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Thursday, April 1, 2010

Rob and Kristen... What a Fool Believes.

April's Fools Day.
Like we need an actual day for people to be fools?
Every fucking day is FOOL'S day.

Nice collage of DuRob.
Nice is putting it mildly...
Fantastic pictures.
I find it kinda odd how Rob goes to Budapest...
and all of a sudden we are seeing all these set shots.
Not that I'm complaining.
A day without DuRob is like a day without...
Too much?
Too bad.

Ahhh... the henley.
Why am I bringing it up?

1. I watched Rob on Jimmy Fallon again.
Yes, the "I'm Bothered" still ranks up there 
as fucking brilliant.
But I digress...
(Rob in a tree... *giggle*)
Where was I?
Oh yeah, the henley.
Rob was wearing this very henley on Fallon.
The same one that Kristen wore to the airport 
the next day...
So I'm watching Robert...
and was reminded of all the angst that shirt caused.
Reminded of all the excuses.
The rationalizations.
And then I laughed some more...
and watched Robert in a tree again.

I had to post this picture.
It still makes me smile.
Rob's smile makes me smile.
He just looks so damn happy.

Can we leave it at that?

Kristen in Budapest.
Is it happening?
Will it happen?
I guess you need to ask Robert or Kristen.
Good luck with that.
I don't know why...
But my gut feeling is she will show up there...
Her birthday is next week.
Not sure why that is some milestone moment
that she will magically appear in Hungary.
I guess since she has shared the last couple of birthdays
with Robert...
each one becoming more significant for her...
for them...
I just like to think of her sharing this one with him, too.
Who knows.
Not I 
said the fly.
With my little eye?
Whether or not she shows up there...
Doesn't matter one way or the other.
I just like the idea.
Robert must be close to the end of
shooting Bel Ami...
I guess they could just wait until he is finished...
But it would be cool if she were there with him
And then they could fly back to the States

Ya know?

I think you do...

Bye for now.


May said...

I def do&as always,ITA with your post,bb.:p LOL

Oh and happy Fool`s day,bb! ;D

Lizzie said...

Your blogs make me day. I look forward to them every day Rose!!

Thanks so much for putting into words, what many of us believe in our hearts!


Anonymous said...

love your blog , thanks so much for this very Nice collage of DuRob.

Patricia said...

Rose: This is getting spooky! I also watched Jimmy Fallon's show with Rob!(DVR) it! Rob in the tree, I have played back him shaking his head at the end twenty times (so gorgeous)!!!!!
I know we will have another drought of Rob pictures after Bel Ami wraps! So I'm enjoying every beautiful one! What looking at him does to me, FUCK!
I didn't think Kristen would go to Budapest in the beginning of him filming (too busy for him) but I'm HOPING TO SEE HER THERE AT THE END FOR HER BIRTHDAY AND A VACA FOR THE TWO OF THEM! I really hope so!
Grazie once again Rose for always saying what I feel! Which btw none of it was an April Fool's joke. Please wish Delaney "HAPPY BIRTHDAY" FROM ME. I DON'T DO TWITTER. Rock on Rose !

vanlicous said...

They will be together soon. I'm sure.

Thanks for your post! I love it.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for another great post, Rose. The pics are lovely, as are the thoughts about R&K being together again soon.

Rob looks stunning in the Bel Ami pics. Can't wait for that one!

It feels peaceful and loving here today. Hope it stays that way. A perfect way to start my day: your blog (SA -- Sans Hyenas) and a cup of Starbucks my DH just brought me.


Anonymous said...

Great post. love the henley and handholding pics. while I like durob, I'm getting RM flashbacks, too many pics and videos (not from you they're everywhere), Rob talked about oversaturation and this definitely fits. At least this set seems to be free of rumors about hookups (knock on wood).

Anonymous said...

AHHHH, nice posts. I'll include another. I agree with everyone above, and you too Rose! Thanks for a great one, a nice one, a happy one.

Enjoy the day...


Anonymous said...

AHHHH, nice posts. I'll include another. I agree with everyone above, and you too Rose! Thanks for a great one, a nice one, a happy one.

Enjoy the day...


Anonymous said...

Sorry it posted twice, dunno why....

Anonymous said...

Hey Rose I cant wait what today well bring ALL of the April Fools. I hope this well be a good day for all.Who knows whats up with Rob and Kris Im sure they know I hope what ever it is THEY have a good time.I think that today should be called craze day not April fools day Well anyway you have a GOOD April Fools day Rose. DEB. ps. I to hope that Kristen gos and see Rob SOON

vic said...

I like your blog :P
Robert is here (Budapest) :P
I saw him and really cute. :)
I like RobSten! :)
Viszlát! Remélem azért nincs sok hiba benne :P Tényleg teccika blogod és végre itt van és láthattam .. aranyos! puszi

Lisa said...

Great post Rose.. It brought a big ol smile to my face!! :) I don't know if she'll show or not (of course) but I wondered if she would show up for Easter.. Seems they like to spend holidays together as well. :) And since her birthday is 5 days later!!! But I wonder if so much exposure in in Bud. will keep her away... :( Anyway, I read on one movie sites that Bel-Ami filming is expected to end April 20 or 22. I forget which.. That gives him about a month before filming WFE starts.. :)

Anonymous said...

I thought they were ahead of schedule (arrived in Budapest 2 weeks sooner) and thus the shooting would end up around the end of next week...
Is it only a rumor, is it true, is it false? Anyone knows?
Or are they heading back to London to film some remaining scenes after they are done in Budapest?

Anonymous said...

to anon 12:22 ~ that's what I heard as well. I think they are ahead of schedule. I hope he (and Kristen) get to take a real vacay before he starts W4E. He needs a break!

Anyone else heard this?

Anonymous said...

thanks rose.
Kristen in Budapest.
Is it happening?
Will it happen?
is not important to me
I know there is a strong link between robert and kristen

many people must face facts
this is why the hyena are so angry

Anonymous said...

Well, according to 411, who is pretty correct with her stuff, Kristen is NOT there and won't be going this weekend. So I guess everybody assuming the rumors about Rob moving to a private home because of Kristen being there are wrong.

I've also heard they are ahead of schedule & could possibly done end of next week. The actor who plays Uma's husband just gave a radio interview in the UK & he said he was done filming. He also commented on good Rob was & what a fine musician he is.

Anonymous said...

Here are 411's tweets. Read from the bottom.

Sometimes the job comes first.
about 16 hours ago via TweetDeck

As for any other time she may go over--maybe. Maybe in time for her birthday. but she has professional responsibilities, and so does he.
about 16 hours ago via TweetDeck

I thought I was pretty clear, but apparently not. Last I heard, Kristen was not going to Europe this weekend.
about 16 hours ago via TweetDeck

Anonymous said...

I don't understand when KStew411 says "Last I heard.." I know she's accurate a lot of times but wouldn't be whether Kristen is going or not and when be in Kristen's own mind? It only makes sense for 411 to know that if she knows about another obligation Kristen has soon that would keep her from going. I keep hearing Rob is done filming on the 9th or 10th anyway.

Anonymous said...

Damn it Rose! YOu did it again as you ALWAYS do! make my day with a kiss ass post!!! "I think you do" We all DO!!!! Aw, our girl Kristen is no more going to be a teenager, she is becoming a woman *tear* in honor of that yesterday i watched her movies from when she was younger, time fies..no time soars!! Even if Kristen doesn't go to Budapest, we know Rob will be calling to sing her happy birthday ( with that incredible voice of his..maybe he might add some piano or guitar to it).... and just that makes me happy!

And you are right fools dont need just oneday, they are fools 24/7..365. Don't stop posting the airport pictures because everytime i see them i get happy all over again as if seeing it for the first time. Love is definetly something..he looks so happy and i bet he felt like the luckiest man in the world just to have her by his side.

Anonymous said...

oops i meant kick ass post.


Anonymous said...

I love the airport pictures too, Rose. He looks so content with her by his side.

The DuRob pics are beautiful (sigh), but then he's one beautiful man!

Anonymous said...

Rose! Hello! Hope you are having a great day. I love the DuRob collage too, I saved it in my photos. I laughed so hard when you mentioned Jimmy Fallon, I kept that one on my dvr as well and I love watching it too, over and over, so cute! I love that it's nice and calm on here today, so far. ;) 90 days till Eclipse! Can't wait, still waiting for the RA to get to my town, then the wait for BA, and so on and so on! You're the best Rose, love ya! K.

Anonymous said...

Hi Rose,

The airport pic is one of my all time favorites also. There is a pic, it may be fan made, where I think Kristen is wrapped around Rob and leaning over him ( not the Vanity Fair one with the short black dress and converse ) and he is crouched down. I think she is wearing a white dress. This photo is so very beautiful. I have seen it twice and have never found it again. If you know which one it is, please post it on your blog. It is so heavenly, so private and peaceful.
I agree, it sounds like Rob is very well thought of by his fellow actors on the BA set according to the radio interview with the Brit actor who plays Mr. Forrester. Yeah Rob ! We are so very proud of you. You make us melt wearing your Bel Ami wardrobe. Does anyone know if the film has been picked up for US distribution yet and if so, when will it appear in the States?
Budapest is such a gorgeous and romantic city. Hint, hint. I'm hoping :) our favorite people will be able to enjoy it together for a few days.
Respect ROBandKristen.