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Friday, October 23, 2009

Day 23- New Moon- Crying and Dying

Can I just say ...
That Robert and Kristen
are channeling
Edward and Bella...
Brilliant job.
I'm trying... really hard.
But I don't think I can articulate my feelings.
By now... you have seen all the New Moon clips...
(and I don't mean to be all spoilerish...
but if you've read the books... you already know what happens)
There was a 'behind the scenes' clip...
shot in Italy.
The best part was watching
Kristen run into Rob's arms.
Or Bella/Edward.

It gets confusing sometimes
And then...
There was the clip of the fight between
Edward and Felix.
Again... the best part...
Edward fucking FLIPS Bella
out of the way to protect her.

Protective, Fierce Edward...
is the fucking BEST.
But now...
The 'break up' scene.
and can I just say...


No... Crying and Dying...
isn't a good enough reason to stop me from watching it
again and again and again and again and again.
(Did I mention... again?)

Nah... what's a little death and tears
when you are watching Robert and Kristen
fucking bring Edward and Bella to life.
Right there.
In front of you.
Because that is exactly what happened.
I was literally pulled right into the moment.

I was so scared for Bella...
I was sorry for Edward.

I cried. I died.

In fact...
I'm crying just fucking writing about it.
But JFC...

The emotion. The pain.
Everything was right there in his eyes.
"You don't want me?"


I could actually hear Bella's heart break...
And then...

He kisses her goodbye...
And the pain... the anguish...
is on his face.

And now I'm all blubbery again.
I find it so odd that this can affect me so strongly...
I mean... I've read the books...
I know how this all ends.


Seeing Edward and Bella brought to life
from the beloved page...
Kills me.
Totally. Dead. Gone.
Crying and Dying.
Bye For Now


MLU1126 said...

Sooo glad to know Im not the only one out there that feels like this!! The flip is fucking awesome...Sexxxy even lol...And then the breakup... ughh...Gonna need a box of tissues for that one...But to see the smile on his face when she crashes into him makes it all worth it i suppose!!!!

Tanya said...

"You're not good for me."

"...I'm not good enough for you...
That stabbed me.

They nailed it.

Anonymous said...

i love how kristen played out bella in that scene - she didnt go all melodramatic like most young actress do these days. she just stood there and let her eyes convey all the pain. there's also a very subtle aura of strength to bella character that she brought - i mean you could see that bella was devastated but dignified. i think both of them did a great job!

imloco2 said...

I've seen the behind the scenes in Italy and the flip *wow* but I just can't bring myself to watch the breakup scene. For some reason I want to watch it clean at the theater. I don't know why though. It's not like I haven't read the book a thousand times and I'll end up blubbering like a baby in the theater and get all embarrassed (except everyone else will probably be crying too). But I just can't watch it now. I'm enjoying the hell out of everyone's comments though. I'm so glad R&K are doing it justice. I wonder what reviewers will say about NM and their performance. When do reviewers start reviewing...?

Cat said...

yeah, i didnt get to see the break up scene... too busy with my nose stuffed in a fan-fiction Hydraulic Level 5, that I missed a whole day of catching a glimpse of New Moon, and now I cant find it anywhere... Summit cleans up really fast.... UGHHHHHHH! Im so mad...

Anonymous said...

Oh Rose....I didn't cry at all the many times I watched the breakup scene, but seeing it through your eyes with your description....sobbing!

loveactually said...

Dear Rose-
I'm late getting to your blog tonight....and I have to say I'm glad I popped in before going to sleep.

I always seem to have alot to say when it comes to Rob and Kris ...their relationship...their talent. This time I got nuttin' you said it better than I ever could.

Edward- hidden pain and anguish.
Bella- Shock, numbness and finally devastation.

It broke my heart...and it will break it all over again watching it on the big screen.

These two people stir me on and off the screen. IDK why they just do....and I love them for it.

Ok, so I had a smidgen more then nuttin'. ;)

May said...

OMG Edward just broke me completely,bb. I totally know how Bella felt. :/

Anonymous said...

I totally agree. The look on Edward's face as he kisses her good-bye...in the book, we didn't get to 'see' his pain...Rob killed me with the way he squinched his eyes shut and then opened them and his eyes were so pained...

Anonymous said...

Kristen must got some mysterious power over the British boys…lol


MNTwilightMom said...

You R NOT the Only one that was affected this way when they saw that clip. My kid's thought something was wrong with me, because I was crying...trying not to cry out loud, but I had *HUGE ALIGATOR TEARS* just rolling down my face and they wouldn't stop for nothing.... So YOU ARE NOT ALONE, WE CAN ALL CRY TOGETHER... I have read the book so many times and I cried when I read the book as well, but seeing it in film was totally different. It was as if you could feel the pain, the despair, Chris did such a good job with that part..."HE MADE YOU FEEL EVERYTHING THAT THEY WERE FEELING DURING THAT PART!" To be honest it was a "TOTAL HIGH", but it SUCKED at the same time! I'm going to have to bring a box of kleenex to the movie, because I'm going to be crying like a blubbering fool!