films?And then nothing.

Anonymous said...

Abon. 12:14

They ARE filming today:


So, if today they are on location (countryside), and yesterday 8:00 p.m. Rob was in Budapest...you know what I mean? no time for fun!

I get it, right, I can't prove she is in LA because I'm not inside her home taking pictures, but if you look at the whole thing with some perspective, come on... It's 90%. I give you that 10 for Budapest ;)

Twitter is crazy. No ones knows a single thing for sure. At least I'm trying to be logical.


Anonymous said...

anonymous 12:29 Not really. IoW not filming or promoting. Leaving BAFTA together not filming or promoting. Maybe if it seems like there's more pics during that time it's because they are out in the open and can't really hide while they're on the go promoting.

Anonymous said...

anon 10.20
anon 10.27 Kora
anon 10.48 insider
anon 10.53
anon 11.09
anon 11.14
anon 11.23
anon 11.26 Vivian
anon 11.28
anon 11.47 Ice
anon 11.52
anon 11.53
anon 12.11
anon 12.29

By the look at YOUR PUNCTUATION you are the SAME PERSON posting here over and over again. (Or are you a group of teens giggling while using the same old broken computer?)

You are posting here every single day, pretending to be different persons.

Today you are delivering the whole program: hinting R/K are over, being an insider and knowing where Kristen is, what she does, making up stories that she is with Michael, Rob and his costars, Robsten has ended, Rob fucks around...and your last post that they are just PR.

Why are you so desperate to break R/K up and fight on this board?

Is it your highlight of the day?
Why is it so important for you to convince Rose or others that Kristen is NOT in Budapest?

Everyone else is just stating if they BELIEVE she is there.

BTW to "Vivian": And Kstew 411 and Delaney never confirmed that she is in Budapest?? OOoooHH that is news to me. You better check this again ((::

And this fashion intern tweeted that she dropped clothes TO Kristen Stewart (if true at all). But she didn't met her, right? Otherwise she would have tweeted "Just met Kristen Stewart... so exited..."

Oh come on, at least just check your source.

Why are you so nasty? Life is much better if you are nice and have fun. Smile. Have a nice weekend.


Anonymous said...

I'm with you,Alex.It doesn't make sense her being there while he's fiming.Kristen is not that type of girl.

Anonymous said...

Hey Rose I see that the SHIT is out again today (EVERY DAY) This is how I see it Kristens somewhere. WHERE WHO knows.I hope it is with Rob.And I dont think that THEY sit around looking at the internet reading about WHAT PEOPLE are saying about them WHY would they If I havent seen my honey in a while do you think I would sit looking at SHIT people are saying THEY DONT GIVE A SHIT WHAT WE SAY.I think that Kristen is with her honey(ROB)THATS where SHES happy at.And yes YOUR NOT going to see her Only when SHE want to be seen SO say what you want WHO gives a FUCK they DONT. While you are out there saying SHIT they are making SWEET love to each other and being happy in love.Rose I'm so happy you got to see TRW I have to wait to see it (CANT WAIT)Well my dear friend you have a good day AND keep up the good work I to am a #1 fan of Rob and Kristen. Deb.

Anonymous said...

Anna,if you don't like my post,just skip it.

Anonymous said...

Kristen isn't seen in Budapest,because she simply isn't there!

Anonymous said...

Show me a pic of Kristen in Budapest and i'll come here and i'll admit that i was wrong.

Anonymous said...

Anon. 12:43 Kristen is very professional, even said when she is working she's all focused. So is Rob. If he would had have the day off, maybe it would make more sense. But with that schedule...

It's not a drama, by the way. It's just a day. Next week he is done with Bel Ami, and I hope they'll enjoy a very sweet and deserve vacation ;)


Anonymous said...

hehe oxi de me peirazei, arkei na mi se peirazei ki esena an s'akolouthw :P ki egw den kserw pollous na sou pw tin alitheia!

Anonymous said...

I'm not claiming to be any sort of insider what-so-ever but I do have my reasons for believing she's in Budapest. If she isn't there, oh well! If they aren't seen together for a few weeks the break-up rumors start and I think it's ridiculous. Don't people realize they have commitments? People are way too dramatic in this fandom. Wherever she is, I hope she had a great birthday. Budapest or not, there is still a reunion soon!:)

Anonymous said...

I'm so sad right now!I really believed that she would spend her birthday with Rob.But work comes first,i guess.I miss them!


Hailie said...

Rose... you're *gasp* so logical, so rational, so level-headed... are you sure you are really part of this fandom? ;)

You never fail to take the words right out of my mouth... or since it's written... the thoughts out of my mind... er..the typed words off my blog?! Haha. You get the idea.

Have a great weekend! :)

Anonymous said...

to Vivian

You can post whatever you post. Your opinion is your opinion.

BUT look at your punctuation. You post over and over again under anons and different names. You are just playing games and try to stirr things up.

Hmm anon 12.44
and anon 12.45, anon.... alias Vivian.


Oh and look what I just found at the AT Bitch-Back board, the same post that you posted here under anon 12.27

"anon Sat, Apr 10, 2010, 8:36 AM

Kristen was never in Budapest.All these were rumors made up by morons.Kristen had a great birthday party with her family in LA.And about robsten,well don't count on it.Maybe it's time to get over your obsession,because soon the news won't be what you expected.Just saying.

Read more: http://uk.eonline.com/uberblog/the_awful_truth/b175825_bitch-back_jen_jealous_of_sexy_jess.html?sid=twitterfeed_awful&utm_source=eonline&utm_medium=twitterfeed&utm_campaign=twitterfeed_awful#ixzz0kin2sULZ

kristine.hills said...

All the time the crazystens are so desperate to break RK.WHY???

ANNA you are so RIGHT.I couldn't agree more w/you!!!

The same chaos always happen when RK are apart.WHAT A PITTY!

It doesn't matter their despair because too soon RK will be TOGETHER in the same fvcking city and you can bet 'in the same bedroom'.

That's why K is so discrete, she is there w/Rob and nobody needs to know that.And I BELEIEVE IT. I don't need you come here and say you are an insider and blahblahblah.

And more this is NOT AT site(Ted's site).IT'S ROSE'S LOVELY BLOG.

AND i miss the regular posts, the lovely ladies that come here w/so many amazing comments.

ROSE now i'm looking forward to watching this movie TR.

God bless you Rose, and RK!



Anonymous said...

Someone just tweeted this. @dracnious: OMG! Rob Pattinson and Kristen Stewart were here in Hungary...:D
Can anyone find out if this girl is telling the truth?

Anonymous said...

sorry anon 12.44

it was 12.45 and 12.46 alias Vivian
not 12.44 and 12.45


Anonymous said...

Anna,maybe you should get a life and stop pretending Mrs Marple.There are people who can do this job better than you lol

Anonymous said...

RK Written in the Stars!



I believe and i need no pics!
Glad they have/had fun TOGETHER!

love yah Rose

Anonymous said...

to anon 11.47, alias anon... alias...

I found your post on the AT Bitch Back board:

anonymous member Sat, Apr 10, 2010, 9:55 AM

So,Kristen never went to Budapest,but she was in LA according to that fashion intern tweet.I have a feeking that robsten have broken up.In fact,i'm almost sure about it.

Read more: http://uk.eonline.com/uberblog/the_awful_truth/b175825_bitch-back_jen_jealous_of_sexy_jess.html?sid=twitterfeed_awful&utm_source=eonline&utm_medium=twitterfeed&utm_campaign=twitterfeed_awful#ixzz0kisxAI96

Anonymous said...

Its funny, Lainey loves Tom Stu but hates Rob. But then he is a better actor than him. Rob has a long long way to go.

Anonymous said...

to anon 1:18 alias anon, alias...

Your reaction = confirmation that I got it right? Right?
Can you play now on other boards, or at least play nice?

BTW: Rose, I love your board and all your posts, keep it up.

Anonymous said...

Can we put aside all the crappy investigations of some posters and have some real R/K news?
I love TomStu,too.He's cute,humble and very talented.Rob is the star,but Tom is the real actor.


Anonymous said...

to 1:34..

and? who gives a fuck about laimey bitch.
She is just a Rob hater. That's all.

Anonymous said...

to Linda (Israel) 1:43:


Anonymous said...

to linda (israel)

I love RoB. He's cute,humble, donw to earth, not like other hollywood wannabes. He's taking his acting career very seriously.
and he is very talented too.
He is a true star.

Anonymous said...

I think that the majority of the fans love Rob for his personality,not his acting skills.Maybe with BA he will prove that he's a good actor.Tom,on the other hand,is very low-profile,he seems unconfortable with interviews and spotlight.Love him.

Anonymous said...

wow. just wow.

when did Rose's blog become the new AT comments section?

people need to chill the fuck out already. whether you believe kristen is in budapest or not, you should respect the fact that rob and kristen are obviously VERY close and and nothing any fans, haters, or "insiders" say affect how they handle their relationship. it is embarrassing to read some of the comments on here. life is too short to waste on such vitriol and hate mongering and useless arguing back and forth.


i think some people forget how stealthy Kristen can be when she wants to go unnoticed. she's dropped off the radar before and she'll probably do it again. doesn't mean she's in LA or Hungary or the Antarctic - it means she doesn't wish to be seen. period. personally i think she could have easily gone to spend some time with Rob for her bday while he wraps BA but i'm not with either of them so i don't know nor does it impact how i live my life. i only care that they are happy in their lives (together or apart).

my best advice: be nice to one another bc karma can be a bitch.

to rose: thank you for being funny and honest and level headed :) you remind me of the best parts of this fandom.


Anonymous said...

Wow when did this blog become so full of crazy hateful comments?

Rose your so popular now :)!! I guess some people can't handle the truth.. The Crazy's and the negative nonstens are out in full force...

I totally believe K is in Budapest with R & if the source is who I think it is,then I believe it 100%!!

It's the Big 2-0 for K, I know if I had a big birthday like that I would want to spend my day with the man I love.

So, this is for the negative nonstens and the crazy's.. why don't you focus on being positive instead of spewing hate and negativity? Would make your lives so much better dontchathink?

xxxoxoxxxxooxxx AK

Anonymous said...

Please lets not compare Rob and Tom. Toms being acting since he was a child and his parents are in the acting business. Rob only started acting when he was 17 and hes always said he sees himself more as a musican. They're best friends and I doubt they would like to pitted against each other. I wouldn't listen to anything Lainey says anyway. Shes usually bitter towards Rob which has made me dislike her.
- Helen

Anonymous said...

to linzy 2:34, It became the AT when people started copying and pasting the comments either here or thre. Same comments word for word. Someone has too much time on their hands....For real.

LadyArt said...

...don't forget that they are professional actors, they turn with the role they are playing.
Bel Ami is one of the worst womanizers in literature - but he is a disgusting person who only takes advantage of the woman (young and old) who fall in love with him. He uses them, that's all.
So, at the moment Rob is a nasty guy.
It is hard for an actor to shift from one personality into the other so it might happen that people meet BelAmi now if they approach him and don't always get the nice guy.
Do you remember how difficult their relationship was at the time Kristen was filming Joan Jett? She was aggressive and "nasty"?
But I am sure they are looking forward to meeting soon, when the filming is done....

I love your blog...
Don't give up believing in the good things...

Indy said...

Alright, lemme try to understand from a logical perspective...

The people coming unto someone's blog to write nasty things either to the blogger or about the topic of the blog, either have something personal against the blogger herself (beats me, I'm new to this whole blog war), or something personal against the ones being blogged about.

NOW, let's see, IF you are on here to tear Robert Pattinson or Kristen Stewart a new asshole, I will assume two things...either you are aware that they will never read this, or you are not aware.

If you *are* aware, then that tells me something, that you just get your kicks out of seeing a bunch of fans throw their hands up in the air in horror, and therefore just want to upset the people reading this.

If you are *not* aware they will never see this, let me assure you that they will not, and even on the off chance that they did? They wouldn't care. I assume the only time they would care about what they read online is if something malicious is said by a person whom they know and trust, so please, breathe, and stop wasting your time, and stop picking personal fights with their fans whom you also know nothing about.

Now, if you just want to upset their fans on here, either you again, have something against these people (maybe you felt they were not treating you well in cyberspace?) or you just loathe seeing people have a difference of opinion.

If you are enjoying upsetting these people because you feel you have been personally attacked by the blogger and his/her friends (in this case, her friends), then the appropriate thing to is to approach the subject to them (preferably on MSN or whatever have you) and cut this passive aggressive, petty bullshit out.

If you are one of the people who feel the need to be on here, getting all emotional and bad mouthing Rob/Kristen/Rob and Kristen because you hate them, and cannot roll with the fact that people don't agree with you, therefore rendering you to devoting time going on various fansites to express your opinion, then I can only assume that you feel powerless in your real lives, and maybe you feel like nobody listens to you there. If that is the case, there are ways to make yourselves heard in things that matter to you rather than getting angry and trying to project the frustration you feel by trying to offend others. That kind of angry/mean heartedness does not benefit you and it certainly makes you unattractive.

To the people on here who are fans of the blog and of the people being blogged about, Rob and Kristen, if you want these kinds of spammy comments to stop, it's best to not even acknowledge them, as they're hoping to get a rise out of you, some people who feel insignificant in their own lives often like riling people up just so they know that they can impact someone's thoughts, even if it's only for as long as it takes to type your thoughts out.

My thoughts, and mine alone. As you were. I personally wouldn't waste my time on a blog about someone I don't like, but hey. To each his or her own.

Anonymous said...

Hi Rose, I am so glad that you liked TR and felt that Kristen nailed the part of Joan. She really was awesome.

True confessions: I am on the other side of 50, which I still consider so very young. I work with teens, and they are the ones who told me about the Twilight books. In order to keep up with what they were interested in I read Twilight and then read all 4 books in two weeks. I couldn't put them down. Don't read youth fiction yet this series and the characters bewitched me. The love story between Edward and Bella, the caring relationships among the Cullen family members, the story of prejudice and eventual understanding and cooperation between the vamps and wolves, and I can go on and on but you get the idea. I really understood why the kids were so devoted to the books. Next, the film, with Rob and Kristen introduced me to these two young actors. I had not heard of either of them. I asked friends and was told about other films that they had been in. I already mentioned in a past comment that Speak, once I watched, it blew me away. Rob in the HA, and TBMH was also great. I got hooked on both of them as promising young talent. Today, I am interested in their careers and wish to support their work. From the very beginning I really liked the chemistry between them outside of the films. I also like how very mature and professional the two of them seem to be when they are on the job. Lastly, their commitment to friends and family is so very important in life.
OK, here is my point. It really is none of my business whether they are together or not, nor where they may be at any given time. I am only human, I wish them the very best, and I really do like them together. The romantic, optimistic, and still youthful side of me believes that they are together. My opinion is not meant to hurt , influence , nor upset anyone. It is also not an escape from my family, my job, my everyday reality. It is just a nice little extra to take an interest in and stay positive about. It makes me happy.
Sorry this was so long.

debbi said...

Bless you for your post. It was a bright spot amongst all this crap.

People, you don't KNOW where Kristen and Rob are. The debate is fucking ridiculous.

Anonymous said...

According to twitter Kristen is in LA, Budapest, and walking with Rob on some boardwalk, lol.
She must have cloned herself to be all these different places at once.

Anonymous said...

This girl says she was at Kristen's birthday party last night in LA. http://twitter.com/Rihanna_cuzin

Anonymous said...

Rob tonight is somewhere in Hungary, attending the BA wrap party. It was twitted by Alexandra1116 and BelAmiMovie.

Kristen, honestly I have no idea where she is and I'm not going to believe anybody unless there's a clear evidence.

Anonymous said...

Don't now who rosee source is, probabky delaney but Rob was at the party having fun with everyone and of course Kristen is not there. Kristen is and always was in L.A

Anonymous said...

I think everyone who commented on this blog post just MISSED the entire point of the post.

People can be so stupid, I want to tear my hair off. *sigh* I like you Rose; hats off to you for putting up with all this bull.

Anonymous said...

Toldja Kristen was in L.A and had a nice party yesterday, please leave her alone. She is having a blast. You will find out more about her party soon and like I told you don't put much into "robsten" and buy superglue for the brokenhearts

Anonymous said...

to 6:54

We will find NOTHING as usual, all these BS come from your insane head, go back to AT board PATHETIC LOOSER

Anonymous said...

Where is Kristen???
In LA with her family?
At a secret place in the mountains?
In Budapest, wating in the hotel for Rob to come home from the wrap party?
In London just arrived from Budapest, at Mamapattz and Papapattz home, waiting for Rob to join her?
Making a quick visit to Tay in Paris?
Island hopping in Greece with Nikki?
Sightseeing in Istanbul?

sooo many possibilities - like a buffet - just choose what you want.
And smile.

P.S. If we don't see her leaving with R, she might already be in London. Or Italy?

Anonymous said...

Rose, love you lots!! Is that your post at anon7:11 sounds like you.

Anyway, its so funny very funny infact to see all these idiots arguing about nothing really. It looks like this is how they spent their saturday! fun times..yeah!!!! lol. While Kristen and Rob were having a great one whether together or apart. I agree Rose, you are so popular now..I guess Ted Cassablanca and Taryn did not have enough information and news so the krisbians, nonstens, robsessed and the "others"(hmmm what is that word i am looking for that starts with a H..Hog?..nope not that...H!! hmmmm?..or maybe there was not enough space for them to spew their toxic venom in words so they needed more room..hahaha.

Loved the post and I am glad that yoy enjoyed TR..haven't seen it yet unfortunately.So much crap..people have SO much time on thier hands to make up crap. Go read a book, do homework, cook, spend time with family instead of wasting your time commenting and saying stupid things about two people who frankly..the sad truth is DONT GIVE A FUCK ABOUT YOU! They are living thier lives WITHOUT you!! As Rose said, they dont come here and could care less!! Hahaha..that is why I like them. They dont care and I am happy they dont... life is too short for all this mess. As someone said on here..smile, laugh, be positive and lets enojoy life.

Anna loved your post and Olivia loved reading your story..you are the ray of sunshine! enjoyed the story hon.

Rose, darling, sorry for the hyena invasion..maybe you should call animal control. haha. Can't wait for tommorrow's posts! Love you Rose!!! and love Robsten!! xxx


Anonymous said...

she is in l.a saw her today driving leaving a store, papz at her tail, pics should be available tomorrow or later today.

Anonymous said...

so when tomorrow rob takes a pic with a fan at the airport on his back to london and he is alone, what will the shippers do?
so when in 3 weeks he goes to L.A from london ALONE, what will the shippers say?
so when he is L.A having fun in bars and clubs with his friends and not kristen, what'll the shippers do?
so when kristen leaves in a month to film her new movie and doesn't cross paths with RP until the eclipse promo what will the shippers say?

She was never in budapest and won't be in london, not because she can't but because there is no reason for her to do so.

Anonymous said...

Enjoy your blog Rose. Do you know where I can purchase Rob's "Jessica"? I can't get that song out of my head. Thank you - Emily (FanofIdolgossip on Twitter - New to Twitter, don't really use it so I'm not sure if I'm set up correctly)

Anonymous said...

You haters or non-believers.. Someone, anyone PLEASE answer. WHY do you come to a blog that the owner clearly supports Rob and believes in Robsten? Is it JUST to cause trouble?? I mean, if you don't like Rob, or don't believe in Robsten, are there not other places that feel the way you do? WHY do you care what we believers think if you "know" better? You're not going to change anyone's mind, so why not just read and post in places where people believe as you believe? I mean, that's why I read here, because the owner believes and posts about things I agree with. I would not have any interest in reading blogs that differ.. I mean, I see no point.

I would really like to know/understand.

Lisa said...

Anon, 10:36 (FanofIdolgossip)

I have never heard "Rob's "Jessica"" I would be interested in knowing about it.


Anonymous said...

I feel like the nonstens have selective memory. Isle of Wight on New Years, holding hand pics, leaving the BAFTA awards together, hotels INBETWEEN films and not during promotion, sightings by about 5 different people on twitter that are not Twilight fans-some even politicians tweeting about them kissing in pubs while in London, but it all means nothing right? I just don't see how it's logical to think there isn't anything. That's just me though. I don't know if she's in Budapest, really I don't care. It's just funny how there are a few sightings of Kristen in Budapest, but theres 1 from LA (which could be true who knows!) But the clingers cling to it so hard. I guess I just understand a R/K supporters point of view better. You like two actors, see they appear to be together and like that- opposed to nonstens hoping that two people who seem to make eachother happy aren't together.


Anonymous said...

All these different tweets make me dizzy and bored to no end.Everybody can believe anything they want,it's their right.If Kristen was in Budapest,then good for her.If she was in LA,good for her,too.The only thing that matters is she had a great birthday.I don't understand all this online war.Is this a way for some people to find interest in their empty lives?Is it a kind of therepy,doctor recommented?Rose,you're one of the few sane bloggers out there,but unfortunately many of the posters here aren't,from both parts.

love is all around(not)

Anonymous said...

People should be more respectful and stop calling names when they don't agree with the others. You can support Rob and Kristen and still don't believe she is in Hungary. I do. And I like this blog, and I get smiling like a little girl when I see them together. And yes, we all talk about it, bloggers, twitters, etc, so if you pretend you don't care, then it's YOU who should stop reading.

Rob timimg 9th April: 8am-8pm work; then on his way to countryside location; 10th April around 8am work again; night wrap party, ALONE. All this confirmed, and you know it.

Seems like today, finally!, the filming is over, so hopefully, they'll spend some quality time together.

That's my opinion, and it doesn't mean you love them more than I do.

Have a nice Sunday


Anonymous said...

ok alex that's your opinion dunno where ur coming from but in europe life is not over after 8 p.m. that's a perfect time to go dinner or wherever..are u sure we have confirmation that he was at the party alone?no confirmation at all this supossed girl was not inside the party and her tweets are kinda legit but just kinda.another thing rob's been working in london and everywhere and has gone to bars,concerts etc,it's up to him if he want to sleep 3 hours,6 or whatever..so what?don't u think celebrate ur girlfriend's 20th birthday is a good reason not to sleep?as much as many people saying it's stupid for kristen to go to budapest alone to be in the trailer or beeing around the city all alone waiting for rob..maybe it is but it's her choice so what? and did u think that maybe after the long 2hours stop 4 lunch on the 9th maybe kristen went to the countryside hotel to wait for him?i mean no idea but i¡m guessing just like you btw it seems that kristen will arrive to london today just like rob(so it is quiet possible they come from the same place)and both of them will go on monday to a concert..kristen will be leaving on wednesday,maybe rob will leave later bc looks he has to go on with BA last filming,not sure..we will see soon anyway and hope that all this b..shit stop by then
just my opinion,Carla

Anonymous said...

I have to admit the tweets and no pictures (neither in LA nor in Budapest) have left me kinda confused. I trust delaney, stew411, the RLC mods and Rose when they hint she's in Budapest and don't think they'd mess with the fans (even if it'd be a great way to upset the hyenas lol) and I like to believe they'd tell if they had been told soemthing that ended up being wrong in the end. So, until proven wrong, I trust them and will believe kristen's in Budapest. A pic (even a single blurry one lol) would be nice though ;)

Anyway, @Carla. I agree with you, it's up to Kristen to decide how she wants to spend her birthday and days after. It's none of our business so we have no right to judge. Same with Rob, it's up to him if he wants to only sleep a few hours a night so that he can go out or spend time with friends (and gf ;) ).

But how do we know for sure kristen would be leaving London on Wednesday (why that day?). Or that they'll go to a concert on Monday? And you said 'not sure' about Rob still having to go on filming BA, so I guess it's still not confirmed how long Rob will be still be shooting in London after he leaves Budapest? Doesn't anyone know?

Anonymous said...

even that other girl on twitter alexandra who was on set everyday and unlike this after party girl has pics to prove she was there is doubting this girl was really at the after party and might be bsing around.

legit source?doesnt look like it.

Anonymous said...

^^ forgot to say...
So happy for you rose (and kinda jealous too lol) that we got to see the Runaways. I can't wait to see it and hope it'll be released in my country.

BUT I'm still very very happy because in 3 hours from now, I'll be sitting in a theater watching Remember Me!!!! *giddy* It is damn time it was released here :)

Anonymous said...

Carla, thanks for your educated comments, it seems you have a lot of information, idk hope it's true about the concert, I would love to see some pictures of them! btw, I'm european ;) I still think with Rob's schedule and those reliable twitts from hungarian girls on locations, it's hard to believe kristen was there. Anyway, it's just an opinion too, what it's really sad it's people pretending they know for sure that Rob and Kristen are holding hands and walking romantically, making some fans getting false illusions.


Anonymous said...

oops, should get a name here!
the 'forgot to say' post was me adding something to my post @6:53 (not the post above)

Anonymous said...

To anon 11.05 pm
I totally agree with you.

Anonymous said...


"Jessica" is a really beautiful piano piece that is a part of the playlist at the bottom of this page. I've been looking everywhere for this song without much success. :( I'm hoping that it's available for purchase somewhere. If anyone has any information on this song please email me at Fanofidolgossip@aol.com. Thank you.

I tried to set up a twitter account so that I could send Rose a personal message about the song but I guess that I just don't understand how twitter works.


Lovin' the new pics of Rob & Kristen! :)