"You can only see things clearly with your heart
What is essential is invisible to the eye"


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and are in no way meant to cause anyone harm, grief or despair.
If you are sensitive and lack a sense of humor,
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or similarity to any person living or dead
is purely coincidental.

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Day 10- Kristen Makes Rob Smile.

Some 'new' heartbreaking pictures of Robert.
Doesn't it hurt to look at him?
Hurts so good.
It's been about 14 months of loving Rob.
14 months.
426 days.
Endless Hours.
Agonizing Minutes.
And I still can't wrap my head...
My heart...
Around my feelings for him.
Something that comes so easily
So passionately...
And the elucidation still escapes me.
Taunts me.
Maybe I should stop asking Why.
Maybe there is no answer.
Maybe its just Rob...
And that's enough.

These pictures make me all melancholy.
Like you haven't noticed.
Rob. Piano.
Kill. Me. Now.
There has always been something
incredibly intoxicating
about Rob and his music.
Sometimes I listen to his songs...
and all I hear is the guitar.
The emotion...
that he puts into every note...
It makes me hold my breath...
in anticipation of what I will be feeling
listening to him expose his soul.
Killing. Me. Softly.
With his song.

I love this picture of Rob and Kristen.
Nothing too intimate about it...
Just two people who look happy to see each other.
Rob's smile is beautiful...
Looking at Kristen.

*A side note here.
Someone told me
that a 'nonsten' sight
had copied and pasted my last blog post.
And then basically called me names...
Kinda defensive... yes?
My post wasn't about your site...
Although I have read it in the past
(after you C/P another of my posts)
And I rather enjoyed reading
other Points of View.
Unlike some people...
I do keep an open mind.
So I do read a variety of opinions.
But personal attacks?
Over my thoughts?
I happen to like Kristen.
You don't.
I'm cool with that.
I don't try and badger people
to see my side of things.
I don't go to great lengths
to prove my 'point'.
I just write down what I see...
And how it makes me feel.
Sorry that offends you.
Or not.

*Did I really use 'elucidation' in a sentence?


Bye for now


Cat said...

Man, people are extremely annoying. Im sorry someone did that to you.

I dont have much to say today.... (thats a change)

Rob is AMAZING :)

Cat said...

2nd thought... I do have something to say...

I cant see where what you said yesterday was offensive... I guess whether they want to get use to it or not, they have no choice b/c Rob and Kristen are always around eachother.... Too bad for them.... Im sure they get a wrinkle everytime they see a photo.... there choice... I embrace the truth and accept it... Rob=Kristen, Kristen=Rob....

kristine.hills said...

And if you watch the vid about that picture where Rob smiles at Kris...OMG...I had never seen a man looking to a woman like that.He can't hide his feelings for K, it's undeniable, really Rob LOVES Kris, and Kris loves him, bc if she's with him in this madness that their life are now, so nobody can't say that she isn't in love with, only LOVE can go through all this tsunami... Kisses and don't worry with these s* nonstens, they're nothing, and i'm pretty sure that u have a lot of fans that enjoy very much, like me...

loveactually said...

That pic you used is my favorite of the latest VF outtakes. Over a year later and this shoot still keeps on giving...and I continue to hold out hope for the sweet cheek kiss pic.:)

Oh Rose hon..don't sweat this latest. Actually it's kinda telling someone with an opposing view took the time to do this.

I like Kristen too. I like the way her and Rob's mannerisms mirror each other..I like that they are both hobo's at heart. I like that they both admit to being shy and love the art of acting and not the celebrity of it. I like that they both feel the need to protect their personal lives. I like that neither conform to the persona that is fed of them to the media.

But going back to Kristen..the thing I like the most is that she saw how special Rob was from the beginning.

Alot if us are enjoying your blog ...keep doing what your doing.

imloco2 said...

Sorry you're getting attacked, but then it's not surprising. Some people just can't let an opposite pov stand without rebuttal. *g* You are a breath of fresh air and you put yourself out there everyday so I think you should be getting kudos regardless of whether they agree or not. It takes some guts to do what you do.

And I think you could search the world over and twice again and never come up with anyone as suitable for Rob as Kris and vice versa. They are alike in the ways that count and their differences complement each other. Add instant attraction and incredible chemistry and you've got a couple that got really lucky. As did we...

Tanya said...

Love your words and pic choices...
Rome shots are amazing, R/K's feelings so close to the surface there.

Sorry you're being bothered by trolls, hate to think they're taking your words w/out permission. It's robbery.

Anonymous said...

I love your blog and your thoughts.You're a logical person.

Anonymous said...

Why the majority of Rob's fans hate Kristen so much?She seems like a really humble and nice girl and Rob has said many times that he admires her.What's wrong with all these girls/women?They're so obsessed to think that Rob will fall in love with them someday?