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What is essential is invisible to the eye"


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Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Day 27- NEW MOON Over NYC

OK Rob... You win.
You fucking kill me with every picture I see.
You actually make me *gasp*
when I look at you.
Is that what you are going for?
Making people who adore you
catch their breath?
Did you ever notice how much command
Rob has over my breathing?
I'm always *sighing*
0r *panting*
or *gasping*
Or just forgetting TO *breathe*...
That's kinda scary.


All Right.

"Inside sources tell us Kristen Stewart will visit
Conan O’Brien and “The Tonight Show” on November 16,
while Robert Pattinson will guest on
“The Late Show with David Letterman” on November 18."

Kristen on Conan.
I love Conan... I really do...
But he better be nice to Kristen.
I'm hoping he realizes going in that she
gets a bit nervous and awkward in interviews...
And treats her kindly.
I just want her to be OK.

Rob on Letterman.
To have Rob sit down...
and be able to articulate his thoughts...
To hear his sexy, shy laugh...
and see him pull his fingers through his hair...

I can't breathe...


Here we go again...
Thanks Rob.


Bye for now


jac said...

man! you have some of the best pics i've ever seen of Rob! i think i held my breath for the entire length of the page... and only breathed again to gasp at the playlist! lol! thanks for keeping me up to date on all things Rob... i'm going to scroll slowly back to the top now!
p.s. the breathing thing is inevitable... embrace it! lol!

Vampsus said...

Yes Rose, your pics rock and everyone here knows it!
I don't care who interviews him,
just hurry up!
They threw up the poster on my small town theater and I almost have a wreck everytime I drive by!
Happy times are here again....

Anonymous said...

Rose did ya see THIS??!!

robward moans in krisella mouth...OMFG!!