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Thursday, October 1, 2009

Day 1 - Kristen Stewart Appreciation

This is one of my favorite pictures
of both Rob and Kristen.
They look absolutely beautiful.

I've decided to say something nice
about Kristen everyday...
Since so many feel the need to trash her on a daily basis.

There was a still from this photo-shoot...
it was all blurry and a mess.
It supposedly showed Rob... kissing Kristen.
It's not an actual picture.
Its like a fleeting moment from the video.
And it has been torn apart
on both sides of the Robsten universe.
Such uproar from a shitty picture!
Am I the only one who finds that Hilarious?
I can't be.

"They ARE Kissing!!"

"He's just whispering in her ear!!"

Hasn't the dissection and intense scrutiny
of every possible Robsten connection...
Gotten out of hand?

How far will some people go...
to make their point?
Why is it necessary to shove
a point of view
down everyone's throat?

Isn't it OK that
I believe there is a Robsten...
And you don't?
Wouldn't the world be fucking boring...
If we all agreed?

So many questions.
And no answers.


Kristen is beautiful.
Stunning. Gorgeous.
That's my nice comment of the day.

I love Rob.
He's really got a hold on me.
He's beautiful, too...

Robsten Rules!


Bye for now


Anonymous said...

You are so freakin' funny and hardcore. I think you're my 2nd girlcrush behind KStew!

Cat said...

haha, I wonder what hes whispering in his ear...

but seriously, they are adorable, together as friends, or together as a couple, I hope they are around each other forever, cause its too cute!

Cat said...

I meant her ear, haha

Divinesally said...

I would so LOVE to see that still from the Vanity Fair shoot last year. In the full length video you barely see it. I hope they make it through all this hoopla and stay together even after the saga is complete. As individuals they make me jizz in my pants as a couple they give me a fever of 110! Viva le Robsten!

Simone said...

I agree. Totally agree with your assessment/position. Well said.

loveactually said...

I agree with the 1st anon. Rose... my girlcrush is forming lol! There is nothing more heartwarming than woman complimenting each other...as woman we are way too critical...it's like it's in our nature. You are seriously fierce and very comfortable in your own skin...you see Kris through untainted eyes and that's a wonderful thing coming from a die hard RPattz fan.

I have a feeling there wont be much debating on that VF cheek kiss pic for much longer...I really think that outtake will be released at some point. The outtakes from this photoshoot are still trickling out each day.

KStew is amazing gorgeous. Love her!

Oh and Rob ...yeah he's not too shabby himself. :D

Anonymous said...

My nice comment for kristen stewart... Shes a leader... her style, personality... its completely her own. Shes amazing, Iv always liked her. And i dont care what anyone says she makes the absolute PERFECT Bella... I cant think of anyone else better for the part. Okay I guess that was a few compliments.. haha.


snow queen said...

Hi, I totally agree with you.
I like Kristen very much too, as actress and as person. I think she's very sweet, smart and talented.
And I think the same about Rob.

HayleyLauren said...

Your funny! I love Kristen but also have a grudge against her for being with Rob. He's lush! Shes one lucky girl! They are due to come out about their relationship in december! Will be a sad day for us all :-(
Follow my blog
www.itsalwaysme-hayleylauren.com for all things twilight :-)

Anonymous said...

is it annoying when people advertise there blogs on your blog? Just wondering, cause as a reader i think its kind of annoying.

jerseygrl4lfe said...

Thanks for the Kristen love Rose See. As women we should support each other not tear each other down. And why HayleyLauren will it be a "sad day for all of us" when they come out as a couple? Should we not be happy for them and for Rob if we are, in fact, fans of his? That's what I really don't understand. Do fangirls really think they have a chance with Rob? Why would you be sad for Rob if he's found love?

imloco2 said...

I love Kristen's old soul. And does it make me one of the weird ones 'cause I occasionally see Bella in Kristen. Or is that vice versa...?

Anonymous said...

Jersey... stop trying to sound like rose... you dont come off the same, your just annoying.

She's not stating she doesnt want him to be happy, she was jokingly stating that "darn hes gonna be off the market", anyone reading it can tell. Stop trying to post a conflict everytime you talk.

Ta said...

hi there. yeah what a sweet moment between K/R. I love Kstew too.
watch VF vid again (i've the whole VF vid,bit more than 1 hour)kiss is blurred, but K's Butt is cleared. Rob discribes K's butt "Robust". T or F , i love it anyway. check it here http://www.atwilightkiss.com/the-robert-pattinson-diaries-a-haiku-for-the-robust-butt-of-kristen-stewart.html

auntapey said...

You Rock Rose!

Love it as usual. So w/ya on the agree to disagree. Internet fighting is so annoying.

Today was a great Kris day. :)