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Monday, April 5, 2010

Where in the World are Robert and Kristen?

For some reason...
I hear the music from "Jeopardy"
You know where the contestants are busily
scribbling down their responses in the final moments?

Time is almost up!

I know, right?

I 'heard' that Rob isn't on set today.
That he allegedly has a couple of days off...
I hope he enjoys his little break.
The guy has been working hard, hasn't he?
He deserves a little R & R...

Wonder what he's gonna do with his time off...
I hope he has fun.

I hope Kristen has fun, too...
No idea where she has been lately
She kinda disappeared.
Off gallivanting around the world again?
 I hope she is enjoying her down time as well...
Imagine the possibilities.
If you were young...
And in love?
What would you do?
Where would you go?

I hope she enjoys herself.

Happiness is in the eye of the beholder?

Which brings us to those who are
NEVER happy...

They are yapping and whimpering again.
Foaming at the mouth.

It's what Hyenas do, isn't it?

Just one thing.

I'm always fascinated by the intense anger
and overwrought angst
in trying to prove that

1. "I don't CARE!
I DON'T CARE!!!!!"

2. I have a life!

You are working way 
too hard trying to prove these things to everyone
If it were true...
You wouldn't have to YELL and SHOUT
about it all the time.
You wouldn't have to try and convince people
that it were true.

I know it's been overused...
But it is Shakespeare after all...

The lady doth protest too much, methinks.

Calm down, silly dogs
It will be OK.
Think of scavenging some other corpse for a while...
And seriously...
Do something about that foaming spittle.
It's gross
and it gets all over everything.


Bye for now.


Cote de Texas said...

omg, really????? I HOPE so! a few days off - a new house in budapest. awwww. my heart is bursting! hehe.

i wonder how long he is due to stay there anyway. do you know?

Sara said...

I almost wet myself laughing at the picture of the hyena; nature's a-hole indeed!

Anyway as usual, I agree agree agree. Nice work, Rose :D

girlyinthenorth said...

Hoping they are Together in Privacy! Thanks Rose, your Blog is Fabulous.

Patricia said...

Rose: You are so DAMN funny! I love you!

Where oh where are Rob and Kristen? I just hope they're together! I know where I would be (if it were possible) and I were the two of them!!!! I can only dream can't I.

keeping my fingers crossed we'll see or hear something soon!

Grazie again Rose for your wonderful posts! Rock on !

imloco2 said...

I have no idea where they are or what they're doing, but whether it's together or apart I hope they're having a great time. Of course I'd rather it were together. ;) Cause it's a fact Robert is never happier than when he's with Kristen and she's always happier with him and we have the photographic evidence to prove it by the 100's. *g*


I know it's better for them to be out of the public eye regardless, but I confess I kinda miss seeing Rob's big wide smile as he's looking at Kristen. One reason I'm looking forward to Eclipe promotion. Possibly more than Eclipe itself. *g*

Anonymous said...

No offence but Kristens never happy when shes with Rob.. never. She was clearly unhappy in London because she smiled very little in the photos. And once she got back to LA she was smiley all the time. She got giddy in photos with Dakota and Taylor and I've never seen her beam like that in a long time around Rob. Its almost as if Rob was holding her back. Good for Rob if she makes him happy but why should she stay with him just to please him? Hes obviously not doing anything for her happiness cause she seems to be more happier around Taylor and Dakota than she is around him and hes supposed to be her boyfriend. She obviously doesn't love him but doesn't have the heart to break up with him.

Anonymous said...

Monday is also a holiday in at least the UK so it was known that he would have a few days off. No secret there. I actually think seeing the obsessed shippers foaming at the mouth is much more interesting & fun then the so called Hyenas.

To Anon 12:55, you can say the same about Rob too.

Anonymous said...

Hey there Rose I heard to that he was off a few days HOPE he has FUN and I hope he NEVER gets out of BED hehehe YOU know he needs his sleep hehe(working LONG hours)or just because someone mite be there with him any who I hope he injoys his time .And Kristen to. Hope you had a nice day yesterday and i hope you have a good day today LOVE your post you do make my day. DEB.

Anonymous said...

Kristen smiles more when shes around Taylor. She said it herself. If Rob was really treating her right then she wouldn't have felt like she had to say that.

Patricia said...

To 12:55 :
I think that Kristen is (MORE AT EASE WITH DAKOTA AND TAYLOR) because they are just friends! I think with Rob (because they are boyfriend and girlfriend) she's more aware of not behaving too obvious and letting her TRUE FEELINGS ABOUT HIM KNOWN! It's always been important to her to keep their relationship personal and private. they both try and do that!

Anonymous said...

I think DakotaStew is real. I am sorry but I think they are a couple. I think her and Rob will not last because I think she is gay and has feelings for Dakota. http://lovemonkey21.livejournal.com/3848.html

Anonymous said...

To anon 1:13,1:04.12:55,we know you're the same kid.Now take your things and go to bed.

Ok,Kristen's gay and she loves the 16 years old Dakota and i'm thinking she loves 18 years old Tay,too.lol


Melissa said...

This was awesome, Rose!

I hope R & K get to spend some time together soon...if not already.

Hey, it's BirthdayStew this week!! WOO HOO!!!

Anonymous said...

I must be looking at different pictures than some of you because I think Rob/Kristen pretty much always look happy together. And whoever said Rob was holding Kristen back? Please. Nobody is going out with ROB PATTINSON for sympathy and vice versa.

Anonymous said...

DakotaStew is real. Rob should take a hike. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x9bpPZTnp2Y

Anonymous said...

hi rose.
Hoping they are Together in PRIVACY!!

Anonymous said...

Would people stop with the DakotaStew thing? It's weird. One barely turned 16, one is about to turn 20. They are friends. Stop the nonsense.

Anonymous said...

"DakotaStew????" hahahaha..excuse me while I laugh, oh shit my sides hurting.. so funny! hahahaha. Okay now that I am done *snickers* , first it was Taysten now DakotaStew..people are full of it and have too much time on their hands to make up crap.

Great Post Rose as always..love the hyena picture you do sooo well with your hyena pictures..you get the perfect pics everytime!! I understand why Rob and Kris are hiding out..who wouldn't with all these psychos..the world is not even safe for regular folks how much more them? Wherever they are I hope they are having fun and enjoying the time off especially before this Eclipse promotion comes soon! But I have a feeling Kristen isn't in LA..I dont have proof but I suspect she isn't there. I also hope they are together in privacy as long as they are together thats all that matters! xoxo


Anonymous said...

Now that I have recovered form my laughing.... these DakotaStew fans spent too much time watching the Runaways and looking into it..it was ACTING..it was not real. o-kay!

Now friends can't even hangout without being accused of being intimate..first Tom and Robert now Kristen and Dakota...WOW!


May said...

Dear Rose,hyenas have no lives of their own.Its no wonder that they have to piss all over someone elses.
IMO,wherever R&K are right now,whether its together or apart,they will def be together again soon.Its a fact that they are each others biggest support.;D

@12:55 Hon,isnt it past your bedtime already?I think you are the only factor in this equation here,that has a problem with Rob.Get over it&grow up,please. Adults are talking here. :p

Anonymous said...

To all the crazy lesbos and paedophiles,who are on this Dakotastew thing,please go and find something else to fantasise with.Here you have no story.Sorry for my spelling,but English isn;t my first language.And i fing this story with Kristen and Dakota ridiculous.

Anonymous said...

first tom & robert!now kristen & dakota!
god...people are crazy

it's so hard to accept the reality?

live better

Anonymous said...

Respect Rob and Kristen. Hopefully, well earned private time together at a beautiful and romantic hideaway is possible soon for the two of them. Great pic of Kristen, like the cat that ate the canary and is enjoying every minute of it. Yes, happiness is in the eye of the beholder, and Rob and Kristen have shown us over and over again without words, how happy they are other.

Anonymous said...

oops, the last line should end with....how happy they are together. Together, together, together. Happy together :)

Amanda said...

My thoughts exactly Rose. If hyenas had any valid points they wouldn't have to yell and shout or come up with wild explanations to explain away everything. Like when Kristen went to London for NYE and the clingers got so angry "WHY IS SHE THERE LEAVE ROB ALONE!!!" Or them saying they wanted to drag her back from the Remember Me premiere. If they believe they are friends, great! But why are they getting so upset over everything then? I think they know they are wrong,theres no other explanation for how they act in my opinion.

Anonymous said...

To Patricia
Is that supposed to explain why Kristen looked so miserable at the RM premiere? I honestly thought she didn't want to be there. She looked annoyed throughout the red carpet and just ran inside after she posed for pics. She looked ashamed to be seen with Rob. Rob obviously isn't treating her right.

Anonymous said...

Money can't buy everything, but it sure can buy privacy. ;) Gotta love them. Go Rob and Kris!

Amanda said...

anonymous 4:06
WTF are you going on about? At the Remember Me premiere she went to support Rob and if you think she looked "annoyed" it was probably from all the attention she was getting from being there because she likes privacy but at the same time wanted to support someone she's close to. Also, have you seen Kristen on the red carpet? I love her but she's pretty much known for keeping a serious face. At her Sundance premiere I don't think she smiled at all. It's usually what she (unfairly) gets crap for. But don't start blaming Rob for that. "He's obviously not treating her right"...? are you kidding like YOU know anything about their relationship. Kristen is a big girl, she can handle herself. Stop making drama where there is none.

kristine.hills said...

"I hope she is enjoying her down time as well...
Imagine the possibilities.
If you were young...
And in love?
What would you do?
Where would you go?

Yeah young, beautiful, rich and in love!!!

I have a huge smile on my face right now!

Bye dear Rose! You did it again!!!


kristine.hills said...



kristine.hills said...



kristine.hills said...

More one thing
Yeah DakStew/RobStu/TayStew/Robilie

Do you know why???

Because this kind of thoughts make their life easier, that's why they can sleep at night.And Last but not least RK is REAL and this brings them a huge headache, even if they don't want to see it they know ROBandKRISTEN are TOGETHER TOGETHER in the most romantic way...sigh...


Patricia said...

Thanks Amanda: You took the words right out of my mouth!

TO 4:06 ANON.

Anonymous said...

Rose, the "Happiness is in the eye of the beholder" picture is one of my favorites of them together. They always look so happy to be with one another!


Anonymous said...

What can i say?!?! every time i read your posts i'm speechless..

why? because always is the exactly fucking thing that i think.. the same way that i think, the way that i see things in this ' little ' world of rob and kristen...

its like the same mind and thoughts.. and that scares me.. and in the same time it's fascinating and gives me a feeling of satisfaction everyday when i read you!

But with all the positives stuffs some negative comes along with it.. i don't know you, but you seem to be a very good and mature person that don't want to make anyone feel bad...

I don't know who your ' insiders ' are or friends in the know or friends of their friends or... you know...
but i know that you'd NEVER say something about rob or kristen just for making people feel good about their relationship.. or at least i hope you wouldn't.

What i'm trying to say is... that lately you've been giving hints or whatever they call it, about robsten beeing 2gether in Budapest or London or China-Germany-Italy... or Kristen going to meet Rob or Rob going to meet kristen or... or... or.... little things like

*get ready*
*let the countdown begins*
* i'm looking foward to kristen/budapest confirmation...*

Things that make people wonder, that make people think, that make people dream of them reunited, together or about to be... and honestly.. if it's not gonna happen, i ask you PLEASE don't say it, don't make people think or dream... i always say:

" show me the truth, for the worst that it can be, but DON'T lie to me "

people are tired of reading the so called persons that know delaney or kstew411 or ... on tweets saying " kris will be working this week.. kris might go... kris won't go.. " like they are the fucking best friend of kinder garden of kristen that lives and sleeps with her and know EVERY thing about her...
honesly i'm sick and tired of all this... simply don't say it.. don't tweet anything at all... 'cause people will believe it.. will wanna know.. will wonder.. will...

And i sincerly don't expect this coming from a very well respectful and mature person as you, i hope it doesn't... and lately is what it seems to be happening!!

You can say anything you want.. like you said " YOU DON'T CARE... YOU HAVE A LIFE "... the only thing that i'm trying to say is... PLEASE PLEASE PLEEEEEEEEEEASE don't make us dream of them if you don't have the sure confirmation that this will happen!!

Thank for the space... and i'm your fan.. really!!!

Anonymous said...

Dear Rose,
great post as usual.

Anonymous said...

He was in Budapest.
She was in LA.
Now, They're in Split (Croatia).

I live here, and I've seen them today at 11.30 am right next to the river.

You know what, I won't take pictures. I don't care bout' the money.
I'm just happy the paparazzies won't come here.


Have a nice day Rose

Anonymous said...

To 8:36 pm. It's great that you say you saw them together, (we all hope they are) but next time please stop at that. When you publicize their location, they will now be stalked by fans and paps. Please wish them the best, but let them have a little privacy. I like them both too, but really believe they need time away from the craziness that they must be living through right now. No rudeness intended toward you. :)

Anonymous said...

great post rose, I hope they get some time together and I hope we never know for sure.

Anonymous said...

To anon 8:36
You saw them after or before you took your meds?Or maybe in your dreams?lol

You're such a pathetic loser!Psycho!

By the way,i just saw them sitting on a tree and kissing.And not in Croatia,but in planet Mars!

Anonymous said...

to anon 12:20
Foaming at the mouth.
clean your mouth

Anonymous said...

Lol I get skeptical about sightings..but anonymous 12:20 you're truly the only one acting like a psycho. You don't believe it? Fine. But calm down..geez.

Anonymous said...

It's so hard to believe a sighting, when there's just one person who's seen them and nothing else to prove it.

I appreciate that the girl from Split shared this information with us, but it's better taking a pic of them, so nobody will doubt about the sighting, just a pic of Rob and Kristen without saying their location is more than enough.

I hope it's true, thanks anyway.

Anonymous said...

I saw Rob in London on Sunday evening.He was in a bar and he was holding hands with a very cute boy.I didn't take any photos,because i respect his privacy.I don't care if you believe me or not,since you want to believe only R/K sightings.

Anonymous said...

anonymous 7:53 Yes I'm sure one of most famous men in the world was was in a pub Sunday holding hands with a boy and you were the only one to witness it. Everytime Rob is anywhere it's ALL OVER twitter. Get a life.