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Sunday, October 11, 2009

Day 11- Is a Picture Worth 1000 Words?

There was an interview posted
Where Kristen said:

The rumors persist that you have an affair with your twilight castmate Robert Pattinson.

We get on well and became great friends while shooting. But beside Robert I found other new friends on the Twilight-Set, too. A lot of people don´t understand, that women and men actually can be just friends, without concerning a sexual connection.

So what does it mean?
Is Kristen saying that she's 'just friends' with Rob?
Is she making a general statement?
Is she revealing some truth?
Is she being vague?

I will leave it up to you to decide.
I read the article and shrugged.
I take all written articles with a grain of salt.
Pro-Robsten or not.
But then I went onto all the Rob sites
and watched the fireworks.
And man... there was a lot to
OOOH and AHHHH about.

There were intense arguments.
People from both sides of the debate...
dissecting every fucking word.
Every syllable.
Every letter.
It's actually incredible the amount of time and effort
people are willing to put into something...
To prove their point.
And oh so fascinating...

I preferred to sit back and watch...
Only commenting when G was attacked
on her own blog.
You don't mess with G.

My opinion?

I will say this...

1. Nonstens have taken this interview as
proof of what they believe.
That's cool.
But I will always have the pictures of
Rob and Kristen snuggling at the KOL concert...
Hotel balconies...
Need I go on?
A picture is worth
a 1000 words.

2. And.
If all those pictures of
Rob and Kristen...
Hanging out together...
Were of Rob and someone else?
People would be ALL over that shit.
They would be shouting from the rooftops
that Rob was dating this someone else.
When you spend a lot of time with someone...
and every time you are out..
you are with this person...
People would automatically think
that you wanted to be with that person.

Anyone but Kristen.

Insert Ashley into those pictures with Rob.
Rob snuggling Ashley at the KOL concert.
Rob and Ashley with their legs wrapped
around each other in a limo.
Rob and Ashley positively glowing every time they saw each other.
Pictures of Rob and Ashley
going out to dinner...
Hanging out backstage at concerts...
People would be talking about
Robley or Ashbert
Or something.
You know it.
I know it.

Except its Kristen.
In every picture.

1000 words.

Bye for now


Purple83 said...

having a little "I just called to say I love you" moments here...you make a great point!

Melissa said...

Love you, Rose! AND your banner is AMAZING! :-)

Sheila said...

The hotel pix speak for themselves; Rob and Kristen started an intimate relationship during ComicCon. I don't believe Kris said these things in this interview. There is so much false reporting out there, repeats of old, rewording of old, made up interviews, unless I see them say it I don't believe they did say it. I think Robsten is very much on. Think people - do ANY of us admit when we're falling in love? No, the relationship is too fragile at that stage. Do ANY of us admit that we ARE in love? No, we don't want to hurt the early stages of the relationship. Give them space and leave them alone so something rare and beautiful doesn't get ruined before it's had its fair chance - I'm talking to YOU paparazzi!

Tanya said...

Amen. Have been saying for months, "If they aren't together, they why are they ALWAYS together?"

Keep keeping on, you're doing wonderfully well.

Sheila said...

UNLESS they have already ended it and this is Kristen's way of handling it. Since they still have one more film to make together it would make sense. Kris just seems too level-headed to take Rob on as a two month fling though. He's chased her for nearly two years and I don't think either of them would have been casual about taking it to the next level. Guess I'm in need of a new picture with the subtle confirmation we get when we see them together. The NM promo won't be much fun with Kristen and Taylor touring together :(

Suz said...

How Do I Love Thee?

Let me count the ways...

(I am well past 1,000)


Anonymous said...

At her Dazed and Confused interview when she was asked about her and Rob she just laughed and didn't answer.And then she answer to the burning question at a German magazine?Doubtful!

kristine.hills said...

I'm too sad...Why do they just can be??? I love their love...i'm completely in love with RK...If i want to be happy i just come here and i can see these gorgeous pictures and your beautiful words...I don't know why people can be so cruel and believe they're not one package!!!JESUS, bc of these two young, i believe that love is possible, they're the fair tale of our century, they're soul mate this is undenaible...and just now i want to CRY out loud...bc this is driving me crazy, i need this love that KR share, IT'S THE MOST BEAUTIFUL/RELIABLE THING I'VE EVER SEEN IN MY LIFE...GOD BLESSES THEM.GOD LETS THEM LIVE TOGETHER AND HAPPY FOREVER...KISSES I LOVE YOUR BLOG...YOU MADE MY DAY

kristine.hills said...

And for evebody the hates Kris, you have to deal with this STRONG love (R/K), bc she said for INTERVIEW mag that she doesn't talk about her personal life, so this interview maybe too old or a big lie...but YES ROBSTEN EXIST...I couldn't agree nore with Rose, if you hang out with a person 24/7 you re something, this is called LOVE!!!KISSES ROSE.

TanjaB. said...

I agree with Sheila. Robsten is very much on. Kristen always says she doesn't comment on her personal life and I don't believe for one second she made that comment in a recent interview. You just have to see the way they look at each other, add to that the fact that they've been spending every single moment of free time together.

debbi said...

Somehow I doubt some German magazine got the big scoop/answer all other magazines have been trying to get. In recent credible interviews, Kristen either laughs at the question or says she does not speak about her personal life at all which leads to me to believe that this interview is more recycled info.

It's funny though, because if they quoted her as saying that she was, in fact, with Rob, all the nonstens would say it's BS. But since this supports their position, they hold it up as bible.

Yes, pictures are worth are thousand words and there are A LOT of pictures, aren't there?

Cat said...

I dont know whats true and whats not... But last time I heard those answers were before New moon... Recent interviews when that question is asked they wont answer...

Also... in the same interview with Rob, he was quoted saying he didnt have time for love cause hes always traveling and no girl need an absent man... the exact same answers he gave a while back before New Moon was being filmed...

I believe this is an old Interview.

Also, was it a German mag, or french?

because if it was German, I was reading a different interview that was translated from french, in that case, maybe it is their answer. B/c 2 interviews with the same answer is almost rare.

Either way it doesnt bother me, Nonsten or Robsten, Im simply pro Rob, and Pro Kris... It wouldnt bother me if they were, or werent together, I love them as individuals no matter what... and they are the only ones who have the true answer.

Cat said...

This is the french translated to english, its from a recent Canadian mag. called STAR

Is your relationship with Rob like the fiction relationship in the Movie?

People seem to like our relationship in the movie… this, you shoulnd’t look further than that. We are friends in real life, and that’s where it stop

either they are too scared to come out, fear of paps, or they truely are just good friends... who cares they make eachother happy :)

Anonymous said...

I believe what is printed or even what they say when it matches their actions. Right now, 'just friends' doesn't match the photos we keep seeing.
And I would say the same if they were seen with other people and said they're a couple.

Pics before words. I'm not naive. A hot and single celeb guy doesn't spend all his free time with 'just' a friend (especially a friend he works with all day long), doesn't need her everytime he hangs out with his male best friends, doesn't do sleep-overs in hotels without anything more than friendship going on. And come on, a girl who hates being followed by paparazzis and values her privacy doesn't constantly hang out and spend all her free time with always the same friend who's also the most hounded guy on the planet. And paparazzis don't waste time and money on just 2 friends.

Pics over words. Logic says Robsten is on.

loveactually said...

What I don't understand is why are we still digging?? Why dig for what date an interview was conducted? Why do we have to dig when the obvious is staring us right in the face?

There have been no denials or confirmations on this since last April. As far as July and CC 09 stands there were no personal questions allowed in any of Rob or Kristen's interviews.

Kristen and Rob have been good friends since filming Twilight (that is a fact noone disputes). Looking back at the Twilight on set interviews it's VERY CLEAR these two hit it off from the beginning. Rob WORE HIS HEART ON HIS SLEEVE regarding Kristen all of last year.

Michael was with Kristen everywhere she went last year and now he is no longer around...AT ALL. Now Kristen is seen out with Rob ALL THE TIME.

What more would it take to convince people...it's very clear to anyone who is willing to see it. They are together. Why is that such a hard concept for some people to wrap their minds around.

And for the people who claim this is publicity for New Moon. Then why are all the interviews either Rob, Kris and Taylor or just Kristen and Taylor? Why aren't Kristen and Rob doing red carpet interviews?

If you haven't seen what's right in front of your face by now you're never going to.

Anonymous said...

When interviewed by Dennis Hopper… “The Dennis Hopper” she had said she don’t talk about her personal things even to a close friend…and now she open up to some German magazine….yeah right!!!!!
1 thing you can learn from this is copy and paste words from celebrities can make millions!!!!!

Anonymous said...

One thing I'm sure is that the author of the article won't admit he recycled an old interview and tries to sell it as new... so why ask?

But I agree, why are we still digging? Facts speak for themselves! They've been inseperable lately, always going everywhere with each other, which they didn't when they were only friends.

And please, publicity? You're right, if that was the case, they'd do red carpet interviews, and you can bet we'd see more than a few stolen pictures of them running out of a cab and avoiding paparazzis ;)

I don't get the denial, really I don't... oh well actually I have an idea of the reason and it has nothing to do with finding the truth or proof *rolleyes*

Anonymous said...

Rob's birthday gift to Kristen - how cool is this:


Anonymous said...

Kristen has a masculine side to her that keeps me from thinking she is totally into Rob although he seems to be into her.

Anonymous said...

Rose thank you for more of your wonderful words and infinite wisdom...