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Saturday, April 24, 2010

Rob and Kristen- You Ain't Seen Nothing Yet

I'm tired.
My life has been really busy the last couple of weeks.
So busy that I don't have time to
wallow in all things Robert Pattinson.
But that's OK.
Robert isn't exactly OUT there right now.
He's still in London...
soaking up his hometown before he comes
 back to the States for a while.
He's been way under the radar.
So has Kristen.
They are pretty damn good at it... yes?

They seem to be able to get in and out of major airports
with relative ease.
Did anyone see Kristen get back from London?
I like how they have learned how to handle the Paps.
Oh sure...
They still get caught sometimes
It's inevitable that they will...
But I like the whole "Where are they?" drama 
that starts up when no one has seen them.

It's already starting for Robert.
Why the huge deal?
No idea.
Robert is in the UK.
Probably enjoying his last weekend
with family and friends...
before he ventures back to the States
and Kristen

He will be over here soon enough.
They will be together...
Soon enough.

I'm so tired today that I don't even have
the energy to laugh at the whole "Pathetic Ranting" thing.
Man, I must be exhausted.

But I know that the show is just getting started.
Robert and Kristen on Oprah 
is JUST the beginning.
There is going to be so much whining and snarling
going on right up to the Eclipse premiere.

I've stocked up on my favorite popcorn.
I have drinks at the ready.
Because you KNOW it's going to be 
a FUN ride!
Sit back and enjoy the show!

Promo picture of Kristen from Eclipse.
Obviously the one they are going to use
for the cardboard cut-out thingy.
But man oh man...
She's so pretty.
Even with a wig.
There is something about the brown contacts
that just make Kristen SO Bella.
Completely makes her all innocent
and she looks younger...
and well...
Like Bella.


It's starting again.
Every time there is a Robert lull
I start believing that maybe my obsession
with him has peaked...
Who am I fucking kidding?
It doesn't take much for me to realize
that I am as fucking deep as I ever was.
Oh just seeing him as Edward Cullen...
Speaking in that Edward Cullen voice
with those Edward Cullen eyes
and those Edward Cullen lips...
With that Edward Cullen hair.
And I'm right the fuck back up to my neck
in Robert Pattinson Obsession.

Can I be honest?
I don't see it ever stopping.
I think Robert Pattinson will always fascinate me.
I will always wonder what his next movie will be...
I will always want to listen to him talk
in that halting, quirky, adorkable way that he speaks.
I will never tire of looking at his face...
Listening to his voice sing a song...
He owns me...
For life.

He is the magnet
I am the steel.

Bye for now.

If the whole Robert/Kristen thing
is too much for you to handle?
You ain't seen NOTHING yet.

"Summer Lovin had me a blast..."



Honey said...

Love your post Rose! I can't wait to see Robsten in action again..they gave us a lot of beautiful and unexpected presents during this year, and I have the feeling that he best still must be coming.. <3. They will be together all summer long anyway, because it seems pretty clear that Kristen has no new projects ready to do right now..yeah, lots of ideas and projects but nothing sure because of "BD" shooting in autumn..but I'd say that she's going to enjoy this summer with his "beautifully handsome" British boyfriend, his beloved RPatz..God Bless Them! And haters can just scream..but Robsten, well...they will be busy doing other..."things"..you know what I mean??!!! :))) Love you and LOve Robsten Forever!

Anonymous said...

Rose...you changed your picture...profile Rob = YUM! well all Rob pics really ;-)

Bring on Summer lovin'!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Peggy in Texas

Patricia said...

Rose: Once again "spot on to my feelings" I also keep thinking I will change, and not be so obsessed but he seems to get BETTER AND BETTER! I loved seeing Edward again SO GORGEOUS ! I hope they keep to the book for the LOVE STORY. That's what I loved about the books.

Just a few more days and Rob and Kristen will be together. That makes me happy and I know it's because ROB LOVES KRISTEN AND KRISTEN LOVES ROB. Embrace the love ! WE DO HERE AT ROSE'S BLOG.
Rock on Rose !

iacris said...

I agrre all I can´t wait to see ROBSTEN in action again i love it ...

sfw10sis said...

Rose I don't know how you do it, but another day another smile, thanks for that by the way.

I also agree with the not getting over Rob. I've had interest in other actors over the years, but never at this level. I think your right he is a magnet, his smile , voice, hair, and he is adorkable, I think thats what I like the most, because it shows me he's real and I'll take real over fake anyday,(pssst,I like to watch him walk too).

Looking forward to some summer loving, it sounds like its going to be a blast(well at least for some of us, hehe).

Have a great day. Here's to hoping the vile will be at a minimum.


Anonymous said...

Is it just me or is the new promo pic of Rob just bad all around!! I miss Twilight Edward... Any Edward will do I'm just sayin he looks not so good..... just my opinion!

ciro said...

love your blog rose...keep bring love to our fave couple...he...he..

Anonymous said...

loves it! lots to look forward to. :)

Anonymous said...

soy de Colombia yo no hablan Inglés, pero te amo y leer su blog y su twitter cada día te quiero

Anonymous said...

I think this summer ,robert and kristen ......!I do not say nothing!
will be great!

poor hyenas !I hear the screams!the laments!their pain!all because they can not accept the happiness of robert and kristen!

Anonymous said...

Hey Rose, great blog again today - love it!

I had a chance to watch Robert in "How to Be" last night and really thought he did a great job of "being" Art with just a few glimpses of Rob. He was so believable and I just wanted to hug the poor kid even though he had me laughing. It is so fun watching him grow and develope in his acting, and like you I think I am hooked for life......I could listen to him just talk for hours.

Love Rob and Kristen together or apart, they just look SO happy together and I love happy Rob the most.

Thanks Rose, for sharing with us!

Anonymous said...

I agree, How to Be Rob was awesome...loved that movie.

Rose, thanks for the blog. Awesome thoughts, as always. Thanks for sharing.


Donna said...

Thanks Again Rose for a Truly great post. Yup I know the feeling Im in the Robert Pattinson Kristen Stewart obsession for life.

Cristina said...

When i look at those pics...RK TOGETHER...oh god...it brings me a huge smile on my face, it almost hurts.

I love all of them, but pic #3 it's stunning, R's smile when he looks at K it's breathtaking.

Thanks sweetie Rose!


I think when RK got caught sometimes they know it, and they don't mind, i think they want it.IMHO, who knows!? ;)
I think it's their way to say to the world they show us what they want us to know.
But i like how smart they are!
It's inevitable that they will...

Love ya Rose!
Love RK too (so much)

Anonymous said...

Love you Rose! Every post of yours brings always a smile on my face!
Yes, Robert and Kristen will be TOGETHER again soon! I feel that lots of wonderful things will happen in the next months! I can't hardly wait! Poor hyenas..they'll cry and moan and be desperate..what will they come up with as an excuse?Oh yeah I forgot: "PR, PR, PR!!" It became a mantra for them. But ,sorry, they'll be proven wrong again and again and again...Robert loves Kristen loves Robert.And we'll be watching!
Keep up the good work,Rose!!


Lisa said...

Did it again Rose.. PERFECT! My feeling exactly..

And sfw10si, you too.. I have NEVER been drawn to any actor, anyone famous! And never thought I would, not like I am to him!!! It has (or I guess I should say he has) me bewildered.. I just wanna watch from afar. I want him to have a long, healthy, HAPPY life.. Of course with LOTS of movies and MUSIC so I can keep watching & listening.. :)

Anonymous said...

Tell me more!
Tell me more!
Was it love at first sight?

(Well DUH. Of COURSE it was. LOL!)

Amazing job as usual!

Anita said...

Dear Rose,

your post has made me smile again. That's why I love to come here everyday.

I can't wait of the wonderful things that will happen in the next few months.

Love you Rose and love R/K <3

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the post Rose. I kinda wish I liked the Twilight movies; but not even Robert and Kristen acting together in them can lure me in after seeing Twilight (and the only reason I saw that was because of watching Robert on Ellen and then seeing Rob and Kristen interviewed together -- and yes, it was so obvious way back then that they were sparky!). But, I do like the behind the scenes stuff -- when they're just themselves in little glimpses and pieces. But I do LOVE Twilight promotions. Those are great. Anyway, looking forward to more from you Rose; enjoy your weekend.


pricklypearess said...

"...I met a girl, crazy for me. Met a boy, cute as could be..." Grease, one of my all time favorites (love sappy). Great post as usual, Rose. Like the new pics....ohhh that jawline! Have a fabulous weekend everyone!

Anonymous said...

Great post Rose as always..cant wait for R/K to be together again!

vanlicous said...

Great post Rose! It's so good to know I'm not alone with my obsession. Thank you so much.

Anonymous said...

Rob was at the arsenal-manchester city game today
RT @europeanlovers: RT @cravengossip: RPattz is currently watching the arsenal v man city match at highbury! good luck with that crave!

The game is over.

Anonymous said...

I agree, that Eclipse promo Rob pic, is not one of the best I've seen of him, he gives an odd grimace. Anyway it's still Rob!

Rose you've said you're not an insider, but you always seem to know more than you tell. Well, It's up to you to share it. It's just that a few sources are hinting that next may will bring over great news about Robsten and we're all becoming really expectants.

Thanks for this amazing blog, keep up the good work!

soadram said...

Wonderful as always
e. ....
Summer Lovin
High night color light
Soft hips and pinned lips Q
You give one look and i was sure
Cause you know summer lovin is on

You turn me on
You set me free
There ain't no place
I would rather be
And now it's time you should be mine
And yeah you know summer lovin is on
One rule keep your cool
I asure i got my eyes on you
I fell so
I fell so
I fell so free
it is, when I hear singing and singing summer lovin .... and is further apixonada :))))))))))
A big kiss for you are the BIGGEST Rose: *

ASRJ said...

People shouldn't tweet Rob's or Kristen's location until they leave. Even more is he is in a football stadium!

Arsenal 0 Manchester City 0 Bad day R, at least hope you enjoy some Guinness :)

Anonymous said...

i'm breathing in the refreshing positive air in the comments today, how lovely :D it is so nice when there is so much support and love pouring out of everyone!

great post today bb. i sometimes think i might have peaked on my rob admiration too, but then he'll pop up somewhere and i'll be reminded of why i became a fan in the first place. very much looking forward to the upcoming interviews and such that we will get from both him and kristen. i love listening to their thoughts on their movies and characters and when we get them doing it together? MAGICAL!

here's hoping that rob can make his way stealthily back stateside. he's earned some peace but we know soon enough, all hell will be breaking lose.

have a great weekend Rose, get some rest <3


Anonymous said...

So Rob is still in London, going to Arsenal game, enjoying his sister's gig, most likely BA's over by now, it's weekend, he needs to do re-shoots next week, doesn't look like he's in a hurry to leave his home town though.

Anonymous said...

Hes probably enjoying the little time he has left to spend with his family and friends before he has to leave London. Is that a problem?

Bouffant said...

No, I'm sure he's soaking up London, his family and friends there while he can. He's going to be with Kristen in Vancouver and LA through the summer at least. I hope he's enjoying himself, even though Arsenal's chances ended today.

Anonymous said...

What's with some people thinking Rob needed to leave London in a hurry? If this is in regards to Kristen, um, she was just in London a little over a week ago and was with Rob in Budapest for her birthday! He is going to see her very soon and will have time to spend with her. I just don't get why people feel Rob should have flown out the nanosecond he was done with his obligations?

Some people take every little thing and make something of it.

Anonymous said...

You all are getting giddy over them reuniting soon, but they HAVE to reunite, they have work to do together on Eclipse re-shoots (nice publicity before promo), and then Rob HAS to stay in LA to film WFE..Might as well hang out when they're in the same cities.

Now if there weren't any re-shoots and no WFE for him, would they make time for each other (they rarely do)? Would he leave London and go to LA? hmmm That's something we will never have answer for, since there is work to do...Summit ensured it, they ensured R/K to reunite.

Anonymous said...

Also what kind of 'relationship' is it? A few days together, a month or so apart over and over, at least other celeb couples do put an effort in to be with each other for longer than few days every month or so...Seems like separation suits those two.
They'd rather go to music festivals or football matches than make the most of free time together.

KStew will be far away from LA during summer filming her next project while he will be in LA for WFE. Another summer of separation, more months apart, and they still don't embrace the little time they have before they need to part ways for their respective work. hmm

Dizzle82 said...

To Anonymous 5:29- Really? They rarely do? Kristen has been overseas to see him at least three times in as many months. She "made time" to spend New Year's with him, "made time" to spend a week in London and then stayed with him the whole time he was in NYC. She "made time" to spend time with him in BUDAPEST for her birthday. You'd better put on your big girl panties, because the next few months are going to be hell for you. *smile*

Anonymous said...

to anon 5:29

were you living under a rock all this time?? Robert and kristen rarely found time for each other??Are you serious?? All this time they hang out when they didn't have to!NYE,BAFTA, RM premiere, Budapest, hello??? Just get over it and deal with it! Always the same pathetic excuses! Let's see how much time will take for the hyenas to use their brains! Maybe we'll have to wait for forever! Let's enjoy them, their love(yes,that is) and their careers, shall we? And by the way Rob and Kristen are TOGETHER, like TOGETHER TOGETHER. Get it? Move on!

katy said...

Did someone let the cage open again...because the hyenas are out.

'I hope you enjoy disappointment' I'm smiling alraidy.

Anonymous said...

Kristen was at Joan Jett concert last night with suzie and crew. She is having fun too. Why rob didn't jump to go back to L.A with kristen? because his home and the people he loves are in London. What delaney keep telling her people that Rob HAD to work? it was a total lie.
Funny little detail, Kristen will be working from July to Sept..how much you shippers want to bet that as soon as Rob is done with WFE he will go back to London to be with his family and friends until he has to go back to Canada to film BD,..and let's count how many times he visits kristen when the work excuse won't be longer valid?
Delaney and crew are always talking BS lol. Indeed this summer will be amazing and full of surprises can't hardly wait ;)

Anonymous said...

to anon 5:49

Let's count how many times Rob and Kristen will be seen together and will find time for each other, okay? Because they'll be together a whole lot. And delaney and crew has always been RIGHT. And actually we don't believe they are together just because (reliable) sources say so, but it's been all in front of our and your eyes.

Anonymous said...

@5:29. LOL. Oh, yes big bad Summit. They just had to spend all their time together and live together while filming Eclipse. Just had to ditch the NM afterparty in NYC and go off on their own and then spend the weekend their together. Then fly back to LA where Rob stays until Christmas, then Kristen arrived in England to spend New Years with Rob and hang out in London. They just had to leave the BAFTAs together and Kristen then staying all week and flying to NYC was another thing they were forced to do. As well as Kristen had to go to Budapest for her birthday! *heavy dose of sarcasm*

Oh, yes. This two just do things because they HAVE to. Too funny, I remember when people said for them to believe they were in a relationship, they would have to see Rob and Kristen spending time together when they weren't working. Well, what is New Years and Budapest for example? They certainly weren't working together and didn't just "happen" to be the same city. LOL. Excuses are beyond amusing now! Love how you overlook so many, many things that have happened in the last year, especially in the last several months to continue with your party line.

Anonymous said...

to 5:49. So, wait. Rob spent Kristen's birthday with her because he doesn't love her and she isn't special to him? LOL. Okkaaay. Did you not see how super happy he was on the Bel Ami set when Kristen was there? Did you hear he never left her side at the wrap party? So sweet. And how concerned he was over her with the paps at the airport? Sweet, again.

If Kristen is filming, then I think Rob will visit. And I am not so sure he will leave LA so quickly since I think he has or will be buying property in the LA area. And I think one of the reasons WFE was so appealing to shoot this summer was because he would be able to be close to Kristen.

Anonymous said...

this anon nonsten spews same story day after day in fact she she copies and pastes everywhere she can, she is totally convinced herself that rob and kristen are forced to be together and choose not to be LOL oh well i guess thats her thing, we'll be seeing her here again soon

Anonymous said...

ignore the nonsten her story of PR is old she is on the AT every single day with same old diatribe, she forgets the facts sometimes she even said that rob chooses to stay in london last week or so, hello, volcano, rob will probably fly to VC direct from london next week for reshoots and be gone from london for many many months

Anonymous said...

re 6:16

Also thought it was sweet that Rob took a super long lunch on that Friday (Kristen's birthday) to spend time with her. I am so nosey and would love to know what he got her. I am sure it's nothing short of amazing and special to Kristen.

Anonymous said...

Kristen doesn't love Rob as much as he loves her. Shes still pining for MA.

Debra said...

Rose, you keep going with the blog!! Don't let people get to you. What I don't understand is that if people don't like it, then go the F**K somewhere else. Why even bother leaving a comment. I shake my head at the crap you have to deal with. I follow you on twitter and respect you and your blog. I don't see a day that Rob won't fascinate me. He just makes me giddy and smiley. I personally thank you for taking time and making my day a little brighter by doing what you do and have the guts to say. So, I raise my glass and "Cheers" to you!!

Bouffant said...

Don't worry Debra, haters don't get to Rose. She gets to them, that's why they visit. Who cares if someone is in denial about Rob and Kristen being a couple? It's funny to see the lengths they go to, lying to themselves.

I agree with you about Kristen's brown contacts, Rose. Very young and very beautiful and very Bella. :)

Loving how you ended your post today!!

Anonymous said...

Hey you are totally right they are absolutely forced to be together for PR purposes. Poor Kristen was forced to sit on a plane for 14 hours to pretend to spend her birthday with Rob. She then, against her will really, was subjected to spending long hours in his trailer on her birthday of all days. Rob was expressly told that he MUST take as much time as possible to be with her in that trailer. In fact some people on set reported hearing Kristen praying as she was heard saying "Oh God, Oh God", over and over again. Poor thing was literally begging for mercy saying "Please, please, oh God". They even said that she got really angry at one point and began shouting "Oh Fuck, Fuck, Fuck Yeah!". Oh the tragedy of it, my heart goes out to her and Rob. The terrible torture of being forced together....

Anonymous said...

The anon that is posting same BS all over the web is Twilight Diaries Girl.I think she's crazy and obsessed with Rob,LOL,in her dreams.

Anonymous said...

I freely volunteer to be forced to spend time with Rob.
: )

By the way , Summer is the best time of the year.
Take care Rose. You rock as usual.

Anonymous said...

to Anon 2.52
Lol. There were no reports of that happening. You're just making that up in your crazy shipper head.

Anonymous said...

So RP went to Arsenal game? Someone is bored. lolz. He could've flown to LA before they start the reshoots in Vancouver. Maybe Kristen doesn't want to see him or maybe it's his choice to stay in London to be with his "friends". How devoted.

Anonymous said...

Dear nonsten, how do you know he could've flown already to LA? Maybe he's got work to do still in London.

Your narrow mind doesn't comtemplate that possibility, does it?

Jesus Christ! nonstens are so freaky...

Anonymous said...

I have noticed that the hyenas are usually poor in reading comprehension, unable to understand sarcasm, irony, and humor as well as not very obervant of human social behavior. Kind of funny but sad as well.
Hi Rose, great post BTW!

Anonymous said...

lol and the working excuse lives! lmao poor shippers.

Julie said...

Summer lovin' happened so fast! That's what the Nonnies are going to say when they get the old one, two between the eyes. After May and June, they are going to want to cry all the time.

Anonymous said...

Of course the working excuse lives, like any other that you use or isn't the working excuse good enough?

What's Rob been doing since february? Working. But don't worry, when he's done, he'll go back to LA. Not just to reunite with Kristen, but for working too, he'll star in Water for Elephants.

You see? The working excuse is pretty much valid.